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Anti-Authoriatrian Bloc Against The Attack on Gaza: This Saturday!
by UA in the Bay
Thursday Jan 8th, 2009 10:10 PM
UA in the Bay, an anarchist organization from the Bay Area, is calling on all antiauthoritarians and anticapitalists to march in a bloc this saturday against the Israeli attack on Gaza. We’ll march with ANSWER, but as our own bloc with our own message - WHEN STATES WAGE WAR, THE PEOPLE ARE THE ONES WHO PAY. Come out in black and red and look for the flags and banners. At the end of the march we’ll converge to discuss how we as an anarchist community in the Bay Area can move forward over the coming months. Come out for a lively march this Saturday so we can have an anarchist voice against the occupation and the attacks.


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by Winston Smith
Thursday Jan 8th, 2009 10:20 PM
Hell the fuck yes! The return of the big ass black bloc!
by pieter
Friday Jan 9th, 2009 1:43 AM
Interesting idea, those assemblies after a protest. For some reason, over here, it always ends with broken windows and people detained, while this is surely a better idea.
by dIRT
Friday Jan 9th, 2009 4:41 AM

YES, the movement is getting stronger. Please, keep it up POLICE, keep it up U.S. Government, keep it up Corporations & Banks. I’m loving it! This last decade I have to tell you I’ve been impressed. I have seen the global authoritarian capitalist system belonging to the POWER ELITE do nothing but create more problems helping to plant the seeds of resistance everywhere; throwing the fuel over the fire if you will.

Our Movement grows stronger everyday because of the brutal acts on us by the attack dogs belonging to the rich and powerful. The ruling class and pigs who protect them serve absolutely no purpose and only destruction. People can’t see that they are the ones who are the most reckless with all their endless war that’s given many names but it’s all about the same thing.

People are so quick to condemn retaliation by anarchists but fall short to condemn the violence carried out by there own government. Why is this? What scares me the most is that their violence is a thousand times greater than the small acts of vandalism on government buildings and large corporate store fronts by Anarchist.

I sometimes wonder if these people were dropped on their heads when they were little. Where is their bleeding heart when the government does wrong or does them wrong? The same people who condemn us are the same ones that do and say absolutely nothing about the government and police violence that happens daily, so hopelessly reliant on the system that they will tolerate just about anything that they do. It makes me sick at the extent that people are so brainwashed to this day. It is really saddening.

That means the only violence that many people are willing to accept is violence that is sanctioned by the state. That’s why the police don’t have to sit in jail to wait for their court date like everybody else. Fuck. They get put on administrative leave and get to go home with their family. The government get’s to do what ever they please. This is not a double standard all. It is so discouraging and I am embarrassed.

The rich and their police simply existing as though their existence some how could represent anything positive or serve any real purpose One day the police will no longer own the right to serve them above us. Their biased approach and cuddling up to the rich is nothing more but a declaration of war on the poor and the middle class.

One day there will be no middle class because they are helping them every time they come out in full force with their riot gear to agitate and oppress street protest. They are the culprit. They are the enablers of the war in Iraq and the war just goes on and on and on. One day the media propaganda machine, FRIENDS OF YOU POLICE”, oh you’re all just one big happy family aren’t you? Yes, you all work together. YOU ARE ALL DESPICABLE AND SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOUR SELVES. I JUST WANT TO THROW UP EVERYDAY I WAKE UP AND HAVE TO SHARE THE SAME AIR YOU BREATH. THE WAY YOU ALL WORK TOGETHER IN ONE BIG TEAM AND SOMEHOW GET AWAY WITH IT MAKES ME SICK TO BE APPART OF THE HUMAN RACE. Anyway, the media propaganda machine will no longer have people believing the police are your friends once the people’s repo of the media from the corporations take place and you see how angry the police get once we try to do that.

The media is supposed to be owned by the public. The sale or privatization of media should not be tolerated by the public. We will take back what is ours. There are not enough policemen to jail everybody or to secure the monuments of slavery once they come under attack from every angle. Our right to self determination hijacked from birth will be stored into place.

One day enough people will be woken up to this evil monster. It will be fully visible. That day is coming. That day is our day. And on that day they will push and we will push back and they will fall over. For a government to expect people to behave when that government doesn’t even behave it self or follow it’s own rules is an insult.

We are wondering what a world would be like with out greed, apathetic sheep, rulers, & power trips that get people killed. I know once we get it together we can run things better for our selves in our own communities. The politicians haven’t even been running things the whole time anyway; only for their own class, then they serve really well. So WTF are we waiting around for is how I feel every day.

Banks and Corporations get their bailouts while everybody else gets raped up and down for the last bit they got by their government. And when people get shot in the back when times are already tough the rich mans bloodhounds come out to restore order; order for whose benefit in the end is the real question? The benifit of big business.

It all comes down to the continuation of the money agenda. Big special interests. Go away CEO. Go away asshole boss. Nobody likes you! We all pretend to though. Nobody needs you. You can leave now or stick around and wait for more chaos to ensue this year. Don’t really understand why you would want to do that though?

The only people that will enjoy watching this racist system burn to the ground is us. Right now the militant force of global capitalism reminds me of a large penis beginning to lose its hard-on. It's only a matter of time before it get's replaced by something more fair which is always better?

