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CDFA LBAM Eradication Program reported to be a Fraud 
by Report by Professor Glen Chase
Tuesday Jul 15th, 2008 2:08 PM
Glen Chase, a Professor of Systems Management, has released a report identifying the CDFA LBAM eradication program as a fraud. "CDFA claims the moth is an emergency and pretends that they can eradicate it in order to steal $100's of millions from taxpayer emergency funds, set aside for real emergencies."

July 15, 2008, Santa Cruz, California

Glen Chase, a Professor of Systems Management, has released a report identifying the CDFA LBAM eradication program as a fraud. "CDFA claims the moth is an emergency and pretends that they can eradicate it in order to steal $100's of millions from taxpayer emergency funds, set aside for real emergencies."

"CDFA's fraudulent goal of eradication is based on a fake emergency, which was confirmed invalid by The Monterey and Santa Cruz County Superior Courts when both ruled that the CDFA violated California's Environmental Law by claiming an emergency exemption and spraying pesticides on populated areas." Both courts also found that no damage from this moth had occurred, contrary to CDFA's claim.

After the court rulings and after 31 cities passed resolutions to stop the spray of pesticides from this program, the CDFA gave up the aerial spray of synthetic pheromone based pesticides directly on cities. CDFA claimed it was the only method to eradicate the moth within the window of opportunity of only months that existed for eradication.

Now the CDFA reports they will instead use an untested sterile moth release program that won't be fully operational for three years, in 2011. "How the window of opportunity to eradicate the moth magically jumped from just months to years is a story that the CDFA is still working on."

"The CDFA continues to use the fear tactic of potential damage, so they falsely advertise that the moth is a recent arrival to California. The CDFA had the moth confirmed as a Light Brown Apple Moth in February 2007 and CDFA uses that date to imply that the moth arrived then. Actually, the moth was first noticed in California in June 2006 in the back yard of Jerry Powell, a retired UC entomologist in Berkeley. The widespread population of the moth in California and the specific population densities of the moth when analyzed with real science and statistics dictates that the moth has been in California for at least 30-50 years. Zero damage and LBAM being here many years pulls the rug out on CDFA's claim that LBAM is a serious threat. It also reveals the unnecessary and fraudulent eradication program. However, CDFA continues to falsely associate February 2007 with the arrival date. Recently, at the July 8 Sonoma County Board of Supervisors meeting, CDFA, in desperation, claimed that modern truck transportation is responsible for the wide spread location and population densities of the moth."

If 100,000 LBAM would create a certain amount of damage, then 5,000 LBAM would generate 5% of that damage. Tens of thousands of LBAM have been trapped in California indicating that tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands or more exist in California. Zero damage has occurred from these numbers of LBAM. If and when the LBAM population grows to five or ten or 1,000 times what it is today, the damage will then be zero multiplied by the increase in LBAM. And zero times any number is still zero. Therefore, no potential damage exists from LBAM."

Chase says: "CDFA's fraudulent goal of eradication based on the fake emergency is an invalid goal. Therefore all aspects of the CDFA program, aerial spray, ground spray, splat, twist ties, sterile moth release, etc. are also invalid, since all are intended to accomplish the invalid goal. And the level of poisons applied in populated areas by each method is infinitely too large since none of them are necessary."

Professor Chase is calling for a truly independent State investigation of this program and asking that charges be brought against those who are guilty of violating the public trust and guilty of child endangerment by endangering children's lives with toxins applied directly onto their bodies and into the air they must breath.

Glen Chase is a Professor of Systems Management specializing in Environmental Economics and Statistics. Glen served as an Associate Professor teaching graduate level courses in Systems Management at USC for eight years. He has taught at multiple universities in the Central Coast area, including The Naval Post Graduate School, The Monterey Institute of International Studies and Cal State University, Monterey Bay. Glen is also a Management Consultant. Currently, Professor Chase develops management systems to assist organizations that cater to the improvement of life for children with disabilities.

Background Note: the area of Systems Management within Chase's field involves management, communication and integration of complex and often highly specialized sciences. Systems Management was not generally recognized 100 years ago, when a single scientist could be a master of all areas related to his/her work. Today, it is essential.

