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Alex Jones v. radicals at the DNC

by Youtube-Sybil
After reading an AP blurb which stated that a loud argument broke out Monday between Alex Jones (of the 9-11 Truth movement, and his infowars website and radio show) and an organizer from Recreate 68 at their morning rally against prisons at Civic Center park, I hunted around for some coverage of this incident. There is few independent reports available, but there are quite a few videos put online by Jones himself, as well as witnesses to encounters with Jones in other locations in Denver during the DNC.
The background of this is that Alex Jones, who specializes in reporting on government coverups from a vaguely right-wing perspective, has made a big point of criticizing anarchists and calling them a bunch of paid provocateurs who are undermining his more legitimate anti-government movement. He has a whole video about the Seattle WTO demonstrations where he goes off into fantasyland, calling the anarchists paid government agents, and claiming that they are given free housing and other gifts.
The sad thing about Jones is that about 2/3 of the things he covers, such as the development of FBI and NSA wiretapping technology, and the vast excesses of the Homeland Security department, are really important. When he undermines himself by making crazy claims about legitimate protesters, he hurts us as well as his own project.

Here, a member of the Revolutionary Antiimperialist movement of Denver came over and told Jones he wasn't welcome, and they started shouting about his disrespect towards Recreate 68. He is talking about the prison system, but it is sad how he gets certain crucial things wrong. Very interesting though:

In this Jones video, he is driving in his car recounting the incident. Apparently he had come to talk to Ward Churchill, who he apparently likes. This guy Aaron holding the camera resembles Jones in appearance and could be his brother or son

Now, supporting the side of R68 and RAIM, Jones has been uploading a lot of footage of himself traveling around the city and filming the very large warehouse that they set up for holding political arrestees. In his stream of consciousness talking, he keeps veering into discussion of radical protesters, and repeating his claims of their being paid government provocateurs. He also jokes about potentially beating anarchists if they stand close to him.

This is sort of funny. Even though he has this experience at the morning rally about political prisoners such as Leonard Peltier, and the prison industrial complex, Jones showed up with his crew at Recreate 68's Levitation of the Mint economic justice event, where they gathered by the Mint with a nod to the famous 1967 levitation of the Pentagon called by Jerry Rubin and Dave Dellinger.
Michelle Malkin, of all people, showed up and got in a shouting match with Jones over her explicit and gleeful endorsement of torture. Her security guards started shoving people.
This is intense.

Here is a new submission by a third party that shows Jones approaching the protest and confronting protesters. He is ranting about how anarchists will attack him so he will preemptively pop them. He tells the police to watch the protesters:

Here Jones is driving around looking at the 'FEMA' prisoner processing building, and he keeps making comments about police following him:

Here, his crew continues to walk around this FeMA camp, and has shots of black helicopters overhead. Some of these are astute observations, but at 1:40 His crew seem sort of like underlings.

Jones' assistant has the physical build of the drug-addicted anarchists that they were complaining about a second ago

Here, in yet another video by Jones at Civic Center park in the morning, he complains about anarchists. He says they have all sorts of foundation money and are brought in by the government to intimidate the public.

This is jones previous work, claiming that the same provocateurs went to WTO Seattle
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