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Free Palestine!!! End the blockade on Gaza!!! Demolish the Israeli-apartheid wall!!!
by E.
Friday Jan 25th, 2008 9:05 PM
ANSWER Coalition called a demonstration in front of the Israeli Consulate in San Francisco to protest the blockade of Gaza by the so-called Israeli “defense force”. This collective punishment has led to the death of hundreds of Palestinians who are in need of food and medicine.
With blood, with spirit, we will redeem you Palestine!!!
§end the blockade
by E. Friday Jan 25th, 2008 9:05 PM
§Land of the freaks
by E. Friday Jan 25th, 2008 9:05 PM
Zionist-racists were present, showing their pride in the long association of Israel and America (both “free”, and “democratic”). The Zionist-zombie on the right was taking photos the whole duration of the demonstration.
The apartheid-supporters were yelling some racist slogans against Islam and Muslims, accusing Arafat of corruption (unlike Sharon or Olmert), and justifying the starvation and blockade of medicine to one and half million Palestinians.
§End the blockade on Gaza!!!
by E. Friday Jan 25th, 2008 9:05 PM
§End the blockade on Gaza!!!
by E. Friday Jan 25th, 2008 9:05 PM
§End the blockade on Gaza!!!
by E. Friday Jan 25th, 2008 9:05 PM
§End the blockade on Gaza!!!
by E. Friday Jan 25th, 2008 9:05 PM
§End the blockade on Gaza!!!
by E. Friday Jan 25th, 2008 9:05 PM
§End the blockade on Gaza!!!
by E. Friday Jan 25th, 2008 9:05 PM
§End the blockade on Gaza!!!
by E. Friday Jan 25th, 2008 9:05 PM
§End the blockade on Gaza!!!
by E. Friday Jan 25th, 2008 9:05 PM
§Re: Islam van guy
by Re: Saturday Jan 26th, 2008 9:26 PM
That guy usually hangs around near 16th and Mission and also hands out things on BART. Hes a bir crazy but mostly harmless (seems like either an evangelical jesus bus guy who converted to Islam or someone inspired by Jesus freaks... definitely different from normal Islamic fundamentalists...)

He drives around SF all the time and I'm pretty sure he had nothing to do with the protest.

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by Keep up the good work!
Saturday Jan 26th, 2008 12:28 AM
Don't let the right wing nazis who support u.s. and israeli terror states shout you down!
keep speaking truth to power!
by $
Saturday Jan 26th, 2008 5:47 AM
Thank you all who braved the storm to protest US-Israeli fascism paid for with US tax dollars to the tune of $6 billion a year to maintain the US military base called Israel, the 4th largest military power in the world and a nuclear power, to protect US oil profits. Collective punishment of 1.5 million people or any group of people is a crime against humanity and the 60 year occupation, genocide, torture and theft of Palestinian land is all one crime against humanity that must and will end. Not only do we have many books in the list below describing Zionist-Nazi Germany and Zionist-Nazi USA collaboration, we now have a very important contribution with Ilan Pappe's contribution, quoting the diaries of David Ben Gurion, the first prime minister of this stinking, rotten, racist, theocratic little fiefdom of US imperialism, Israel, in which he described the planned genocide and expulsion of the Palestinians, many of the survivors and their descendants being the occupants of tiny little Gaza that is literaly being strangled to death by the USA and Israel. History is with us; we shall win. Instead of the theocractic, racist, military puppet gang of thugs of the USA called Israel, there will be a socialist, secular Palestine and a socialist secular Middle East. US imperialism is crumbling; with each stock market crash, we should cheer the end of this stinking, rotten bankrupt social order. We have nothing to lose but our chains; we have a world to win.

The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine by Ilan Pappe
(2006) Oneworld Publications, ISBN 978-1-85168-555-4
(Has full details on the 1948 to present mass murder of boys and men, rape and murder of girls and women and theft of Palestinian land.)