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by donna kuhn
Tuesday Jul 15th, 2008 3:52 PM
thank you, professor chase, for writing this very clear and honest report. i did not like the way you were dismissed in the media when you asked what happened to this urgent window of opportunity we had to be poisoned for. they gave some lame excuse as usual, oh the timeline (emergency) was never about time, it was about the ability to set up traps. huh?

it would all be very comical and i hope it is someday but i had to stop reading for awhile when you pointed out we were poisoned for no reason and lied to and made fun of. thank you for pointing out permethrin is potentially worse than the spray. my suitcase is packed till this whole thing is stopped. i refuse to be sickened again.
by via
Wednesday Jul 16th, 2008 3:38 PM
Photo credit to Uckhet.

Let it not be forgotten that though the deadly specter of aerial spraying has now passed by the urban communities of California, thousands of innocent people were sprayed by the CDFA with toxic pesticides in the fall of 2007.

Let it not be forgotten that Monterey and Santa Cruz families were grievously sickened by this sudden assault, that an infant and a little girl nearly lost their lives, and that some of the victims are still sick nearly a year after the enforced aerial spraying.

Let it not be forgotten that the long term effects of their exposure to this pesticide remain unknown to all of us.

Let it not be forgotten that these innocent people suffered not only a chemical assault, but utter disruption of their normal daily lives and a constant and severe level of psychological distress. This time of distress will be remembered by all who experienced it, especially the little children who will grow up with the understanding that, sometimes, corrupt governments attack their own people.

Let it not be forgotten that countless wild animals, companion animals, and wild and endangered birds were damaged by this assault. It is likely that thousands of birds were killed by the aerial spraying of pesticides over their habitat. Residents continue to report that no hummingbirds have been seen in their neighborhood since the spraying began some 10 months ago. A count of fatalities in mammalian and aquatic animal families is unknown. It is unknown how many bees, butterflies and other insects were decimated by the spraying of pesticides on the Central Coast.

by Question
Wednesday Jul 16th, 2008 4:26 PM
I agree completely. However, a government program always has some goal, weather implied or not. The question we need to ask is; what was the real goal of aerial spraying in one of the most liberal areas in the US? The Government is experimenting with pheromones to generate fear in people for military applications. What experiment where we truly in?

by Susa
Wednesday Jul 16th, 2008 10:09 PM
Professor Chase thank you for the time you spent to write such an interesting article. The spraying was a terrible thing our government did to us. Hundreds of dead birds and people getting ill is serious business.

It would be interesting to know all the different chemicals and metals that they have sprayed on us? The moth spraying is not the only time they have sprayed. The sky was saturated with chemtrails for months. I notice they have stopped the chemtrails since the second fire in the county broke out. I hope there will be no more spraying of any kind.

I also found the comments interesting. Thank you all.
by Frank Billings
Tuesday Dec 16th, 2008 5:59 PM
The key management people in the CDFA regarding this fake LBAM program truly are mass murderers of children. We don't usually see the children die immediately, but millions of childrens lives are compromised by these lowest of earth things, the CDFA Management, that are heartless and cowardly murderers of the potential lives of our children.
Schwarzenegger has subversively given millions of $ to Sutterra, paying the corporation who financed his campaign to poison us with Nazi nerve gas in our sleep, robbing $ from California's educational and social services budget. His mismanagement of the budget generated his excuse for fiscal emergency. Get a refund from Suterra. The agenda is extermination of humans, not moths. Recall/impeach Gov. Schwarzenegger. His sins are worse than Grey Davis'. I'm going blind from being sprayed. Blurring of vision is getting worse not better. Straight A student son had to drop out of school. Couldn't get out of bed for months. Youngest daughter cried about burning eyes, & is also complaining about blurred vision. What happened to the Swans and Geese at Swan Lake in Santa Cruz? They disappeared the night of the spray along with the songbirds in the back yard. Lots of people with nose bleeds and sickness that they didn't know how to report. Clinic wasn't taking complaints. Elderly died. While our eyes were burning indoors with CDFA refusing to stop flying back and forth over our house, even though I called them, told them they were killing us, and we needed to be evacuated, the birds and wildlife felt the pain of death, getting it sprayed in their eyes.
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