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BA Protest To Close Gulen Charter Schools-Stop The Theft Of Public Funds By Gulen Movement

by United Public Workers For Action UPWA
Trade unionists and activists joined together in a national protest against the Imam Fethullah Gulen's chain of schools in the US. According to Oakland researcher Sharon Higgins over $400 million a year of public funds is being directed into the Gulen cult movement in the US. The action was held at the Gulen run school in Oakland called the Bay Area Technology School.
July 13 Oakland Protest of Turkish Government Connection In Oakland At Charter School Run By Turkish Government Supporter Fethullah Gulen

Bay Area Technology School at 8251 Fountaine St. Oakland California

A Press Conference With
Gulen Researcher and Oakland Resident Sharon Higgins
Lawyer and Commission On Teacher Credentialing Kathleen Carroll
Trade unionists
Members of Northern California Turkish Community

Stop The Theft Of Our Public Schools And Privatization-National Action Against Gulen Movement And Their Publicly Funded School System In US
Stop The Gulen Movement
Called By United Public Workers For Action
For information call (415)867-0628 or (510) 510-910-4930

In Conjunction with picket of Fethullah Gulen's Home In Pennsylvania
National Protests Against Gulen Movement in US Schools and
Gulen Movement's organizations in California.
Get Your Bloody Hands Of US Public Education

6/6/2013: “Who is Fethullah Gulen, Turkey's Powerful Cleric in Self-Exile?”

ITA Repeat the History of Other Gulen Charter Schools?
Remarks by Mary Addi, A Former Gulen Charter School Teacher
The Applicants, Their Associations and Other Reasons Why the Loudoun Math and IT Academy (LMITA) Application Should be Rejected

More Scrutiny for Gulen Schools in the US
Teaching as CIA Cover–Gülen Charter Schools, Dan Burton, and State Secrets
By: Doug Martin Saturday May 5, 2012 5:07 pm–gulen-charter-schools-dan-burton-and-state-secrets-2/
The Global Imam
More Scrutiny for Gulen Schools in the US
June 6, 2012 - 2:42pm, by Yigal Schleifer The Turko-file Gulen Movement Turkey-US Relations

CBS 60 Minutes.US Charter Schools Tied to Imam Fethullah Gulen CBS 60 Minutes.
Audit reveals ‘egregious' conduct by Gulen
charter school
A Guide to the Gulen Movement's Activities in the US
CIA-US Helped Criminal Abdullah Gulen Get US Visa And Support To Help US Funded Gulen Schools
Largest U.S. charter school chain tied to powerful Turkish Islamic cult imam-Recieves $150 Million In Public Funds "Backdoor Madrasa"
May 13, 2012 7:04 PM;videoMetaInfo
The Gülen Movement (2/3) BBC
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Uploaded by MuggedVideos2 on Jun 9, 2011

Sacramento Demo Mayor and Privatizer Johnson Pushing Magnolia Turkish Religious Cult Gulen Schools
7 More Journalists Detained in Turkey journalist jailed march 4, 2011&st=case
Thousands Protest Detentions of Turkish Journalists By Gulen Operatives
§Education Activist Jack Gerson
by United Public Workers For Action UPWA
Gulen, Get Your Bloody Hands Off Public Education. Gulen is supporting privatization of education in the US and Turkey
§Gulen Supports Repression In Turkey
by United Public Workers For Action UPWA
Gulen and his movement were charged with supporting repression in Turkey by the Gulen supported government
§Stop Stealing Public Funds
by United Public Workers For Action UPWA
Gulen schools are stealing millions of dollars of public funds and demanding kickbacks from teachers of the cult brought from Turkey to teach at their chain of charter schools.
§Close Gulen Charter Schools In Oakland and US
by United Public Workers For Action UPWA
Protesters are demanding the closure of the Gulen charter school chain in Oakland and the US.
Charters, Privatization Of Education & The Gulen Schools In The US: Sharon Higgins Speaks Out
The largest charter school chain within the public school system in the United States is run
by a secretive Islamic Imam called Fethullah Gulen. His charter school chain is getting tens
of millions of dollars from the public for their schools and there are a growing number of examples
of systemic corruption and siphoning off public funds into their financial empire.
Sharon Higgins is a researcher and blogger from Oakland, California who became concerned
about the growing use of charters to privatize education and began to expose them in her
blog Http://
She discusses her investigation of the Gulen schools, how they operate and the
threat they are to public education in the United States.
Here sites are at
Production Of Labor Video Project

