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US Military 'Shooting of Injured Man' Caught on TV

by sources
The US military is investigating television footage tonight which appeared to show a Marine in Fallujah shoot dead an injured man.

Pictures shown on TV networks showed a man slumped on the floor of a mosque, where rebels had earlier been shooting at US troops. When the troops realised the man was not dead, one opened fire, hitting him in the head at close range.

The wounded man was half-sitting against the wall, wearing an orange headscarf.

Before the troops entered the mosque, one is heard saying: “We have got two in there.”

Another asks: “Did you shoot them? Did they have any weapons on them?”

As the cameraman followed the Marines inside, one is heard to say: “These are the two wounded that they never picked up.”

There is shouting among the Marines and then one opens fire. At that point news channels, including CNN, blacked out the image.

spokesman at Marine Corps headquarters in the Pentagon, Maj. Doug Powell, said the incident was "being investigated." He had no further details, other than to confirm the incident happened on Saturday and that the Marines involved were part of the 1st Marine Division.

NBC used pixelation to cover parts of the video that could lead to public identification of the Marines involved.

NBC's Robert Padavick told members of the U.S. television pool that NBC had agreed to a Pentagon request that the Marines identity be hidden because "they (the military authorities) are anticipating a criminal investigation, and as a result do not want to implicate anybody ahead of that."

In New York, NBC spokeswoman Allison Gollust said the network did not broadcast the prisoner being shot because of the "graphic nature" of the video.

The full shooting video was provided to other members of the U.S. television pool.

The US military is looking into whether an American marine in Falluja shot dead a severely wounded Iraqi insurgent at point-blank range.

Television footage shows US soldiers entering a building as injured prisoners lie on the floor.

The soldier, from the 3rd battalion of the US marines, has been removed from the field and faces possible charges.

The images were taken by an NBC reporter embedded with the US troops in the Sunni city under assault.

The BBC's James Robbins says the incident could prove highly damaging and that the US military will need to answer key questions about whether the rules of engagement were broken during the incident.

It must explain, he says, whether wounded combatants were abandoned, or killed, illegally.

Mosque stormed

US marines have been battling with sporadic but fierce pockets of resistance inside the city. They say they have already killed 1,200 insurgents.

The images show a group of marines, armed with rifles, entering a building near a mosque.

The mosque had been used by insurgents to attack US forces, who had stormed it, killing 10 militants and wounding five.

At least three severely wounded men are seen in a room inside the building - two are slumped against one of the walls, partially covered with a blanket.

The NBC's Kevin Sites says the wounded men had been left in the mosque after marines had fought their way in on Friday and Saturday.

According to Mr Sites, one of the soldiers points his rifle at the head of one of the injured, an old man. The sound of a shot is then heard.

There was no immediate comment from the Pentagon on the report.

FALLUJA, Iraq (CNN) -- The U.S. military is investigating whether a Marine shot dead an unarmed, wounded insurgent during the battle for Falluja in an incident captured on videotape by a pool reporter.

The man was shot in the head at close range Saturday by a Marine who found him among a group of wounded men. The wounded men were found in a mosque that Marines said had been the source of small-arms and rocket-propelled grenade fire the previous day.
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§US Military 'Shooting of Injured Man' Caught on TV
by sources
In this cropped image taken from pool video provided to the Associated Press by NBC News, a U.S. marine is seen, left, raising his rifle in the direction of Iraqi prisoners lying on the floor of a mosque in Fallujah, Iraq Saturday Nov. 13, 2004. The pool video was recorded Saturday as the Marines returned to an unidentified Fallujah mosque. The video, in a version aired by CNN showed the Marine raising his rifle toward the prisoners but neither NBC nor CNN showed the shooting itself. The video was blacked out but the report of the rifle could be heard. (AP Photo/NBC News, Pool)
by link to video
Sites was present when a lieutenant from one of the units asked a Marine what had happened inside the mosque. The Marine replied that there were people inside.

“Did you shoot them?” the lieutenant asked.

“Roger that, sir,” the second Marine replied.

“Were they armed?” the lieutenant asked.

The second Marine shrugged in reply.

Sites saw the five wounded men left behind on Friday still in the mosque. Four of them had been shot again, apparently by members of the squad that entered the mosque moments earlier. One appeared to be dead, and the three others were severely wounded. The fifth man was lying under a blanket, apparently not having been shot a second time.

