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Calls from Joe Lieberman help force Amazon and EveryDNS to dump Wikileaks

by Richard Mellor
The war against Wikileaks is gaining momentum. We must defend Wikileaks, Julian Assange and free speech. I read now that Paypal has joined the offensive. Perhaps we should all close our paypal accounts.
Two US technology companies in the land of the free have kicked Wikileaks off their servers. Amazon and EveryDNS claim it has nothing to do with pressure, Wikileaks simply violated “customer agreements.” * Calls from the right wing, pro-Zionist hawk Joe Lierberman telling them to “take the material off line” has nothing to do with the decision we are supposed to believe. Can you imagine the truth that lies hidden about the US/Israeli dealings in the Middle East. Who is responsible for the assassination of all those Iranian physicists I wonder?

The world’s Bourgeois is after Wikileaks and Assange. Osama bin Laden is no longer their most wanted. Eric Besson, the French industry minister has called for the government to take “measures” to bar all companies from hosting Wikileaks. Besson says the site “jeopardized diplomatic relations” Italy’s foreign minister called the leaks the "911 of diplomacy."

You have to admire and respect Assange. He replies to this worldwide assault on freedom led by the US capitalist class saying that him and his staff has had death threats and they have taken “appropriate precautions to the degree that we are able when dealing with a superpower.”

What you get at Wikileaks
So much for all the yuppie entrepreneurs that lead the Internet revolution. Amazon has the nerve to deny it has “bowed” to pressure. It wouldn't matter to me what they said; they’re lying. Assange himself put it more accurately, and much more diplomatically than I, saying that Wikileaks had placed some servers “in jurisdictions that we suspected suffered a free speech deficit in order to separate rhetoric from reality. Amazon was one of these cases.” Assange is being very nice here, a "free speech deficit". I didn't know Townsville boy's could be so polite.

The divisions between the world’s capitalist class are widening a bit. This is the problem for the US. Recep Tayyip, Turkeys prime minister is not pleased, “Those who throw slanders at us for things we didn’t do will be crushed by their own slanders. They will be destroyed.” he says.

They are also trying to portray Assange’s motives as purely personal and motivated by grandeur: “Mr. Assange relishes being US enemy number one.” Writes Daniel Dombey, the FT correspondent in Washington. It is beyond their thinking that someone could be motivated by a sense of decency or the desire for the truth to be heard. Even if they thought that, they would deny it as the world of the capitalist class is one of deception and lies. And even if they are right and he cherishes being the US enemy number 1, they are wrong in opposing the truth. Assange and his staff have received numerous death threats. What pressure must they be under being hunted by the US government? I was an active, and aggressive defender of workers rights on the job and I got paranoid at times, worried about them following me and firing me for my activity. What must it be like for people like Assange? Anyone who hasn’t taken the time should read about the massive pressure people like Huey Newton, Martin Luther King or Malcolm X came under through their activities in defense of the working class of this world, two of them giving their lives and the other his life as a consequence of our enemy's offensive.

One US diplomat compares diplomatic secrecy to the journalist’s right to protect sources or lawyer client privilege. But in the era of their war on terror, the lawyer client privilege is a thing of the past just like the journalist’s right to protect her source. And while we’re mentioning terrorism, the federal government which is waging economic terrorism against its own citizens along with federal employees is ordering those same employees to not download the Wikileaks cables.

As I write I desire to be involved in some major effort to defend Wikileaks. Not only that, we can be sure that within their rotten system there are millions that want to pull the vail from the face of the market. In fact, the French bourgeois are the world's leaders in banning vails but not his one, the one that covers the face of their system and the rottenness of it.

And where’s the pope and the world’s religious leaders? Where are the Union leaders here in the land of the free? In our struggle against the present offensive of capital that will no doubt intensify as their assault does we will use the internet more an more. We can only imagine what Lieberrman and all the other thugs in Congress will be doing. They’ll be accusing striking workers and fighting youth of terrorism and shutting down the internet sites through which so many communicate these days. They will also be putting youth and workers’ leaders in jails. The US jails are full of political prisoners.

Wikileaks needs financial help but also open public support. Wikileaks should be supported for weakening the forces that destroy our jobs, livelihood and futures. We should do what we can to help the truth come out. Assange had only released 667 of the 251,000 documents in Wikileaks' possession as of Friday. This terrifies the crooks in the US Congress and their counterparts around the world. They are worried what the hell will turn up next.

We all need to find out don't we?.