Turkey, Labor, The Islam Gulen Movement & The US: An interview with Ertuğrul Kürkçü
Ertuğrul Kürkçü who is a member of the parliament of Turkey representing Mersen and
the Peace and Democracy Party discusses the political situation in Turkey including the
the role of the AKP, the working class, the Kurdish people and the political role of the Gülen
Islamic movement including their support for education changes that are destroying secular
education in Turkey and the United States. Fethullah Gülen is a Turkish Islamic cult leader
who is based in the United States and lives in the Philadelphia area. Kürkçü also connects
the jailing of Turkish journalists who expose his connections with the police in Turkey.
Over 94 are in prison in Turkey for writing about the political and economic conditions. Ahmet
Şık was one of the journalists jailed for writing about the Gülen movement connection to the
police in Turkey.
Kürkçü also talks about the role of the United States and the Turkish government in the
MIddle East. This interview took place on May 8, 2012 in Ankara, Turkey.
For more information on the role of the Gülen schools in the US go to:’s-connection-to-the-largest-us-charter-network/
Information on journalists jailing
For labor go to:
Production Of Labor Video Project

The AFT, Education, Common Core, Privatization, GreenDot/Concept Gulen Charters
During the June 2013 conference of Netroots in San Jose, the AFT set up a booth on privatization, high stakes testing and reform in the schools. The AFT is supporting the Common Core but says that it is not being rolled out properly. The issue of re-segregationa of the schools is also discussed along with the the privatization of education through testing by Pearson Inc., K-12 corporation and other companies. The union is seeking to make a "cleavage" of the school reform movement. The issue of organizing in the charter schools is also discussed and what challenges the union faces including union busting by
the largest national charter chain run by Concept Schools which is connected with the Fethullah Gulen movement in Turkey. Gulen is connected to the police including repression of journalists and runs some of the largest newspaper in Turkey along with supporting privatization and theocratic policies in Turkey's schools.
The AFT also differentiated the for profit GreenDot chain of schools with the Gulen schools arguing that they were very different particularly because they allowed unionization of the schools and allowed the teachers to have discussion with the management about curriculum. An AFT representative agreed to provide an audio interview on issues in education.
For more video go to:
Production of Labor Video Project

Who Is Behind The Privatization Of Education: Education, Privatization, Bill Gates, Broad, KIPP, Pearson And The Gulen Schools
A massive national and international organized plan to privatize education has been implemented over several decades. Billionaires, such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Broad Foundation and the Pearson corporation among others, have infiltrated hundreds of governmental bodies including school boards, city councils and our local, state and regional governments. They seek to turn our education system into a profit center worth tens of billions of dollars. This also includes the Gulen Islamic cult led by Imam Fethullah Gulen, which runs the largest chain of charters in the United States funded by public money. We will also look at the criminal conflicts that have allowed politicians to personally benefit from using their public positions to profit from their votes and actions. This forum will look at how this has come about, who did it, how it is affecting us and who is profiting from it at the cost of public education and finally how to stop this attack on our public education system.
Madeline Mueller, Professor SF City College, AFT2121
Susan Miesenhelder, CFA CSU Longbeach
Kathleen Carroll, Lawyer and Whistleblower At Commission On Teacher Credentialing
Bruce Neuberger, AFT 4681 San Mateo Adult School
Sharon Higgins, Researcher and Blogger On Charters, Parents Across America
Danny Weil, Journalist and author on charters & privatization
For further information go to:
Sponsored By United Public Workers For Action
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