One of the Marines noticed that one of the severely wounded men was still breathing. He did not appear to be armed, Sites said.

The Marine could be heard insisting: “He’s f---ing faking he’s dead — he’s faking he’s f---ing dead.” Sites then watched as the Marine raised his rifle and fired into the man’s head from point-blank range.

“Well, he’s dead now,” another Marine said.

More with link to video:
§U.S. Marines Rally Round Iraq Probe Comrade
by U.S. Marines Rally Round Iraq Probe Comrade
A series of television pool images shot by NBC shows a U.S. Marine shooting dead a wounded and unarmed Iraqi in a Falluja mosque November 13, 2004. U.S. Marines rallied round the Marine now under investigation for killing the Iraqi during the offensive in Falluja, saying he was probably under combat stress in unpredictable, hair-trigger circumstances. Photo by Reuters TV/Reuters
§another link to video
by link to video
Amy Goodman describes the video and then airs a portion of it:
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Off camera, one marine can be heard asking if the Iraqis are armed. Moments later, a marine can be heard saying: "He's fucking faking he's dead. He's faking he's fucking dead."

There is shouting among the marines and then one opens fire. At that point news channels, including CNN, blacked out the image.

"The pictures are too graphic for us to broadcast," Mr Sites said in his report. He said that the prisoner did not appear to be armed or pose a threat in any way.

The report said that the marine had been removed from the field, and was being questioned by the US military.

According to some reports, the marine had been shot and wounded the day before the incident in the mosque.

NBC's Robert Padavick told members of the US television pool that NBC had agreed to a Pentagon request that the marine's identity be hidden because the military authorities "are anticipating a criminal investigation, and as a result do not want to implicate anybody ahead of that.",2763,1352335,00.html
by is this the John Kerry footage of vietnam?
is this the John Kerry footage of vietnam?

pretty brave for a liberal
by George W. Bush
He was probably hiding some WMDs! I told you they had WMDs!!!
by Impeach Bush
Last May we had a great sign that said Forget the Alamo; Remember Fallujah; The Graveyard of Imperialists

And I recall Fallujah militants shouting Viva la Intifada, which effectively internationalizes their struggle. The people of Fallujah, and of all over the world are counting on it: you are the world's line of defense against Bush's military monster. Your sacrifices will not be forgotten!

Godspeed. May Allah bless you all.
by Love my country, hate my criminal government
As an American citizen, humanitarian, and person of conscience, I vow that I will encourage the prosecution of every war crime and war criminal from G. W. Bush to the most lowly private in this unjust war. I support our troops: the ones who desert, go AWOL, or otherwise refuse to fight. There will be no hiding from justice. War criminals will be tracked down and prosecuted with the zeal of the Nuremburg tribunals.

Let the war crimes tribunals begin:
by the soldier
had been shot in the head and returned to duty. one should question the wisdom of his superiors under the circumstances. Granted he was not shot in the brain, and was apparently mobile. but he may have not been in the best psychological frame of mind to be out dealing with snap decisions required for his own fucking job. Thanks George, another 2 lives shot to hell. how many is that now?
by the previous poster
he could be one sick person, living in fear, like Lt. Calley, another war criminal. who knows.
by edmond
when John Kerry strolls up to a wonded un-armed adolesant child and calmly shoots him in the head as witnessed by
his shipmates the democratic party thought this act was
appropriate during war. now you hear of some solder that does the same thing and it's a war crime. --- or ---
is the crime the solder comitted one of being poor. and not having a rich father to bail him out of trouble it makes me wonder what are you trying to do here?
by Hedley.
These people are trying to kill him. They booby trap bodies of their dead to kill US soldiers and Marines, they fake wounds or fake being dead to kill US soldiers and Marines.

