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Thousand Protest Execution of Stan Tookie Williams
by Felix (felix60 [at]
Tuesday Dec 13th, 2005 8:38 AM
Thousand gathered at San Questin ("where the home in the valley meets the dark dirty prison") to protest the state-sponsored murder of Stanley Williams.

As people gathered through the night, speakers updated the crowd on new evidence that had come forward that the government had engaged in a frame up of Stan. But none of it, mattered to the government who seemed determined to send a message to the people by murdering Stan.

Especially coming on the heels of New Orleans, This execution is yet another example of the genocidal direction that society is headed in. This must be stopped!

Stanley “Tookie” Williams dedicated his book Blue Rage, Black Redemption in this way: “To poor people, prisoners, slaves and the disenfranchised everywhere – through faith and theories put into practice you bend the most oppressive circumstances to your will, to make the impossible possible.”
§Mike Farrell
by Felix (felix60 [at]
Tuesday Dec 13th, 2005 8:38 AM
§Joan Baez
by Felix (felix60 [at]
Tuesday Dec 13th, 2005 8:38 AM
§Candles for Tookie
by Felix (felix60 [at]
Tuesday Dec 13th, 2005 8:38 AM
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by ntuit
Tuesday Dec 13th, 2005 9:35 AM
It's interesting how the media were constantly mentioning that a couple hundred people were outside the gates of San Quentin. One radio report I heard also said something like" there were a lot of protesters in favor of the execution and many were opposed." Listening to all of this made me much more aware of how the public is being deceived by the media. I was there and I Know there were at least 2,000 protesters against the death penalty and very likely many more. They came and went all night long.

Of course the State of California was very worried about the "few" protestors that were there. They had their CHP riot squad there and helicopters going over head. They just hate it when the people of America assert their right to protest. they like to be there to remind us that this country is not so free and they are ready for us when their bosses give them the word.
by Tookie unjustly murdered by state
Tuesday Dec 13th, 2005 11:50 AM
response to Dr. Funk;

>>"It makes me sick to see people petetion to save the life of a man who has caused so mch grief through his develpoment of the CRIPs."

**That same man also spent the last few decades successfully working to undo the damage that he helped cause. However, Tookie wasn't the sole founder of the crips, he was part of a developing organization that already started forming. When Tookie began in the crips, the crack-cocaine and automatic weapons weren't in LA yet, the CIA was getting everything loaded up for transport from their paramilitary juntas down in Sur America..

>>"Would these same people have forgiven Hitler if he would have written a book or talked to some children? I think not, you only fail to admit that Tookie is just like Hitler, but he was stopped before he committed more crime and murdered more people."

**Very weak analogy. Nuf said.

>>"Quite frankly, I think Tookie is still commiting these awful crimes against humanity. He had it in his heart to start the CRIPs, and the CRIPs are still going strong, killing people everyday."

**Tookie's books also prevented over 150,000 young people from joining gangs. Other gangs existed decades prior to Tookie's birth, so let's not give him more negative credit than he needs.

>>"The only reason people rally for Tookie is because he is black. Well, as an educated black man, I don't want people like Tookie fighting for my cause."

**Oh, really? There's an artist named Paris who has some choice words for people like yourself. Check out "Sleeping with the Enemy"..

>>"He was an arrogant murderer who wanted redemption when he realized his chances were running out."

**Most of the evidence used to convict Tookie came from another death row inmate in a neighboring cell. The police informant testimony given by the other inmate gave him the reward of a reduced sentence for rape, murder, mutilation. The informant is also up for parole and possible early release. Police and DA needed their conviction (hey, they gotta blame SOMEBODY if they can't find the real criminal, the LAPD were itching for Tookie for years) so they slipped an info file into the informant's cell. In reality, this happens often, only because Tookie is a high profile case is this getting noticed (though ignored by corporate media). Police informant testimony is notoriously unreliable and often used in place of substantial evidence when DA is hungry for a conviction..

>>"No one murdered Tookie."

**Yes, the State of California under a governer with Nazi ties ordered the execution despite overwhelming evidence that Tookie was possibly innocent. This qualifies as an unjust murder by the state. Even a 1% chance of not guilty needs to be fully investigated before the irreversible death sentence can be enacted. However, this current regime has scrapped the US Constitution.

>>"If God wanted Tookie Williams to live, He would have made it happen. In this case, I think even God wanted Tookie to pay for his crimes."

**What are you, the fucking Pope or something? Who gave you a direct line to God? The death penalty represents a beurocratic state government attempting to play the role of God, or Allah or the Universe, etc.. Human beings aren't qualified to determine who lives or dies. Showing murder is wrong by committing murder only indicates hypocrisy on the part of the state..