We can celebrate with fireworks when it’s all over. Yeah, and it will be legal to at that point. Oh, can’t wait. Those wonderful m-80’s and roman candles, those mortar shells, rockets, and loud finale boxes. Oh my god! Just thinking about all of that good stuff being legal in ever state again gives me a....well? The CEO might want to consider taking an early flight out of the country bringing his Storm Troopers from Hell with him! This system of exploitation “minimum wage/slave wage” isn't going to hold together for very long. How about globalized livable wages for everybody? Either lower the cost of living or raise the minimum wage so everybody can get by comfortably. If that fails then maybe we have to go back to bartering because money causes too much greed resulting higtened crime and war.

Life can be made simple if we all really worked hard together. It’s not a matter of how, only a matter of will which they are not willing to do for us so we have to do it our selves. Government violence can't stop what it has already started. From London to Greece from Oakland and to the Middle East we are united. Nobody wants your stupid war. All we want is peace but with you around there can be no peace.

You can't kill us all. You can not get rid of us. We are not going away. “Authoritarian Capitalism” is the disease and the movement against it is the cure! Our alternatives are much safer and are truly fair and balanced, FOX NEWS! We have a much better sense of it. Our vision of democracy is pure in the sense that it refuses to share ANYTHING with anyone who wants to be a greedy asshat.

Greed causes way too many problems. Humans ultimate error “Greed” in anyway shape or form is destructive to the order of any system and there for can not be tolerated for any system to last, especially SOCIALISM. Authority will diminish and eventually disappear once humans adapt and evolve to the idea that there is no longer a need to commit crime in the name of getting ahead.

Once were all appeased we will be at peace and this they don’t want you to know. Then we can truly be civilized and normal human beings like we are supposed to. We must get rid of this pyramid scheme. True Healthy Anarchy can not exist with capitalism. Socialism? Yes, there we at least have a chance but we don't stand a snowball chance in hell wherer we are right now. We have to get used to being economically equal for a while first; having neither a top nor a bottom. As long as we work together and help each other out, baby you are getten yours. No worries.

Having one another’s back when needed will build trust growing even more ties of trust and so forth. People are resisting everywhere. Learn, educate and work for the resistance to better your lives. Don’t give up the fight.

Another world is possible.

by cp
Friday Jan 9th, 2009 8:07 AM
If anyone still has a job, I hope they might prioritize supporting the legal volunteers who have been helping out during the recent burst of activity. Also, bring along your vid cam.
by nlg volunteer
Friday Jan 9th, 2009 9:19 AM
Thank you...yes...volunteers would be great :)
by collective(a)
Friday Jan 9th, 2009 10:45 AM
I think this demo will be a good place for everyone to come together to march as a bloc and foster growth in the anarchist community in the bay. While there has been a fair share of action over the past weeks with the Greek solidarity demo and the Oakland riots, this will be an opportunity to do outreach to groups who are interested in getting involved, and to practice marching together as a group - something we should always trying to get better at. So come out tomorrow with your friends and join other antiauthoritarians in building the (a) movement in the bay.

As far as I know, no one is planning for a breakway or anything of that sort, so at the end of the march it would be a good time to get together to talk about legal support and solidarity for everyone facing charges for the Greek/Oakland demos in our community. There is sure to be lots of action over the next few months, so let's use the march tomorrow as a way to outreach and build capacity. Looking forward to seeing you all in the streets!
by collectie (a)
Friday Jan 9th, 2009 10:51 AM
by Rotraut
Friday Jan 9th, 2009 11:48 AM
Another consideration would be departmental practices for protest policing. Specifically the San Francisco department is prone to (illegal) mass detainments or arrests because groups rarely get organized to challenge this in court and they justify it in their thinking, based on criticism for the most intense protests of the past decade.
I don't want to undermine or contradict the statement about blocs, as it can be very valid elsewhere. Here are links of a simple, incident-free, nonviolent ANSWER march a couple years ago, where a visible bloc was first detained from joining the march after meeting at 16th st BART. This was based on their dark clothing, and the police had to relent after sending this initial message, because hundreds of people in light colored clothing wanted to walk to Dolores park from the station.

The group had an incident free passage within the main march. Later, after the endpoint of the march at Jefferson park, this bloc decided to go to the Love Parade together, and this provided a great opportunity for the police to jump in and mass arrest the concentrated group which had now isolated themselves from the protective buffer of the upstanding citizens in the main march.

Only Josh Wolfe was there to document the scene, and no major media. In other words, it is wise to acclimate to the changing landscape, and consider the possibility of detention due to a bloc configuration... especially when security might not target individuals but may just want to take everyone's name or send a message that they don't like you very much.

Other accounts of 2005 ANSWER march

By the way - I hope that groups (additional to ANSWER) keep up the pressure for a variety of foreign policy involvements that the US has, - particularly Afghanistan, south America, Africa, and not just our concern over Israel. Just because Obama is in, doesn't mean our foreign policy will be changed.
by ?
Friday Jan 9th, 2009 3:15 PM
At the protest website, it's hard to find where this march is even going? What if you only have time to arrive in the afternoon. Are they just rallying at Civic Center, but not walking anywhere?
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