Not only do these people want to kill US soldiers and Marines, they want to kill you and me and anyone else who doesn't agree with their religion.
by A soldier
Insurgents tend to booby trap themselves and play dead. I shot one doing that and he had a 9mm under his body locked and loaded with the safety off.
by Mike Balog PBNVT - Editor [U.S.A] (PBNVT [at]
Problem is [1] Not All Info Presented indicates a War Crime.
[2] Press are Supposed to be Neutral, Objective and NOT
Pre-Judgemental [3] Any Solder in combat has a Duty to
Protect Him/Herself, Comrades in Arms and Innocient Parties
They are NOT Obligated to Protect Enemy Troops Who do Not go by Civilized Conventional Standards of Warfare. The
Geneva Convention applies IF BOTH Sides signed it. As it is
Presented at Face Value, American and Allied Troops are
Held Accountable to Fair, Treatment to Injured Enemy Troops
and POW's. However Apparently in this War Just as in Viet
Nam the Enemy Does't Play by the Same Rules. They are
Fanatics, Just as the Japs were in WW2, the Chinese and N.
Korean Troops in Korea, and the Diehard VC and NVA Troops
were in Viet Nam. [4] The Media Apperently Does Not Use
Common Sense covering Modern Warfare. Reporters Should
Think How They would React given the same Circumstances as a Common Solder in Combat under stress for 12 hours or
better, with little rest, constantly being shot at, seeing his
comrades KIA or Wounded. And knowing the Enemy Does
and Has Resorted to Booby Trapping Wounded or Dead
Bodies with the Intent to Kill or Inure ANY one, Solder or Medic that arrives on the scene. [5] Seems the Liberal Media
Administrators, i.e. Producers, Studio Directors, Anchors will
Resort to Anything, even Distort Facts by using Sound/Video
Image Bites to Gain Air Time, and Ratings, Damned the Real
Truth or Use of Common Sense in any Situation. [6] We can
see the results of that Over Kill during the So Called Prison
Scandel they Attributed to War Crime the Humilation of the
Iraqi Prisoners who were Held Captive. The Media Forgets
they were only Humiliated. Comparison the Be Headings and
Mutiliation of Bodies not only of Military Personal but also of
Innocient Civilians Taken Prisoner and Hostage by Iraqi Rebel
Fanatic Extremists. Conventional Wisdom, SHOULD Say
Beheading Anyone is Barbaric and is more a WAR CRIME
than making some STUPID Fanatics Stip Naked and make
them Humiliated. At Least THEY were Able to Walk away
and go back to their families and friends ALIVE. I Doubt
Seriously those who were BEHEADED had that Option made
availiable to them. [7] Anyone who is in a Combat Zone, be
they military personal or contractors, would do well to be Armed to Personally protect themselves or their comrades
against Possibly be targeted by Fanatics, Enemy Troops or
the Gutless, Cowards who Kidnap Innocient Civilians, Only
Later to MURDER them in Cold Blood. I am speaking from
my life experiences being middle age and also I have been an
Independent News Reporter, covering News. Politics, Special
Events and working as Sr. Camera Tech for a Political Talk
Show in VT., USA for 3 - 5 yrs. As well as being an Officer
who took that Oath many years ago. The First Thing to go in
Warfare is the Truth. The Media are RESPONSIBLE for what
they Show, Write and Protray to the World as News Footage.
They have the Obligation to Use Fairness, Decent Common
Sense Before they Play Judge, Jury and Executioner in the
Public /World Community. Otherwise they themselves are
Just as Guilty of Over Sensationialism and Economic
Propaganda Ministers Heir Gorballs would be Proud of.
~ Mike Balog, PBN-VT. Editor, Channel 15, & 17 VT. USA.
~ PBNVT [at] ~
by Artax
I can't help but notice how many people think that the insurgents have nothing more than religious motivation to kill. This may be true for a portion of the insurgency. You or I can't say who is, or how many, but that cannot be said in such a broad context. An understanding of the history (past and present) of that region would give you a much deeper understanding of why these people are fighting. Ignorance is not an excuse.
by Red Dawn
They want to kill you and me and anyone else who invades their country. They are patriots. That's what patriots do when their country is invaded. Wouldn't you do the same if your country was invaded?

by American Citizen
THESE troops:

Refuse to fight for Bush, Cheney, and Halliburton. Refuse to commit their war crimes!

Viva la Fallujah!
by me (me [at]
You are the biggest bunch of freaking idiots that I have ever seen. Why don't you just take John Kerry and his wonderful wife and just go live in Iraq. Or Canada. Or France. I don't care, just get the hell out of our Country!
by we were born here too
it's called democracy. get used to it, idiot.
by we made it work
he has a right to speak as well, you do not controll the freedom of speach nessie! although you may think other wise
by LOL
by efsw
"They want to kill you and me and anyone else who invades their country. They are patriots. That's what patriots do when their country is invaded. Wouldn't you do the same if your country was invaded? "

Yes, and then I would expect the invaders to hunt me down and fight me without mercy.

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