>>"Stop supporting the muderers, rapists, child molestors, and thieves, no one feels sorry for them. If you don't want to pay the time, don't do the crime. Everytime someone murders, they do it knowing they could be put to death. Tookie wasn't stupid, he thought he was invencible, well Tookie, I guess you were wrong."

**The imposter pretending to be leader of the US is also responsible as being a murderer, rapist and possible child molester for his illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq. Why support him?

>>"Burn in Hell you waste."

**May u find some love in your heart..

luna moth

by Rosa Johnson (Bluebeauty661)
Tuesday Dec 13th, 2005 1:38 PM
I think if they could kill a man that was trying to help kids in the furture, even it was just one kid he could of helped it would of ment alot to thousands of people. and how the hell can they take all black juries out of the stand.! White people now day are just a racises as they were back in the day. And if he did kill them people he still served his time and every person deserves another chance. And there are criminals every day that kill people and get away with it, or if they do get caught they were probaly given 25 years to lifenot DEATH. And plus he was down for the BLUE.
by Evolve (evolve [at]
Tuesday Dec 13th, 2005 5:13 PM
Maybe I'm too blind to understand, but correct me if I'm wrong. What good does an article do that's clearly written to reinforce the rage felt by individuals who soley support the clemancy of Tookie, other than prove that no matter where you turn, the media is biased per the author in one direction or the other?

The terms 'state sponsored', and that CA was 'determined to send a message' are clearly there to sway the reader into feeling a certain way. It's unfortunate that, even in independant media, you can't get an unbiased opinion.

I am in no way in support of the execution of Tookie, nor am I a believer in the term 'eye for an eye'. Wether or not you believe in the message of the bible, what I don't understand is with a country that's laws were founded on these scriptures, how could they so easily forget the book of Matthew.

Matthew basically teaches that the old ways of 'eye for an eye' and 'smite thine enemy' are tired, and that you should treat your enemy with compassion. Even if you know that they are plotting against you, or have killed, or have sued you, or anything... you are supposed to be compassionate. Where was this compassion for this man?

Tookie is a prime example of rehabilitation in the judicial system, and it's unfortunate for all involved.
by Linda Wiltshire (afro_dizziac [at]
Tuesday Dec 13th, 2005 8:59 PM
I would like 2 express my great sadness at the execution of Mr Williams,,,
Its beyond me how in this day and age its ok to murder people legally,,,
I am very sorry for all victims of crime,,but surely 2 wrongs will never make a right,,
Had Mr Williams raped and murdered children my stance would be the same,,nobody has the right to decide its time for some1 to die,,
The only consellation is that Mr Williams is now in a better place,,,forgiven of any sins he may,,or may not of committed,,
by Dr. C.W. Funk
Wednesday Dec 14th, 2005 6:41 AM
Luna Moth, I read those lyrics, and I must say, your ignorance shines through. Are you really trying to compare me to a gangsta rapper? Come on. he's obviously uneducated, he can't even write a song thhat makes sense. And the fact that you understand his words says a lot about you.

Yeah, people say that black people are trying to assimilate and fit into the white man's world. Don't tell me I am trying to assimilate. I am black and I am proud. Is Bill Cosby not black because he's educated? What about Richard Prior, Ella Fitzgerald, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.? Did they all assimilate because they were educated and fighting for a cause?

No they didn't assimilate. They were proud to be black, but ashamed of the plight against blacks. Are you yourself black? Do you know the troubles I had in elementary school in the 70's? Do you know how hard it was for a child of a single mother from Cleveland to get into a good college, let a lone medical school. So stop with all the "people like you" business.

I've had to work ten times harder than the average white man to get to where I am now. So stop with your nonsense about assimilation. Black is not about begging for what's owed to me, it's about being proud, and making something of yourself. As you put it, nuf said.
by Bible-believing Christian (n/a)
Thursday Dec 15th, 2005 6:54 AM
If Tookie Williams was so guilty, where was the hard evidence? You can NEVER take the word of one person against another w/o sufficient, hard evidence and that's what I see happened here for the "witnesses" who gave condeming statements against Tookie just to save their own skin. The fact that it was reported that the prosecution had removed 3 African Americans from the original jury, and several federal judges voiced skepticism about the "guilt" of Williams; and the blatant unwillingness of the CA governor to even consider or listen to Williams attorned that new evidence had surfaced further reveals that there's no "life, liberty, or pursuit of happiness" for all people; only some. I only hope Williams took the truth to his grave; and made peace w/his Maker prior to leaving.
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