Zionism in the Age of Dictators by Lenni Brenner at

The Iron Wall by Lenni Brenner at

The Hidden History of Zionism by Ralph Schoenman at

51 Documents: Zionist Collaboration with the Nazis edited by Lenni Brenner
(2002) Barricade Books, New Jersey, ISBN 1-56980-235-1

The Transfer Agreement by Edwin Black
(1984, 2001) Carroll & Graf, NY, ISBN 0-7867-0841-7

The Third Reich and the Palestine Question by Francis Nicosia
(1985) University of Texas Press, ISBN 0-292-72731-3

Israel-Palestine on Record by Howard Friel and Richard Falk
(2007) Verso, ISBN 978-1-84467-109-0 (Contains eyewitness testimony for 2000 to 2006 of Israeli destruction of Palestinians homes and the horrors of daily life in Occupied Palestine due to daily Israeli terrorism, all paid for with $6 billion US tax dollars annually, making Israel the 4th largest military gang in the world).
by weird
Saturday Jan 26th, 2008 8:38 PM
Any one get photos of the truck with teh Koronic verse? The one that said "Islam: before its too late?"
by truck photo
Saturday Jan 26th, 2008 8:53 PM
by Koran truck
Saturday Jan 26th, 2008 8:55 PM
"Turn to Islam before its too late"
by Slight correct $
Saturday Jan 26th, 2008 9:57 PM
History is with us; we shall win. Instead of the theocractic, racist, military puppet gang of thugs of the USA called Israel, we will have a theocractic, racist, military puppet gang of thugs called Palestine.
And no one will care, because no one cares about the theocractic, racist, military puppet gang of thugs called Syria, or the theocractic, racist, military puppet gang of thugs called Libya, or the theocractic, racist, military puppet gang of thugs called Burma.

by it’s our only choice.
Saturday Jan 26th, 2008 11:01 PM
Right, because we should choose between racist Israel and the dictatorship in Syria or between imperialist America and the Burma regime (which Israel trained and sold weapons to).

Zombie, instead of coming here with your false logic (which goes so well with Zionist-racist ideology) you should have said something to your apartheid-supporter friends who were yelling racist slogans against Islam and Muslims.
Aren’t you ashamed to be on the side of the people who support American Imperialism, the bombing and occupation of millions of people in Iraq to gain oil profit while pretending to protect “democracy”? Aren’t you ashamed to talk about the Holocaust every second of the day, while upholding an apartheid state that built the biggest ghetto ever to exist? Aren’t you ashamed to talk about how Islam is so radical and essentially violent, while your apartheid-country takes millions of dollar from Christian-Fascists who believe that Jews killed Jesus and that Israel should be supported so a war can come about between Christians and Jews? You and your racist friends have made a freak-show out of Judaist tradition that has stood for many years and was part of, until the Nakba, many fights for civil rights.

You are a disgrace to everything that Jews endured for so many centuries by racist regimes.
by But I digress
Saturday Jan 26th, 2008 11:56 PM
"Burma regime (which Israel trained and sold weapons to). "

No darling. That would be China, the leading supplier of weapons to Burma

"In the 1990s, China became Burma's most important trading partner, according to Amnesty International, providing more than $2 billion worth of weapons and military equipment, including tanks, armored personnel carriers and artillery pieces such as howitzers, antitank guns and antiaircraft guns, some sold at below-market prices."
Sunday Jan 27th, 2008 12:23 PM
Why Zionism Is Racism

Zionism is a racist and irredeemable movement, like Bolshevism, Nazism, and Apartheid.

By Rabee' Sahyoun
Posted: 11 Rabi-u-Thani 1422, 3 July 2001

(Note: This article is a direct response, using the same format, on a line by line basis, to an editorial that appeared in the Montreal Gazette on April 26, 2001, written by Gil Troy, a Professor of History at McGill University.)

On this, the 53rd anniversary of the Nakbe' (the Catastrophe of the Palestinian people), it is all too tempting for friend and foe alike to define Israel, and zionism, solely by the Americans' proclamations of its enlightened democracy. To do so is to miss the normal atrocities that occur in Israel daily, the millions who are under curfew and blockade, starving and brutalized, in the Middle East's only colonized state. To do so is to feign the reality of zionism, a racist and irredeemable movement, that survived the twentieth centuries' other genocidal and seemingly passing revolutions such as Bolshevism, Nazism, and Apartheid.

A century ago, zionism extended Western colonialism to Palestine.

The sad truth is that over a century after its founding, zionism seems to be grander and more honorable than its reality. Arabs have suffered from Zionism's belligerence and exclusivity, and many have blamed the United States, and the West, for this because of their unshakeable support of zionism. Israeli aggression over the past seven months has finally renewed international recognition that zionism is racism.

