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NICHOLS: More lies from Livermore nuclear weapons lab
by Bob Nichols, Project Censored Award Winner (DUweapons [at] )
Saturday May 12th, 2007 1:19 PM
"A group of citizens of the Bay Area are seeking a lawyer to take legal action to stop the open air explosions set off by Livermore Lab in Tracy, California...
San Francisco – “Hundreds of thousands of additional deaths and maimings is the Bay Area’s thanks for being good neighbors to these the ‘good Germans,’ the desk murderers, who are just following orders,” stated Pat Gray, long time San Francisco Bay Area resident and former Green candidate for Congress.

“A group of citizens of the Bay Area are seeking a lawyer to take legal action to stop the open air explosions set off by Livermore Lab in Tracy, California,” she announced. “These open air explosions are sending clouds of depleted uranium oxide gas all over the Bay Area. It is well know that depleted uranium gas is a carcinogen and causes serious birth defects.

“Our nation has signed a treaty to stop doing nuclear explosions in the open air – but this is what Livermore Lab is doing and has been for the last 46 years. Now they have the hubris to request permission to increase the number of explosions. We hope that with legal assistance we can force the testing to be done underground.”

Pat Gray concluded: “Mr. Nichols, put my telephone number in the article so that people can contact me if they are concerned and would like to establish control over the activities of Livermore Lab. My number is (650) 344-2912.”

Students and alumni at three UC campuses will begin a fast this Wednesday to demand that the University of California stop designing, engineering and manufacturing nuclear bombs. When contacted Tuesday, the hunger striking students were aware of the nuclear material detonations by Livermore. They’ve now decided to protest them strongly – along with the bomb-making – at the UC regents’ meeting next week.

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, a multi-billion dollar federal government H-bomb factory dedicated to death and destruction of unimaginable Holocaust proportions, just can’t quite seem to get it right. So they try and try and lie again.

Livermore recently refiled a previously botched application from Nov. 12, 2006, to continue and expand open air uranium bomb explosions that release poisonous uranium gas into the densely populated San Francisco Bay Area. The Bay Area is home to about 7 million people.

According to its own statements, Livermore has already detonated and dispersed 23 tons of radioactive and deadly uranium gas at its Site 300 in Tracy, California, which is near Livermore and not far from San Francisco in the densely populated region.

Uranium gas is produced when uranium bombs explode and the uranium catches on fire, producing very fine uranium aerosol or gas smoke from the fire.

It’s been well known since the 1943 Manhattan Project to build an atomic bomb that there are only two reasons to use radioactive uranium gas: One reason is to kill people. The other is to contaminate their land, forever.

The declassified “General Leslie Groves Memo” establishes that. It is widely available on the Internet. Gen. Groves headed the secretive Manhattan Project.

Livermore’s new and expanded San Francisco Bay Area bombing plan is to release, by bombs, 200 tons of deadly uranium gas over the next 50 years. Possible increases in the amount and kinds of poisons are not ruled out.

To learn more about his topic, read “Livermore to Poison San Francisco Area – On Purpose,”; “Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab’s 200 Executioners Ready,”; and “San Francisco: Nuclear Weapons Lab Backs Down,”

Contact Bob Nichols at bob.bobnichols [at] This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it to book distinguished speakers for lectures, commencements and rallies. Speakers include Pat Gray, Leuren Moret, Dr. Doug Rokke, Dennis Kyne, Karen Parker, J.D., and Bob Nichols. Topics include building a positive culture in the midst of a militarized society and radiological warfare. What you can’t see does hurt and kill you. Nichols, a Project Censored Award-winning writer, is a former employee of an Army ammunition plant.

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by doug fox
Sunday May 13th, 2007 12:45 AM
Mahalo Bob. Best wishes to the hunger strikers. The world's people, present and future, demand a healthy environment and hereby demand of the US military industrial and institutional leadership an immediate end to violation of US Federal Code Title 50 Chapter 40-2302 prohibiting radioactive and chemical weapons of mass destruction, an end to violation of the Geneva Convention of 1925 against Poison Gas Weapons, an end to violation of the UN Human Rights Commission Resolution of 1996 listing DU munitions as Weapons of Indiscriminate Destruction, of numerous Army regulations on the environment, and to violation of the moral standards of all religions. No one has the right to destroy the human genome through criminal ignorance or malice.
Seems not enough people have heard of the anti-fascist covenants. These covenants were brought into being by the side that fought for liberation from aggressive war itself as foreign policy relations between nations and to replace that with the policy of negotiation and collective agree as democracy. The covenants are United Nations Charter, world court of the Hague, International criminal court, the Geneva Conventions, the International Court, the International war crimes tribunal, the Nuremburg Trials and the numerous human rights treaties signed on to by the majority of the worlds governments. It is the UN Charter and the Nuremburg Trials that point out the intent to end aggressive war itself and make it just a long distant memory in the minds of comming generations globally. While it is the Nuremburg Trials that points out that there is no greater crime on earth than planning and carrying out Invasion and occupation as aggressive war against member nations of the United Nations, and the Geneva Conventions that points out a member nation that is invaded and occupied has the legitimate law to resist the occupation with arms, and that the peoples of the occupied country cannot be harmed in any way and that the occupiers must see to their well beingness.

The fascist side fought for war as the highest, testing instrument of a nations foreign policy including warring class against class, race against race, gender against gender, age against youth, workers against workers, religios against religion, nation against nation, and all against the planets green ecological livability and balance of species. The discredited military core method used by the axis powers are, 1) Might makes Right, 2) Unilateralism, 3) Pre-emptive strikes, 4) torture and concentration camp imprisonment.

What side to you think the Livermore Labs of Berkley Uninversity sides with? It is obvious that it is seeking to engrandize war as testing instrument which is causing war crimes to be committed by testing in the open air nuclear weapons of mass destruction. That indeed is the fascist side and the war crimes it commits is 1) targeting and killing civilians, 2) torturing and killing prisoners of war (namely the hostage populations of San Francisco and surrounding areas. WMD--U238 kills for thousands of years and deforms immediately the human geno. There really is no worst crime on the entire planet. So in your constitution you have a law that calls for impeachment for high crimes and misdemeanors which should be acted upon being that there is no high, low or any other crime worst. It is lawless wrecking of internatinal, national, and local laws, and it is up to the American people to uphold their revolutionary constitution to alter or abolish any government in the U.S. A. that does not serve the needs of the people of the U.S. This Livermore Lab, testing is the worst crime planet wise and does not serve the needs of the livability of any living thing including plants, animals or peoples. A second American Revolution appears as necessary to stop the Criminal war crime administration in Washington, D.C. The majority of the American people are opposed to the war mongering foreign policy now going on against the nations and peoples of the middle east, and this obvious local war crime. Is it not time to implement the U.S. Revolutionary constitution and the Geneva Conventions of War, so the peoples can come back to a happy life worth living again. War after war, after war is not the natural way to live. End pollution war, not endless wars for pollution. Re-tool to the non-pollution solution, wind, tidal, and solar power---electricity.
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