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ACLU tells lawyer Randy Turner that Indybay will not remove article about animal cruelty

by Freedom of Speech
An article with photos and videos was posted on Indybay about animal cruelty. The article was about Amanda Lollar of Bat World Sanctuary. She is seen in the video operating on a conscious bat with no anesthesia. She cuts the bat's vagina too much while trying to do an episiotomy and the bat's vagina and uterus are pulled out. Mom and pup died. Lollar is not a veterinarian.
Mary Cummins a wildlife rehabilitator with Animal Advocates filmed the episiotomy gone awry while attending a supposed training internship at Bat World Sanctuary in Mineral Wells, Texas. Cummins thought she would be videotaping the normal birth of a baby bat. While Cummins was at Bat World Sanctuary she witnessed other acts of animal cruelty and neglect besides violations of the health code. She left the internship early, returned home to Los Angeles, California and reported the animal cruelty to authorities.

After Cummins reported Lollar for animal cruelty she was sued for defamation and sharing supposed "copyrighted/proprietary data." Lollar stated in court that the way in which she did the botched episiotomy is "proprietary." Randy Turner of Turner & McKenzie is the Fort Worth, Texas lawyer representing Amanda Lollar and Bat World Sanctuary. Cummins is currently pro se but is looking for pro-bono representation.

Turner filed a motion for temporary injunction against Cummins to force her to remove the videos, photos and articles posted online. Substitute Judge William Brigham sitting in for Judge Bonnie Sudderth allowed the temporary injunction. Turner presented the judge with a temporary order he'd pre-written which included a list of url links on the internet. Most of these linked articles, photos and videos were not posted by Cummins. They were posted by others or robots on websites she does not control.

Cummins removed all content which she controlled. She could not remove websites created by others. Turner then filed a motion for contempt against Cummins because she did not remove other peoples' websites. Turner then sent the temporary order to the websites directly demanding that they remove the items. Some of the websites such as Facebook did remove the content but Indybay did not.

Turner then threatened to sue Indybay if they did not remove the content. ACLU of Northern California sent a response letter to Turner stating that Indybay will not remove the content. From the letter,

"Under § 230 of the Communications Decency Act, operators of websites such as Indybay cannot be forced to censor articles and other information that, like the materials here at issue, originate with a third party, even if those materials are defamatory or otherwise objectionable.

Moreover, Indybay has a First Amendment right to display factually accurate materials, including videos and photographs, even if they were acquired unlawfully by a third party. Your demand that Indybay remove the entire webpage, which includes not just the initial post but also links to material supporting and disputing the accuracy of that post as well as information relating to your clients' lawsuit against Ms. Cummins, is clearly overbroad; complying with it would result in the censorship of materials that are clearly protected by the First Amendment, including materials that support Ms. Lollar and Bat World Sanctuary.

In short, whatever the merits of your clients' dispute with Ms. Cummins, Indybay may properly maintain its webpage under § 230 of the First Amendment." (Link to letter from ACLU )

About ACLU of Northern California: The ACLU of Northern California works to preserve and guarantee the protections of the Constitution's Bill of Rights. The largest of the ACLU's 53 affiliates nationwide, the ACLU-NC is located in San Francisco. Today, the ACLU-NC has over 55,000 members, 50 staff, and 16 volunteer-run chapters across the region.

About Indybay: The San Francisco Bay Area Independent Media Center is a non-commercial, democratic collective of bay area independent media makers and media outlets, and serves as the local organizing unit of the global Indymedia network.

About Mary Cummins: Cummins is President of Animal Advocates, a Los Angeles based non-profit animal rescue group. She is also a permitted wildlife rehabilitator specializing in small mammals including bats.
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by HonestyHelps
Randy Turner is an embarrassment to the legal profession. He recently defended a man claiming to be a veteran and his pit bull "service dog". Many donations were collected only to find out that the man was a complete fraud.
by Dog Lover
Randy Turner is again representing the bad guy. Why? He is attacking Cummins the same vicious way he attacked the people who were bitten by his last client's dog. Doesn't he know how to use the Google? Bat experts have been calling Lollar a fraud for years. She has no education or training and she's killing bats with her mutilating operations.

"Fort Worth Pit Bull Owner, Steven Woods, Pegged as Fraudulent
From left: Steven Woods, his pit bull (in pink) and former attorney Randy Turner.

