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UCSC coalition says No Cuts, No Hikes, No Layoffs

Thursday, May 28, 2009
1:30 PM - 4:30 PM
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Location Details:
Base of UC Santa Cruz Campus, High St and Bay St

Coalition of students, workers, staff, and faculty at UC Santa Cruz says:

When: Thursday, May 28

Press Conference: 1:30

Speakers, Rally, and Dance Party: 2:00-5:00

Where: Base of UC Santa Cruz Campus, High St and Bay St

New UC: [at]

Student of Color Collective:
(for information about the hunger strike and SOCC demands)

Santa Cruz—On Thursday, May 28, students, staff, workers, and faculty alike will rally at the base of the UC Santa Cruz campus to protest the unjust budget cuts made at UCSC. While these cuts are no doubt part of the larger budget crisis in California, the execution of budget reductions at UCSC and across the UC system are unjust and discriminatory.

The event is organized by the New UC, a coalition that seeks to save quality of education in the UC from regressive, belt-tightening attacks, to ensure universal access to education, and to promote the freedom of thought in the university. In response to the administration’s unilateral decision to cut Community Studies department staff, Latin American Latina/o Studies professors, and director positions at the American Indian Resource Center and the Women’s Center, the New UC is calling for those concerned with the direction of higher education in California to “Take the Base” and “Funk the Cuts.”

Thursday’s rally is one of many events organized this week by an assortment of coalitions who share a common cause. On Tuesday, members of the Student of Color Collective (SOCC) began a hunger strike to protest budget cuts to underserved communities. Yet again, budget cuts and institutional policies are most affecting underserved and minoritized communities. In solidarity and support of the hunger strikers and their demands, the New UC is calling for those concerned by recent undemocratic and discriminatory budget cuts to protest, declaring “No Cuts, No Hikes, No Layoffs.”

This won’t be your average protest. In addition to a diverse line-up of speakers, we’re putting the dance shoes on and getting funky in the streets. Whether you come to hear student grievances, show your support for the hunger strikers, or to get funky in the streets, this event is not to be missed.

In recent months the UCSC community has been tirelessly working to save the very attributes that make this university so special and unique. While the three different groups holding actions this week are employing different tactics, they stand united with common concerns and the recognition that our community must engage in a critical analysis and take action in order to gain a seat at the table. Too often are stakeholders left out of the decision making process, and we think it is no coincidence that those same disenfranchised stakeholders are the same groups feeling the pains of budget cuts.

The crisis and cuts at the UC are not merely a result of California’s wider budget crisis. The University of California has seen repeat mismanagement of it’s budget, including the executive payout scandal two years ago, when former UC President Robert Dynes was discovered awarding hundreds of thousands of dollars of executive gifts to administrators within the upper echelons of the UC administration. While the UC has hired new president Mark Yudof with a mandate to supposedly trim the fat from the administrative glut, a closer look at the UC’s budgetary priority demonstrates a different story.

Some facts include: (for more information, see attached document “UC Education in Peril”
Since 2002, undergraduate fees will have increased over 117% 1,2
Since 2002, graduate student fees will have increased over 130% 1,2
UC claims State budget crisis translates to UC budget crisis, yet:
• State provides only 17% of UC budget—and only 4.9% of that is being cut 3
• UC President’s annual compensation of $842,0004 is over twice that of the US President
• Two new UC chancellors being paid salaries 12% and 27% more than their predecessors 5

Meanwhile, the University of California has nearly $5.4 billion in unrestricted funds at their disposal 6


The New UC demands democratic budget allocations: Undergraduates, Graduate Students, and Workers Must Have A Say In The Process!

In addition, we adopt the Student of Color Collective’s demands:

Short Term ( by the end of this quarter 09-10)

•Hire full-time American Indian Resource Center and Women's Center directors with student voice in open hiring process
•Maintain academic integrity and current structure of Community Studies Dept. by keeping field study coordinators Mike Rotkin and Flor Marchetti and Department Manager Penny Stinson and not merging the department into Sociology.
•Retain both Latin American and Latino Studies professors Guillermo Delgado and Susan Jonas
•Makes UCSC a sanctuary campus for undocumented communities
•UCSC openly and publicly support the state and Federal DREAM Act
•Permanent funding for Ethnic- Year-End Ceremonies from college C.A.O.s and Provosts
•Resource Center representative as liaison between local tribes and UCSC in order to maintain respectable relationships with local tribes
•Support Family Student Housing in receiving equitable rent for next year 09-10 funding (no rent increase)
•Fair transparent negotiations with workers and unions to ensure equitable pay, working condition and representation
•No layoffs!
•No worker deportations by ICE
•Freeze on Budget Cuts over the summer, while students are not present

Long Term:

•Institutionalize scholarships and other resources for AB540 students
•Access and affordability to higher education for underrepresented communities- STOP STUDENT FEE HIKES!
•Outreach and retention of faculty and staff of color (including hiring a full-time Counseling & Psychological Services staff of color)
•Fill Asian American “specialist” position for American Studies
•Movement towards an Ethnic Studies Program
•Affordable and quality housing for under resourced immigrant students
•No cuts to Disability student resources
•No cuts to Rape Awareness Programs

1. Office of Strategic Communications, University of California Office of the President. 2003. Q&A on Student Fees, January. Accessed 21 May 2009 at

2. Office of Strategic Communications, University of California Office of the President. 2008. 2008–09 Student Fees, May. Accessed 21 May 2009 at

3. University Budget Office, University of California Office of the President. 2009–10 Budget for Current Operations: Budget Detail, p.18. Accessed 21 May 2009 at

4. Committees on Compensation and Educational Policy, the Regents of the University of California. 2008. Appointment of, and Total Compensation for, Mark G. Yudof as President of the University of California, March. Accessed 21 May 2009 at

5. Chea, Terence. 2009. UC raises fees by 9 percent, names new chancellors. San Francisco Chronicle, 7 May. Accessed 21 May 2009 at

6. University of California. 2008. Audited Financial Report: 2007–08. Accessed 21 May 2009 at
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§Education in Peril at UC
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