*Financial Times 12-04-10 Wikileaks Battles to Stay Online
Also: US Counts Cost in Week of Leaks
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by Joseph Zrnchik (digital82711 [at]
Why Assange Should Go Free
By Joseph Zrnchik (Reporter)
Contributor profile | More stories
Saturday, December 11, 2010 1:17

If Nazi Germany, Iran, China, Russia, Venezuela, Cuba or Saddam’s Iraq had documents transferred to an American journalist living abroad, and the journalist decided to publish the material on the internet to expose the crimes of the above named countries’ regimes, would any U.S. politicians be calling for that journalist’s death?

If China decided to invade a country and every single premise upon which the aggressive war was based proved to be in error, and lies regarding WMDs had been exposed through the most intrusive international weapons inspection programs in the history of the world , and a complete accounting for 99% of all proved no stockpiles, would the U.S. be negotiating with China on how to allow a third country to render the American journalist to China?

Imagine if the lies China then used to execute an illegal invasion were based on Cheney’s One Percent Doctrine, that being a doctrine that says even if another country has only a one percent chance of carrying out a terrorist attack against China, China has the right to conduct and invasion, occupation, and replacement of that nation’s government.

Imagine if all of China’s reasons to invade were proven to be wildly overstated by China’s own intelligence services and the costs to that nation were wildly understated while being hidden from their citizens, would the U.S. conclude that China’s secretiveness and security should be respected?

And, for once, please don’t bring up 9/11. The secret documents have already exposed that there was no connection between Saddam and al Qaeda, 9/11, or bin Laden. In fact, the intelligence documents prove that Bush’s bedfellows, the Saudis, were the culprits not only behind 9/11, but also are main source of terror in Iraq. Now let me ask you this question: As a nation, are we better off or worse off to know this actual fact, that fact being it is the Saudi’s whom are our enemy. The only ones who want this fact hidden and are better off for having it hid are the elite who are in bed with the House of Saud.

Meanwhile, the State Department cables show that there had been even more lies being forged by the ruling class for another false casus belli, that being the blaming of Iran for attacks against U.S. soldiers by Iran. It seems Americans want, in fact need and demand, to be lied to.

Now imagine China engaged in deception and disinformation operations to fool its own citizens so as to be able to garner mass public support for a world-wide campaign to engage in terror and military strikes against Christian nations because some terror group from a Western nation engaged in a terror strike against China. While attacking Christian nations, let’s say China decided to conduct regime change in Mexico and overthrow their government to install a pro-Chinese government that allowed military bases for China and was anti-American to its core. Isn’t this exactly what we are doing to Iran through Iraq?

Let’s imagine the U.S. then began to protest these moves as aggressive and hostile, and while the U.S. was allowing U.N. investigators to monitor its military to prove the U.S. was not going to attack China, China decided to fund terrorist groups of the variety that America has unleashed on Iran, groups like the MEK and Jundullah whom then begin to carry out a national terror campaign. While this is going on, imagine China began assassinating American scientists whose expertise was considered great economic and strategic assets.

Now imagine if China’s ruling elites were all heavily invested in the defense industry and it was apparent that war was in their economic interest at the expense of the rest of the nation. Would the U.S. be charging an Australian with treason for pointing such facts to the world and the Chinese people? The paradigm the U.S is establishing is straight out of Orwell’s 1984. It seems it is true that those whom control imperial power who seek to manipulate the masses so that indeed war is peace, freedom is slavery and most importantly, ignorance is strength. Libertarians have held that all government is inherently alike when push comes to shove. It seems this maxim tenet is proving to be a tenet in the new world order. Americans show be embarrassed that our rulers feed us such waste and we clamor for more.

It defies belief that our media refuses to allow citizens to the opportunity to expose and comment on the criminality of our government. The partnership between the media and the government goes far beyond any model Goebbels could have envisioned let alone implement. The voluntary manipulations of seamless filtering, self-censorship, media manipulation, framing of debate and outright execution of disinformation and propaganda campaigns directed against the American people through a centralized media conglomeration are something that could never be centrally directed. It model works because those whom control it are acting in unison toward the exact same goals, that being the domination of economic, political and social order.

Future generations of Americans will look back on this episode of American history and wonder why we destroyed their future. Hey will wonder how an country supposedly steeped in the tradition of self-government could not have seen such disaster coming. We have allowed our government to turn us into little children whom believe whatever lie the grownups profess. We believe their every promise and worship them through the eyes of little children seeking to believe in their omnipotence and infallibility. And, they have played us like suckers. One would think grown-ups would seek to put away their beliefs in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy. But, it seems as the world crumbles around us, a crumbling caused by a refusal to acknowledge the fact that we turned our backs on the responsibility of being an informed, as opposed to propagandized citizenry.

