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SF events 6.17

by Don't PINKWASH Israel's Crimes
Thursday Jun 17 6PM Queer Activists to Picket Opening Night of LGBT...

Apartheid -- Occupation -- Invasion -- Murder -- Racism -- Ethnic Cleansing
For the first time since 2007, the Israeli Consulate is a sponsor of the San Francisco LGBT Film Festival. Queer communities have been targeted by the "Brand Israel" campaign as a receptive audience, and a useful cloak for Israel's oppressive policies. But we are not so desperate for acceptance that we will ally ourselves with racists and murderers.
Join the demonstration at opening night
Thursday June 17, 6 p.m.
Castro Theater, San Francisco
We will not be used. Israeli government out of our film festival!
Sponsored by Queers Undermining Israeli Terrorism
endorsed by Arab Resource and Organizing Center (AROC),
SouthWest Asian and North African Bay Area Queers (SWANABAQ)
for info:; quitpalestine [at]
Check out my new online serial mystery, Murder Under the Bridge, at
I blog at

NaturalNews has reported, researchers are zeroing in on how a host of
phytonutrients in foods are potent breast cancer fighters.


San Francisco Passes Cellphone Radiation Law - New York Times 6/16/10
Imposing roughly the same cautionary standards for cellphones as for
fatty food or sugary soda, this city -- never shy about its opinions --
voted on Tuesday to require all retailers to display the amount of
radiation each phone emits.

HUGE amounts of BPA in thermal-printed cash register receipts! Do NOT lick fingers after touching cash register receipt.
WORSE YET: these are recycled into toilet paper.

C8 exposure linked to ADHD in children.


TREES Mid-Year Project Updates

"Greenwashing" nailed (MUST-SEE)


Brace yourself for this report... Gulf Oil Spill BP - Gulf News; From Bad to Worse By Rob Kall
Now that the oil has entered the Gulf Stream this thermal imaging shows just where the Gulf oil spill could eventually travel.
BP Aware Of Cracks In Oil Well Two Months Before Explosion
Former BP Chairman and current BP CEO both dumped stocks in weeks before disaster
BP was aware of cracks appearing in the Macondo well as far back as February, right around the time Goldman Sachs and BP Chairman Tony Hayward were busy dumping their stocks in the company on the eve of the explosion that led to the oil spill, according to information uncovered by congressional investigators.

Brasscheck TV:  BP goons block news media on public beach

BP Gulf Oil Spill Dejavu: Brasscheck TV:  They knew this could happen


BP Bailout Proposal Coming Soon

World Collapse Explained in 3 Minutes
[This is about world economic collapse, not overall world human collapse]
It's humor...remember, it must be good, it's British!

     NWO / New World Order / Privacy / GLOBAL DOMINATION 1/2of Patients should never B prescribed antidepressants,scientists say,US dumping toxic brew in Iraq

Traffic stop video on YouTube sparks debate on police use of Md. wiretap laws

Professor: Only Global Governance Can Save Us From A Century Of Chaos
Major event in 2014 will plunge the world into crisis, says Boyle
A major event that takes place in 2014 will plunge the world into a crisis that will characterize the rest of the century, according to Cambridge professor Nicholas Boyle, and only the introduction of global governance can save humanity from an era of poverty and violence.

New Bill Gives Obama 'Kill Switch' To Shut Down The Internet
Government would have "absolute power" to seize control of the world wide web under Lieberman legislation
The federal government would have “absolute power” to shut down the Internet under the terms of a new US Senate bill being pushed by Joe Lieberman, legislation which would hand President Obama a figurative “kill switch” to seize control of the world wide web in response to a Homeland Security directive.

Afghanistan Mineral Riches Story Is War Propaganda
"Liberal" New York Times sells globalist occupation once more with fake news
News that the U.S. has suddenly discovered $1 trillion-worth of mineral deposits in Afghanistan, and descriptions of the bounty as a “game changer” by the corporate media, represent nothing more than crude war propaganda designed to reinvigorate public support for a failing and ever more pointless occupation.

Central Bank Hid Housing Market Crash Forecast
Financial elite covered-up imminent global housing collapse year before it happened
 New revelations concerning how the Irish Central Bank hid data in a 2006 report indicating that a housing market crash was imminent underscores once again how financial elites covered-up signs of the coming economic turmoil in order to exploit the crisis at the expense of the people.

Drones in U.S. skies?  - 'Tremendous pressure and need to fly umanned aircraft in [civilian] airspace',CST-NWS-drones15.article#

T-Shirt Critical of Hitler and Gun Control Banned by eBay
Message about how tyrants disarm their victims labeled "Nazi propaganda" by online auction giant
A T-shirt that warns against how dictators like Hitler used gun control to disarm their victims has been sensationally banned by eBay after the online auction giant labeled the garment “Nazi propaganda” despite the fact that it carries an anti-Nazi message.

We are the terrorists.
Frightening to think this is reality. Our population doesn't want to believe what this guy is talking about, because if the fairy tale isn't true what the hell are they supposed to think? Or do! Everyone here is more comfortable with the mythology as it has been spoon fed to them. It is a horror of the greatest magnitude, for sure.

Christianity's Violent Past

VITAL ! BILDERBERG : CONFIRMATION : the former Belgian BILDERBERGER WILLY CLAES makes an important revelation in a radio interview : Bilderberg does have immense political power and makes plans which greatly impact on world events every year !

- - - - -

33 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True, What Every Person Should Know...  

19 Oil Spill and 18 Israel
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June 2010
Thu Jun 17

Fighting Prop 16 diverted much of our effort from working on solutions over the past six months. That time will have been wasted unless we use this victory as an opportunity to create a broad-based movement for clean, affordable power and green energy jobs. On Thursday, June 17 at 10 am, the Local Clean Energy Alliance is convening a meeting on "The Future of Community Choice" at our offices at 436 14th St. (at Broadway) in downtown Oakland.

Thursday Jun 17 6PM Queer Activists to Picket Opening Night of LGBT...

