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Rogue Prison Staff: Breaking All The Rules
by Boston Woodard (c/o mikerhodes [at]
Thursday Apr 16th, 2009 5:01 PM
A first hand account of life in the Prison Industrial Complex
If one is mindful of the filter news proffered to the public by prison officials from behind prison walls is generated, a better understanding of why the unfettered voices of prisoners is important to the general public.

It is unfortunate that some California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) officials condone prison staff and administrators by allowing them to retaliate and punish those of us (prisoners) who define our surroundings. We define prison in an accurate detail as only one who lives this life can. Hence, the public gets the complete story.

There are some officials overseeing California’s bulging CDCR who do what it takes to stop prisoners from showing and/or describing the internal, daily operations, especially the myriad of illegal and criminal tactics ubiquitous throughout the prison system. Exclusivity of a prisoner’s opinion and observation is practiced on a daily basis behind prison walls.

Once again, this time at Solano State Prison in Vacaville California, prison officials have chosen the course of retaliation in an attempt to stop me from writing about what you should know about what you are paying for.

I’ve been writing for the Community Alliance (a progressive newspaper in Fresno Ca.) for about four years. This publication has allowed me a non-obstructed voice so I can present a prisoner’s side of any given story. Community Alliance editor Mike Rhodes has allowed me this opportunity.

I believe it is also important to say who these rogue prison staff are. They may not flee like so many cockroaches when the light comes on but the light should be on them never the less.

Examples of violations, misconduct and continued retaliatory acts committed by some Solano State Prison rank-and-file guards up to the warden’s level are as follows:

Retaliation, harassment and other vindictive actions toward prisoners by rogue staff can range from; verbal threats, mail tampering, illegal mass punishment (such as unwarranted shake-downs), filing false disciplinary charges on prisoners and other negative documentation, ignoring legally promulgated rules/policies and laws and more. There has been other cases when prisoners have been placed in isolation cells in retaliation for telling the public of prison abuses.

During an interview on a Citizen’s Complaint I filed on prison guard M. Vieira for gross misconduct (prisoners can file under Penal Code 148.6), the interviewer Lieutenant C. Ferguson, blurted that my editor Mike Rhodes “needs his head examined” for allowing me a forum to ‘make up shit!’ Lt. Ferguson went or’ to say that Mike Rhodes is a “Dumb idiot!” I told him I would pass that information on to Mike. The violation here is that this so-called “staff professional” did not discuss the merits of my complaint, but rather used the opportunity to threaten and harangue me regarding my journalistic activities. Mike Rhodes should wear Ferguson’s dim-witted comments as a badge of honor. My complaint against guard M. Vieira stemmed from my article about rogue prison guards. [“it Ain’t So Funny When The Rabbit Has The Gun”: Community Alliance Oct. ‘O8'

After that article was published, a series of retaliatory and vindictive punishments were leveled against me. Two of the rank-and-file guards in my housing unit, M. Vieira and R. Ibarra, ordered me to stop writing (typing my articles) on a prisoner designated table in the day room. Soon after this, during what seemed to be during a fit of rage, Guard Vieira rushed to a bulletin board designated for prisoner use, and shredded one of my published articles off the wall that someone posted. There have been numerous complaints filed on guard Vieira (for multiple counts of misconduct and episodes of bizarre behavior) by other prisoners. This prison guard’s bizarre behavior continues to be ignored by Solano’s administration. Prison grievance/appeals records will verify this.

Using what is known as the “green wall” or the guard’s “code of silence” tactics, some guards will jump on the bandwagon and begin their own retaliation against prisoners. Crossing professional and ethical lines, guard R. Ibarra (Vieira’s cohort) approached me and stated, ‘You’ve been acting funny... you’re becoming a problem and you know what’s coming next!” Shortly after that encounter Ibarra, in a loud voice said to Vieira (so I could hear him of course), “Don’t worry about him, he wont be here much longer.” These are clear threats.

