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Professor Releases Second Report Exposing the Fraud of the CDFA LBAM Eradication Program
by Report by Professor Glen Chase
Tuesday Aug 19th, 2008 11:37 AM
Glen Chase, a Professor of Systems Management, has released a second report identifying the CDFA LBAM eradication program as a fraud.


August 19, 2008, Santa Cruz, California

Contact: Professor Glen Chase
glenchase [at]

Light Brown Apple Moth (LBAM) in California
The True Story: Summary & References
Through June 19, 2008
Prepared For The People by Professor Glen Chase

Glen Chase, a Professor of Systems Management, has released a second report identifying the CDFA LBAM eradication program as a fraud.

Professor Chase's first report revealed the falsehoods the CDFA delivered after June 19 when courts and public pressure stopped the CDFA from aerial spraying synthetic pheromone based pesticides directly on cities. This second report reveals the fraud and misinformation delivered by the CDFA from the fall of 2007 until June 19, 2008.

"CDFA has demonstrated that they will lie, cheat and even sacrifice the lives of California's children in order to steal $100's of millions of emergency funds, set aside for real emergencies."

"We are now into the third year after noticing the Light Brown Apple Moth in California and recognizing that LBAM has been living here about 30-50 years or more, while doing NO DAMAGE. The CDFA is getting more and more desperate to quickly implement fake emergency eradication methods, so they can access the emergency funds and pretend they are saving California by stopping the LBAM from doing damage. For emergency funding, it seems the CDFA would claim to save us from Lady Bugs, if we didn't know better."

The only real emergency is the CDFA. The CDFA is planning to expose children and adults to toxins by many methods and interfere with natural balances in nature in order that programs are ongoing that appear to be a legitimate eradication. CDFA is also threatening the existence of small farmers and nursery businesses by imposing quarantines on their products, without assisting them financially.

In July, Professor Chase called for an independent State investigation of the CDFA program asking that charges be brought against those who are guilty of violating the public trust and guilty of child endangerment by endangering children's lives with toxins applied directly onto their bodies and into the air they must breath. "As more and more people and elected officials are learning the truth about LBAM and the CDFA, the likelihood grows that the participants in this eradication fraud at CDFA will pay for their crimes."

The cover, alone, of Professor Chase's report is well worth the download. The entire report is a quick read, and it offers the most relevant references and videos within each subject area for those who are interested in a deeper look into the world of LBAM and CDFA fraud.

Glen Chase is a Professor of Systems Management specializing in Environmental Economics and Statistics. Glen served as an Associate Professor teaching graduate level courses in Systems Management at USC for eight years. He has taught at multiple universities in the Central Coast area, including The Naval Post Graduate School, The Monterey Institute of International Studies and Cal State University, Monterey Bay. Glen is also a Management Consultant. Currently, Professor Chase develops management systems to assist organizations that cater to the improvement of life for children with disabilities.

Background Note: the area of Systems Management within Chase's field involves management, communication and integration of complex and often highly specialized sciences. Systems Management was not generally recognized 100 years ago, when a single scientist could be a master of all areas related to his/her work. Today, it is essential.


CDFA LBAM Eradication Program reported to be a Fraud (July 15th, 2008)

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by hotchilipepper
Tuesday Aug 19th, 2008 9:54 PM
Please ask that all the people be sent a medical form to be tallied to show that thousands were affected, along with reporting dead or sick animals, birds, bees, etc.
Remember the emergency authority for us to be sprayed monthly for several years, is still on the books - and we need to have that reversed by our legislators. Or millions of dollars will continue to pour into the LBAM eradication program. We need to ask that never again can any one person or one department be given the authority to cross the line and actually crop dust humans and the environment with an untested sythentic pheromone based pesticides.
We need to remove the LBAM as a troublesome pest, it has proved otherwise. The LBAM Host List - Horticulture has many plants that the LBAM would not even go after to eat, or they wouldn't be in the climate the LBAM lives. thanks again for speaking up and I hope this encourages other professors in science, engineering or horticulture to have the courage to also speak up.
Gratefully & sincerely thanks!
by John Pavon
(johnpavon [at] Wednesday Aug 20th, 2008 8:06 AM
Recent research shows that yes Ladybugs do migrate at the end of the summer/early fall, but if the Do-it-your self farmer/gardener can improve the stay of their friendly Ladybug herd by providing them a nesting box, home or house. They eat other insects besides aphids like plant lice, whitefly and scale insects. Two years of research show that most ladybugs leave to look for a home they make home from a squirrel hollowed out hole in a tree where they become pray from birds. I have had good luck with a house designed for the Convergent lady beetle, Scientific name: Hippodamia convergens, which is native to California. The Best Lady Bug House takes in consideration of their basic needs: Location, Food, Shelter, Protection , and a nourishing Environment. visit web site
by Concerned Citizen
Wednesday Aug 20th, 2008 8:58 PM
If several people get sick at a fast food restaurant, or from eating a certain food they bought at the store, the state and federal governments launch an investigation, warn the public, and try to protect others from possible harm. Yet when hundreds -- probably thousands -- of people got sick after their neighborhoods in Central California were sprayed with pesticides that contained known toxins, the state and federal government did almost nothing. A lot is at stake. We need an elected official to be a hero and lead an investigation that will prevent tragedies like this from impacting hundreds of thousands of other people in the future. Bravo, Professor Chase, for keeping the public focused on this critical issue!
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