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Alex Jones v. radicals at the DNC
by Youtube-Sybil
Monday Aug 25th, 2008 8:46 PM
After reading an AP blurb which stated that a loud argument broke out Monday between Alex Jones (of the 9-11 Truth movement, and his infowars website and radio show) and an organizer from Recreate 68 at their morning rally against prisons at Civic Center park, I hunted around for some coverage of this incident. There is few independent reports available, but there are quite a few videos put online by Jones himself, as well as witnesses to encounters with Jones in other locations in Denver during the DNC.
The background of this is that Alex Jones, who specializes in reporting on government coverups from a vaguely right-wing perspective, has made a big point of criticizing anarchists and calling them a bunch of paid provocateurs who are undermining his more legitimate anti-government movement. He has a whole video about the Seattle WTO demonstrations where he goes off into fantasyland, calling the anarchists paid government agents, and claiming that they are given free housing and other gifts.
The sad thing about Jones is that about 2/3 of the things he covers, such as the development of FBI and NSA wiretapping technology, and the vast excesses of the Homeland Security department, are really important. When he undermines himself by making crazy claims about legitimate protesters, he hurts us as well as his own project.

Here, a member of the Revolutionary Antiimperialist movement of Denver came over and told Jones he wasn't welcome, and they started shouting about his disrespect towards Recreate 68. He is talking about the prison system, but it is sad how he gets certain crucial things wrong. Very interesting though:

In this Jones video, he is driving in his car recounting the incident. Apparently he had come to talk to Ward Churchill, who he apparently likes. This guy Aaron holding the camera resembles Jones in appearance and could be his brother or son

Now, supporting the side of R68 and RAIM, Jones has been uploading a lot of footage of himself traveling around the city and filming the very large warehouse that they set up for holding political arrestees. In his stream of consciousness talking, he keeps veering into discussion of radical protesters, and repeating his claims of their being paid government provocateurs. He also jokes about potentially beating anarchists if they stand close to him.

This is sort of funny. Even though he has this experience at the morning rally about political prisoners such as Leonard Peltier, and the prison industrial complex, Jones showed up with his crew at Recreate 68's Levitation of the Mint economic justice event, where they gathered by the Mint with a nod to the famous 1967 levitation of the Pentagon called by Jerry Rubin and Dave Dellinger.
Michelle Malkin, of all people, showed up and got in a shouting match with Jones over her explicit and gleeful endorsement of torture. Her security guards started shoving people.
This is intense.

Here is a new submission by a third party that shows Jones approaching the protest and confronting protesters. He is ranting about how anarchists will attack him so he will preemptively pop them. He tells the police to watch the protesters:

Here Jones is driving around looking at the 'FEMA' prisoner processing building, and he keeps making comments about police following him:

Here, his crew continues to walk around this FeMA camp, and has shots of black helicopters overhead. Some of these are astute observations, but at 1:40 His crew seem sort of like underlings.

Jones' assistant has the physical build of the drug-addicted anarchists that they were complaining about a second ago

Here, in yet another video by Jones at Civic Center park in the morning, he complains about anarchists. He says they have all sorts of foundation money and are brought in by the government to intimidate the public.

This is jones previous work, claiming that the same provocateurs went to WTO Seattle

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by Aussie
Tuesday Aug 26th, 2008 6:53 AM
What is wrong with you?

Why are you sticking up for Michelle Malkin?

And what was that moron from R68 doing sticking up for her?
by I.
Tuesday Aug 26th, 2008 8:57 AM
How do you know that these Anarchists are not provocateurs? Any intelligent human who spends some time on this will come to these conclusions easily: 1) Some of these people are real live anarchists and anti-government groups. 2) Governments use infiltration, manchurian candidates, lies, and disinformation to confuse people or rile them up. So, it is entirely possible that government provocateurs could pose as anti-gov groups to cause problems. Maybe only to justify heightened security. Maybe not. but mostly importantly is 3) You, Sybil, have no clue which are or are not government paid pansies. In these times it better to be too cautious than to be complacent. I.
by Sybil
Tuesday Aug 26th, 2008 10:26 AM

By the way, I think I made clear that I don't like Malkin above. I've known about her for a long while because she got her start in Seattle. My grandfather was threatened with a camp during nazi germany for not doing the 'heil' salute (was bailed out by his uncle ), and I am worried a lot about the type of prison and authoritarian state stuff that Jones covers. So... when he starts to show stuff that I can see is paranoid instead of real, it makes me sad.

An example of this would be yesterday. In his own videos, Jones shows himself having a fairly measured conversation with the Recreate 68 group, then he walks away muttering about how they were pushing him or violating his free speech. You could only violate someone's first amendment if you are the government. He also tells an officer to go investigate an anarchist that he is pointing at. see here:
Here on Peter Boyle's radio show this morning, he also has this thing saying that anarchists keep bumping into him and saying 'it's a great day in the neighborhood' as though it's a signal. What? I've never heard of such a thing, and I've gone to lots of events. Maybe the crazies magnet towards him. I guess I have a couple friends who are freak magnets as well, so it's not impossible. Why is he so touchy about the guy in the green shirt and funny hat shouting things. I think 90% of people would say he's a harmless class clown.

