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Do Ask! Don't Kill - Truthforce Strikes in The Castro

by truthforce
"Do Ask! Don't Kill!" reads a bus shelter billboard at 17th and Castro. Guerrilla artists made the sign and placed it in the advertising case early Sunday morning.
Why should queer people be demanding acceptance in the U.S. military? Why would we want to participate in an institution whose role is to perpetuate every form of injustice and environmental destruction worldwide?

Of course, LGBT people should not be discriminated against in any institution. Discrimination in employment is wrong. But so is murder, and so is wanting to be in the dominant institution of heteropatriarchy.

Even the left media doesn't represent this perspective, which is probably the majority position in the queer community, so we're taking it to the streets.
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by truthforce
I wish our queer organizations worked to end war instead of for my right to be out while I kill or am killed in one.
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by truthforce
It may be a civil right to be in the military but it's a human right to be free from illegal wars.
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by deanosor
I'm glad somebody is saying this. No one should fight these rich man's wars.
by kyle
The term 'illegal war' is kind of meaningless. Who makes the laws? States do, and the ones with the most power have the most influence in shaping those laws. The international 'laws' of war were shaped by the powerful states and they can mold those laws to fit their needs.

I agree that anyone who wants to fight for their state should be able to...but the idea that war is 'just' or 'legal' is really just semantics. Wars are fought for power and influence rather than some golden ideal.

If a state has a reason to fight another, that's all that matters. Wars have been a fact of life since the dawn of man and men will fight each other until a bigger enemy emerges and we are forced to join together.
by happy queer commuter
I stand at this bus stop every day and this makes it so much more fun and wonderful!!
by Acer
I agree with the point that's being made. But I don't see why being pro-equal rights and being anti-war are mutually exclusive.

I also don't understand why the anti-war movement can't spend their own money instead of infringing on monies already spent on by gay rights organizations.
by bogey
Gay people that are anti-war and anti-military are free not to join the armed forces and are free to protest as they see fit. However, the gays that do not feel the same are not free to join the military and serve their country.

What that billboard basically says is, "It's good that gays can't be open in the military because it is an immoral organization that they shouldn't want to join anyway." And while its sentiment is in the right place, its logistics are totally fucked up.
by Paul the cab driver
I love the sentiment. Whomever did this poster has the right attitude.
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