A record of this misconduct needs to be made so I filed a Staff Complaint (Log No.#CSP-S-08-03589) on Ibarra and Vieira’s threats (still pending) and placed it in the out-going mail box. During the night (“First Watch”) shift, another guard, R. Coker, in violation of the law and provisions of their contract that forbids the “code of silence” by tipping a staff member off, informed Vieira and Ibarra the following morning that I had filed a Citizen’s Complaint on them. In violation of the law and my constitutionally protected right to file a grievance, the following verbal exchange, replete with threats occurred:

Guard Ibarra stated to me, “What the fuck’s up man! Why did you file a staff complaint on me?” When I asked Ibarra who told him that, he responded, and could not tell fast enough on first watch guard R. Coker. “First Watch officer Coker said you filed a complaint against me!” I informed Ibarra that it was illegal for him to be threatening me regarding my right to file a grievance. Ibarra then blurted, “You’re pushing it dude! You’d better knock that shit off!”

The actions and threats by these prison guards are of the rogue, green wall, code of silence type and should not be confused with those guards who carry out their duties responsibly and professionally.

The CDCR’s Ethics/code of Silence policies are flagrantly violated by rogue prison staff at Solano State Prison. These violations are well documented and the CDCR’s Departmental Operations Manual (DOM) Article 22 Section 3- 33030.3.1 ‘code of Conduct” delineates the responsibilities, expectations and consequences of these laws.

What makes matters more complicated (and dangerous) is when “upper staff” such as Sergeants, Lieutenants, prison administrators and the warden not only condone this misconduct, but sometimes participate in it; cover up the violations by dumbing-down and/or ignoring the merits of a prisoner’s complaint.

At the behest of guards Vieira and Ibarra, another cohort of their’s - guard S. York, attempted to set me up with a concocted CDC-115, a serious Rules Violation Report (RVR), for “Making Threatening Statements” toward a staff member. This amateurishly thrown together false report was an attempt to have me thrown into the Segregated Housing Unit (SHU), “The Hole. York’s attempt to frame me failed as I was found “Not Guilty’ by a Senior Hearing Officer (SHO) at the disciplinary hearing. There was ‘No threat made. . .” concluded the SHO’s report. The false violation report was expunged from all my records and disposed of. A Citizen’s Complaint is pending on guard S. York for the falsification of the disciplinary report.

Several days after the above incidents, I was ordered to the Facility’s administration building for an interview regarding one of the complaints I filed. The interviewer was again Lieutenant Ferguson. Ferguson began hurling baseless accusations and threats. He bellowed that I had “no right” to write articles about prison staff calling them “stupid, arrogant, greedy or dumb.’ The Lieutenant was referring to the “It Ain’t So Funny When The Rabbit Has The Gun” article. The article referred to rogue guards who break the law. Ferguson, who had his own series of investigations for misconduct, took my article personal.

The day after the so-called interview, Solano’s Facility III Sergeant M. Bradley summoned me for another interview on the same complaint that Lieutenant Ferguson faked an interview on the day before. Sgt. Bradley spent approximately 30 minutes attempting to talk me into dropping the complaint on Vieira. I refused. Two hours later I was ordered to pack all my property and was forced into a retaliatory bed move out of my housing unit of 2 1/2 years to another facility/yard that was being used for prisoners who are “disciplinary problems.”

Twelve days later, I was ordered by, who else?, Sergeant Bradley to the program office under the guise of interviewing me for the same complaint that he wasn’t qualified to hear the first time because a higher ranking Lieutenant interviewed me on it previously, albeit bogus.

During the second “interview”, Sgt. Bradley spent 15-20 minutes orating verbal nonsense which had nothing to do with a grievance. Sgt. Bradley’s “interview” was to make it look “official” so he could justify issuing me a derogatory informative CDC-128-B chrono (informative documentation placed in a prisoners file). This was Sgt. Bradley’s attempt to paint me as a manipulator” and someone trying to “place blame on staff” by claiming I was “loud” and ‘uncooperative.” This practice is pervasive behind prison walls. Believe me when I say, if any of this was true I would have been issued disciplinary reports and put in an isolation cell. Sgt. Bradley is a hurricane of himself who needs to be monitored and documented so he can be held accountable for his unprofessional behavior.