On this anniversary of the Nabke', it is now up to all Jews to follow in the footsteps of the brave few, and denounce the racist and separatist nature of zionism, while the world should encourage them to do so. The world should not allow the torchbearers of zionism to silence and quell the idealism of these few. No nationalism is pure, no movement is perfect, no state is ideal, but today, Zionism persists as a menace, a militaristic and dictatory movement to me and to most Palestinians. A century ago, zionism extended Western colonialism to Palestine; today, as in the rest of the world, colonialism must be ideologically purged from Palestine.

I believe that zionism is racism, because 53 years after being exiled from their homeland, in defiance of the four Geneva Conventions, UN Resolutions 181, 194, 242, 338, and others, and other multilateral and international human rights conventions, including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the disinherited refugees of Palestine, continue to endure merciless punishment from the Zionist entity, most recently in the bulldozing of makeshift homes in the Khan Younis refugee camp in Gaza.

I believe that zionism is racism, because I am a Palestinian, and without recognizing the colonialist component in zionism, I cannot explain its racist character, a western movement uprooting the native peoples of Palestine, Muslim, Christian, Jew, Samaritan alike, a people bound to their land, through centuries of raising orange groves, and herding sheep, lending grace to the Hills of God, historically, religiously and culturally.

I believe that zionism is racism, because it fails to appreciate or acknowledge the Palestinians' ties to their homeland, their love for their historical capital, Jerusalem, and the 53-yar plight they have endured as refugees worldwide, in Europe, in North America, in camps Dheishe, Shatila, Wehdaat and others, never giving up hope or struggle in yearning to return home.

I believe that zionism is racism, because it fails to admit the reality that the minority indigenous Jewish community in Palestine, that lived there for the last two thousand years, was an undistinguishable people from its Christian and Muslim Palestinian brethren, and that the leader of the Jewish community of the Jewish quarter of Old Jerusalem, Rabbi Lamram Blau, stood on the side of his Palestinian brothers and sisters being exiled in 1948.

I believe that zionism is racism because in modern times, the promise of liberal democracy and justice is a double-edged sword, preached by the Western powers, yet only paid lip-service to in the case of Israel, where Palestinian are continuously expelled, ethnically cleansed, and subjugated, and in the cases where they are assimilated, they are granted, limited, if any, civil rights.

I believe that zionism is racism, because in establishing the racially exclusive state of Israel, in 1948, and expelling the indigenous Palestinians from the land, the zionists severed a relationship that people had to the land for over 4,000 years, uninterrupted, since before Abraham.

I believe that zionism is racism, because in building Israel, the zionists were revising history, embracing the notion of racial superiority, an ideology that has empowered them to discriminate, with all of its associated social ills, injustices, and moral bankruptcy.

I believe that zionism is racism because it fails to distinguish between the nationalism of the American, based on multi-cultural harmony, and the racial exclusivity, separatism, ethnic cleansing, and brutality of zionism, that stands in clear violation of the most basic elements of international law and human rights practices, as most recently highlighted by reports issued by Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch.

I believe that zionism is racism because in our world of post-modern identities, I know that we do not have to be "either-ors", we can be "ands and buts" – a zionist and a settler, an American citizen of Polish heritage but a soldier in the Israeli army.

I believe that zionism is racism because it self-propagates itself as a democratic movement. However, a democracy, cannot, by definition, only be representative of one community in a bi-national and tri-religious contiguous geographic area. A democracy cannot exist for one people and not for another. This as called Apartheid in South Africa, and is now called zionism in Palestine.

I believe that zionism is racism, because it espouses an independent and sovereign Jewish state, in a land where there is no Jewish majority. It espouses that such a sovereign state be at peace and harmony with its neighbors without allowing the Palestinian refugees dwelling within their borders, who were expelled from their homes in Palestine by zionist militias, as is clearly documented by numerous sources including the memoirs of David-Ben Gurion himself, to return to their homes, which is a basic human right guaranteed by Article 13 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

I believe that zionism is racism because it is presented by its champions, from Gil Troy to Elie Wiesel, as a romantic movement, which allowed zionists to reclaim the desert and build a model nation-state. This is racism at its most acute, since there was no desert in Palestine, other than the Negev in the South. This is simply a myth that has been propagated by racists who have supported Israel for the last 53 years, and economic data on agricultural exports to Europe from Palestine dating to medieval times easily rejects and exposes this as a blasphemous claim.