Apartheid -- Occupation -- Invasion -- Murder -- Racism -- Ethnic Cleansing
For the first time since 2007, the Israeli Consulate is a sponsor of the San Francisco LGBT Film Festival. Queer communities have been targeted by the "Brand Israel" campaign as a receptive audience, and a useful cloak for Israel's oppressive policies. But we are not so desperate for acceptance that we will ally ourselves with racists and murderers.
Join the demonstration at opening night
Thursday June 17, 6 p.m.
Castro Theater, San Francisco
We will not be used. Israeli government out of our film festival!
Sponsored by Queers Undermining Israeli Terrorism
endorsed by Arab Resource and Organizing Center (AROC),
SouthWest Asian and North African Bay Area Queers (SWANABAQ)
for info:; quitpalestine [at]
Check out my new online serial mystery, Murder Under the Bridge, at
I blog at

Thu Jun 17 7:30pm-12:00am $25 Haight Ashbury Free Clinics Benefit Concert @ Great American Music Hall 859 O'Farell SF!/event.php?eid=114541918586210

Fri Jun 18

San Francisco:  LET'S TAKE BACK OUR PARKS!   Rules Committee hearing 10 am Friday the 18th.  
Room 263 City Hall   More information: 

Ecstatic Dance Marin - MrBlank/Knowa Knowone/Neptune Friday, June 18 at 9:00pm-2:00am
Mill Valley Community Center 180 Camino Alto Mill Valley, CA  $20 adv  (which includes the pool) normally $25... $15 for Dance without pool.
DJ Line-up: 9 pm - 10:30pm - MrBlank 10:30pm - Midnight - Knowa Knowone Midnight - 2am (Pool) - Neptune
Midnight Ritual: Lis Addison (KiVo) with Temptress Sacred Elixirs also available to heighten your experience of the Dance.
Please no talking or shoes on the dancefloor.
This is a space to Transform yourself, your Patterns, your Being, your Energy...
Moving, Expressing yourself freely
without guidance, save the Music and the Vibe of the Atmosphere.
Dance with yourself, or with others, this is your space to Move...!
(but please no talking! Go to the lobby or in the pool to connect with words)
Enjoy the Sacred Movement Space...!
We now have first 100 tickets available for $20 (which includes the pool) normally $25... $15 for Dance without pool.
Pool includes hot tub, warm pool, 2 story slide, and Neptune spinning the music. (Bathing suits are required)
Regular price tickets will available at the door in Marin, or
Discounted tickets available while they last online at
Invite your favorite friends, and hope to see you there! Ecstatic Dance SF Bay

Planetwork 10 - the future of technology and sustainability Friday, June 18 & Saturday, June 19
Friday day summit    10:00am -  7:00pm      Friday night party       7:00pm - 11:00pm      Saturday day summit 10:00am - 4:00pm

)'( )'( June 18-20 The Big Bounce - Belden Town, CA
I'll give more space to this festival in the future if the production company gains a more animal friendly name :)

Red Marines Music Festival June 18 - June 20

Sierra Nevada World Music Festival Mendocino County Fairgrounds, Boonville, California ~ June 18, 19 & 20

Sat Jun 19

Sat, Jun 19, 2010      9:00 AM - 4:00 PM 3rd annual BREAKING GROUND: Urban Gardening Youth Conference
San Francisco County Fair Building in Golden Gate Park 9th Ave @ Lincoln Way

June 19 Please Don't Melt Grandma's Ring (san rafael) Don't melt jewelry that may have more value than the gold. Anybody with a tester, a calculator and a checkbook can offer so many dollars a gram. My name is Hank Friedman and my expertise is in Antique and Estate Jewelry, Rolex, Patek Philippe and other fine wristwatches and Pocket Watches. I was trained by the GIA to grade diamonds and always need diamonds of 2 Carats or better. I especially need older cuts. I'm not in in the scrap business. I buy Fine Jewelry and Watches, Silver Sets, Big Diamonds & Signed Pieces (ie Tiffany,Cartier and many others). I need steel Rolex sport watches made before 1975. I need fine Jade and great Russian pieces. Some silver sets with signatures like Georg Jensen are in high demand. Please don't melt your treasures. Let's talk.
My ongoing class in How To Make Profit Finding Hidden Gold (a gold buying primer) at College of Marin (Kentfield) is scheduled for Sat June 19th 9-1. Sign up opens May 17. We have fun and everyone learns the skill of identifying and evaluating gold, silver & platinum in a 4 hour workshop, Put it on your calendar. The class is limited to 35 folks. Bring a piece and I'll help you determine value. My first book "The Urban Gold Miner" and a jeweler's magnifier is included. My new book "The Gold Buyer's Handbook" ($29 Hivista Press) is aimed toward professionals and serious hobbyists and will be out soon.
Hank Friedman 415-331-1952

Saturday Jun 19
12PM 1st High Times Medical Cannabis Cup 12PM World Naked Bike Ride - Berkeley

)'( )'( Save the date and call for Participation – Precompression celebrating 25 years of Burning Man!
Saturday, June 19th  8pm-4am SF Concourse Exhibition Center  8th and Brannan St SF  CALL FOR PARTICIPATION: Burning Man is thrilled to put out the call to YOU
to participate in celebrating 25 glorious years since the 1st BURN on Baker Beach! 
Performing artists, DJs, musicians, artists, art cars, and theme camps, let us know if you are interested in becoming part of this very special event.  Email flambelounge [at]  
To volunteer, email SEvolunteers [at] and join the do-ocracy!
This will be a very unique and unforgettable Precompression, featuring a full range of creative expression and imagination.  Join us in commemorating the weekend that Burning Man first began 25 years ago on Baker Beach
AND…you'll get a SNEAK PREVIEW of some of the 2010 Burning Man art projects already planned!!!
This event is part of a full month of June celebrations.  Additional info and a full schedule of June events will soon be available at: 
For info on upcoming Burning Man community events in San Francisco, subscribe now to:  sanfrancisco-announce-subscribe [at]

