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Nazis Recruiting At Gun Show

by Antifa
One of the most notorious domestic hate groups in the United States has become active in the Sacramento area. Members of the neo-Nazi National Alliance are selling books and recruiting racists at the Cal Expo Center Gun Show this weekend, Jan 2 and 3, 2010.
The latest National Alliance Membership Bulletin has a detailed cover story about the Sacramento unit’s recruiting activities at local gun shows. In the article, the unit leader, Jim Ring, brags about his success at signing up neo-Nazi’s at these events.

Antifa has learned that this notorious hate group intends to have several tables at the Cal Expo Center this weekend. Jim Ring has claimed to local racists that the show sponsor, McMann Roadrunner, is “sympathetic” to the National Alliance message. McMann ignores complaints from customers and vendors when the NA appears at their shows in California and Arizona, according to Ring, who brags that McMann gives him a discount for his tables and allows him to promote and sell copies of the “Turner Diaries” at the show.

This racist novel has been the “Bible” of right-wing domestic terrorist groups for thirty years. Oklahoma City bomber, Timothy McVeigh, used the book as his “blueprint” for the OKC bombing. According to the ADL, McVeigh himself used to sell copies of the Turner Diaries at gun shows in Arizona. Fifteen years later, Jim Ring continues to hawk this terrorist textbook to a new crop of budding extremists from his tables at the Cal Expo Center.

We need to shut this group down. Research suggests the National Alliance is on the ropes. Any efforts Antifa can make to prevent the NA from recruiting extremists and selling Nazi merchandise at local gun shows could have a serious impact on the income and growth of the group. The Sacramento crew claims they are one of the last remaining units in the organization. Reports claim the NA has less than one hundred dues-paying members and there are only a few places in the US where the hate group is even recruiting anymore.

Sacramento has literally become “ground zero” in our fight against these facists.

The local unit leader, Jim Ring, 56, works nights at the Grass Valley Kmart. He is one of the highest-ranking members of the National Alliance. In fact, Ring claims he was once in line to take over the organization. A self-proclaimed, life-long “National Socialist,” Ring told local members that he was offered the Alliance chairman’s position by Shaun Walker in 2006, after Walker’s arrest on federal civil rights charges.

Ring claims the current chairman, Erich Gliebe, seized the assets and property of the group and put his close friends on the NA board to protect himself from critics within the organization. Gliebe claims William Pierce picked him to run the National Alliance before he died. Ring claims this is a lie.

At a recent unit meeting, members said that Gliebe was running the Naitonal Alliance into the ground and Ring complained that Gliebe fails to ship him the racist books and propaganda he needs to promote the NA at Sacramento gun shows. Ring also complained to members that the chairman has failed to produce any new propaganda magazines or catalogs for years.

Despite these organizational intrigues, Jim Ring is a “company man” and will likely stay with the Alliance for the rest of his life, according to local unit members who know him well.

It is up to local Antifa to help Jim Ring have a change of heart.

What can we do?

A.) First, we can put pressure on local gun-show venues to ban any vendor that permits neo-Nazi recruitment or racist merchandise on their premises. The main gun show vendor in the region, McMann Roadrunner, has been repeatedly asked to prohibit the National Alliance from using their shows to recruit. The last time they were contacted they hung up on us. Call or write the company and express your outrage. We are organizing a phone bank to stress the company’s toll free number, 866-698-6591, with complaint calls this week. Please do your part and ring their phones off the hook. You can also call or fax their main numbers or send them an email:

McMann's Roadrunner
PO Box 5969
Glendale, AZ 85312-5969
Phone: (602) 843-5303
Fax: (602) 298-7111
Toll Free: (866) 698-6591

B.) At the same time, pressure should be applied to the venue owner, Cal Expo Center. They have also ignored our calls and emails. Encourage local businesses to boycott Cal Expo. Alert local independent media and affinity groups to complain to the Cal Expo Center Board of Directors about neo-Nazi’s renting space in their facility.