Yes, it sounds far-fetched today. But as Vladamir Jabotinsky, father of revisionist zionism said in a racist boast in 1923, "There can be no discussion of a voluntary reconciliation between us and the Arabs… Any native people…view their country as their national home… They will not voluntarily allow, not only a new master, but even a new partner… Colonization can have only one goal. For the Palestinian Arabs this goal is inadmissible. This is in the nature of things. To change that nature is impossible… colonization can, therefore, continue and develop only under the protection of a force independent of the local population - an iron wall which the native population cannot break through. This is, in toto, our policy towards the Arabs. To formulate it any other way would only be hypocrisy."

And thus, Gil Troy and zionists abound are exposed as nothing more than unabashed racists.

[Mr. Rabee' Sahyoun is a economic development policy researcher, human rights activist, and columnist residing in Beirut, Lebanon. He is affiliated with the global grassroots Palestine Right To Return Coalition.]
by Free Burma
Sunday Jan 27th, 2008 3:10 PM
I knew that this comment was deleted, but I think it’s important that people knew the relationship between Israel and Burma.

According to Human Rights Watch:
“Burma has also reportedly received weapons from Israel. In 2005, Israel was reported to have sold 150 Brazilian EE-9 Cascavels light tanks to Burma”. (if you are a Zionist-racist this information is useless, since its written by human rights organization).

Israel has developed Burma’s army:

I was talking to my friends about organizing a demonstration that goes through all the embassies of countries that support and aid Burma, and end the demonstration in front of the Israeli consulate where we can connect the issue of the oppression and killing of Palestinian with the oppression and killing of monks and political activists in Burma.
by internet rumor
Sunday Jan 27th, 2008 3:43 PM
“Burma has also reportedly received weapons from Israel. In 2005, Israel was reported to have sold 150 Brazilian EE-9 Cascavels light tanks to Burma”.

Note the use- "reportedly"

That means it can't be confirmed. It probably began as an internet rumor and they weren't able to confirm it. Interesting that no citation is given.
by India and China
Sunday Jan 27th, 2008 3:52 PM
India is currently one of Myanmar’s two main military hardware suppliers, the other being China. India came under sharp media criticism in 2007 for its sale of weapons that would possibly violate European Union arms embargoes now in place against Myanmar. In August, Myanmar took delivery from India of two BN-2 Defender maritime surveillance aircraft. The deal was done over the objections of the British government, which originally sold the aircraft to India.

Asia times online
by if you’re a Zionist.
Sunday Jan 27th, 2008 4:09 PM
Note the “appears” in “India appears to be one of the two main suppliers of advanced modern arms to the Burmese military.”
Note the “noted supplier” in “Russia is also a noted supplier of arms to Burma, which includes a deal for MiG-29 fighter planes in 2002. “
Note the “have been accused” in “South Korean companies including Daewoo International Corporation and several others have been accused of illegally boosting the capacity of the Burmese army to produce weaponry.”
All these allegations do not have citations, they are all rumors designed to criminalize Israel, its just another conspiracy by the Goim against the Jews, (the same mantra was used when Israel sold weapons to and trained the South African Army during its apartheid years).

With such a victim mentality, and such a denial of reality, no wonder Zionists are so ignorant about their own racist-apartheid state.

Here is something interesting:
“Israel's repeated denial of any military links with Myanmar are not unexpected. Israel has never liked advertising such ties, particularly with countries like Myanmar, South Africa and China, which have been condemned by the international community for gross abuses of human rights.”

“It is noteworthy that Elbit Systems is one of the Israeli companies involved in Myanmar. Elbit supplies electronics used in the separation wall that Israel is building illegally in the occupied Palestinian West Bank, enclosing up to 10% of Palestinian land on the "Israeli" side.”

by Israel is #26
Monday Jan 28th, 2008 3:13 AM
"Second, since the US puppet, Israel, is the 4th largest military power in the world"

Well, no, actually according to most sources, Israel s #26- Iran, for example is #16- in terms of largest military

Wiki says Israel is # 30.