No Time in Iraq

Fort Worth, TX - After weeks of enjoying local celebrity status and raising more than $17,000 for his cause, disabled veteran Steven Woods and his so-called "therapy" pit bull, Mimi, are now on skid row. WFAA/News 8 reported Monday that Woods' sob story, claiming to have served in Operation Iraqi Freedom1 and needed his dog to help him cope with PTSD, was fraudulent. After making inquiries to the Army, WFAA learned that Woods never served in Iraq.

After two alleged biting incidents earlier this year, city officials deemed Mimi dangerous. The designation required Woods to abide by new restrictions, as well as to pay the many violations that were racked up by Mimi and his other pit bulls. Woods' story, echoed by his former lawyer, Randy Turner 2 -- who called him a "war hero" and a victim of a "vindictive prosecution" -- enticed pit bull lovers and "no-kill" fanatics to unleash a predictable and vengeful campaign. Save the two-time mauler at all costs and that includes vilifying and falsely characterizing anyone who gets in the way."
Original article here
by Dog Lover
Check out this video. The dog lawyer lies to the public.

Randy Turner in the video states "This is a clear case of retaliation. Even if his dogs had been the ones that had attacked somebody, why don't we give some consideration to the sacrifices that this man made for this country and waive the fines."

The man was never in the war! was never injured! lied and said he was incontinent! lied and said he had to wear a catheter! walked with a fake limp and a cane! said his dog was a service dog! said his dogs never bit anyone when they did!

Why doesn't this guy check out his clients before he embarrasses himself? I just started reading the AA page. His client never finished high school yet is a world renown bat expert? She has the biggest bat sanctuary in the world with only 300 bats when the world record is held by a sanctuary with 2.5 million bats? She says all the videos and photos were posted after Cummins left when her own exhibits show they were posted before she left? She says there was no written permission to take photos when it clearly says so on the intern info flyer, "take all the photos you want of bats and procedures."

This is the page I'm reading.
by Fort Worth Lawyer
Knew it was just a matter of time. Randy Turner saw the story about the vet and his pitbull on the news. He ran to help the man pro bono because he thought he could get great media attention for himself to get the support from animal lovers when he runs for Judge again. He rushed in to help without investigating and ended up the fool. All those animal lovers didn't help you get elected, did they? They didn't help your law partner Tom McKenzie either. They both ran for Judge last year when they are a two person law firm. The only reason you want to be a judge is because you aren't cutting it in private practice and you want a steady check. I can understand as we're all hurting in this economy. No wonder he has so much time for pro bono work, no other clients. Hope the bat lady is at least paying you.

July 2010 Election Results. Landslide loss.

Wade Birdwell 11,307 71.56%
Randy Turner 4,494 28.44%

Bill Harris 11,279 71.90%
Tom McKenzie 4,448 28.10%
by MC
In court Randy Turner said there were no costs or fees. He is representing her pro bono. He did not check out his clients history, story or any documents before he took on this case just like the Steven Woods case. He should have instantly demanded all her email and documents which she gave to interns for starters.

If you're really a Fort Worth lawyer and business is a little slow, how about some pro bono work? I'm honest and have tons of documentation, witnesses, photos, videos to prove my case. Link is above :-D
by MC
Link is below.
by Inquiring Mind
The election for Judges was November 2, 2010. Here are the final numbers. They lost by a landslide.

209,357 vs 126,635
Birdwell vs Turner

211,712 vs 124,614
Harris vs McKenzie

After Turner's Steven Woods fiasco, Bat World mess and now this public ACLU smack down, I doubt he'll ever be elected judge. It's shocking that Turner took the Steven Woods story to the media and social networks himself without checking it out. There's no way he can get all those news articles calling him and his client a fraud off the internet. And now he's gotten himself into an almost identical mess with Bat World.
by Irony
Turner's wife is also a lawyer. She graduated magna cum laude from law school. This is pretty ironic. She's on the board of trustees of the "Texas Center for Legal Ethics - Professionalism in Practice." Their goal is "to promote the practice of law by Texas lawyers in an ethical and professional manner." Maybe she should talk to her husband about ethical and professional behavior. First the fake war veteran with a service dog and now a fake bat expert who commits animal cruelty. I wonder if she'd approve of her husband using his law degree like a club against people. Getting an impossible injunction against someone then threatening to throw them in jail doesn't sound very ethical to me. Trying to shut down a freedom of speech web page with an injunction against an unrelated individual also doesn't sound very ethical. He's not even getting paid to do these unethical and unprofessional things.
by YouTuber
Randy represented a german shepherd rescue organization pro bono. They were being sued by the original owner of a Katrina dog because they refused to return the dog. The dog named "Precious" was owned by Linda Charles.