California Exposition & State Fair

1600 Exposition Blvd.

Sacramento, CA 95815


Toll Free 877/CALEXPO
calexpoboard [at]

Calexpo Security: 916/263-3050

C.) Visit the show this weekend and confront the racists. They will be there today and tomorrow. The National Alliance generally rents several tables along a wall at the Expo Center. There are plenty of photographs of the group’s display tables on Stormfront, where they brag about the “receptive audience” they find at these shows. Photos can be viewed here:

This is a photo from the November gun show:

(Editor’s Note: Could someone at Indymedia make this image appear in the article? HTML tags don’t seem to be working. It may also be helpful to save the photo and download the image directly, in case the Nazi’s remove it from Stormfront.)

The Sacramento NA unit has more than a dozen active members. Help us identify and contact every one of them. Here is what we have on the three who showed up at the last gun show at the Expo Center:

Jim Ring
13648 Lupine Court
Penn Valley, CA, 95946
(215) 477-6719

Ring’s date of birth is Dec 14, 1953. He is the fat, older man with the sweater vest and glasses in the photo linked above. Ring claims he is a night manager at the Grass Valley Kmart. He complains about the problems the store has with “black and Mestizo shoplifters” and writes about Latino “border jumpers” on the National Alliance news site, where he is a contributor:

Ring also posts as “Legend” on the forum.

We have complained to Kmart about having a neo-Nazi in a supervisory roll over workers and customers of color at this store. They have ignored our calls and emails. Please contact the General Manager at the Grass Valley store and politely advise him of your intention to boycott his establishment:

Curt Hoisington
General Manager
111 West McNight Way
Grass Valley, CA 95949

Lynette Sonya Avrin
AKA “Lyn” “Lynette Moore”
6632 Chastain St.
Orangeville, CA, 95662

Avrin’s date of birth is January 6, 1969. An active neo-Nazi for more than 10 years, Avrin is the brown-haired, middle-aged woman in the black sweater in the above photo. Going by the name “Freya14” on Stormfront since 2004, Avrin has made more than 16,000 posts on the racist forum. A major financial donor, she is listed as a “Lifetime” Friend of Stormfront and a Sustaining Member. Avrin, who will be 41 this week, has posted hundreds of photographs of herself and her two children in the photo threads on Stormfront. Until around October last year, Avrin lived in Lakewood, Colorado where she reportedly worked at the Denver VA Hospital. Currently unemployed, Avrin says she is a student working on her “associates degree in psychiatry.” She now lives with fellow National Alliance member Francis Drumm.

Francis Jeromy Drumm
AKA “Jeremy” “Richard Drumm”
6632 Chastain Drive
Orangeville, CA, 95662

Francis Drumm goes by "Jeromy" in the local NA unit. His date of birth is August 10, 1971. He is also known to use the name Richard Drumm, according to his criminal record on file with the Sacramento County Superior Court. Drumm, 38, has a felony conviction for assault and battery and another conviction under PC 245 (A) (1). Claiming to be a journeyman plumber, Drumm goes by the names “BerzerCo” on line and uses the name “Palerider” on Stormfront. Drumm is not believed to be the man in the background on the right in the above photo. Drumm has posted dozens of photographs of himself and his wife and children on Stormfront. He claims he is in the middle of a divorce. Lynette Sonya Avrin has lived with Drumm for the past two months.

These three Nazi’s, Ring, Avrin and Drumm, seem to be the main organizers of the local National Alliance unit’s gun show outreach. They have been selling neo-Nazi merchandise and recruiting racists at gun shows in Sacramento for some time.

It is about time we made them stop.
§National Alliance
by photo
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by Antifa
Thanks for posting the photo. Can you do the same with this one? It is the same Nazi crew at the Sacramento gun show last March. This one has another couple posing in the picture. Not sure, but the guy in the first photo on the far right looks like the one in this image second from the right.
by photo
by mac
MAC is interested in helping out on this. Email us.
by Antifa
Can you post this photo the same way, uploading it so it can't be removed? Jim Ring is second from the left and Francis Jeromy Drumm is on the far right, next to the refrigerator. We are working on the names of the rest of these Nazi's. Any help would be appreciated.

by MC
i went to the solono swap meet in concord a few weeks ago and there was a few neo-nazi types selling giant nazi flags and other "memorabilia" crap.
by @
Anti-racist folks in Kansas just rent their own table and sell/hand out anti-racist and anarchist literature which, despite stereotypes, a lot of white working class folks agree with and are glad to take and read. Here is on piece aimed at right wing liberty movement folks:
by photo
You can post photos yourself. When you are posting a comment, there is a field that says "Number Of Uploads" and you set that to "1"
Then it says: Upload #1 ____________ Browse...
You find the image somewhere on your computer (such as the desktop) and Publish.
Pretty good report, overall. Sounds like you have some folks in Sacramento helping you out. Can you post a scan of the NA Bulletin for us?