)'( )'( )'( Burning Man presents a *Mega-PRECOMPRESSION…* *Launching our 25th BURNING MAN Season!!!*
Saturday, June 19th 8pm to 4am; ARRIVE EARLY to avoid the line and not miss the fire performances!
At The Concourse Exhibition Center and parking lot next door
635 8th St (enter at 7th St & Brannan), San Francisco, CA 94103
Outside Fire Art & Sculpture Garden; Inside Art & Artifacts
Art • Music • Performance * Fire Artistry * Theme Camps * Art Cars * You!
Join us for this historic & spectacular night! Celebrate on the original summer solstice weekend it all began in 1986 with a fiery and festive Precompression event in the heart of San Francisco! Ramp up your Radical Self-Expression because tonight marks the launch of the 25th Burning Man season and we want YOU to pARTicipate!
Join MANY longstanding playa favorites and super surprise guests! Look back at where we’ve come from and get a sneak preview of Metropolis 2010 projects and where burners are going as a global community and culture.
Music & Performances by: Mutaytor; Copper Lantern Fire Theater; Soul in the Machine; Vau de Vire Society; Capacitor; MoPo; Nocturnal Sunshine; Space Cowboys; UBUV; Afrolicious; Pyronauts; Scot Jenerik; Hookahdome; EO; Smoove; Fou Fou Ha!; Dex Stakker; Hybrids R Us; Mancub; Bad Unkl Sista; ICON; Tom Joesing; Gooferman; The Fossettes; Hobo Gobbelins; Shredder; Metamorphosis Ballet; Imps of Sneth; Firish; Kiss & Tell; Dark Sparkle Burlesque; CaroLuna; Iso Pop; Monkey Chant; DJ Dragonfly; Vulcan Crew; Neon Bunny; Ian & Bliss; Mo Corleone; Shovelman; Alt Tal; Justin Credible; Brad Barton magic; beatbox by One Mouth Band; Matt Jalbert; Vivian Hacock; SatsiSonik; Whiskey Devil; Nancy Asiya belly dance; a Kidnap Fashion Show “curated” by Animal Control; and MEGA-many more!
Art & Artifacts By: Jennybird Alacantara; Dana Albany; Maricela Alvarez; David Best; Bruce Beeley; James Cole; Karen Cusolito; Dan DasMann; Tony Deifell; Chris De Monterey; Wally Glenn; Emma Hardy; Justin Gray; Flaming Lotus Girls; Flux Foundation; Al Honig; Laura Kimpton; The La Contessa Crew; Kinetic Cab Company; Lasers&; Danny Macchiarini; Nightshade; Playaflies; Kitty Gordon; Jess Hobbs and Rebecca Anders; $teven Ra$pa; Pierre Riche; Ben Stoetling and the Man Team; Brad Templeton; Todd Williams; Ben Zero; and more!
Art Cars & Camps: Playapus Corralus; Bed Rock Hot Rod Taxi; PhotoBoof; Tundra Bunny; Nautilus X; The UNIMOG; Black Rock Indie Fest; Peoples Spa; Workshop Corner; Earth Guardians; Little Shop of Horrors, etc and HOORAY!
So, dust off that playa spirit and dress to express! This night is the focal point of a full month of celebrations and events leading up to our 25th Burning Man event and the year beyond. You won’t want to miss it! More info and schedule of June events:
Artists, art cars, non-sound theme camps, and acoustic performers still interested in participating, email: flambelounge [at] . We are especially open to stringed instrument musicians to play unamplified outside after our sound permit ends.
To volunteer: SEvolunteers [at]
$25 Advance at ; $30 door in costume/playa finery; $35 street clothes; 21+ over venue

)'( Performance Workshop June 19
Burning Man Special Events Team is supporting a number of free, interactive workshops -- by burners for burners -- designed to share the skills and expertise of our community.  These workshops are intended to further the principles of gifting and radical self-reliance using tools that are readily available. 
Workshop #5 : "How to Create Performance Art for the Playa"
Saturday, June 19, 2010
6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. (pre-event workshop)
The Concourse Exhibition Center
635 8th St (enter on 7th St at Brannan)
San Francisco, CA 94103
Dr. Wendy Clupper will lead a workshop entitled: "How to Create Performance Art for the Playa". It will explore the possibilities for creating spontaneous interactive theater at Burning Man. There is a rich history of performance in Burning Man's nearly 25 years and we all can be a part of it! On the playa, you don't need a stage to perform. Burning Man is a cityscape that invites and encourages its own unique street theater. This workshop is for anyone who wants to develop the skills to engage other participants on the playa in both playful and theatrical ways. We will be using theater exercises and techniques in both partners and groups to create solo performances that we can try out at PreCompression and in anticipation of Metropolis. Come participate and discover the playful performer waiting inside you. Wendy is a long-time burner, a performer/director and Professor of Theater History whose dissertation was entitled: The Performance Culture of Burning Man.
This workshop will take place in the two hours prior to PreCompression.  Space is limited, must be 21 and over.  Reservations required.  Please RSVP to Terry Penn helpishere [at]

Pink Mammoth Burning Man Camp Fundraiser Saturday, June 19 at 9:00pm-3:30am Mighty 119 Utah SF

)'(  The Jellies present "Jellyraiser V" at Danzhaus (1275 Connecticut Street at Cesar Chavez) on June 19th from 10 pm til 4 am.  21+, $20 donation, no one turned away for lack of funds.  Please join us as we dance to give life once again to our luminescent mutant sea vehicle, The Jellyfish. music by: AutoStyle (The Jellyfish), J Hazen (Sound of Habib, Strategik), Megalodon (Redline DJs), Nugz (FootPrint Recordings), Rich DDT (LoveTech), lights and special DJ set by Audiopixel (The Jellyfish), and performance by Cold Steel Renegade.  We will be picking guests up with the J2 (our 40 foot schoolbus) at a TBD location in SOMA at 11pm, 1am, and shuttling our guests back to this TBD location at 4am.  Keep checking our website, or our facebook event page, or visit our facebook page: for further details.

56th Annual North Beach Festival Saturday & Sunday, June 19 and 20, 2010

Sun Jun 20

Sunday Jun 20
5:30AM Labor Community Picket of an Israeli Zim Line...
5:30AM Join the Labor and Community Picket of an Israeli...

Sunday, June 20 10:00am Beach Clean up @ Ocean Beach - North OB, Stairway 17 June 20 Valencia @ 24th 10-3, July 11 Valencia @ 24th 10-3, Aug 22 Great Highway 10-3, Sept 19 Western Addition 10-3 , Oct 24 Civic Center 10-3

Potrero Hill Tour with Mike Sullivan June 20, 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
Mike is a long-time FUF volunteer and past FUF board member. He served on the San Francisco Urban Forest Council and currently is a Commissioner on the San Francisco Recreation and Park Commission. He’s also the author of Trees of San Francisco and the webmaster for This tour will follow the approximate route of the Potrero Hill neighborhood tour in Mike's book, The Trees of San Francisco. Come experience great street trees in one of San Francisco's most charming (and sunny) neighborhoods!
Meet at Farley's Coffee at 1315 18th Street.
RSVP sarah [at]
Visit for more details.

