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legal updates- 30+ detained at Chevron/Texaco HQ
by Hugs Thneed ( punktoon [at] aol.com )
Monday Apr 14th, 2003 11:26 AM
30+ activits detained at the action to shut down the Chevron/ Texaco Headquarters being held on tennis courts across the street from the oil giants' world corporate HQ
As of 10:30 this morning (4/14), over 30 activists were detained at the action to shut down the Chevron/ Texaco HQ in Walnut Creek. Those held include 3 members of the Twisted Sister Cluster who blocked one of the entances to the global headquarters by linking arms in lockboxes at appx 5:45am, and were apprehended shortly thereafter. Others were singled out by the police later in the morning either nabbed from the soft blockade at the gateway or taken at random from chanting protestors. Those taken away are being temporarily held accross the street from the HQ at a tennis court within a park. The San Francisco law team originally anticipated that those arrested would be taken immediately to the Martinez Facility [(925) 646-4494 or 4495] but at this point it is uncertain whether they will be quickly sited and released or packed into vans and shuttled off to another facility. Presently, no official 'arrests' have been made. The legal team is requesting that people who have legal information on those detained or legal updates on the situation get in touch with them at (415) 285-1011.