I recognize or know a couple people at the DNC. Most people didn't go. Anyway, Indybay has done a ton of coverage on Eric McDavid who was given a 19 year!!! sentence recently, despite never committing a crime. An 18 year old (!) informant who picked him up at the DNC and RNC in 2004 and then spent months cajoling him into practicing making explosives for fun in the backyard, in a cabin that the FBI had outfitted with secret cameras. This is a real, very well documented case, and for sure, there are a bunch of similar informant types probably walking around Denver this week. It's important to stay safe.
It seems like half the cameramen at the DNC events are a bunch of 'zombietime' -esque right wingers (neocon, not paleo ) busy documenting everyone. Have you seen their 'people's press collective', filled with footage. Because they have about 6 videos of Jones + Malkin, this means that most of those cameras you see there are out-of-work older conservatives.
by Ren Rivers
Tuesday Aug 26th, 2008 10:28 AM
Having been around since before the 1968 DNC, I would like to point out, that during the 1960's, and early 70's, there were plenty of "fake hippies," i.e. "narcs" on the payroll of local, state, and federal government. Information has come out, showing that it is undeniable that such notables as Rennie Davis, Jerry Rubin, Abbie Hoffman, and Tom Hayden, all members of the "Chicago Seven" were being paid by the CIA, to abort any chance , Hubert Humphrey might have being elected President. Sherman Skolnick wrote a series of articles on the subject, which can be found here: While some may think that operations by the CIA and other intelligences groups were only carried out in foreign countries, records prove that that was and has not been the case, and that operations have been carried out in the United States, as far back as at least prior to World War II, and that these operations involved paying "provocateurs" to disrupt peaceful demonstrations, in order to sway public opinion for or against an issue. So how could it possibly be ludicrous to believe that such could be possible, now, given the present state of affairs and political climate in the United States? Anyone who knows who knows of Michelle Malkin, knows that she is a part of the Faux News Misinformation Network, which brings me to ask, how could any real anarchist defend someone of her ilk? Once you add all of this together, how can you not suspect that "Recreate 68" is in fact a group paid and financed much like the "Chicago 7" were in the 1960's and early 70's?.
by Mark
Tuesday Aug 26th, 2008 10:59 AM
We need more people like Alex Jones to confront evil like he did. And, we need less people apologizing for him and thatorganizer from Recreate 68 is a sell out for supporting Michelle Malkin.
by Sybil
Tuesday Aug 26th, 2008 11:25 AM
Wait... I'm trying to figure out who you all are referring to. Do you happen to be looking at a tall 'security guard' type guy wearing a black t-shirt with a white-logo who moves to stand in front of Jones, and then Jones says 'who are you?'.... and are you saying he is a member of Recreate 68 that is protecting Malkin? I had this thought for two seconds before quickly noting that it is a different t-shirt. He came with Malkin, and was not some sort of peace-keeper.

Here is someone's link of their video showing the initial encounter of Malkin with Jones, and he shows one of the Malkin entourage going over and lying to a police officer, saying that Alex was assaulting their group.

Or are you referring to something else? I think it's weird that Jones is objecting to the jerk behind him yelling offensive things when he is being loud too. I'm not at all saying that an appeal to reason and ethics will work with someone like Malkin. Many people have a false notion that just speaking more persuasively and reasonably will bring people around to their side. Only reasonable people respond to reason. But.. he still is objecting to other people using elements of his own style.
by Matt Richards
Tuesday Aug 26th, 2008 11:41 AM
I've watched all of the Alex Jones videos. If you watch in detail he makes a distinction between Recreate 68 and paid anarchists. What he is concerned about isn't legitimate protest, but provocateurs. He wasn't looking for a fight with legitimate protesters, what he was saying is that he's not going to take physical bullying from some so-called anarchist punks who are really provocateurs. Let me be clear, he's concerned about those who are government agents posing as legitimate protesters.

Also, he's making film for a documentary, so that is what the so-called rambling is about. I don't 100% agree with everything Alex believes, but I think he's on target about a lot of issues. His goal is to expose the government, not to go after other protesters. Watch his videos fully and put everything into context.
by Iconoclast421
Tuesday Aug 26th, 2008 4:53 PM shows clear evidence of provocateur action in Canada. This time they were caught and admitted it.

Obviously not every anarchist is going to be a provocateur. But Alex is just trying to make sure people keep their eyes open to any provocations. They are most likely to come from people wearing masks and such. There really is no reason to wear a mask at a protest, except to demonize legitimate protests, knowing that the media will focus on the crazies masking their faces.