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Paul Gallegos Wins Re-Election
by Jaybird Harvey
Wednesday Jun 7th, 2006 11:48 AM
For the third time in four years, Humboldt County District Attorney Paul Gallegos wins approval of voters.

Eureka, CA - In a close race that lasted late into the evening, Gallegos defeated challenger Worth Dikeman, who had overwhelming support of law enforcement in a campaign that has been labeled among the most bitter in Humboldt County history.

The relationship between the DA’s office and law enforcement was a central issue during the campaign. Gallegos, who did not seek endorsement by law enforcement, cited rules by the American Bar Association that state “prosecutors should take care to avoid any relationships with the police that might cast doubt on the independence and integrity of the office of the prosecutor.”

Dikeman’s close relationship with law enforcement failed to capture voter support. Dikeman’s campaign manager, Dave Parris, is an investigator for the Eureka Police Department.

The issue of the relationship between the DA and law enforcement was inflamed with the April 14, 2006 police shooting of Eureka resident Cheri Lyn Moore, who was distraught over the anniversary of the suicide of her son and behaving erratically in her downtown apartment when police shot her nine times. An investigation, including a coroner’s inquest, is continuing, though Parris and Dikeman held press conferences to claim it was over and accused Gallegos of politicizing Moore’s death.