Urban Eats at the SF County Fair Sunday, 20 June, 2010 12:00 PM - 06:00 PM Free
On Sunday, June 20, the old-fashioned county fair gets a uniquely San Francisco spin. The Center for Education about Sustainable Agriculture (CUESA), best known for managing the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, has partnered with the SF Giants to introduce city dwellers to the wonders of urban farming and homesteading at the first-ever Urban Eats: A Celebration of Homemade and Homegrown Foods at the Giants County Fair.
As urban agriculture and homesteading boom in San Francisco and across the nation, Urban Eats channels that enthusiasm into one big tent with contests, exhibits, activities, and demonstrations. The event promises to be fun and educational for all ages and abilities. The city’s amateur gardeners, cooks, and food revivalists are invited to showcase their goods by competing in a variety of traditional county fair contests against a backdrop of carnival rides and music. CUESA will also offer a lineup of free cooking, preserving, and urban food production demonstrations and talks, on backyard beekeeping, chicken raising, home mushroom cultivation, urban composting, gardening, and more.
McCovey Cove 3rd Street, McCovey Cove, Giants Lot A, behind AT&T Park San Francisco, CA

Corona Heights Trail Renovation Community meeting
Wednesday, June 23 from 6:30-8:00pm at the Randall Museum Auditorium. 199 Museum Way SF

June 23-25 in Boulder, CO All about Health and Sustainability and how to organize together on
the level of business and Community to ensure Global and personal Sustainability.

Burning Man 2010 Desert Arts Preview - Annual Artist Lecture Series
Thursday, June 24, 2010 6:00pm-11:00pm; Talks begin at 7:00pm
Mission Rock Cafe 817 Terry a Francois Boulevard SF, CA 94158-2209
COMING SOON: Streaming video of the event!  Stay tuned! ALL AGES welcome before 9pm
FREE! But if you wish to make a donation, any proceeds will support the Black Rock Arts Foundation artist grant program. No host bar and food service. Limited seating, so COME EARLY to ensure your seat and not miss any speakers!
This is our very popular annual artist lecture series, where you get a sneak preview of some of notable art projects in progress right now for Burning Man 2010. You'll hear directly from artists who are creating revolutionary works of art, often in radically collaborative ways. Some have been doing work on the playa for many years and will be sharing humorous war stories associated with creating art under extreme conditions. This is also a great opportunity to learn how YOU can get involved and support these and other artists.
If you can't make it, look up their projects at the link below and directly contact these and other artists/projects you feel inspired to help and participate in. Get involved and help make the art you wish to see in the world!   
Speaker Schedule:
7:00-7:15    Welcome & Overview of Burning Man 2010 Theme and  Artist Grants by Beth Scarborough
7:20-7:30    Bryan Tedrick – Minaret
7:35-7:45    Lawrence Burton – Kinetic Cab Company
7:50-8:00    Matt Ganucheau -- Subway
8:05-8:15    Kiwi Chris -- Megatropolis
8:20-8:30    Bliss Dance
8:35-8:55    Intermission
9:00 -9:10    Tomas McCabe – Black Rock Arts Foundation
9:15-9:25    Morley John -- Syzygryd
9:30-9:40    Michael Christian -- Home
9:45-9:55    Jess Hobbs, PK Kimmelman and Rebecca Anders – Temple  of Flux
10:00-10:20    Questions and Answers

Thu  June 24 6:30-9:30pm the-economics-of-abundance Citizen Space , 425 Second St., #100, SF @ Harrison

San Francisco Natural History Series Lecture at the Randall Museum
Historic Watercourses of SF ~ Focus on the Wiggle & the Panhandle
Thursday, June 24th, 2010, 7.30 pm
Guest Speaker Joel Pomerantz gives us a tour of the the geology that shaped our city (and our bike rides!).
The Lower Haight once had lakes and streams. The valley had been the site of Spanish Mission trails and Ohlone trails before. Its zigzag of streets is known as the Wiggle by today’s bicyclists avoiding hills.  Come glimpse the past and future of this fascinating urban valley with Joel Pomerantz, local geography researcher, founder of and co-founder of the SF bicycle Coalition.

)'( SOAK is the Oregon Burning Man Regional campout June 24th- 27 near Salem, Oregon.
Go to for tickets and info. NO gate sales. Event is nearly sold out so act quickly.

Outside the Dome Hookahdome Brings the Desert to the City! Friday, June 25 at 9:00pm-2:00am 1015 Folsom SF
A Hookahdome Benefit Event: Save the Date!! +21 $15 at the door
Three Rooms of Beats, Bellydance, and Hookahs for Your Pleasure! Featuring:
Side Car Tommy (Beats Antique)   Janaka Selekta (WORLDLY)   Jef Stott (6 Degrees/Hookahdome)
DJ AMAR (Electric Vardo/Surya Dub)   Jocelyn (Club Exotica/Get Freaky)   Chlorophil (Synchronous/Bayareafolks)   ABAI (Satya Yuga)
Outersect (Beats & Pieces/Symbiosis)   Whirling Dervish Aziz   Drumspyder Live (Dakini)   Fat Chance Belly Dance    ...and many more!
We're having two fundraisers, one coming up on June 25th (a Friday), and another in late July, both at 1015 Folsom.

JUNE 25 9pm till LATE 1015 FOLSOM SAN FRANCISCO $15 at the door
desert breaks, dubstep, whirling dervishes, bellydance, live Middle East music, opulent decor all in high Hookahdome style
if you loved Hookahdome on the Playa come out and support us! we need your to help make Hookahdome 2010 the best ever!!
Sidecar Tommy (Beats Antique), Janaka Selekta (Worldly), Jef Stott (Six Degrees/Hookahdome), DJ Amar (Electric Vardo / Surya Dub), Ra So (Hookahdome / Soma Olam), Ixnee
Upstairs Dubstep Room   Jocelyn (Club Exotica/Get Freaky), Chlorophil (Synchronos/Bayareafolks), El Diablo, ABAI (Satya Yuga), DJ Hax
Downstairs Hookah Lounge and Bellydance Cabaret, Outersect-Live (Beats & Pieces/Symbiosis), Jef Stott-Live Taqsim w/ Whirling Dervish Aziz, Drumspyder-Live (Dakini), Dvine1-Live, Outlaw Dervish-Live
Belly dancers    FAT CHANCE BELLY DANCE, SUMMER SAHAR   watch for our next event July 23rd!!!