Also, Jim Ring has not had that phone number for some time. Here is some current info:

James C. Ring
20468 Chaparral Circle
Penn Valley, CA 95946

210 Main Street
Alleghany, CA 95910


Ring is also definitely not a "Night Manager" at the Grass Valley Kmart. We checked this out months ago. They told us he was just an "associate" there. We will try calling Hoisington and complaining there again this week.

Also, Lynette Avrin is fairly new to the National Alliance and probably won't be with them long. She trolls Stormfront and has hooked up with several racist leaders over the past few years.

Google "Freya14" and "Slut14," both in quotation marks, for a VNN blog that was taken down last Spring. You can still read the file in the Google cache. Nazi's don't seem to like this girl very much. Expect her to eventually dish on the NA.

by Antifa
Sorry, I don't mean to be disrespectful of the Indymedia space but I am on disability and dial-up. I tried to use the tags to put the pictures in but it would not work. I may be doing something wrong. I am also not sure what you are telling me to do to upload. The photo is not on my desktop, it is at the address I posted. I will contact someone in our group to help me understand how to do this. In the meantime, can someone upload this image and post it before the racists remove it?

by Repost
by repost
These are two more images immediately available from BerzerCo's photobucket. These were obtained simply by going to the above provided link for that .jpg image with the NA banner (which is immage 662) and then changing the URL to images 661 and 663 respectively. Anyone can do this. Browse other numbers. They apparently don't change image names after uploading from their camera.
by repost
Here's that second one.
by Sam
The National Alliance is already bragging about their Sacramento gun show today on Stormfront:

Lynette Sonya Avrin (Freya14) is bragging about their sales of the Turner Diaries and admits the NA is “very friendly” with McMann’s Roadrunner. She wrote:

“We sold several copies of the Turner Diaries.

“Hey, at least WE are out there doing something. What makes you think that we advocate violence? Because of a book???? I think we know how to maintain a low key approach to gun shows. We are very friendly with the person that runs them. We are very professional and friendly with the folks that come through and are intelligent enough to have a conversation with those that are interested. LOOK at what is happening in this country and tell me.”

These gun show vendors are scum. They deal in death for a living so having a handful of Nazi’s pushing terrorist training manuals at a table at their show apparently means nothing to them.
by Sylvester the Cat

OMFG! Run for your lives! One of the most feared and respected leaders of the entire neo-Nazi, white racist underground, a man known as “Palerider,” is gunning for us.

True Internet Tough Guy, Francis Jeromy Drumm, has posted a serious scary death threat on Stormfront. Francis claims the information posted about his neo-Nazi group is false. But, Francis warns, if the information happens to be true and anyone comes by his house, why, he and his neighbors will close off their street and kill us all!

Frantic Franny even posted a frightening FBI photo of a gunshot victim! Yikes! Stormfront moderators quickly removed the post a couple minutes ago. But not quite quickly enough. Screen grab attached.

First of all, let’s not panic, people! Can one of our researchers look into this well-armed and tight-knit group of neighbors? I mean, if the “false information” is true, and Frantic Franny really runs a heavily-armed Palerider Posse over there on Chastain Street in Orangeville (AKA “Redneck Hell”) we probably need to contact these people and tell them all how much fear Frantic Franny has foisted on us.

Who are these people protecting Frantic Franny’s Fortress? Who?

by AR
Jeromy Drumm now goes by JakeMenhardt on the Stormfront forum. Francis Drumm changed his name on Jan 3, 2010 within hours of posting a death threat on Stormfront and having it removed by the moderator. Nazi Francis Jeromy Drumm, Jeremy Drumm racist, Richard Drumm alias used to go by Palerider on the Stormfront forum but he now goes by JakeMenhardt. Every time Francis changes his name on the forums we need to link him to the new names so they show up in a Google search. JakeMenhardt, Jake Menhardt, is actually Francis Jeromy Drumm of Orangeville, CA. JakeMenhardt used to go by the name Palerider on Stormfront.
by yousuck
Who's the real Nazi? It doesn't matter how vile the guy's message is, he has a right to say it. You have no right to not be offended. You don't like what he has to say? Ignore him. YOU'RE the one trying to silence HIM. YOU'RE the one trying to destroy HIS livelihood. His rights are just as valuable as yours, you pompous ass.
by Class Advisor
Well, you know what, you’re right. This is a free country and Jeremy Drumm has every right to say whatever he wants. He can pass out pamphlets “exposing” the Jews, whom, he claims, “control” the media, for example.

