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Justice for Oscar Grant - Johannes Mehserle Bail Hearing
Date Friday January 30
Time 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Location Details
René C. Davidson Alameda County Courthouse
1225 Fallon St., Oakland, CA, 94612

The Bail Hearing is at 2:00 PM in DEPT 011. Make sure to come early due to security checks and parking.
Event Type Court Date
BART’s very own Killer Cop who murdered unarmed and innocent Oscar Grant III, Johannes Mehserle, recently hired high rollin’ lawyer Michael Rains to represent him during his murder trial of Oscar Grant III. At Officer Mehserle's arraignment there was very
little support from the community, on the other hand there were 25 police officers in the courtroom in support of Officer Mehserle. This time, let’s fill the courtroom and then some.

How can we depend on a criminal justice system founded on white supremacy and instilled within the prison industrial complex to bring justice to Oscar Grant III and his family or more importantly, the community of Oakland, which has suffered at the hands of police abuse, brutality, and corruption since its conception?

To those around the world who face an oppressive police state on a daily basis, the people of Oakland, California share your struggle, and if we do not get justice through systemic change, then we will rise up. Our solidarity imprisoned Mehserle, and our
solidarity will see to it that JUSTICE is served. Power to people!

In case the County tries to change the room number or date. Just type in Johannes Mehserle in the following inmate locator to verify.

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by Cleavon
Tuesday Jan 27th, 2009 9:14 AM
Great job on the flyer! I love how the community is coming together around this issue. Activists will arrive at the courthouse at 9am, just in case Johannes Mehserle's Bail Hearing is moved up. You've already seen how the date was pushed back, don't be surprised if the bail hearing itself is pushed up to an earlier time on the 30th!
by AVNevis
Wednesday Jan 28th, 2009 10:29 PM
The East Bay is a stronghold of support for civil liberties. Let's demonstrate that by ensuring that the officer also is treated justly. There is little risk that Mehserle will flee or try to harm anyone if he receives his constitutional right to bail. Just because he is accused of a crime does not mean he should lose his civil liberties.
by Want justice
Thursday Jan 29th, 2009 9:42 AM
If Oscar Grant was alive and accused of killing Mehserle or some other cop there is no way he would be granted bail . In contrast on the rare occasions that cops are charged they are ALWAYS granted bail . Look at the '' Riders '' case . They were all granted bail . One later on jumped bail and fled to Mexico . But strangely no serious attempt by the US govt. to get the Mexican Govt. to extradite him !
Obviously progressives usually support low or personal recoginance bail . Think of all the people spending a year or more in a county jail awaiting trial on often petty charges .
But this is very different. Mehserle will probably be granted bail . But we shouldn't be appaulding that alongside the dozens of Cop supporters that will fill the courtroom backing this stone cold killer .
by (A)
Thursday Jan 29th, 2009 3:08 PM
simple as that. if they let him bail out it shows they only arrested him to prevent another uprising on the 14th. lets show that we aren't that easily placated. the riot was what got mehserle arrested in the first place, lets keep it up until they file charges against the pig who punched Oscar Grant before he was shot.
re: "I Hope he Gets Bail," he's already been free without bail! Even the SF Chronicle, in today's article on the BART investigation, admits that the time Mehserle and other BART police spent free after they killed Oscar Grant has damaged the chances of even bourgeois justice being done. The BART cops should have the same bail abilities as the black and working-class communities they murder: NONE!
I guess that means they moved the hearing up to nine or ten?

Does anyone have more info?