"Camp Tipsy       *****June 26thish****" on Friday, June 25 at 9:00am.-Sunday, June 27 at 9:00pm
John says, "Camp Tipsy is the annual event where junk boats get built, hearts get broken and you laugh so hard you pull something. Campfire songs, absurd boats, sleeping in tents or boats and great company. Camp Tipsy is really fun. You should go....".
Where: East Park Resevoir, Stonyford, California

june 25-27 amazing sweet event called "Movement Play". There will be awesome DJ's, free workshops, yoga and acro yoga, a chill lounge by yours truly, delicious food by Table Nectar, a talent show, live performances, and best of all, an incredible sweet beautiful community -- oh and lots and lots of dancing! Hope you can make it! -- fuzzy :philippe)
Random Rab    DJ Dragonfly   Neptune   Alexander    BombGoddess
Workshops include: Dance (Belly Dance, Modern, Hip Hop, Breakdancing, Body of Sound, Contact Improv, NIA), Ecstatic Dance, Hooping, Acroyoga, Yoga, Poi & Staff, Thai Massage, Fire Arts, Breathwork, Mediation, Slackline
With Swimming & Camping!     Food by Table Nectar     Tea libations by Om Shan Tea @ Camp N Sons Willits, Nor Cal

Ocean Beach Saturday, June 26 11 a.m. ??? -- "SLASH OIL" EVENT OCEAN BEACH, SF, CA
"Braht-zo!" Check it out:
Hands Across the Sand. Check it out:

Sat June 26th, 4pm-2am Help Sustain Oshan & OmShanTea: Important Benefit Celebration+ SILENT AUCTION
@ Precious Life Wellness Village 2116 Berkeley Way, Berkeley, CA 94704 suggested donation $10 - 1000 +
view & share event flier images here:
RSVP & share the facebook invite:

)'( )'( San Francisco Pride Celebration & Parade, June 26-27, 2010 or )'( )'( or )'( )'( )'(

Platform Building Workshop for Ephemerisle June 26 10am-June 27 4pm

Pedro Point Headlands Work Day - Sunday 27 June 10am to 1.00 pm.
What will be the next National Park in the Bay Area?  Where is one of the most beautiful views in Pacifica or the last remaining stands of coastal prairie on the coast of California?   The Pedro Point Headlands is the place.   It has one of the most intact coastal prairies in California.  Some would say it has the most beautiful view too although most of us have never even been up there to explore it or see the "Point".  And it is destined to become the newest GGNRA park in the Bay Area within a couple of years.
Friends of Pedro Point invite you to join the volunteer work party on Sunday, June 27th from 10am to 1.00 pm.   Volunteers, young and old will water native plants that were planted on Earth Day, continue to develop the trail system, install signs and remove exotic plants that threaten the native habitat and change the ecosystem.   This project is funded by the California Coastal Conservancy, under the direction of the Pacifica Land Trust,
If you would like to come be a part of this amazing project, please meet at the Pedro Point Firehouse, Dannman Road.  There we will car pool up to the headlands where we will work in teams and return at 1.00.  Please wear sturdy shoes, long sleeve shirts and pants and bring gardening gloves if you have them and  a water bottle for refreshments.  Groups and families are encouraged for June 27th or can schedule a work party of their own.  For questions or to book your groups habitat restoration adventure, please call 650-355-1668. 

Luv & Rockets RED PARTY ~ ILL GATES & Knowa Knowone  Wed June 30 at 8:30pm-2:00am
Where: supperclub 657 Harrison SF @ 2nd / 3rd St **Incredible Community Talent Show!**
** Fashion Show** with super hot spicy models struttin' the finest designer ware off playa!
** Trunk Sale**  Get you new Playa outfit accessories not to mention all types of delectables and delights at the Trunk Sale!
** Dance Party ** Magic beat drops by our beloved 
~Knowa Knowone~ &
Straight from Canada popping into town just for us during his busy summer tour - we are very lucky to have...
Heartbeat Amplifier RED PARTIES are not miss a night of sexy revelry like no other.
$15 in your fun sexy red outfit or firework attire $12 before 10pm

July 2010

)'( )'( High Sierra Music Festival : July 1 - 4, 2010 20 year anniv

July 1-6 West Coast Contact Improvisation Festival - Berkeley, CA

Fillmore Street Jazz Saturday & Sunday, July 3 & 4, 2010

)'( )'( July 9-11 Oregon Country Fair - west of Eugene, OR

July 9-11 VAIKHARI @ 2.5 hours north of SF

)'( )'( "SUPERHERO STREET FAIR II" on Saturday, July 10 Noon-Midnight. Islais Creek Promenade 1700 Indiana St SF (@ Cesar Chavez)
37 North + anonEvents + Get YER Freak On! present.. The 2nd Annual
SUPERHERO STREET FAIR "Street Jazz" Where ordinary people do extraordinary things!
SATURDAY JULY 10, 2010 {{{ 1pm til' Midnight }}}
@ Islais Creek Promenade - right on the water! End of Indiana St. (1700 Indiana, SF 94124) @ Cesar Chavez
Donation Only: $10 in Super Couture = $20 all Mild-Mannered {{{ ALL AGES! }}}

Alternative Energy Workshop for Ephemerisle Sat Jul 10 2-5pm Noisebridge Hackerspace 2169 Mission St SF @ 17th July 11 Valencia @ 24th 10-3, Aug 22 Great Highway 10-3, Sept 19 Western Addition 10-3 , Oct 24 Civic Center 10-3

Jul 16 Berkeley, CA Michael Franti and SPEARHEAD @ Greek Theatre with Brett Dennen

)'( )'( SUNSET Campout 2010 July 16, 17, 18

)'( )'( July 16-19 EmrgNSee Festival - near Salem, OR

)'( )'( July 17-18 Reggae on the River - Garberville, CA

)'( )'( July 21-26 Mystic Garden Party - Corning, CA

Ephemerisle 2010 will be held noon Thursday July 22 through noon Sunday July 25 (now 33% longer!) at a new location in the Sacramento River Delta. This new location will give us more ability to create the feeling of an archipelago of island nations, and ups the challenge factor slightly by being wider and deeper than last year's site.