Francis can drive around at night putting fliers onto people’s doorsteps. He can build Websites, contribute to forums and conduct himself anyway he wants. This is, indeed, a free country.

The National Alliance, Jeromy’s organization, publishes a pamphlet called “Who Rules America.” It has photographs and names of Jews that Jeromy wants to stop from having an influence on mass media in this country. He wants to, as you say, “destroy [their] livelihood.” He has every right to distribute these pamphlets.

Jeromy has every right to demand that undocumented Latino workers be forced to return to Mexico. He can sell tee shirts that say, “Close the Borders.” Jeromy can advocate for segregation between whites and people of color. He can even sell terrorist novels from a table at the local gun show and claim the Jews are responsible for 911, the recession and the Kennedy assassination.

But here is where you’re wrong. We have every right to be offended by advocates of racial separatism and genocide. We have the right to express ourselves as much as Francis Jeromy Drumm does. We, as a community, have the right to expose advocates of racism in our town.

And we don’t have to ignore the National Alliance. In fact, we have a moral obligation not to ignore the National Alliance.

Jeromy has the right to express himself and advocate for whatever he wants. If Jeromy is so proud of his race that he has chosen to become a public, self-selected advocate for it, why would he demand to be anonymous? What right to privacy does a community neo-Nazi activist expect? Or deserve? What level of privacy does any public figure expect?

In this country you do have a “reasonable expectation of privacy.” But you obviously don’t get to keep your privacy if you are a political exhibitionist. Francis Jeromy Drumm, and his current live-in girlfriend, Lynette Sonya Avrin, have posted almost 20,000 messages on a public neo-Nazi forum in the past six years. They go out in public in our community to table and advocate for the National Alliance. They sell books and merchandise in public to fund the National Alliance.

Reading their posting history on Stormfront suggests both Jeromy and Lynette are drama queens. They fight with their fellow Nazi’s on the forum like teenage attention whores. They recently got in trouble for publicly identifying a fellow racist by name on that forum. Both of their accounts have been “temporarily suspended” this morning.

When people express themselves in public, when they organize publicly and when they post photographs of themselves and their wives and children on public forums, under the law, they become “public persons.”

And under the law, the public has a right to know who they are, what they are doing and yes, even where they live. In America, the public does not have to “ignore” racists in the community. The public is allowed to talk about and oppose them, especially if they are found to be “offensive.”

And I imagine this morning that just sucks for you.
by deanosor (deanosor [at]
... at the end of World War II said it was the obligation of every human being to not look the other way but to fight the fascists. Ignoring these assholes will only let them get stronger. Let's crush hem in the egg before they grow. They don't organize at gun shows for nothing. They know who their base is.

Can anybody report here if anything occurred at or about the gun show, or if people are organizing to stop the Sac NA in the future.
by Brett Stevens
I don't agree with the National Alliance either, but trying to censor them by organizing a punitive boycott is not activism -- it's a lynch mob, and the stuff from which real oppression is formed.
by -
hey, over on stormfront, is Kyren (?) or Andrew from the National Anarchists still actively posting? That was funny how they said they aren't racist but just separatist, but then over there he freely states that this is just a tactic for getting their foot in the door, and that race mixing is wrong.
by cp
By the way, Brett Stevens, my mother grew up in nazi Germany, and has many stories from the Hitler youth, like all the other kids forced to attend. Her father was turned in and sent to a tribunal for such a simple act as not saluting, towards the end of the war. That is the thing about fascism and authoritarianism- the philosophy is not one that valued freedom of expression. (By the way, for anyone confused above, the law doesn't require that everyone else shut up while you speak... it is only a cultural value that americans tend to favor. The only legally mandated first amendment protection is that the government may not stop their pamphlets or table unless they engaged in speech threatening the president or issuing specific threats).

