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SEIU lies, bribes, and steals to claim razor-thin advantage in Fresno County Election

by Mike Rhodes (editor [at]
Homecare providers and supporters report vandalism, threats of violence, illegal scare tactics, ballot manipulation, theft, and other violations of labor law

NUHW Press Release:

SEIU lies, bribes, and steals to claim razor-thin advantage in illegitimate Fresno County election

Homecare providers and supporters report vandalism, threats of violence, illegal scare tactics, ballot manipulation, theft, and other violations of labor law

Fresno, Calif.—Fresno County homecare providers reported scores of incidents of voter intimidation, illegal threats, and ballot manipulation by SEIU staff in an election for workers to quit the scandal-plagued union and join the National Union of Healthcare Workers (NUHW).

SEIU spent an estimated $10 million on attack mailings, robo-calls, TV and radio ads, and 1,000 paid staff flown in from across the country, but failed to win enough support from workers to win the election without breaking the law. Despite SEIU's illegal tactics, just 117 votes could swing the outcome of the election. Based on SEIU’s illegal conduct and flawed decisions by the County election officer, healthcare workers in NUHW will file a legal challenge to the election and not be party to certification of the results.

"SEIU has resorted to behavior worse than we’ve seen from the worst anti-union bosses," said Sal Rosselli, Interim President of NUHW. "They will say or do anything to deny workers a free choice. But healthcare workers have proven today that their movement to take back their union is thriving and has the strength to win."

According to reports from homecare providers and volunteer supporters:

  • Thousands of providers were directly threatened that they could lose their wages and health insurance if they vote for NUHW. It is illegal for an employer to change workers' pay or benefits when workers change their union, and illegal to threaten that pay or benefits will change as a result of workers' vote.
  • SEIU organizers used threats of physical violence, profanity, and sexually threatening gestures to intimidate NUHW supporters as they walked door to door.
  • SEIU organizers demanded that providers surrender their ballots to the organizers, and many providers who supported NUHW reported that their ballots were missing from their mailboxes.
  • SEIU organizers told NUHW supporters to mark the top box to vote NUHW, when it was actually the box to vote for SEIU. At least one provider who needed help reading her ballot was visited by an SEIU organizer who pretended to be a NUHW volunteer, and drove her to the post office to mail a ballot she had mistakenly marked for SEIU.
  • At least two workers' doors were vandalized or defaced, and many had signs stolen which they had placed on their homes to show their support for NUHW.
  • Providers were offered bribes of valuable gifts and told they could have high-paying jobs with the union if they voted for SEIU.

Violence and dirty tricks were encouraged from the outset of the election by SEIU-UHW Trustee Dave Regan, who was appointed to his position by SEIU President Andy Stern. At a staff meeting the day before the election, Regan urged hundreds of SEIU staff to follow "old-fashioned rules" and "administer an old-school ass-whipping" to NUHW supporters:

"I think when I look around the room, the group that comes to Fresno with the workboots, this is the group who all understand old-fashioned rules, this is the group that you might call 'old-school.' And I know that I've talked to a lot of people in this room and people know what that means when we talk about 'old school.' …What we gotta do here, my old-school friends, is we have to administer an old-school ass-whipping over the next two weeks. I know everybody knows what that means." (YouTube:

Regan has a history of using violence in conflicts with other unions. Last April, Regan led 300 SEIU staff in storming a peaceful union conference in Michigan, injuring several workers and prompting AFL-CIO President John Sweeney to condemn the assault. "There is no justification—none—for the violent attack orchestrated by SEIU at the Labor Notes conference," Sweeney said.

Regan was dispatched to Fresno to try to stop a movement of nearly 100,000 SEIU members in California who are dumping the scandal-plagued union to join NUHW instead.

Healthcare workers founded NUHW in January, after Washington, D.C. SEIU officials seized California's healthcare union, SEIU-UHW, in a hostile takeover. Before the takeover, the healthcare workers elected to lead SEIU-UHW had been reformers within SEIU, exposing corruption and undemocratic practices. In retaliation, SEIU President Andy Stern removed SEIU-UHW's elected rank-and-file leaders and replaced them with Regan and other union staff loyal to the Washington office.

Since SEIU's takeover, workers at more than 360 healthcare facilities including Kaiser Permanente have petitioned for elections to quit the SEIU-controlled union and join NUHW instead. This Fresno County election was scheduled after 2,500 Fresno homecare providers filed a petition with the county to allow them to join NUHW.