Imagine a small Burning Man-like event that takes place on the water.  And focuses on freedom, creativity and community.
Ephemerisle 2010 will be our second year of hosting a floating festival on California's Sacramento River Delta -- and we want YOU to come check it out!
People will bring their crafts and their ideas to build an eclectic temporary village of boats, rafts, junks, and other floating structures organized into five separate island nations. A large central barge will serve as a common space for everyone to come together.  We'll have art, music, dance, open mic performances, classes ... and whatever other interesting rituals and events participants create and share.  YOU will define what Ephemerisle 2010 turns out to be.
Public ticket sales begin May 10th through Brown Paper Tickets.  Check out the website for information about houseboats, workshops on building and powering your own floating platform, and our grant program for water-based art and projects.
Questions can be directed to ephemerisle [at] seasteading.organization  For the "big idea" behind Ephemerisle, check out

7/25 Dore Alley Fair SF

)'( )'( July 30-Aug. 1 Faerieworlds - Eugene, OR

August 2010

Sun Aug 1 Noon - 6 Jerry Day 2010 - McLaren Park - Jerry Garcia Amphitheater 45 John F. Shelley Drive SF   FREE!/event.php?eid=121420234560477

)'( )'( Aug. 6-9 Shambhala Music Festival - Salmo, BRITISH COLUMBIA

)'( Aug. 12-15 Phoenix Fire - near Santa Cruz, CA

)'( Aug. 12-16 Beloved Festival - Tidewater Falls, OR

Aug. 14-15  Outside Lands - San Francisco, CA Aug 22 Great Highway 10-3, Sept 19 Western Addition 10-3 , Oct 24 Civic Center 10-3

)'( )'( )'( Aug 30 - Sep 6 Burning Man 2010 Tickets on Sale Wed Jan 13 at 10am PST: )'( )'( )'( to download eye candy FREE another smaller slideshow

)'( )'( )'( Aug 30 - Sept 6 2010 Art Theme: Metropolis photos download eye candy slide shows

)'( )'( Sat Sep 10? Power To The Peaceful, Speedway Meadows, Golden Gate Park, SF

)'( )'( )'( Sept. 16-20 (tentative) Symbiosis Gathering - Yosemite, CA

Sep 17 plan a park / reclaim a parking space; install a bench and flowers for a day...

)'( )'( )'( SEPT 17/18/19 Earthdance Laytonville, CA )'( )'( )'( Sept 19 Western Addition 10-3 , Oct 24 Civic Center 10-3

Sep 21 International Peace Day

Sept. 24-26 Raw Spirit Festival - near Prescott, ARIZONA RAW FOOD

The Polk Street Blues Festival Saturday & Sunday, September 25 & 26, 2010

)'( )'( Folsom Street Fair Sunday, September 26, 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Oct. 1-3 Hardly Strictly Bluegrass - San Francisco, CA FREE

October 1st, 2nd, & 3rd! Athletic PlayGround will be celebrating 2 years and expansion!
Save the dates on your calendar for a weekend full of FREE classes, Performances and craziness, PlayGround style! Athletic Playground | 4770 San Pablo Ave, Unit E | Emeryville | CA | 94608

)'( )'( )'( Sat Oct 2 SF LovEvolution and WMC aka LOVEFEST aka LOVE PARADE SF civic Center Noon-8pm )'( )'( )'(

DIVINE PLAY 1st Annual ACROYOGA FESTIVAL Jai Uttal, MC Yogi, Janet Stone, Scott Blossom, Lu Yi, Det and more
Oct 8-11, 2010 in Oakland, CA Pre-Reg Price: $85 Friday All day, $225 Sat-Mon Save the date... Announcing the FIRST EVER AcroYoga Festival!
Four full days of yoga, acrobatics and Thai massage with AcroYoga teachers from around the world and some of our favorite teachers in each lineage.
The celebration will be complete with music, dancing and jamming. Stay tuned for details. . .

)'( )'( Oct. 9-10 Joshua Tree Roots Music Festival - Joshua Tree, CA

)'( )'( )'( Sun Oct 10 Burning Man Decompression traditionally the 2nd Sunday of October Indiana St SF

Oct. 15-17 Bioneers Conference - San Rafael, CA Oct 24 SF civic Center 10-3

CCOF's 5th Annual Organic Beer, Wine and Spirit Tasting
Friday, October 29, 4-8pm SF California Certified Organic Farms $30

)'( )'( Tue Nov 2, 2010 at 7pm Day of the Dead SF. the Dia de los Muertos Procession and Festival of Altars at 24th & Bryant

Nov 5/6/7 2010 SF Concourse Exhibition Center 635 8th St (at Brannan St) SF, CA 94103

Every 1st Tues SF Moma + DeYoung + Palace of Legion of Honor free ART/ museum days.

Every 1st Wednesday: FREE! 3601 Lyon between Lombard and Crissy Field.

Every 1st Thursday: Art receptions @ 49 Geary 5:30-7:30pm art PARTY!
30 galleries in a 5 story building. Also 14 geary and 77 Geary till 8pm.

Wed-Fri 10am-5pm, 1st Fri open 'til 9pm, Sat 10am-8pm, Sun 12-6pm;
1000 Oak St; 510-238-2200; South end of Lake Merrit.

"This is a must listen. I love the optimism." audio: "The Accountability Movement" then

Video Combo by Max Igan: The Calling & The Awakening
Ron Click the Image to Download the PDF Shopper's Guide. or Click the Image to Download the iPhone app.

Three Dangerous Ingredients to Avoid in Skincare Products
1. Parabens 2. Fragrance 3. Phthalates
Learn more: Environmental Working Group

Tips from The Cancer Project - The Nutrition Rainbow - rainbow.gif

Download Nutrition Rainbow Poster (PDF) (find under shopping)(FREE) read the archives for great food tips or click on "selected writings" then click on "Dr. Greger's newsletter Archive" see also

Dr. Ornish study finds healthy lifestyle triggers genetic changes SFVeg-subscribe [at]

Eating Meat Causes Global Warming

Avoid Genetically Modified Foods

Vitamin D, A Gene-Regulating Super Nutrient
Global_Police_State-subscribe [at]

Vitamin B3 better than sunscreen in preventing skin cancer

Can mushrooms save the planet?