When Katrina hit she was caring for her mother in a wheel chair. She thought she'd be back in a day or so to retrieve her dog. They would not let her back in the City.

In the movie Randy supposedly said "the owner walked away and left her dog in the attic. Why was Katrina not too dangerous for her dog? I don't understand. You wouldn't leave a child there. Animals should have some rights. The right not to be cruelly treated, not to suffer. The animal has no right under our law. Who owns this property? That is the only question. I have a problem making her (the dog) go through the trauma of separation again. There should be a minimum level of care that people should follow. Left in an attic in the face of an upcoming storm? It's in the best interest of the dog to stay where she is. No one was pointing a gun at the owner saying get on the bus or we'll shoot your dog."

Linda asked people to get her dog in Katrina. She said "I didn't abandon my dog. Is this about race? (Randy's client is while, Linda is black) or who's rich or poor? (Randy's client are richer than Linda) They just got attached to the dog. No one should have the right to take your dog. A dog is like family, like your own baby."

Randy basically fought Linda until she ran out of money. That's how he won. Here are some reviews of Randy and the people who would not return the dog.

"That lawyer Randy Turner showed himself to be a disgusting, elitist asshole. Must be nice sitting on top of that flaming pile of self-righteousness. I hope he never has to face a natural disaster and rescue his family and invalid mother in a blink of an eye. Jerk."

"In that light, the comment by Good Shepherd Rescue attorney Randy Turner that “If Katrina’s conditions were too dangerous for a family, why is it not too dangerous for a dog” comes across as clueless and arrogant."

"What this family in Texas did to Ms. Charles makes me physically ill.  If they were truly motivated to do good works then they would have returned the dog to a family whose life was completely uprooted.  I can’t imagine what motivated Randy Turner, Esq.  This pompous yokel professes that his clients were not rich while you watch them saunter (with Ms. Charles’s dog) in lush green fields.  For him to even hint that Ms. Charles had choices is egregious.  These poor people were not allowed to take their animals.

The remarks made by Mr. Randy Turner were shameful, contemptuous, elitist, and utterly lacking in compassion for Ms. Charles. If this family in Texas felt so just in their decision to steal Linda Charles’s dog, then why didn’t they reveal their identities.  What an example for their children."

"Randy Turner the lawyer in the movie is a horrible person. He is no animal lover. What should the woman have done? Left her mother in a wheel chair in the house and rescued the dog? She had to carry her mother in the wheel chair. The dog survived. The only reason she didn't get the dog back was because she didn't have money for a lawyer. If I adopted a Katrina dog and the true owner wanted it back, I'd give it back. I'd be very sad but I'd do the right thing."

Based on the movie reviews I read, I don't think Randy cares about animals or people. He only cares about his ego. Link to movie trailer is below. Randy's not in the trailer.
by FTR
He's been trying to get out of private practice for years.

Melody Wilkinson 331,391
Randy Turner 262,154
November 4, 2008
17th District Judge
by Observer
He did not win the Katrina dog lawsuit on merit. He would have lost on merit. Instead he papered the woman to death. He even stated that she abused and neglected her dog. The dog was in Katrina then in a crate for months. How would he know the condition of the dog before Katrina hit? Turner is a nasty, unethical, unprofessional lawyer.

Turner was involved with the fake war veteran with the fake service dog for press alone. He worked the story. Instantly he had a page in his website about the story and all the press he was getting. He didn't even help the man legally. Turner never went to court for the guy. He just hung on the guy's media.

Go read some of the old articles. Turner sent emails out far and wide telling people to bombard city officials with nasty emails. They even sent in death threats to the city officials. Unethical, unprofessional. When Turner realizes he has no case he resorts to nasty tricks to get what he wants.
by ..

Patti Gearhart Turner will become chief of staff for Texas Wesleyan University President Frederick G. Slabach on June 1, 2011. As chief of staff, Turner will serve as advisor, assistant and coordinator for the president, working closely with senior university administrators, the board of trustees, and the community.

Turner has served as the assistant dean of student affairs and director of the Equal Justice Program at Texas Wesleyan School of Law since 2000. She graduated magna cum laude from Texas Wesleyan School of Law in 1994 and worked as an interim briefing attorney with the state’s Second Court of Appeals. As a private lawyer, she handled family law, probate, juvenile and general civil litigation before joining Tarrant County Probate Court Two as investigator, where she practiced guardianship law.

