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KPFA: New Outreach Effort--TV Broadcast on Comcast Channel 29 in S.F.--Whistleblowing...

by Felipe Messina (messinamorrissey [at]
New Outreach Effort--TV Broadcast on Comcast Channel 29 in S.F.--Whistleblowing, possible defamation of character, and the corruption of the 2007 KPFA LSB Elections. "Concerned Listeners" (supported by the non-radical Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club) have sued the Pacifica Foundation and National Elections Supervisor Casey Peters to fast-track a forced certification of the corrupted 2007 KPFA LSB Elections results. When Peters previously penalised Larry Bensky for violations of Fair Campaign Provisions, KPFA management ("Concerned Listeners") ignored the sanction by having Bensky on the air.
Wednesday January 2, 2008

Dear Friends of KPFA/Pacifica (Berkeley, CA),

Some of you may recall my participation with the KPFA Local Station Board (LSB) Elections processes this Fall of 2007 and the subsequent obstruction and violations of Fair Campaign Provisions by various individuals at KPFA, including management, certain staff members, and certain programmers. (Especially, if you read the Fulcrumsofchange Digest, Vol 7, Issue 24, dated 12.24.07.) I am still hoping to shed some light on the corruption of these Elections as well as upon my own personal experiences (of defamation of character) as further example of the blatant corruption at KPFA. If current plans go without incident, a small step will be taken toward that end.

I have been invited to a televised interview and panel discussion on the corruption of the 2007 KPFA LSB Elections. This shall be aired Wednesday (01.03.08) on San Francisco Comcast Channel 29 at 7:30 pm. It is my understanding that other KPFA LSB Members and Candidates will participate in the proposed panel interview and discussion. If you are interested in the protection of fair and transparent participatory democratic process in free-speech, grass-roots independent media, please tune in and ask friends and family to tune in as well.

It is important for people to begin asking what connections the centrist Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club (Berkeley, CA - has with regard to supporting the so-called "Concerned Listeners" and increasingly manipulating the direction of KPFA/Pacifica. It is becoming clear that this rather mainstream political group, apparently funded and supported by middle-of-the-road Democrats, is in turn funding "Concerned Listeners." This funding, it seems, is also funding the corruption of KPFA/Pacifica away from a grass-roots ethic or radical activist sociopolitical perspective (e.g. the $10k plus elitist move of mailing propaganda to KPFA listeners whilst the other grass-roots candidates weren't being funded by deep pockets) and towards an anti-activist, anti-listener-involvement, softened mainstream or Democrat sociopolitical slant (see Nov. '07 newsletter, p. 3 - Of course, it is widely understood that the Democrats, like the Republicans, are one of the political parties of the elites. What are Democrats doing at KPFA? A place traditionally a home for activists, pacifists, anarchists, artists, and journalists, not elitist Democrats. The notion of Democrats running Pacifica (pacifist/anarchist, hence the name) is laughable and antithetical to the very definition of Pacifica. Whereas, KPFA/Pacifica has traditionally been a home for the voices of dissent, of the silenced, of activists, today we are witnessing a complete u-turn.

Similarly, I must persevere in shedding light on the continuing intimidation and false accusations leveled against me and others by certain individuals at KPFA and members of the KPFA LSB, particularly supporters of the so-called "Concerned Listeners." For example, Sarv Randhawa (member of the KPFA LSB and the Pacifica National Board) is captured on DVD camera footage accusing me of being a "stalker" through vague hearsay and insidious questioning and baiting at the recent KPFA LSB meeting (12.15.07) in Berkeley. When I asked Randhawa from whom or where he heard these accusations, he feigned amnesia. This appears to be an attempt to intimidate me from attending KPFA LSB meetings or from pursuing participation within KPFA/Pacifica, despite my decades-long support of KPFA/Pacifica. I have recently heard from others who have experienced similar baiting questions and accusations by other dominant figures within the, unfortunately, corrupted power structure at KPFA. This is apparently an old tactic. Worse, others at the KPFA LSB meeting (12.15.07) seemed to be under the impression these accusations had merit due to the pervasiveness of this smear campaign to intimidate and discredit witnesses and volunteers of the Elections processes. This, of course, is extremely frustrating and problematic as it invariably causes sincerely interested would-be volunteers and participants harm. The common denominator is invariably "Concerned Listeners" and by extension the Wellstone Democratic Renewal Club (a group I've heard Kris Welch on the KPFA program "Living Room" promoting, yet one is hard-pressed to find mentions of truly grass-roots, boots-on-the-ground activists on KPFA airwaves anymore).

It must be known, the KPFA interim Program Director (iPD), Sasha Lilley circulated an e-mail (11.12.07) around KPFA falsely accusing me of misrepresentation and seeming "disturbed." If there were ever any questions, Lilley never made any attempts to communicate with me, especially when I was at the receptionist's desk of KPFA (11.12.07) pleading to have my questions answered--all I got was stonewalled, ejected, and "banned." If there were any truth in Lilley's claims I'd be registered in some police log or in jail by now. Ironically, she and interim General Manager Lemlem Rijio were the ones to encourage me to get involved by actually soliciting me live on the air to come to the station with my resume to apply for a position at KPFA (listen at Soon, thereafter, I began attending KPFA LSB meetings and volunteering; and not several weeks later I was put on a "banned" list for obviously political reasons and going against the grain, for remembering the important thing is to not stop questioning. The allegations and psychological suggestions of disinformation are all politically motivated and baseless. As far as I know, no charges have been filed against me because all of the accusations are bogus. I only made a cursory search of my name in the Alameda County Government Court websites, but nothing came up.

Nevertheless, I am humbly searching for any legal advice or counsel. I know these accusations and slanders are all bogus, but I nevertheless need to clear my name and must insist on demanding a formal apology from iPD Sasha Lilley (not to mention seeking redress for the matter of protecting fair democratic processes at KPFA/Pacifica). If you are in a position to help in any way (or know anyone who can), I sincerely request any help possible. I am the first one calling for a thorough investigation by independent arbiters or authorities. It is time for the listeners to rise up and demand the truth, transparency, and true participatory democracy in the governance of KPFA/Pacifica. In this spirit, please consider checking the tv broadcast this Wednesday (01.03.08) on San Francisco Comcast Channel 29 at 7:30 pm. It is my understanding this will also be broadcast in Sacramento, St. Louis (cable channel 22), and Philadelphia (Drexel TV 54) as well as be available for viewing on-line.

In solidarity for peace, democracy, and social & economic justice,

Felipe Messina

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