Anyway, within a society that culturally favors freedom of expression, fascists or a stalinist group are 'free riders' on other people's sense of tolerance. They are implicitly arguing for a society where this isn't allowed.
In Germany, society had a democratic discussion and they currently have a list of outlawed parties and symbols (such as the PKK flag or swastika, scientology). They have a different history from the US, and they tend to fear small eccentric parties growing quickly during stressful times.
by becky
Lynette Sonya Avrin, goes by Sonya at school. I know her and she is not a racist. She was going out with a black guy just three months ago.
by AR
What school do you attend? Lynette, in the picture with the glasses, is a National Alliance and Stormfront member. She has been posting racist, anti-Semitic comments on Stormfront since 2004. Look it up. Lynette is 41 years old. Are you saying this is the "Sonya" you know? Not likely. What school do you attend with Sonya?

by sarah
Holy Cow is this guy a joke, and did you see his daughter is Gay does that mean he hates her too.
by Making mountains out of molehills
Class Advisor wrote;

"Reading their posting history on Stormfront suggests both Jeromy and Lynette are drama queens. They fight with their fellow Nazi’s on the forum like teenage attention whores. They recently got in trouble for publicly identifying a fellow racist by name on that forum. Both of their accounts have been “temporarily suspended” this morning."

Sounds like they are not the only one fitting into the category of "drama queens"! It is the antifa groups that insist we must all stop whatever issue we are working on to rush over to the gun show to disrupt the handfull of neo-Nazis who are trying to sell books and t-shirts. Neither a supporter of facism nor socialism, my presence there will be negligible, nor will i referee between two groups of extremists..

However, it is becoming clear that certain groups repeatedly overhype the threat of neo-Nazi groups in the U.S., such as the ADL and the SPLC. To hear them tell it, there is a drooling neo-Nazi skinhead hiding behind every public school with their suitcases overflowing with guns, grenades and hate literature. They don't even need to hide the bombs in their underpants!!

Am getting silly with this topic because it really is. Most people will not be susceptible to the neo-Nazi propaganda and those who are would have likely gone in that direction without any help from books at gun shows. Anarchists best weapon against ignorance is self-education, spend less time trying to shut others up and more time getting your own ideas out there!!

Protection of community members from neo-Nazi (or any other form of) violence;

This would be the most relevent and serious topic for organizers to have a reason to "shut down" any neo-Nazi event. However, when looking at crime stats, the typical "hate crime" by neo-Nazi skinheads is not physical violence against interracial couples, gays, immigrants, etc..., their current entanglements with law enforcement are usually more organized and profit based, running guns, drugs, etc... instead of random attacks. By keeping neo-Nazis visible and engaged in legal activism like literature sales, they are less likely to go off to some hidden place to plan violent acts. Stifling free speech usually results in people going underground and planning other actions less legal than selling books.

When there are violent attacks against so-called "minorities" that qualify as hate crimes, they are often committed by isolated individuals who may be mentally disturbed. Most of the better organized neo-Nazi groups have taken to claims that actual violence of this sort is committed by government agents in attempts to gain greater access at the group. While this cannot be proven, it is naive to assume that federal agents wouldn't encourage some violent attacks to hype up their need for more surviellence powers. One day a Muslim from Nigeria with a bomb in his underpants, next day a small cell of neo-Nazis in Idaho trying to blow up a synagogue. Day after that more freedoms revoked by our government (the ONLY TRUE NAZIS!!) in the name of improved security measure..

There isn't much to fear from fundamentalist Mormons (FLDS), nor are neo-Nazis much of a threat anymore. The people who have the agenda of over-inflating the threat of neo-Nazis are from the so-called "hatewatch" groups like ADL, SPLC and such who have included anti-Zionists, anti-globalization (free trade) activists, Earth First!ers and many other groups and individuals who do not bow down before the Israeli/U.S. empire in their catch-all category of "hate groups". The so-called "antifas" are footsoldiers of the ADL as the neo-Nazi groups are footsoldiers of the CIA..

These two groups of drama queens truly do deserve one another, and we all look forward to your postings of the sac gun show where two groups of extremists scream and yell at each other. Have fun in your endeavors, just don't expect to get much out of me besides a few laughs at your comedy routine..
by AR
You sure spent a lot of words to try to tell us not to shut down the Nazi's in our town. Why would that be? You are not one of us. You are one of them.

