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Right Wing Thugs Rip Down Anti-War Display Again!
by Dan Bacher (danielbacher [at]
Thursday Sep 22nd, 2005 12:38 PM
Hello Supporters of the First Amendment!

Right wing extremists, the same type of folks who so adamantly defend "property rights" when corporations are challenged for destroying the environment, have taken down the anti-war display of Steve and Virginia Pearcy yet another time. These extremists are strong opponents of the First Amendment and individual property rights, as evidenced by their deplorable, criminal actions.

We should all give our support to the Pearcy's courageous stand against these criminal lowlifes and thugs and urge the District Attorney to find and prosecute the perpetuators.

Please read this alert by Stephen Pearcy and please email Craig's List! To get ahold of Steve Pearcy, call (510) 559-3118 or email stephen.pearcy [at],spearcy [at]
Hello everyone:

Another of our "Bush Lied, I Died" soldier displays was ripped down and
stolen yesterday from our Land Park home. This is the 4th time in the last
8 months that this has happened, and the 2nd time in less than a month.

In addition to these 4 attacks, the following things have happened since
last February:

1) our cars, our guests cars, and our house has been egged on several
2) Bush re-election stickers have been affixed to out living room window;
3) our house was fired upon with multiple rounds of paint balls at 2am;
4) US Marine stickers were affixed to several windows on our house;
5) a shovel was stuck in the middle of our front lawn between two orange
cones spaced about 7 feet across from one-another (the way a grave site is
marked for digging in a cemetery);
6) numerous "hate" letters have arrived in the mail;
7) numerous threats on our answering machine have been left;
8) we've received numerous annoying hang-up calls;
9) garbage has been thrown on our lawn on many occasions (McDonalds bags,
beer bottles, etc.);
10) someone subscribed us to about 40 different magazines (which fills our
mailbox quickly since we're away often);
11) police have mysteriously and inexplicably come to our house while we
were in Berkeley;
12) etc.

Last week, I tried to seek info about one of the vandals by using
Craigslist. I posted a photo of the 2nd vandal in "Missed Connections" and
asked for info about the person. However, my messages kept getting flagged.
When I complained to Craig, the Craigslist CEO (Jim Buckmaster) emailed me
back and accused me of berating them and said I should use someone else's
site. So I asked people to email Craig to encourage him not to allow
flaggers to thwart my attempts to identify the right-wing vandals. Many of
you emailed Craig, and I thank you for that. Craigslist people, however,
have continued to allow the flagging.

Virginia is on vacation this week, so we had hoped to enjoy some time
together here in Berkeley. We had also planned to go to the SF rally this
Saturday, but now we're not sure. We're getting a bit tired and
disappointed. It's bad enough that we have to challenge the right about so
many of their outrageous policies and acts, and that the justice system
(police and Jan Scully) looks away when they don't like the politics; but
when "liberal" organizations such as Craigslist indirectly assist these
right-wing nuts, then we feel like all of our other efforts are futile.

Although they may ignore us, I wanted to ask one last time if people could
email either Craig Newmark (craig [at] or Jim Buckmaster
(jim [at] to encourage their cooperation with our attempts to
identify someone who vandalized our property. Also, if you emailed them
before, a 2nd email could help.

Thank you in advance for any help.

Best regards,

Stephen Pearcy

PS: Please cc me if you email either of them so that I can reference it if I
speak with them.

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