33 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True, What Every Person Should Know...

Crash Course Chapter 3: Exponential Growth Chapter 4: Compounding Is The Problem are you prepared?
If you only watch one chapter, start with chapter 16: fuzzy numbers

"In Germany back in 1923, a man put all the money he had into a wheelbarrow and headed to the store to buy a loaf of bread. But when he got there, the store was closed. He left his wheelbarrow outside the door, figuring he'd come back when the store opened, knowing the money in it wasn't worth enough for anyone to bother stealing. He was right. When he came back, all the money was still there, dumped on the ground, but someone had stolen his wheelbarrow."

Next came gun registration. People were getting injured by guns. Hitler said that the real way to catch criminals (we still had a few) was by matching serial numbers on guns. Most citizens were law abiding and dutifully marched to the police station to register their firearms. Not long after-wards, the police said that it was best for everyone to turn in their guns. The authorities already knew who had them, so it was futile not to comply voluntarily. No more freedom of speech. Anyone who said something against the government was taken away. We knew many people who were arrested, not only Jews, but also priests and ministers who spoke up.

GUN CONTROL WORKS ask the experts: Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, Kim Jong-il, Qaddafi The 2nd Amendment
Washington didn't use his right to free speech to defeat the British, he shot them.
Most often when a government takes a peoples guns, it then takes their land or their lives.

fun events: Rich DDT’s SF Events Sift
more events:
eco events:
important events: Sustainable World Coalition 390 27th St Oakland between Broadway and Telegraph Marin Peace and Justice Center Palo Alto Peace and Justice Center
Fellowship of Humanity Events 390 27th St Oakland @ Telegraph/Broadway events, art receptions, music, film, etc. Monthly Raw Food Potlucks (san rafael) Barefoot Boogie and DanceJams