She currently serves on the Tarrant County Bar Foundation board, the Guardianship Certification Board, and the Texas Center for Legal Ethics board. Turner has served as the president of the Women Attorneys Section of the Tarrant County Bar Association, as a director of the Tarrant County Probate Bar Association, and as board president at Women’s Haven of Tarrant County. In addition, she was one of the founding members of the Fort Worth Area Habitat for Humanity (now Trinity Habitat for Humanity). She is married to Randy Turner an attorney with Turner & McKenzie. Her husband Randy represented a fake war veteran with a fake service dog to con people into donating money. It's been said he's not a nice person.
by Dog Lover
Someone just pointed out to me that Randy Turner is a hypocrite. AUGUST 11, 2009 Turner spoke at City Council on item G-16653. This item pertains to dangerous dogs, dog enclosures, fines for dangerous dogs ... Then he took on client Steven Woods case. Woods was charged with having a dangerous dog which bit people. He was told he must have his dog in an enclosure, have a muzzle in public, must pay for shelter fees and fines. Turner then told the City that he should not have to do these things and pay the fines. Then why did he tell City Council to vote for these things? Baffling.
by Honesty Helps
Cummins has faced bigger jerks than Turner and has come out on top. I have faith she will do it again this time. Here's a little on Randy Turner.
by MC
Please, leave family members of the parties out of this. They are not involved. Yes, they are dragging my family and friends in to this but don't stoop to their level.

I'm still looking for a pro-bono lawyer.
by La liberté d'expression
"As is true of every Katrina story, race and class play significant roles in “Mine,” which grows more disturbing as the weeks melt into years. The animal rescue world can be an eccentric battlefield, a place where pets matter more than their people, and Ms. Pezanoski registers its admirable and unsettling elements fairly. When a white lawyer (Randy Turner) chides a black woman (Linda Charles) for abandoning her dog — the woman says she had her hands full rescuing her children and wheelchair-bound mother — it’s hard not to flash back to those commentators who wondered why the poor inhabitants of New Orleans didn’t just leave in their nonexistent cars."

"Just as in many of the circumstances of Katrina the film touches on racism and classism but not enough. When a white lawyer (Randy Turner) criticizes a black woman (Linda Charles) for leaving her dog behind he jumps to the conclusion that she did not care about her pet. When in reality she was faced with getting her children and disabled mother to safety first."

From the owner of the dog:
"We lost everything but our mind, " New Orleans resident Linda Charles says in the film. "We walked out with nothing. That dog meant so much to us." 
by Mr. Ed
... racist and a classist. He's also clueless. Maybe the poor people fleeing Katrina should have hired limos to take them and their dogs to the spa for the weekend.
by Reader
Turner sent out this email to con people into donating money to his client Steven Woods. My comments are in [ ].

From: Randy Turner mailto: randy [at]
Sent: Saturday, November 13, 2010 9:29 AM
Subject: Help
Dear Friends...

“I just tried a dangerous dog case for two days in Fort Worth Municipal Court and lost.  My client is a young Iraq war veteran who was permanently disabled by a roadside bomb.  (He walks with a cane, has little control of his bowels, is incontinent, wears a catheter, and suffers from PTSD).  His psychiatrist recommended that he get a dog as therapy, which he did. [ALL LIES]

“The dog is his baby—or ‘my little girl’ as he calls her. She lives totally indoors, sleeps with him on his bed, is registered, current on all vaccinations, etc.  She allegedly bit a neighbor on the finger.
“ (We vigorously disputed that it was his dog who bit the person, hence the two-day trial with 10 witnesses).  [HE GOT TEN WITNESSES TO LIE FOR HIM.]

“The judge declared Mimi a dangerous dog and ordered that she be euthanized unless my client complies with all of the dangerous dog requirements within 15 days.  This was effectively a death sentence. 

