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Abu Gharib prison in Iraq
by tristan (trismegatus [at]
Thursday Mar 4th, 2004 3:52 PM
Photos I took outside Abu Gharib prison, which is west of Baghdad
Abu Gharib was a huge prison were Saddam tortured and killed thousands of prisoners. He released all of the prisoners shortly before the US invasion. The US soon took over the prison and began to fill it up. It is believed that the US holds up to 14,000 prisoners-- Iraqis who have been arrested since the occupation. For most of those held, there is very little evidence against them, and it is incredibly hard to find out any information. The prison is overcrowded and most prisoners are living in tents. No visitors are allowed and no communication is allowed in or out. No photos are allowed of the prison. Every day, hundreds of relatives of those detained line up outside, hoping for the release of their family members, or at least some news.

These photos were taken out of a bus window.
§new reports on what went on inside the Abu Ghraib prison
by links Saturday May 1st, 2004 8:57 AM


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by Nick
(drnick [at] Thursday Apr 29th, 2004 7:43 PM
Goddamn Americans are just as bad as Saddam.
by Samy
Friday Apr 30th, 2004 10:21 AM
by CC
Friday Apr 30th, 2004 12:43 PM
you have to remember, that while it is disgusting and unjustifiable for these 7 U.S. soldiers to treat human beings this way-- this is a war we're in. And just because we dont know whats going on with America's POWs in Iraq, doesnt mean the same grotesque and demeaning arent happening. Far worse, actually.
We arent killing their POWs.
by plausible deniability
Friday Apr 30th, 2004 12:48 PM
The abuses have thrown the spotlight on the shadowy world of private contractors.

A military report into the Abu Ghuraib case - parts of which were made available to the Guardian newspaper showed that private contractors were supervising interrogations in the prison.

One civilian contractor was accused of raping a young, male prisoner but has not been charged because military law has no jurisdiction over him.

The military investigation names two US contractors, CACI International and the Titan Corporation, for their involvement in Abu Ghuraib.

by to the guardian article
Friday Apr 30th, 2004 12:52 PM
Lawyers for the soldiers argue they are being made scapegoats for a rogue military prison system in which mercenaries give orders without legal accountability.
by MR
(victorsigarlaki [at] Thursday May 6th, 2004 1:00 AM
Can you imagine if the American mother and Sister was doing what the Iraq soldier do.What do you think bush?
by Stephan
Saturday May 8th, 2004 1:41 PM
The U.S. has in fact killed prisoners (not to mention the hundreds shot by U.S. snipers or killed by cluster bombs in Falljuah).

Mr. Rumsfeld, Mr. Bush, Mr. Cheney, Mr. Wolfowitz, Dr. Rice, Mr. Feith, Mr. Powell and others have created conditions that led directly to murder, abuse, and human rights violations as defined by the Geneva Conventions.

It is time to impeach Bush, impeach Cheney, impeach Rumsfeld, impeach Wolfowitz, impeach Rice, impeach Feith, and impeach Powell.

The U.S. government is motivated by military might, greed, power, religious zealotry, and a lust to control oil. These people may have deluded themselves that their goal is only democracy. These pictures speak louder than their false words. Impeach them. Withdraw the troops and allow Iraqis to invite help from the U.N. (if they so with) to rebuild the country. Let the U.S. provide its billions in aid, but withdraw its troops and its pillaging U.S. corporations in bed with Bush and Cheney.

by Free Iraqi
Tuesday May 11th, 2004 2:00 PM
I am from Iraq. Thanks to Allah that the Americans have given us freedom. The rest of you can go straight to Hell.
by mr. low rank us marine
(danielmkirkii [at] Sunday Aug 1st, 2004 12:41 AM
Finally someone not so gulable as to beleave everything they here on the news. I was thare during the first 30 days of the war. 98% of iraqi people are happy were there. Its the other 2% that are not happy because they no longer have power to abuse. that and the insurgents.
by mr. low rank US marine
(danielmkirkii [at] Sunday Aug 1st, 2004 12:49 AM
Mr. now these snippings you dont think they were shot because they were totely innosent do you? and what do you think would happen if we just withdrew my comrads? I think utter caos. Now why has it taken so long to rebuild iraq? well lets see how can u rebuild the country when sertain idiots blow up what we just fixed. thats part of why were still there.I think we should just stay there for 50 years or so like we have done with japan. Now look at japan and Germany there economic super powers because of the u.s
by bob
Sunday Aug 1st, 2004 12:54 AM
Torture? you call that torture. i think cutting someones head off is torture. i call this degrading and a little sick. i think they should just play saitanic music blaring in there ears till they tell what they no.
Sunday Aug 1st, 2004 12:58 AM
god bless president Bush. and my the wicked be cast to hell.
by jesus freak
Sunday Aug 1st, 2004 1:00 AM
God show the way cas the devils trying to break us down. Jesus come and show your might. JESUS WALKS!!!
by asoldier
Sunday Nov 7th, 2004 8:20 AM
You know, it's amazing what people will think about U.S. soldiers when they're on the other side of the damn planet. Why don't you just remember why the hell were here. 7 out of the hundreds of thousand of soldiers shouldn't define everyone you moron.
by melanie from brussels
Sunday Nov 21st, 2004 10:54 AM
regardless of the reasons for the torture and inhumane treatment in abu gharib, it's against international and domestic law! and, believe me, the US is not only killing their pow's but, innocent civilians and children that get in the way of their higher interests as well.
I suggest you read a bit more and learn about the facts before you open your mouth. What if your child lived in Iraq?