Why is it that Americans want to think the paradigms put in place by our elite have any semblance to reality? The institutions and power we have allowed to collude against us and limit our debate, and thusly our very thought processes and perception of reality, have not been organized by a supreme being, but were the result of elites sitting together deciding on how best to maintain wealth, power and privilege.

It would only take an opening of our eyes to see the truth, which is why our elite and those who seek to continue to clutch on to the child-parent relationship between themselves and government see Wikileaks as such a threat. Americans should think of Wikileaks as Reality Government since “Reality TV” seems to hold so much facination for so many.

Our founders thought of government as fire. They found it to be a useful servant, but a terrible master. Yet, we allow politicians who have lied to us so grotesquely for so long to now be the arbiters of life and death mete out punishment based on the crime of Americans’ eyes being opened to the inner workings of our government.

To read the Wikileaks documents one needs a strong background in history, philosophy, economics, psychology, government and current events to correctly understand the implication of our representatives lying to us, to each other and to themselves. But, how can any foundation be built on such nonsense. We attack countries that did nothing to us while using the attacks upon us that were funded by our own allies to blame others in an effort to foment more armed conflict that has already destroyed most of our middle class wealth. Then we insist our government maintain the right to lie to us and protect this prerogative so strongly that we demand that those telling the truth be executed. An Iraqi official stated, “America’s problem is that its friends are friends with its enemies, and its enemies are friends with its friends. In such a state of cognitive dissonance we attempt to build a coherent foreign policy while ideological paradoxes create schizophrenic constructs. Moreover, it seems we have developed a unique talent for existing in such a world as this even though such a reality can only be held together through violence, lies and thought control.

We revel in being able to hold two opposing beliefs, that being that government is our servant while also seeking for it to be master. We want the rule of law, yet we insist that this rule be maintained by imperial edicts, elite lawlessness, torture and murder. We want to know the truth about matters that are inconsequential, but we remain willfully ignorant of matters that involve trillions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of lives. We extol the virtues of self-government yet elect elites who constantly subvert our interests. We know we are lied to about everything, but hold on to these lies with the fervent hope of a dying man who has just found religion. We complain about corporate crooks and crooked politicians and then believe every lie they utter as they walk away with trillions of dollars of taxpayer money. Then, when someone tells us the truth about such crimes we call that person a kook and his label his accurate assessments as radical and ridiculous. We know that our current situation is unsustainable and yet we continue to elect the same people to do the same things while expecting a different outcome. We continue to hold on to a status quo that is obviously taking us over a cliff and leading to our ruin. We laugh at accurate predictions for the future in which the outcomes were demonstrably inevitable and a mathematical certainty, yet we continue to take the word of charlatans whose predictions, prescriptions, and assessments have proven to be the fantasy of a bizarre-world and ideology of a dystopia. Our crimes are always legitimate and others legal actions become illegal attacks upon our nation. The incongruence seems to know no limits.

At such a point, when reality can no longer be discussed, we hold on to our false reality as it slips through our hands. We seem not to understand why things are getting worse while we listen to the demagoguery of the Limbaughs and Hannities, and the envy and discontent of Obama and Hillary.

The last desperate act of a falling empire is to try to kill its way to utopia. If we can kill those who expose us, oppose us and refuse to support us, we will eventually be happy and prosperous again. Yet, we refuse to accept that by striking out at reality we are only delaying an outcome that will not get better with denial and time. So, as we plan Assange’s imprisonment and murder, there are realities that we need to accept for which killing the messenger will only make matter worse.

Our hypocrisy has placed us in so many conundrums regarding this issue that books will be written by the hundreds. Some in the media are suggesting we should self-censor so as not to create a situation in which the government is censoring us. The absurdity is overwhelming.

If society becomes afraid to use a free-speech medium, regardless of its type, for fear that it government might begin censorship, it is no longer a free-speech medium. If we, or Assange, should begin to be selective about what we publish on the Internet for fear it could become restricted, then we ourselves will have become the ones who render it useless as a disseminator of free speech. We are the very messengers we will have killed. It makes one laugh that someone's answer to this problem would be to electively stiffle dissent so that you won't be restricted non-electively? It is an issue such as this from which revolutions are born. Such a position wouold clearly be the end of free press. Why would Americans through away a right for whcih we would be willing to die by the millions?