The narrow margin is an embarrassing blow to SEIU, which spent an estimated $3,000 for every vote they claimed, outspending NUHW 50-to-1. At the beginning of the election, Regan announced that "this is not an election that we want to win 52 to 48. This is not an election that we want to win by a few hundred votes… We want them to believe when we are done here that it is hopeless… so they don’t even think they can take this mess outside of Fresno and bring it anywhere else."

Instead, 35,000 homecare providers in Sacramento and San Francisco counties are already looking forward to their own elections to join NUHW. Under state and county labor laws, they will be able to petition for elections in September. The counties are both NUHW strongholds, where NUHW has protected homecare wages and benefits against the governor's budget cuts in recent weeks while SEIU squandered workers' dues fighting caregivers in Fresno.

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§5947 Votes Were Cast in this Election
by Mike Rhodes
There were just over 10,000 homecare workers eligible to vote in this election.
§The Vote Counting went on All Day
by Mike Rhodes
§SEIU-UHW claimed victory
by Mike Rhodes
The election results will be challenged.
§Norma Raya
by Mike Rhodes
Listen now:
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Homecare worker Norma Raya (4:04 minute audio) analyzes the outcome of the election and where NUHW will go from here.
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by SEIU member
If this was the other way around and SEIU-UHW was raiding NUHW, it would be no different. The NUHW (former SEIU-UHW) staff are the same type of scum that these SEIU people are stated to be. I wish Indybay didn't just post unverified garbage from Perez Stern blog or even contentious arguments from website.

Stop masturbating to NUHW. They bullshit a lot, but there are a lot of fools jumping on the bandwagon and choose not to question them at all. They are not interested in the workers. They are interested in survival at this point. Their staff is running on empty and this was the one union raid they were counting on to start getting some money.

The sad thing is that the Fresno homecare workers' attempt to leave SEIU were mostly the result of being under the old leadership (Rosselli's) that is, ironically, now NUHW. SEIU-UHW and NUHW are the same bullshit.

by SEIU member
Sorry, Indybay, I meant to say that you've hit a new low for posting this biased stuff in the frontpage.

Just what was NUHW promising to homecare workers in Fresno that supposedly SEIU wasn't going to get for them. After all, NUHW is virtually all former SEIU-UHW personnel that left earlier this year. No Andy Stern shit ever came down on Fresno that affected wages or contracts. Oh, man, the irony. And the bullshit from both sides!

NUHW: stop hating on all of SEIU!

SEIU folks... check out !!
by Stan Woods- Oakland
I am not now nor ever have been a member of any SEIU local or the new NUHW . I'm a member of a mainly Blue collar union in the AFL-CIO. But i spent several days in Fresno and Clovis assisting the NUHW campaign and i'm very happy i did .
The issues are very clear . There was no justification for the trusteeship of the UHW (the largest in US Labor history ) . Previous to that the mindboggling scandelous actions by the SEIU International re Nursing home workers , not only forcing a sweetheart contract on those very low paid and grossly exploited folks but actually agreeing to have SEIU lobbyists working side by side with Industry hacks in Sacramento to undermine patient protection !
This isn't ,as some officlals of other unions have labeled it , a ''pissing match '' between Stern and Rosseli . Whatever mistakes the former UHW leaders may or may not have done is very secondary to the urgent need to stop the megomanical power grab of Andrew Stern , who if left unchecked would turn the entire SEIU into a ''company '' union .
And that would do tremendous damage to the Labor movement as a whole .
by SEIU member
the SEIU has its issues doing bad deals, but they are definitely mostly part of the era of corporate ass Andy Stern's shitty members-disempowering policies.

unfortunately, that was supposedly not the case with former UHW staff and officers who are now NUHW. So, it is dishonest for NUHW to be basing their claim to raid/decertify solely on an aspect of SEIU that not only didnt exist prestrusteeship but hasnt existed post-trusteeship. this is TOTALLY DISHONEST AND OPPORTUNISTIC.

It is also time to start calling out NUHW for their involvement in raiding SEIU 1021 and 521 locals in Cali. There is no Andy Stern "company" and back door deals shit happening in either of those locals. NUHW is out of their turf and are raiders. This shit is anti-workers. This is drfinitely some Andy Stern shit. So, it is a pissing match after all.

by Tom Condit
I don't think it's any coincidence that SEIU president Andy Stern's favorite union outside the U.S. is the All-China Confederation of Trade Unions, the world's biggest company union.
by Al Radka
Allegations of threats, harassment, vandalism, and vote tampering are very serious matters.

What are the case numbers for these charges?
Were charges even filed?
Any convictions?
Or is this all just hearsay?
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