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Local Critical Mass Activist Urges FBI to Investigate ISM
by AZ SF
Sunday Sep 21st, 2003 12:01 PM
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Dan Kliman <dankliman [at] sbcglobal.net> wrote:

The International Solidarity Movement will be holding training sessions in San Francisco this weekend. This is the group to which Racheal Corrie belonged and which has been implicated in smuggling the suicide bombers to Israel responsible for the April 20th attack on Mike's Place in Tel Aviv (their website claims they only knew the bombers socially) as well as hiding arms and even harboring a wanted Islamic Jihand terrorist. Given that they are a terrorist support group that unabashedly defends terrorists from Israeli police action, this organization should be illegal in the US. Please contact the State Department and ask that these training sessions be shut down and their organizers arrested, if not sent straight to Guantanamo.

Contact the State Department at > http://contact-us.state.gov/ask_form_cat/ask_form_secretary.html and the FBI at https://tips.fbi.gov/ and e-mail the FBI locally at sanfrancisco.fbi.gov


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