“My pitiful client lives on $779/mo. disability checks in a home for disabled vets [ANOTHER LIE] and there is no way he can ever pay the $500 registration fee, $500 boarding fees (as of today), purchase $100,000 of liability insurance, put up an enclosure with 6-foot fences, pay for spay, etc.[HIS DOG WASN'T EVEN SPAYED. HE GOT NINE DANGEROUS DOG TICKETS IN A MONTH AND HIS DOG SERIOUSLY INJURED TWO PEOPLE]

“As a side note, the trial was on Veteran’s Day and my client proudly wore his uniform as he has on every Veteran’s Day since he was discharged because, as he says, ‘I am proud that I fought for my country.’ [ANOTHER LIE]

“I am trying to figure out a way for someone to buy Mimi and comply with the dangerous dog requirements.  (I have the maximum number of dogs allowed under the FW ordinance or I would do it).   If we can do this Steven has an uncle in Arkansas who will take her from the new owner."

This man has no problem lying to get what he wants. Even when Turner was told that Woods was not a veteran he continued to support the con. He released this news, "Steven Woods is profoundly grateful to Metroplex Animal Coalition and to all of the generous donors who saved his beloved dog, Mimi, from being euthanized. Unfortunately, Steven has recently been the subject of negative media reports concerning his military service."

[Being called out for being a total fraud is the "subject of negative media reports?" ] His partner or wife must have forced him to finally dump the client.
by GoDaddy is cruel
Both Turner and Lollar use/used GoDaddy services. Did they miss the video of the canned hunt of the elephant in Zimbabwe?He was supposedly a volunteer with orangutan rehabilitation in Borneo, Indonesia and black rhino conservation in Zimbabwe yet he thinks slaughtering elephants is okay?
by FB'er
after he embarrassed himself with the fake war veteran story. He still has a profile but he removed his photo and all friends but one. He was posting about the fraud Steven Woods on his page. When people realized he was a fraud he got a lot of hate posts so he quietly slunk away and hid.
by HonestAbe
Steven Lamar Woods the fake war veteran assaulted someone last summer. Why didn't the lawyer see this? He's willing to represent criminals, liars and frauds.


06/22/2011 09:00 AM

06/22/2011 09:00 AM
CCC5 - County Criminal Court No. 5
Settings Date:
Custody Status:
Defense Atty:
Bond Amount:

by Truth
Randy tried to auction himself off for lunch. He said it was worth $250 to have lunch with him and get legal advice. There was only one bid for $83. He was sold for $83. The bidder was capsdog. The auction was for CAPS, Companion Animal Protection Society. They felt bad that he didn't any bids so they bid on him so he wouldn't look bad. And what's with the photo? It looks like a photo for an online dating site. Randy is 58 years old and married.;jsessionid=6OgJBawohzuLNE-EiDUrGA**.app4-i?id=57651234
by Reality Check
This is the link in question in the letter. Because Turner sent that letter to IndyMedia he has guaranteed that the article will be immortalized on the internet. It's still being picked up by other sources and robots and being reposted.

Because he sent that letter to IndyMedia, he has also immortalized himself on the internet with this IndyMedia article. This article with a listing of some of his failures will also be here forever. It continues to be picked up.

Maybe Turner should have read the "about us" section of IndyMedia before sending off a threatening letter. He might have been able to get the article removed before but not now. If only he'd sent a letter instead of instantly suing someone, this mess probably never would have happened either. Randy Turner, always one to jump the gun especially when he has no paying work to keep him busy.
by Truth
Apparently the ACLU believes the lies of a known cyberstalker who has targeted Amanda Lollar as well as countless others over the past decade. They will end up looking really stupid when the truth comes to light.
by ACLU-NC fan
Read ACLU's letter. ACLU and Indymedia are legally in the right. Indymedia is not a party to the lawsuit. The injunction is not against Indymedia but Mary Cummins. Indymedia does not have to remove anything. If Turner wants Indymedia to remove items, he must sue Indymedia and get an injunction against Indymedia. The ACLU has represented Indymedia many times in the past. Turner is no match for ACLU-NC. He also has no legal standing. Any case against Indymedia would be meritless. He'd also have to file in California. He would need to hire a California lawyer.
by HonestBabe
Check out the evidence in the link below. Lollar has a history for lying, committing perjury and forging documents. She files lawsuits against people as personal revenge. She is a hateful person. See attached complaint by Amanda Lollar of Bat World Sanctuary against Talking Talons and their response. Turner is representing a repeat offender.
in response to the recent comment above about the truth and the facts, the story here seem pretty clear to me

the bat world lady is not qualified or certified to administer drugs and perform surgeries but she does it anyway, which is cruel and sometimes even leads to the deaths of bats