Think I will call Kmart in the morning.
by Big dog
Ok, now I don't think any of you would know a Nazi if they reached up and bit you in the ass. It's disgraceful that you are impeding someone's God given right of free speech and on top of that, you are posting their PERSONAL info on the web for all to see. Some of them have kids, and you are putting them in harms way. How would you feel if the shoe was on the other foot? What if someone posted YOUR personal info, all the info about your kids, your address and then see which crazy on the web looks you up and comes beating your door down. I hope for the love of God that they sue Indybay for every red cent that you have for defamation of character. You should be ashamed of yourselves and pull your head out of your libertarian ass and realize that the world isn't all butterflies and cupcakes.

Yours truly:

by Antifa
This is absurd. Are you seriously saying the Sacramento National Alliance members are not Nazi’s? Of course they are. And they are proud of it.

In the 1970’s the Sacramento NA unit leader, Jim Ring, served on the board of the National Socialist White People’s Party. Ring has been a self-described “Nazi” all of his adult life.

Complaining about this Indymedia article, Lynette Sonja Avrin admitted being “a staunch NS,” National Socialist, on the Resistance forum earlier this week. Post is here:

Lynette’s live-in boyfriend, Francis Jeromy Drumm, has posted photographs of the Sacramento National Alliance unit’s “birthday party” they held last April 20th for Adolf Hitler. As you can see, they even made a cake for the “Fuehrer.” Hitler was born April 20th, 1889. He would have been 120 last April. The “88” is skinhead code for “Heil Hitler.”

Does distributing literature like the Turner Diaries, which calls for the extermination of Jews, while publicly claiming to be a “staunch National Socialist” and celebrating Hitler’s birthday with a cake qualify someone to be called a “Nazi” in our community?


We do know Nazi’s when we see them. And we can and will resist them.
by Delicious cake
Oh no not cake, these Nazis area a serious threat...I bet it was german chocolate.
by billy
This was great, But we all know that the National Alliance is dead, The guy that runs it has taken alot of the money from people for himself and they are broke. the funny thing is there are still a couple of crazy people like in the pictures that waste their money on this crap.
by Firefly
Has anyone heard about the Nazi's protesting ACORN in San Diego next month?
by Martin
Hey guys, a lot of people don't agree with their message, which is fine, but our constitution guarantees them the right to free speech. Like it or not, these people have a right to peacefully assemble, purchase a booth at a gun show and discuss their views openly without fear of harassment or intimidation. These are the same protections we all enjoy in this country. I'm sure none of your would appreciate your personal information being displayed on the internet or thugs showing up at your home or workplace and shouting you down, getting you fired or harassing you simply because they disagreed with you on certain political views. If you disagree with their views you should politely debate them on the issues or just ignore them. What you guys are doing is not only morally wrong but, frankly, unamerican.
by Brianna Holderness (briannamarie017 [at]
Okay so one thing's first, all the trash you all are talking about my mother, Lynn. You all can shut up. You all have your own beliefs, religions, and so on. So just because hers are different than yours doesn't make her a bad person.

But my point even, I've been looking for her for a year or so now.
I haven't been able to get ahold of her at all.
So if anyone knows anything and would like to help me out, it'd be appreciated.

briannamarie017 [at]
by Kayleen
Ring disowned his daughter for being a lesbian and that broke up his marriage. The ex-wife and daughter no longer speak to him. He has a stepson who is part of the NA with him but Connor is not blood related. Ring' s wife was pregnant from another guy when they married. There's also another daughter from a previous marriage that won't have anything to do with him, either. Now that the NA is almost defunct he'll probably just disappear with its demise.
by Arya
The rumors about Connor Ring not being Jim Ring's son may have a ring of truth to them. The 'son' Connor split with his 'dad' after Kathy Ring (Jim's ex-wife) died last month. There may be one less Nazi attending gun shows spreading hate now. Since Connor was heading NARRG (National Alliance Reform and Restoration Group) with Jim Ring, his split with 'dad' will weaken what's left of the influences of that hate group.
by Tom
Ring's son uses the handle "Connor Anello" on Twitter, Facebook and the Stormfront forums. Maybe he's gone or maybe he's using a different name now trying to hide. The NARRG group is on Facebook. If enough people complain FB will remove their page.
by randy r
Connor ring also uses the online Id "zogtrapper"
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