Do you have a source for #4?
by um
Monday Jan 28th, 2008 7:23 AM
#30 in that list is number of people in the armed forces which is not the same thing a defense spending or strength. You can compare Chinese defense spending to the US to see that the #1 #2 listing thing doesnt make much sense as a main thing to quote. Israel is not at the very top of the list in terms of spending but is quite a bit ahead of most Middle Eastern countries and that is using a defense spending amount that looks off... and isnt well sourced) The numbers could be true but it would be surprising to find out that in terms of all military related spending Turkey spends more than Israel (the military does take up a lot of public life but the country is much less focused on its military in terms of how it fits into the popular culture than is Israel)
by Not at all
Monday Jan 28th, 2008 5:02 PM
Is Israel committing genocide and ethnic cleansing in Gaza and the west Bank?

Israel has supplied food, water, medicine, paid health care, sewer services, electricity, schools, health clinics, hospitals, Universities, and a sports stadium to the Palestinians.
Israel built 166 medical clinics for the Palestinians and provided universal health insurance for the Palestinians until 1994 when civil authority was transferred to the PA. (source: )

The birth rate in Gaza (ranked 26 in the world)
39.45 births/1,000 population (2006 est.)

The birth rate in the West Bank (ranked 51 in the world)
31.67 births/1,000 population (2006 est.)

Life expectancy at Birth in Gaza: (ranked 117)
total population: 71.97 years

Life expectancy at Birth in the West Bank: (ranked 98)
total population: 73.27 years
(for reference- the US is ranked 48)

The infant mortality rate among the Palestinians was 8.3 per 1,000 live births in 2004. (source: )

The infant mortality rate in 1967, when Israel took over the West Bank and Gaza was 170 per 1,000 live births. (source: )

The infant mortality rate has drastically dropped!!

Tuesday Jan 29th, 2008 1:35 AM
It would ne unbelievable if it wasn't sooo predictable. Zionist extremist right wing propagandists flock to indymedia sites (where they have no power) to attempt little snippets of propaganda.
But this takes the cake, the grandiose stance that the zionist-filth has 'helped' the poor Palestinians and they should be 'grateful;, LMFAO!
Read these statistics for the thousands of atrocities committed by the terror state of israel (with the massive billions in welfare from u.s. taxpayers..)
by look at the names
Tuesday Jan 29th, 2008 11:22 AM
By all means go to the Bstelem site- and you'll see that 95% of Palestinian casualties are male- this is a war, and these are combatents. On the other hand, when you look at the names of the Israeli dead- you'll see that 37 % are female.
by facts not hysteria
Tuesday Jan 29th, 2008 1:26 PM
You know, if you say something is pure crap, you need to support it with facts.
And when you follow the citations, you find the statements are true.
You also find that the life expectancy in Gaza was 48 in 1967 . Under Israeli occupation it went up to 68.

Lies and hysteria won't win friends for the palestinian people. Find a different way to communicate
by Lies and hysteria is right
Tuesday Jan 29th, 2008 8:39 PM
We come here for something different. Not the same old drivel that tells us, in essence, "oh look! the oppressor is sooo good to her victims, that their lifespan has gone up!" It was said that slave owners took great care of their african americans, too. That doesn't make it OK.

Here's alot of great scientific study on the media's pro-israel slant:
Analysis of Media on Israel/Palestine

This section contains information about media coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

We have done seven reports: the newest one is of the Associated Press, the major source of world news for Americans, one of TV network news coverage, one of The New York Times one of the San Francisco Chronicle, two of the San Jose Mercury News, and one of the New London Day. All six can be viewed online.

We also recommend that you visit the website of Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting to view their numerous studies on coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Particularly noteworthy is their report, “The Illusion of Balance,” on NPR coverage.
For more:
by you're kidding, right?
Wednesday Jan 30th, 2008 5:41 AM
"It was said that slave owners took great care of their african americans, too."

No one every said that. Whippings. Beatings. Rape. Separatation of families. Selective breeding.

No one ever said the American slaves were well taken care of. Thats an extremely offensive and ignorant statement
by froma local blogger
Thursday Jan 31st, 2008 12:13 AM
A local blogger is claiming these racist slogans were chanted- can anyone confirm or deny this?

"Palestine is our land, all the Jews are our dogs" (Falastin bladna, kol Yahud qalabna).
"With our souls and our blood we will redeem you oh Palestine" (ba ruah, ba dam, something something Gibber-stein).
"Palestine will be free from the river to the sea" (this was in English - it means that Israel will be erased).
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