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Nazis Recruiting At Gun Show

by Antifa
One of the most notorious domestic hate groups in the United States has become active in the Sacramento area. Members of the neo-Nazi National Alliance are selling books and recruiting racists at the Cal Expo Center Gun Show this weekend, Jan 2 and 3, 2010.
The latest National Alliance Membership Bulletin has a detailed cover story about the Sacramento unit’s recruiting activities at local gun shows. In the article, the unit leader, Jim Ring, brags about his success at signing up neo-Nazi’s at these events.

Antifa has learned that this notorious hate group intends to have several tables at the Cal Expo Center this weekend. Jim Ring has claimed to local racists that the show sponsor, McMann Roadrunner, is “sympathetic” to the National Alliance message. McMann ignores complaints from customers and vendors when the NA appears at their shows in California and Arizona, according to Ring, who brags that McMann gives him a discount for his tables and allows him to promote and sell copies of the “Turner Diaries” at the show.

This racist novel has been the “Bible” of right-wing domestic terrorist groups for thirty years. Oklahoma City bomber, Timothy McVeigh, used the book as his “blueprint” for the OKC bombing. According to the ADL, McVeigh himself used to sell copies of the Turner Diaries at gun shows in Arizona. Fifteen years later, Jim Ring continues to hawk this terrorist textbook to a new crop of budding extremists from his tables at the Cal Expo Center.

We need to shut this group down. Research suggests the National Alliance is on the ropes. Any efforts Antifa can make to prevent the NA from recruiting extremists and selling Nazi merchandise at local gun shows could have a serious impact on the income and growth of the group. The Sacramento crew claims they are one of the last remaining units in the organization. Reports claim the NA has less than one hundred dues-paying members and there are only a few places in the US where the hate group is even recruiting anymore.

Sacramento has literally become “ground zero” in our fight against these facists.

The local unit leader, Jim Ring, 56, works nights at the Grass Valley Kmart. He is one of the highest-ranking members of the National Alliance. In fact, Ring claims he was once in line to take over the organization. A self-proclaimed, life-long “National Socialist,” Ring told local members that he was offered the Alliance chairman’s position by Shaun Walker in 2006, after Walker’s arrest on federal civil rights charges.

Ring claims the current chairman, Erich Gliebe, seized the assets and property of the group and put his close friends on the NA board to protect himself from critics within the organization. Gliebe claims William Pierce picked him to run the National Alliance before he died. Ring claims this is a lie.

At a recent unit meeting, members said that Gliebe was running the Naitonal Alliance into the ground and Ring complained that Gliebe fails to ship him the racist books and propaganda he needs to promote the NA at Sacramento gun shows. Ring also complained to members that the chairman has failed to produce any new propaganda magazines or catalogs for years.

Despite these organizational intrigues, Jim Ring is a “company man” and will likely stay with the Alliance for the rest of his life, according to local unit members who know him well.

It is up to local Antifa to help Jim Ring have a change of heart.

What can we do?

A.) First, we can put pressure on local gun-show venues to ban any vendor that permits neo-Nazi recruitment or racist merchandise on their premises. The main gun show vendor in the region, McMann Roadrunner, has been repeatedly asked to prohibit the National Alliance from using their shows to recruit. The last time they were contacted they hung up on us. Call or write the company and express your outrage. We are organizing a phone bank to stress the company’s toll free number, 866-698-6591, with complaint calls this week. Please do your part and ring their phones off the hook. You can also call or fax their main numbers or send them an email:

McMann's Roadrunner
PO Box 5969
Glendale, AZ 85312-5969
Phone: (602) 843-5303
Fax: (602) 298-7111
Toll Free: (866) 698-6591

B.) At the same time, pressure should be applied to the venue owner, Cal Expo Center. They have also ignored our calls and emails. Encourage local businesses to boycott Cal Expo. Alert local independent media and affinity groups to complain to the Cal Expo Center Board of Directors about neo-Nazi’s renting space in their facility.

California Exposition & State Fair

1600 Exposition Blvd.

Sacramento, CA 95815


Toll Free 877/CALEXPO
calexpoboard [at]

Calexpo Security: 916/263-3050

C.) Visit the show this weekend and confront the racists. They will be there today and tomorrow. The National Alliance generally rents several tables along a wall at the Expo Center. There are plenty of photographs of the group’s display tables on Stormfront, where they brag about the “receptive audience” they find at these shows. Photos can be viewed here:

This is a photo from the November gun show:

(Editor’s Note: Could someone at Indymedia make this image appear in the article? HTML tags don’t seem to be working. It may also be helpful to save the photo and download the image directly, in case the Nazi’s remove it from Stormfront.)

The Sacramento NA unit has more than a dozen active members. Help us identify and contact every one of them. Here is what we have on the three who showed up at the last gun show at the Expo Center:

Jim Ring
13648 Lupine Court
Penn Valley, CA, 95946
(215) 477-6719

Ring’s date of birth is Dec 14, 1953. He is the fat, older man with the sweater vest and glasses in the photo linked above. Ring claims he is a night manager at the Grass Valley Kmart. He complains about the problems the store has with “black and Mestizo shoplifters” and writes about Latino “border jumpers” on the National Alliance news site, where he is a contributor:

Ring also posts as “Legend” on the forum.

We have complained to Kmart about having a neo-Nazi in a supervisory roll over workers and customers of color at this store. They have ignored our calls and emails. Please contact the General Manager at the Grass Valley store and politely advise him of your intention to boycott his establishment:

Curt Hoisington
General Manager
111 West McNight Way
Grass Valley, CA 95949

Lynette Sonya Avrin
AKA “Lyn” “Lynette Moore”
6632 Chastain St.
Orangeville, CA, 95662

Avrin’s date of birth is January 6, 1969. An active neo-Nazi for more than 10 years, Avrin is the brown-haired, middle-aged woman in the black sweater in the above photo. Going by the name “Freya14” on Stormfront since 2004, Avrin has made more than 16,000 posts on the racist forum. A major financial donor, she is listed as a “Lifetime” Friend of Stormfront and a Sustaining Member. Avrin, who will be 41 this week, has posted hundreds of photographs of herself and her two children in the photo threads on Stormfront. Until around October last year, Avrin lived in Lakewood, Colorado where she reportedly worked at the Denver VA Hospital. Currently unemployed, Avrin says she is a student working on her “associates degree in psychiatry.” She now lives with fellow National Alliance member Francis Drumm.

Francis Jeromy Drumm
AKA “Jeremy” “Richard Drumm”
6632 Chastain Drive
Orangeville, CA, 95662

Francis Drumm goes by "Jeromy" in the local NA unit. His date of birth is August 10, 1971. He is also known to use the name Richard Drumm, according to his criminal record on file with the Sacramento County Superior Court. Drumm, 38, has a felony conviction for assault and battery and another conviction under PC 245 (A) (1). Claiming to be a journeyman plumber, Drumm goes by the names “BerzerCo” on line and uses the name “Palerider” on Stormfront. Drumm is not believed to be the man in the background on the right in the above photo. Drumm has posted dozens of photographs of himself and his wife and children on Stormfront. He claims he is in the middle of a divorce. Lynette Sonya Avrin has lived with Drumm for the past two months.

These three Nazi’s, Ring, Avrin and Drumm, seem to be the main organizers of the local National Alliance unit’s gun show outreach. They have been selling neo-Nazi merchandise and recruiting racists at gun shows in Sacramento for some time.

It is about time we made them stop.
§National Alliance
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