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Robert Knight and the Knight report axed by KPFA management-KPFA CL Management Seeking To
by repost
Sunday Dec 13th, 2009 10:47 AM
Concerned Listener CL controlled management at KPFA is seeking to shutdown the Flashpoints show. Their latest action was to axe journalist Robert Knight.
Robert Knight and the Knight report axed by KPFA management-KPFA CL Management Seeking To Shut Down Flashpoints

Subject: Emergency: Robert Knight and the Knight report axed by KPFA management

Robert Knight terminated from Flashpoints by KPFA Management...Third major cut to the program in less than a week with no warning This is not an across the board 20% cut as management claims, but clearly a move to kill flashpoints. Our personnel budget has been slashed 50% under current management. No other show has come close to these kind of cuts and this kind of treatment.

To the KPFA board and all interested parties:
Hi,Joe, everyone, i very much appreciate what the board is doing, but by the time you win control of the board, every radical program and producer, and non-supporter of the current regime will be gone from KPFA. The bottom line is easily stated in a fact and a few questions. The fact is: Since the current regime took power, Flashpoints has been cut 75 hours, or over thirty percent of its personnel budget. To this date, has the morning show budget went up or down in the same time period? Has the KPFA news department gone up or down in the same period? How are the cuts being implemented:fairly, by senioritiy? Whats the criteria? And If Flashpoints has been cut, while other key programs were expanded in the same period, why? Is it because they are better and deserve the support and the constant praise of management, while the Flashpoints team is getting threatened, harassed, censored and cut back, by the same management? Or is because Flashpoints spoke out on the air against the police beating inside KPFA, inspired and condoned by current management? Is it because Flashpoints covers the unpopular stories like slaughters in palestine and Haiti. Is it because of our devotion to migrant rights and native american struggles, or because of our drumbeat coverage of the coup in Honduras? Are we being cut DISPROPORTIONATELY because we take on Obama and the NPR liberal mentality, and refuse to soften our message?
§E-mail Lemlem;LSB is forging ahead
by Mara Monday Dec 14th, 2009 12:17 AM

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The new LSB is hard at work struggling with the Concerned Listeners against an illegal attempt to bring down their legitimate bare majority.
So stay tuned, the results may be decided soon.
The meeting on the 9th is, so far, not legitimate; the legal meeting is called for the 12th, when 2 of the majority members will be able to attend.
However, the CL managed to post their date (12/9) immediately, after months of not providing such timely notice of former meetings.

In the meantime, write/email the station about your opposition to the defunding of 3 Flashpoints staff members (their technical producer, half of Nora Barrows Friedman's hours, & now Robert Knight).
Others are doing so, including Barbara Lubin, Peter Phillips & Mickey Huff, Richard Becker, Eyad Kishawi.
(Be strong but not abusive.)

also see:
contact: Lemlem Rijio, General Manager, gm [at], ext 203 (form)
copy letters to: dbernstein [at]

The previous information in leaflet form is attached (since it will only attach 1).
There should be later information appearing really soon, so don't print too many.
§here's leaflet 2
by Mara Monday Dec 14th, 2009 12:03 PM

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Leaflet 2 did not attach - I'm trying again

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Is the new Local Station Board just as reactionary as the old Local Station Board? Can't they simply fire Ms. Lemlem Rijio, the "general manager" aka lickspittle of the capitalist class and restore Nora's 40 hours, the technical person and Robert Knight's 5-10 minute news insert, the Knight Report, on Flashpoints? It might interest everyone to know that the only way most of us are getting news about the attack on Flashpoints is on this website. Today, Global Research reposted Project Censored's report at
THERE IS NO TIME TO WASTE. According to the website, the next LSB meeting is January 9 at an unknown location. It would help if the current LSB posted announcements here and let us know what they are doing about this emergency. As of now, there will not be much to listen to on Flashpoints. I knew when I heard Dennis announce earlier last week that he was putting a half hour tape of the reactionary Noam Chomsky on that something was wrong as that is obviously a filler. The only thing left will be the 6 p.m. newscast, which is barely tolerable and only bothered with because it is at a convenient time. Most of the worthwhile news is from 6:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. If the current LSB does not save Flashpoints immediately, there is practically no reason to listen to KPFA.
by John Smith
Friday Jan 15th, 2010 5:19 PM
It's unbelievable how this people, the so called "flashpoints team," are able to manipulate some on the well intended KPFA listeners. The pattern Dennis Bernstein has been following over the years to attack other workers (management included), just because they refuse to be manipulated and being used for Mr. Bernstein politics inside the first public radio station in the country is totally insane. The suffering and abuse Mr. Bernstein has caused to so many people over the years is more than extraordinary. He has constantly abused many of the women and people of color who have worked for Flashpoints. The overload of work on technicians who have had the bad luck to end up working for these vicious group is more than clear to anybody at the station. One of his more recent victims is Eric Klein, whom they now pretend they are defending Mr. Klein is filling grievances with the union representing the KPFA staff on a case of abuse and mistreatment he says has been very well documented. The corruption, manipulation, lies and nepotism, not to mention the mafia style threats by his slave Miguel Gavilan Molina, to whoever does not agree to go along with them, have to be stopped in order to keep a reasonable safe work place at KPFA. The radio station has spent so much money on lawyers, lawsuits, and medical expenses of the people he has abused, that now run into the hundreds of thousands of money the station needs to keep going. The amount of hours Nora Barrows, Miguel Gavilan Molina and Mr. Bernstein himself work to put together the 5 hours a week radio show is not justified by the salary the get for it. Why Mr. Bernstein, Mrs. Barrow and Mr. Molina don't run the board themselves while speaking on the microphone like anybody else does, including the volunteer programmers? Why they require a technician to make the telephone connections the need for the show? Why they don't edit their own prerecorded interviews?
Please, lets stop this madness of patterns of lies and manipulation for the good of our beloved radio station.
by D. Aram
Friday Feb 5th, 2010 6:04 PM
Shame on KPFA for allowing the current management and its cronies to get away with firing and harassing independent programmers.
It is through programmes such as Flashpoints, Guns and Butter, Uprising, Democracy Now, and Making Contact, that KPFA listeners can get the real facts about current affairs. The Knight Report is a news programme which is not afraid of reporting the facts as they are; a most real and informative news section on KPFA.
It is indeed very sad to see that once again KPFA is being hijacked by a management with a hidden agenda.
What happened with the recent LSB election?