2010 Previous Calendars:
SF events 6.11 )'( )'( )'( June 11-13 2010 Sonoma County Fairgrounds, Santa Rosa, CA
SF events 06.08 TUE JUNE 8 VOTE   for a voters SLATE
Prop 13 YES    Prop 14: NO    Prop 15 YES   Prop 16 NO     Prop 17 NO
SF events 06.01 Terrorist state of Israel Kills 15 peace activists in International waters
SF events 5.27 )'( )'( )'(  Lightning in a Bottle Fri May 28 Noon - May 31 2am Oak Canyon Ranch - Irvine California!
SF events 5.22 )'( )'( )'(  Lightning in a Bottle Fri May 28 Noon - May 31 2am Oak Canyon Ranch - Irvine California!
SF events 5.22 )'()'( Breaker Faire TONIGHT 8pm-8am American steel 1960 Mandela Parkway, Oakland
SF events 5.19 March against offshore drilling: Thursday 5-7pm SF Powell St turnaround to the Bay
SF EVENTS 5.13 )'( )'( )'( Sun May 16 SF Bay to Breakers Third Sunday in May )'( )'( )'(
SF EVENTS 5.11 )'( )'( )'( Sun May 16 SF Bay to Breakers Third Sunday in May )'( )'( )'(
SF events 5.6 HowWeirdStFaireSunMay9. BayToBreakersSunMay16
SF events 5.4 HowWeirdFestSunMay9. BayToBreakersSunMay16
SF events 4.30 MayDaySat AlchemySat NewLivingExpoWknd HowWeirdMay9 BaytoBreakersMay16
SF events 4.28 HowWeird Festival Sun May 11 BollyWeird
SF events 4.23 EarthDay weekend
SF events 4.21 Earth Day Sovereignty
SF events 4.18 Invisible Empire
SF events 4.13 Checklist for Less Toxic Living from
SF events 4.10 Free Green Festival Pass
SF events 4.7
SF events 3.31 One Night Stand @ Lodge Los Gatos Fri Apr 2 6pm-Sat Apr 3 Noon. 18 hours of MUSIC and Hot tubs / pools! for $20
SF events 3.25
Really Really Free Market Dolores Park, March 27th, 1-5PM. Dolores @ 19th / 20th St. SF
SF events 3.11 Really need space for a garage sale this weekend!
SF events 3.9 FREE STUFF!
SF events 3.4 SAVE OUR SCHOOLS FirstThursArt FriLIBtix.RestoreDefenestration.Mighty$5Party SatBurnalEquinox
SF events 3.2 TueWedFreeMuseums FirstThursArt FriLIBtix.RestoreDefenestration.Mighty$5Party SatBurnalEquinox
SF events 2.26 One Love @ Lupin Lodge, Los Gatos Fri Feb 26 4pm - Saturday Noon $20 for 18 hours of non-stop music! This event has 869 confirmed guests
SF events 2.24 28th Amendment
SF events 2.19 28th Amendment
SF events 2.16 FAT TUESDAY
SF events 2.12 AnonCancelled tonightFri SatArtOfLove SunPillowFightJustinHermanPlaza6pm
SF events 2.4 Aqualush at the ISIS OASIS, Geyserville CA Feb 5-7
SF events 2.02 Constitutional Amendment to Undo SCOTUS Ruling
SF events 1.28 - prevent martial law
SF events 1.26 NULL and VOID: Corporate Personhood, Patriot Act, John Roberts, and any product of Criminal GW Bush regime organized crime syndicate.
SF events 1.21 genetically modified crops 'can cause liver and kidney damage
SF events 1.19 Prenatal Exposure to Flame Retardant Compounds Affects Neurodevelopment of Young Children
SF events 1.15 Obama’s Favorite For Supreme Court Justice Sunstein Wants To Ban Free Speech
SF events 1.12 Occupy DC Mar 22
SF events 1.9 33 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out To Be True
SF events 1.5 America: you are a JUNKIE!
2009 Previous Calendars:
SF evenst 12.29 Sea of Dreams NYE
SF events 12.22 Crippled by GMAIL?
SF events 12.17 The Crash Course
SF events 12.15
SF events 12.11 EU has NAZI roots. Global tax means an end to civil liberties.
SF events 12.8 CLIMATEGATE
SF events 12.4 stuff
SF events 12.1
SF events 11.25
SF events 11.20 Fri:MissionControl.EcstaticDanceMillValley.BordelloDubOakland Sat:ArtUndressd.LoveTech Sun:AncestorsWisdom
SF events 11.17 THIS WEDNESDAY 11/18 - Luv Up the Heartbeat RED PARTY at Supper Club
SF events 11.12 GREEN FESTIVAL Fri/Sat/Sun SF 8th @ Brannan Concourse Exhibition Center
SF events 11.10 TueLowCarbonDietEcologyCtr ThuCoolCatClothesSwapCellSpace WkndGreenFestival
SF events 11.6 NEXUS MAZE PARTY Saturday
SF events 11.3 Sat Nov 7 Nexus Haymaze, HalfMoon Bay, Ca
SF events 10.27 US Census GPS tagging your front door for round up or extermination
SF events 10.22 RollerDiscoAndHookahDomeFri WestFestWoodStockAnnivSun
SF events 10.20 EcoAwardsFREETues RollerDiscoandHookahDomeFri. WestFestSun
SF events 10.15 Protest oBOMBa's "Peace Prize" 4:30PM Union Square St. Francis Hotel SF CodePINK
SF events 10.13 RAIN and WIND
SF events 10.8 )'( DECOMPRESSION SUNDAY! Noon - 2am = 14 hours of fun!
SF events 10.6 Every 1st Tues SF Moma + DeYoung + Palace of Legion of Honor free ART/ museum days.
SF events 10.1 LOVEOLUTION Sat Oct 3 SF Civic Center
SF events 9.23 EARTHDANCE
SF events 9.15 SYMBIOSIS this weekend. EARTHDANCE next weekend. Baker Beach North this week HEAT WAVE.
SF events 9.11 PowerToThePeacefulMichaelFrantiSatGoldenGateParkSpeedwayMeadows9am-5pm
SF events 9.9 WorldHoopDayToday PowerToThePeacefulMichaelFrantiSat
SF events 8.29 Baker Beach Critical-Mass then BURNINGMAN
SF events 8.26 Do you have space for a Garage Sale this weekend?
SF events 8.21 TempleMightyFri AnonWhiteOutSaturday PrepareForPlayaSatSun
SF events 8.18 Heartbeat Amplifier Fundraiser Wednesday Supperclub 657 Harrison @ 2nd/ 3rd St. $10 if you wear RED 9pm-Midnight
SF events 8.14 Fundraiser for )'( Heartbeat Amplifier Corner of Virginia and Winfield,SF. Sat Aug 15 9-4
SF events 8.11 Fundraiser for )'( Heartbeat Amplifier Corner of Virginia and Winfield,SF. Bring stuff to donate! Sat Aug 15 9-4
SF events 8.6 Black Rock Roller Disco Fri Cellspace. HayBailMaze Fri and Sat Half Moon Bay.
SF events 8.4 Black Rock Roller Disco Fri Cellspace. HayBailMaze Fri and Sat Half Moon Bay.
SF events 7.23 NoPantsPartyThu. TeaHouse BoHoCarnival SubCell Fri. SuperHeroStFairSat.
SF events 7.21 RevBillyTue. EcstaticDanceBenChunWed. NoPantsPartyThu. BoHoCarnivalFri. SuperHeroStreetParty Sat.
SF events 7.18 Burningman street names
SF events 7.14 94 Degrees: GOTO Baker Beach North end by the VolleyBall Court, Presidio, SF
SF events 7.10 OpelAdamFreelandFri. SandByTheTonOaklandSat.
Sf Events 7.3 America sleeps
SF events 6.24 DYKEMARCH saturday. PRIDE sunday.
SF events 6.19 Solstice
SF events 6.11 Harmony Festival Santa Rosa Fairgrounds this weekend
SF events 6.09 Harmony Festival Santa Rosa Fairgrounds this weekend
SF events 6.06 SF Burning Man Precompression June 6th June Flambe Lounge...
SF events 6.02 Peak Oil Police State
SF events 5.30 No on 8
SF events 5.26 No on 8
SF events 5.22 CARNAVAL wknd, Parade Sun SF Harrison between 16th and 24th ST, Mission Dist
SF events 5.19 TueIntroToPersonalEvolution WedATTwireTapping
SF events 5.13 BAY to BREAKERS this SUNDAY
SF events 5.7 HowWeird Festival SUNDAY
SF events 5.5 Cinco De Mayo
SF events 4.30 beltane rain 1 inch Fri aftn/eve. Light rain Sat / Sun.
SF events 4.22 EARTHDAY
SF events 4.17 twitter
SF events 4.14
SF events 4.9 ThuYuri'sNightAcadOfSci FriFree@TempleSF SatBunnyJamNimby EasterSunSistersDoloresPark
SF events 4.3 The Obama Deception
SF events Tue Mar 24 7:30-PM FREE Evening with Craig Newmark of
SF events 3.20 SatPeaceRallyJustinHermanToCivicCtr Spring Equinox 6th Anniversary of Iraq War
SF events 3.17 EWG.orgTues IraqMoratoriumThurs
SF events 3.11 FOOD
Sf Events 3.4 Prop8hearingThurs CarlCoxMASSIVfri PlayaPaintingChillinGrooveGardenSat
SF events 2.27 Three Dangerous Ingredients to Avoid in Skincare Products
SF events 2.24 Visual depiction of size of stimulus PORK
SF events 2.20 There are no secrets, only information you don't yet have.
SF events 2.17 TueAppleStoreDaveGibbons ThuPrepare your own disaster kit
SF events 2.13 ThuTweedRide FriFireandGlowNightAnonNineLucky13
SF events 2.10 TuTuTues BawdyStorytellingWineDownWeds ThuTweedRideDoloresPark LuckyLove13Fri
SF events 2.3 TueFreeSFmoma WedFREEexploratorium ThuFreeART
SF events 1.31 Water: California's New Gold Saturday Oakland
SF events 1.27 eat whole foods - to avoid risk of exposure to chemicals
SF events 1.24 john lennon speaks truth
SF events 1.21 reproductive rights tonight and Saturday
SF events 1.15 store water in case of earthquake
SF events 1.13 BURNING MAN TIX on sale TOMORROW
SF events 1.9 Sat 11 AM Israel out of Gaza
Sf events 1.6 The Secret Rulers of the World
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