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Calls from Joe Lieberman help force Amazon and EveryDNS to dump Wikileaks

by Richard Mellor
The war against Wikileaks is gaining momentum. We must defend Wikileaks, Julian Assange and free speech. I read now that Paypal has joined the offensive. Perhaps we should all close our paypal accounts.
Two US technology companies in the land of the free have kicked Wikileaks off their servers. Amazon and EveryDNS claim it has nothing to do with pressure, Wikileaks simply violated “customer agreements.” * Calls from the right wing, pro-Zionist hawk Joe Lierberman telling them to “take the material off line” has nothing to do with the decision we are supposed to believe. Can you imagine the truth that lies hidden about the US/Israeli dealings in the Middle East. Who is responsible for the assassination of all those Iranian physicists I wonder?

The world’s Bourgeois is after Wikileaks and Assange. Osama bin Laden is no longer their most wanted. Eric Besson, the French industry minister has called for the government to take “measures” to bar all companies from hosting Wikileaks. Besson says the site “jeopardized diplomatic relations” Italy’s foreign minister called the leaks the "911 of diplomacy."

You have to admire and respect Assange. He replies to this worldwide assault on freedom led by the US capitalist class saying that him and his staff has had death threats and they have taken “appropriate precautions to the degree that we are able when dealing with a superpower.”

What you get at Wikileaks
So much for all the yuppie entrepreneurs that lead the Internet revolution. Amazon has the nerve to deny it has “bowed” to pressure. It wouldn't matter to me what they said; they’re lying. Assange himself put it more accurately, and much more diplomatically than I, saying that Wikileaks had placed some servers “in jurisdictions that we suspected suffered a free speech deficit in order to separate rhetoric from reality. Amazon was one of these cases.” Assange is being very nice here, a "free speech deficit". I didn't know Townsville boy's could be so polite.

The divisions between the world’s capitalist class are widening a bit. This is the problem for the US. Recep Tayyip, Turkeys prime minister is not pleased, “Those who throw slanders at us for things we didn’t do will be crushed by their own slanders. They will be destroyed.” he says.

They are also trying to portray Assange’s motives as purely personal and motivated by grandeur: “Mr. Assange relishes being US enemy number one.” Writes Daniel Dombey, the FT correspondent in Washington. It is beyond their thinking that someone could be motivated by a sense of decency or the desire for the truth to be heard. Even if they thought that, they would deny it as the world of the capitalist class is one of deception and lies. And even if they are right and he cherishes being the US enemy number 1, they are wrong in opposing the truth. Assange and his staff have received numerous death threats. What pressure must they be under being hunted by the US government? I was an active, and aggressive defender of workers rights on the job and I got paranoid at times, worried about them following me and firing me for my activity. What must it be like for people like Assange? Anyone who hasn’t taken the time should read about the massive pressure people like Huey Newton, Martin Luther King or Malcolm X came under through their activities in defense of the working class of this world, two of them giving their lives and the other his life as a consequence of our enemy's offensive.

One US diplomat compares diplomatic secrecy to the journalist’s right to protect sources or lawyer client privilege. But in the era of their war on terror, the lawyer client privilege is a thing of the past just like the journalist’s right to protect her source. And while we’re mentioning terrorism, the federal government which is waging economic terrorism against its own citizens along with federal employees is ordering those same employees to not download the Wikileaks cables.

As I write I desire to be involved in some major effort to defend Wikileaks. Not only that, we can be sure that within their rotten system there are millions that want to pull the vail from the face of the market. In fact, the French bourgeois are the world's leaders in banning vails but not his one, the one that covers the face of their system and the rottenness of it.

And where’s the pope and the world’s religious leaders? Where are the Union leaders here in the land of the free? In our struggle against the present offensive of capital that will no doubt intensify as their assault does we will use the internet more an more. We can only imagine what Lieberrman and all the other thugs in Congress will be doing. They’ll be accusing striking workers and fighting youth of terrorism and shutting down the internet sites through which so many communicate these days. They will also be putting youth and workers’ leaders in jails. The US jails are full of political prisoners.

Wikileaks needs financial help but also open public support. Wikileaks should be supported for weakening the forces that destroy our jobs, livelihood and futures. We should do what we can to help the truth come out. Assange had only released 667 of the 251,000 documents in Wikileaks' possession as of Friday. This terrifies the crooks in the US Congress and their counterparts around the world. They are worried what the hell will turn up next.

We all need to find out don't we?.

*Financial Times 12-04-10 Wikileaks Battles to Stay Online
Also: US Counts Cost in Week of Leaks
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