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Retire Columbus Day - Indigenous Day of Resistance, March & Rally
Date Sunday October 07
Time 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Location Details
San Francisco
10am - Our Peaceful March will begin from foot of Jefferson and Stockton Streets, located near Fisherman's Wharf, to Coit Tower Rally in Front of the Columbus Statue.
Press Conference from Noon to 1:00pm at Coit Tower in Front of the Columbus Statue, Telegraph Hill, San Francisco.
Event Type Protest
Organizer/AuthorUnited Native Americans
Retire Columbus Day

INDIGENOUS DAY OF RESISTANCE INDIGENOUS RIGHTS RALLY & MARCH to Decolonize the World on the Truth of Christoper Columbus & his Insidious Hate Crimes he Committed Against the Indigenous Peoples of The Americas Known as Turtle Island.

Our Peaceful March will begin from foot of Jefferson and Stockton Streets located near Fisherman's Wharf to Coit Tower Rally in Front of the Columbus Statue

Sunday, October 7th, 2012

From 10:00am -1:00pm

Press Conference from Noon to 1:00pm at Coit Tower in Front of the Columbus Statue

Fisherman's Wharf
Foot of Jefferson and Stockton
Coit Tower
Telegraph Hill
San Francisco, CA

We as United Native Americans, Founded in 1968 in the San Francisco Bay Area Call for an Educational Rally to Decolonize the World on Retiring the Nation's Oldest Italian Heritage Parade's Celebration of Christopher Columbus since 1869, which was San Francisco's First Columbus Day Celebration. Ending the 144 Year Celebration of Christopher Columbus so called "Discovery of America" and Ending 520 Year's of the Celebration of the Criminal Genocide inflicted upon the Indigenous People of the Americas. We as United Native Americans Refute the Doctrine of Discovery. We Demand that The United States Government Retire the Celebration of Christoper Columbus and We Demand that The United States Government Sign Into Law & Implement The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

Ending the 144 Year Celebration of Christopher Columbus and Ending 520 Years and Counting of Genocide inflicted on the Indigenous People of the Americas.


1876 California accepted a Christopher Columbus and Queen Isabella Statue from Darius Ogden. The statue is displayed in the Rotunda of the State Capital. Valued at $30,000, it was crafted by Larkin G. Mead in Florence, Italy.

1892 President Harrison declared October 12, 1492 as the day America was discovered by Christopher Columbus.

1909 California declared October 12 a legal holiday, to be known as "Discovery Day."

1911 Assemblyman Dismo M. De Negri of San Francisco changed the name of the holiday to "Columbus Day."

1910 President Taft declared October 12 to be a legal U.S. holiday.

1915 The San Francisco Columbus Day Committee was organized by the Salesian Fathers of St. Peter and Paul's Church in the heart of North Beach.


Retiring the Nation's Oldest Italian Heritage Parade & Ending the Celebration of Columbus. 1869, San Francisco's First Columbus Day Celebration is held, marking the first time in San Francisco and America that Italian-Americans gathered and held a parade to honor the accomplishments of Italians, as well as the first Italian-American, Christopher Columbus.

View Our Educational Videos

UNA Co-Founder Dr. Jack Forbes argues that Native Americans discovered Europe before Europeans discovered America."

Reconsider Columbus Day Presented by Nu Heightz Cinema
rethink columbus day
reconsider christopher columbus
anti columbus day

Dr. Lehman Brightman-International President of UNA On Christopher Columbus

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All Dancers and Drum Groups Are Welcomed!

For More Information
Contact: United Native Americans,Inc.

Quanah Parker Brightman
qbrightman75 [at]
(510) 672-7187

Hinhanska Haney
hinhanskah [at]
(510) 478-2191
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The native commune was destroyed by Euro-Centric Empire builders, not only on turtle island, but also throughout Europe and all its Empire Conqoring Ventures in Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

Some features are the destruction of mother nature, by pollution poisoning, and destruction of a fully functioning Matriarchy, which is the 'Gender Parity' that is only now hosted by the Organized Labour Movement. A goal that it hopes to establish in the furture as too many wars of aggression are taking place to actuate fully the natural 50-50 electing at all levels.

All the useless unjust wars of aggression are sponsored by the Imperialist-Camp headed by U.S. Imperialism and its pistol NATO, which is trying to reconquor the World's organic Web-of-life with the might makes right discredited axis power, for as it says 'full spectrum domination'. In this woman's equality of election is completely left out. Workers of the world unite!! End pollution wars, not endless wars for more and more pollution. You yet have a world to win. Communes not prisons.
by &
Wednesday Sep 26th, 2012 11:59 PM
In 1992, thanks to the growing Native American resistance movement that blossomed with all other similar causes in the 1960s and 1970s, we finally got the annual Columbus Day Parade kicked off Market Street, our main parade street, and sent to Fisherman's Wharf, where it was renamed Italian-American Heritage Parade, and is now a military promotional accompanying the fascist Fleet Week and Navy's Blue Death illegal horrifying noisy flights over San Francisco for 4 days during Columbus Genocide Weekend, and has nothing whatsoever to do with the Italian American workers who contributed their labor to this society. The City of San Francisco promotes racism by painting the light poles on Columbus Avenue with the Italian flag colors to celebrate Columbus Genocide Weekend, although North Beach has been predominately Chinese immigrant since 1950 when most of the white population, including Italian-Americans, moved to the suburbs.
by Beeline
Friday Sep 28th, 2012 9:44 PM
I think Columbus day like St. Patrick's day is considered sort of a cultural celebration party time and the real essence of the history behind these figures is white washed away and long forgotten. As a person who's ancestry includes Celtic ancestors I am dismayed that anyone would celebrate Saint Patrick. He made it his solemn duty to destroy the last of the druid, bard, ovate spiritual practitioners in Ireland to please the Roman Catholic church. Not unlike what the various churches did to Native Americans later on in Turtle Island.

At the rate that history has been destroyed we will be repeating old mistakes for a long time-if we have any time left that is.