To further prove that Sgt. Bradley was hell-bent on retaliating against me by setting me up, their own signed documentation (movement pass, CDC chrono, etc.) detail that in just a few minutes, Sgt. Bradley called me to an interview, harangued me, threatened me, then sent me back to my housing unit. Minutes later, a guard from a facility on the other side of the prison, delivered a copy of an obviously pre-written documentation with selected verbiage, in an attempt to ensure his intention to make me seem at least uncooperative and manipulative. It takes one to two weeks minimum, to issue an informative chrono on a prisoner, yet Sgt. Bradley accomplished a false documentation on me in a few minutes.

It should be noted that Sgt. Bradley ordered me to the “interview” while Solano State Prison was an hour or so into a full-blown “emergency recall” (lock-down) on October 29, 2008. Prison records will verify this. There is no movement during emergency counts -- in any prison! Sullying me regarding my right to file a grievance was more important to this so-called “public servant” than counting the institution’s population for a possible escapee.

Sergeant Bradley began his retaliatory misconduct against me November of 2006. Bradley, while acting as Solano prison’s mail room sergeant, attempted to silence me by stamping “Unacceptable Material” and “Refused” on the face of an envelope with copies of an article I wrote back to the sender. The correspondence was legitimate. My attempts to have the merits of an appeal I filed were denied. (See “Unacceptable Material” Community Alliance July/2007).

The CDCR has a zero tolerance for unethical behavior or participation in any form of the Code of Silence; meaning disciplinary action will be taken up to and including dismissal or criminal charges- CDCR employees are to bring issues forward rather than cover them up. The Actions of Lieutenant C. Ferguson, Sergeant M. Bradley and guards M. Vieira, R. Ibarra, S. York and R. Coker are flagrant violations of both the ethics and code of silence which is forbidden, by covering up or participating in a prisoner’s right to define his surroundings as a journalist, and a prisoner’s right to file a grievance according to Penal Code Section 148.6.

Citizen’s Complaints have been filed on all staff mentioned in this piece and are pending investigations. Other grievances (citizen’s complaints) have been filed on guards, brass and administrators for their continued attempts to silence me and for violating my constitutionally protected First Amendment/Due Process rights. The names and actions of these prison staff are impending.

I am consulting with attorneys to consider my legal options.


Boston Woodard is a prisoner/journalist in Solano State Prison. Boston has written for The San Quentin News, The Soledad Star and edited The Communicator.

Boston Woodard, B-88207
CSP—Soiano, 23-F-1-L
P.0. Box 4000
Vacaville, CA- 95696-4000

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Comments  (Hide Comments)

by ,
Friday Apr 17th, 2009 1:59 PM
in county JAILS ALSO,a guard beat up a guy just cause he said a joke! its jails too,worse than what you reported.the system is corrupt everywhere.
Across the state, inmate lawyers are being retaliated again for trying to stand up for blatant violations of their constitutional rights. Their families are the ones that should be fighting these battles for them. Boston Woodard needs to be moved before a guard physically harms him or gets another inmate to do it. File complaints with the Solano County Grand Jury and understand that this must be done by the family members themselves, not just by the inmates. Lawsuits can almost never win as the courts are stacked with Conservative judges. There is certainly no place for Boston Woodard to go for help, the lawmakers claim they are "powerless" to protect inmates' first amendment rights. The families of the 3 million prisoners number three million. It is their responsibility to organizing a voting group that is noisy enough, funded enough to stop these abuses.

here are the odds

50,000 or so members of CCPOA

3,000,000 connected to a state prisoner,
another l.5 million on parole

So why is anyone tolerating these abuses year after year, hoping the lawmakers that law enforcement labor unions put into power are going to do the right thing and stop the illegal activity?

You have a pen, a keyboard, a mouth, a brain.

use it to organize.

Boston Woodard needs to be moved to a prison where he is safer.

