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Interview with Occupier - Arrested, Beaten, and Abused by Police and Sheriff's Deputies: video
by Dave Id
Saturday Nov 5th, 2011 2:29 AM
On the afternoon of October 25th, following the morning police raids of Occupy Oakland in Oscar Grant Plaza and Snow Park, occupiers and supporters rallied at the Oakland main public library then marched through downtown streets. At one point, the march attempted to turn onto Washington Street from 8th Street, in order to reach the North County/Glenn Dyer Jail to show solidarity with the more than 70 people arrested before dawn that day. A police line blocking the intersection began to strike marchers, including an elderly woman, with batons. As the front of the march managed to move past the police line on one side, two police officers inadvertently ended up behind one of the lead march banners and they shoved their way out of the crowd. OPD officers then grabbed and tackled two marchers to the ground. The situation became even more tense as the crowd of marchers surrounded the police and their arrestees, someone in the crowd throwing green and red paint onto the arresting officers. Within minutes, more Oakland police arrived and began to fire tear gas and projectiles at the crowd, and possibly one flash bang grenade.

The Occupier, pictured above, was one of two people arrested at the scene. In the first video below, he explains that the weight of the Oakland police on him after he was thrown to the ground caused him to lose consciousness temporarily. Once at Santa Rita jail, Alameda County sheriff's deputies beat and abused him causing serious damage to his left hand and wrist. The injury has kept him from being able to work since. He was interviewed in the middle of a very crowded Oscar Grant Plaza on the day of the General Strike in Oakland, November 2nd. The second video captures the events described above at Washington and 8th Street.

Battle for Occupy Oakland Post-Raid March, 10/25/11: photos

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§Interview with Occupier
by Dave Id Saturday Nov 5th, 2011 2:29 AM
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occupyoakland_occupier-interview_110211.mp4 (29.8MB)

(video 5:01)
§Video of march, batons, arrests, and tear gas
by Dave Id Saturday Nov 5th, 2011 2:44 AM
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occupyoakland-day016-marcharrests-102511.mp4 (21.1MB)

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