the bat world lady wants to hide those simple FACTS by claiming copyright protection of the videos that show her doing such cruel and unauthorized things so that she can cover up the TRUTH. she also wants to attack the messenger in order to sweep the all the embarrassing FACTS under the rug

now, texas is not one of the most animal friendly states (they had that law against disparaging beef) and very well might find in favor of bat world lady and allow her to hide the TRUTH, but that does not change the FACTS of the matter that anyone with open eyes can see

the ACLU is doing the right thing and should not be attacked here in yet another attempt to bury the TRUTH
by JustTheMessenger
Amanda stated that the health dept visited her and said everything was fine. No, they did not. I have a copy of their report. They forced her to make a lot of changes. Everyone must wear proper gloves. Students cannot handle ill bats. Bite reports must be made every time a bat bites someone. Possibly rabid bats must be euthanized and sent to the lab. Go to link above to see tons of new documents and evidence.

A toddler found a rabid bat directly outside Amanda's "wild sanctuary" building. The toddler had a cut on his face. He had to have rabies shots. The mother filed a report against Amanda with the City. Amanda found an animal lawyer in Fort Worth who sent a letter to the City threatening to sue them if they did anything about the report. They also threatened to give them bad press. It's all in the link below.
by nothing butt the truth
All the dogs in the movie "Mine" were returned to their rightful owners except Precious. Turner's clients never even sent a letter to Linda Charles saying the dog was fine. They just kept the dog and hid. Turner of course lawyered and papered Linda Charles until she ran out of money. He had no case so that was the only way he could win. Winning was all that mattered to him. At least the movie made him look like the elitist, classist, racist douche bag that he is.

"Thanks for your email. Linda was never reunited with Precious. She tells me she still thinks about Precious every day. She finally saw MINE last year and while it was bittersweet, she was happy to get to see Precious. Part of me thinks that even though she gave up the fight long ago, what she really needed for closure was just to be reassured that Precious was happy and healthy and well loved, and she never got that directly from the family who adopted Precious. Thank you for caring."
by MC
If you piss him off, he will only come after me that much more. That is not helping my case.
by Veritas
The Temporary Injunction against Cummins is void because it does not set a bond as required by Tex.R.Civ.Pr. 684. Therefore plaintiff's lawyer Randall Turner had no right to demand that Indybay comply with the void injunction which was not even against Indybay. Furthermore Turner had no legal right to demand that they remove said article based on any legal merits. Turner's behavior was unethical, unprofessional and sanctionable.
by La Verdad
Randy Turner helped con man Steven Woods get away with allowing his unneutered dogs to repeatedly attack people. You can guess what happened. Mimi and another pit owned by Steven Woods attacked a man. Randy Turner is totally responsible for this. No one should help Steven Woods this time. This is a felony because he's a repeat offender. Randy Turner had no problem getting 11 witnesses to perjure themselves to try to save this con man and his dog. He should be held responsible for this.
by Fox News
Three articles about the dangerous dogs being killed. Why did Turner represent this con man? Woods packed up his things and left town. He knows he's guilty.
by Honesty
Attorney Randy Turner of Turner & McKenzie in Fort Worth, Texas. Lawyer Randall Turner.
Randy Turner is at it again, representing the dark side. He's representing Amanda Lollar with Bat World Sanctuary in a lawsuit against Mary Cummins, a wildlife rehabilitator who is licensed and permitted by the California Department of Fish and Game to rescue native animals. In this latest lawsuit it seems Randy is defending a person who has repeatedly tortured animals. When will he ever learn? Clearly Randy Turner is an attorney to avoid unless you are a lying sneak or an animal abuser.

Not only is Amanda Lollar and bat world sanctuary under investigation by Texas Parks & Recreation for illegal activity (as they control her wildlife rehabilitation permit) but they have stated, "wildlife rehabilitators cannot perform surgery." Videos, taken by Ms. Cummins, clearly show Amanda Lollar performing and performing a surgery. See the graphic video by clicking the link below. The USDA is also investigating Lollar. It is their permit that allows Amanda Lollar and Bat World to exhibit bats.



You can keep up to date with the lawsuit at this web site:

by Not Shocked
Attorney Randy Turner, Randall Turner of Fort Worth, Texas Turner & McKenzie lawyer firm sleeping during his own client's deposition. He should be disbarred.
by Office of Tom McKenzie
Randy Turner is no longer with the law firm of Turner & McKenzie. He is now with the firm of Bailey & Galyen. Please, stop contacting our office. He no longer works with us.
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