Please feel safe to let go of this immense paranoia under which you must endure so unhappily. Freedom of speech is alive and well in today's technology-oriented society, and we, and Assange, will always find a way to overcome institutionally imposed restrictions as the state is a slow-moving and inept doofus that can only rely on force, lies and ignorance.

The U.S. government has proven itself so incompetent that it can't even keep its most secret communications from making front page news. How do you expect it could ever restrict the internet without turning us into a complete totalitarian state that the citizenry would want to smash. When this occures I hope the first official act of the new republic will be to punish its former leaders.
The website has moved again and now appears to be hosted within walking distance of the CIA's headquarters.

ServInt appoints Fritz Stolzenbach as Vice President of Marketing

McLean, Va., February 1, 2011 — ServInt, a pioneering provider of managed hosting for enterprises worldwide, today announced it has named Internet/telecom industry marketing executive Fritz Stolzenbach to lead its expanded marketing department. In this position, Stolzenbach is responsible for all of ServInt's marketing, corporate communications and business development activities.

For the past 25 years, Stolzenbach has served a variety of enterprises in the Internet and telecommunications industries, including Intelsat, Hughes Network Systems, Spacenet and the National Rural Telecommunications Cooperative. He has been integrally involved in the rollout of a wide range of consumer- and business-facing broadband and multimedia technologies, including DIRECTV, HughesNet broadband services, and the Connexstar family of satellite Internet terminals.

"Fritz has helped launch some of the Internet industry's most transformative technologies," said ServInt Founder and CEO Reed Caldwell. "We're going to leverage that expertise to help design, build, perfect and deploy our next generation of Internet-based products and services. You'll be hearing a lot about ServInt in the future -- and Fritz is going to be a big part of the reason why."

Stolzenbach added his own thoughts about the appointment, saying, "ServInt is a smart, dynamic company with an amazing pedigree and an incredible future ahead of them. They've been pioneers in virtualization technology, innovators in the field of managed hosting, and hosts for some of the largest names on the web today. They know what it takes for web-centric businesses to succeed, and they possess a reputation for superior customer service that is the envy of the hosting industry. The upside for ServInt is huge, and I am thrilled to help them realize it."

About ServInt

ServInt is a pioneering provider of high-reliability web hosting for businesses worldwide. ServInt’s commitment to Green IT services is demonstrated by its award-winning Virtual Private Server (VPS) solutions. ServInt was founded in Northern Virginia in 1995 as one of the first web-hosting companies to offer a Managed Dedicated Server solution. From multiple world-class data centers, ServInt now provides its scalable suite of VPS and Managed Enterprise Dedicated Server packages to thousands of customers in more than 60 countries. For more information, please visit

funny how closely the world media, "appropriate lefty radicals" and corporate media fawn over Assange, like he's in like flynn.

Hosting the site within such close proximity of the CIA headquarters is surprising given that earlier this year, WikiLeaks asked the CIA to stop spying on it, though it will presumably be helpful for the CIA's WikiLeaks Task Force (WTF!)

The recent hosting history for can be viewed here.

All your protests for wikileaks are Making the Demons in Langley howl with joy.

do your homework. or be a pawn of the illuminists:

"Conspiracy Theories" and government infiltration

Sunstein co-authored a 2008 paper with Adrian Vermeule, titled "Conspiracy Theories," dealing with the risks an possible government responses to false conspiracy theories resulting from "cascades" of faulty information within groups that may ultimately lead to violence. In this article they wrote, "The existence of both domestic and foreign conspiracy theories, we suggest, is no trivial matter, posing real risks to the government’s antiterrorism policies, whatever the latter may be." They go on to propose that, "the best response consists in cognitive infiltration of extremist groups",[21] where they suggest, among other tactics, "Government agents (and their allies) might enter chat rooms, online social networks, or even real-space groups and attempt to undermine percolating conspiracy theories by raising doubts about their factual premises, causal logic or implications for political action."[21] They refer, several times, to groups that promote the view that the US Government was responsible or complicit in the September 11 attacks as "extremist groups."

Analyze your analysis.

All your heroes are corrupt. find some new ones. or be one yourself.

Pyotr Kropotkin was right! after all!


"Sunstein and Vermeule also analyze the practice of secret government payments to outside commentators, who are then held out as independent experts; they suggest that "government can supply these independent experts with information and perhaps prod them into action from behind the scenes," further warning that "too close a connection will be self-defeating if it is exposed."[2"

Assange anyone? lol

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