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Anonymous message to the BART police
by Anon
Saturday Aug 13th, 2011 8:55 AM
This is a message from Anonymous to the Bay Area Rapid Transit System (BART)

The past year has brought about some substantial awareness through some unfortunate events that have occurred throughout our world.  From internet censorship to the unnecessary violence inflicted upon unarmed civilans, we’ve all seen what can happen once a portion of us are gagged.  

In Egypt and Tunisia, we saw people struggling to make their voices heard.  We have seen companies such as Telecomix delve into the nastiness of political corruption in an attempt to free those censored individuals from their prisons of silence.  We seen social media such as FaceBook and twitter explode with users from around the world speaking out against censorship.

Today, we’ve seen America come alive.  In the Bay Area, we’ve seen people gagged, and once more, Anonymous will attempt to show those engaging in the censorship what it feels like to be silenced. #OpBART is an operation geared toward balance - toward learning.  You do not censor people because they wish to speak out against the wrongs the wrongful things occurring around them.  The Bay Area Rapid Transit has made the conscious decision of ordering various cell phone companies to terminate services for the downtown  area inhibiting those in the area from using cell phones - even in the case of an emergency.

We will not tolerate censorship. 
We will do everything in our power (we are legion) to parallel the actions of censorship that you have chosen to engage in.
We will be free to speak out against you when you try to cover up crimes, namely on behalf of  those who have engaged in violence against a mostly unarmed public. 
We will set those who have been censored free from their silence. That’s a promise.
Anonymous demands that this activity revolving around censorship cease and desist and we know you are already planning to do this again.  
We will not issue any more warnings.


People of San Francisco, join us Monday, August 15th at 5pm for a peaceful protest at Civic Center station to illustrate the solidarity with people we once knew and to stand up for your rights and those of your fellow citizens.

We will be wearing “blood” stained shirts for remembrance to the blood that is on the hands of the BART police.

For the people outside of San Francisco, show solidarity by using black fax, email bombs, and phone calls to the BART Board of Directors. BART decided to cut off your communications and now we will flood theirs. 

We request that you bring cameras to record further abuses of power by the police and to legitimize the protest. The media will certainly spin this in an attempt to make our actions appear to be violent or somehow harmful to the citizenry at large. Remember, this is a peaceful protest. Any actions trying to incite violence in our protest are not of our people, and they ought to be discouraged.

We are Anonymous,

We are legion, 

We never forgive, 

We never forget, 

Expect us.

BART contact info:

510 465-2278,  415 989-2278, 650 992-2278, 925 676-2278, 510 441-2278, 510 236-2278, and 510 465-2278
Fax: (510) 464-6011

Email:  BoardofDirectors [at]

Fliers / Back Fax images
Blacked out: 

Back Fax tools


File a complaint with the FCC online against BART: 

jammerinfo [at]


Twitter: @OpBART

Email: OpBART [at]

send us your pictures

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by ??
Saturday Aug 13th, 2011 11:56 AM
I am down for a protest at BART, but the organizing for this needs to be done alot better. For one, Monday is only 2 days away and that is not alot of time to get the word out and organize 2) If I saw those flyers on the street, I wouldn't know what to think of them. Are you trying to get people to come to the protest on Monday, then that info needs to be on there. And I don't know what those messages or symbols mean. For example,What does 'MurBARtext, we are there',? c'mon needs to be better presentation.
by clarifying comment
Saturday Aug 13th, 2011 12:27 PM
the idea is that BART will get 10,000 of these and use up all of their fax machine ink. electronic sabotage is Anonymous' specialty.

the "and we're there" language is something of a calling card for Anonymous when they identify a new target, something tech geeks and hactivists recognize but not necessarily the general public

as for the call for a demo, that does seem a bit sketch. it's not clear that Anonymous generally calls for in-person actions nor how "legion" they are here locally in the Bay Area for organizing such a thing. they don't specify what it is people are to do at the protest, other than be non-violent and wear blood-stained clothing. perhaps this is as much of a dare to BART officials to cut cell phone service again as it is a call for an actual on-the-ground demo. the electronic solidarity actions recommended sound more like what Anonymous does best.

if people show up in the BART system to protest, they should have a plan beyond the thin outline Anonymous provides here.
by Sasquatch
Saturday Aug 13th, 2011 7:41 PM
The entire west coast needs help. Please take a look at these two:
Sunday Aug 14th, 2011 3:59 AM
"The revolution has cooome OFF THE PIGS!"