Matthew Cate's job review hearing is this Wed April 22 - fax objections to his permanent appoint as CDCr Agency Secretary to the Senate 'Rules Committee by Monday night at midnight.

Matthew Cate doesn't care about people like Boston Woodard or any inmate. It is up to we, the people, to care enough to organize to change the laws and stand up for what is legal, moral and ethical. Or we shall all continue to suffer oppression.

Kind of ridiculous when we outnumber everyone.
by Toni Sevchuk
Sunday Apr 19th, 2009 8:18 AM
I know first hand what Mr. Woodard is going through as my husband is also incarcerated here in California, and has had some of the same experiences. In fact those of us who have a loved one behind bars knows this type of treatment all too well. It has to stop, we are the USA and not a third world country where you can almost expect these things. I ask that each and everyone reading these articles please stand behind us and speak out against prison/jail abuse. Men and women or being tortured and killed by these kinds of guards. They are nothing more than gang members in green junp suits, and to think we pay them $75,000 and up per year!

Toni Sevchuk
by DoyleJeffries
Sunday Apr 19th, 2009 9:58 AM
It's a tragedy when you have people in positions of authority and these individuals are eat up with such arrogance as to treat another human being with such contempt. Shame, shame on these rogue guards for their ill-treatment of Boston Woodard. God is watching and He sees everything these guards are subjecting Boston to. The injustices they are inflicting on Boston (and other inmates) will be brought to the light. Justice will prevail and these guards will have to answer for their misconduct.

Boston, people in the free world do care about you and other prisoners. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
by Zane Cannady
Monday Apr 20th, 2009 9:47 AM
Boston's experience and worse is common throughout the Ca. prison system. The organizational culture is one of cruelty and cover up. One only has to look at the confirmation hearings of Matthew Cates to observe the level of skill practiced in the cover ups. The CDCR knows that even a "tough on crime" public would never tolerate the injustice and abuse that is commonplace.
by Katrin Reichhold
Tuesday Apr 21st, 2009 10:29 PM
Through the eyes of the Europeans, the US is, and has been a third world country for quite some many years, and for sure the last eight.

We still have this mentality about how, no matter how bad things are, we cannot even be compared to such species as 'those animals' in other foreign, or third world countries.

Every time, another country commits a crime, we add another medal to all the others. We think we are just so good if nothing as by default.

It's just such a pathetic and uninformed fantasy that we have.

I live in Oregon, and not CA, but the 'evil DNA' we are talking about is spread everywhere like a metastasized cancer.

Even I know first hand about just how bad it is, and when you don't know from experience, the author's words may not mean much. You may think bad is limited to murder, physical torture and rape. but you don't have a clue as to the damage that is being done to people's souls, and you don't understand that these bastard guards are no better than the worst prisoners. That 'bad', or 'criminal' has very little to do with who is on the outside or inside of the cell.

The author is right, but he is also limited since he cannot transmit experience.

This treatment is unfortunately not limited to prisons but i can just imagine what takes place there...the type of stuff 'we good Americans' don't even consider to be part of reality, as reality is no more than an agreement between the majority. but it is not so. At least fiction has to adhere to some 'forms of reality', but reality does not.
by Jayda
Monday Oct 19th, 2009 11:08 AM
I would like help as to where I go to put in a complaint towards Mrs. Chambers @ the Solano/Vacaville State Prison. Please direct me to the right site. Please she is making everybodys life miserable. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Johnson
Monday Oct 8th, 2012 10:04 AM
Your article on Rogue Officers is very enlighting. I have been going through the same incidents with my cousin who is housed at the Corcoran State Prison(H-82249). He was just beaten up on 9-12-2012 for sending me a letter telling of what the Correctional Officers are doing to him also. It is a Travesty of Injustice that they are holding all the cards and keys. My cousin is innocent on the charge of Kidnapping. I have written as high as to the President of the U.S. only to be told to contact Governors. My cousin's past as kid was not so great but he is fully Rehabilitated. Even the Court admitted it erred when they gave him an enhanced sentence.
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