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Continental Club Hosts Zionist Event, Attendees Get Covered In Red Paint

by anonymous
Zionists Make The Mistake of Holding An Event in West Oakland
On Wednesday, May 8th, the Continental Club In West Oakland hosted genocidal Zionist propagandist and Instagram influencer Debbie Lechtman aka @rootsmetals. Despite an attempt to organize and promote the event in secrecy, it was leaked to the public. This is not the first time that Continental Club and its owner, Ron Frydberg, has been exposed for bringing racist and bigoted bullshit to West Oakland; in 2022, Hip-Hop for Change called for a boycott after the club owner told them to take down t-shirts reading "End White Supremacy" and used a homophobic slur against a Black trans woman.

While waiting in line outside, separated from a crowd of counterprotestors by a security guard and two Oakland cops, attendees were targeted with red paint-filled projectiles, forcing the crowd to rush indoors for shelter and absolutely ruining their (admittedly already quite ugly) influencer-chic outfits. Thru the power of oil-based paint and a bit of ingenuity, the blood that stains the hands of the genocide-supporting crowd as well as the venue and police apparatus that enabled their genocide propaganda event was made uncomfortably visible. By making their approach from the opposite direction of the counterprotest where pig and security attention was focused, and using a long-distance paint-application method, the painters were able to evade pursuit and quickly blend back into the neighborhood.

In other news, here's a tasty recipe you and your loved ones will be sure to enjoy:

Ingredients: glass xmas ornaments, a few paper coffee cups, quarts or a gallon of oil based bucket paint (rustoleum is easiest to get), quart of oil based paint thinner of any kind (odorless mineral spirits, turpentine, xylene, or simply “paint thinner”), liquid nails in a squeeze tube, a small funnel (narrow enough to go into the top of the ornament), stir stick, spare metal gallon paint bucket with lid, stir stick, nitrile gloves, alcohol/bleach, paper towels, tarp or plastic, (optional) paint vapor respirator if you or your crew have sensitivity towards paint vapors.


Start with a box of glass globe xmas ornaments (Hobby Lobby has them year round… use your best judgement on how to obtain them from a place like that for you and your crew)

Once you’ve safely removed the quantity you need from the oppressive confines of the box store and are in the studio, start with prep.

Put on gloves and optional paint respirator

Lay out plastic/tarp and open the paint cans. If using a gallon, pour half the gallon into the empty metal gallon can leaving the other half inside the original paint can. Fill each with thinner to approximately 3/4 of a gallon or a little more.

With a stir stick mix the thinner into the paint of each can until fully uniform. (Should be a consistency that’s easily pourable by then.)

Open the box of ornaments and take the metal tops off revealing a simple glass bulb with a fragile bottleneck shape.

Take one paper coffee cup and cut it to 1/3 height (this will serve as a base to put the ornaments in and keep them from rolling around while you fill them with “filling”

Put the ornament into the coffee cup base and put the funnel into the top gently. Use another coffee cup to dip into the paint and slowly pour into the funnel. Do not overfill the ornament. 2/3 to 3/4 filled with paint is enough.

Open the liquid nails squeeze tube and fill the entire inside of the metal ornament top with liquid nails. This will effectively put a glued sealant into the top once put back into the ornament. Keep the spring wire hanger in that piece and put it back in. It will hold the top in place when drying. (Pro tip- once the metal top full of liquid nails is put back on, spin it around a little and make sure the top is fully sealed)

Clean any paint off the ornament with a paper towel doused in oil based paint thinner. (This will keep the ornament from sticking to the plastic crate it came from and also cleans prints from glass)

Return filled and sealed ornament with metal top facing up to plastic tray it was in and repeat until tray is full.

Let liquid nails cure for 12 to 24 hours depending on weather and environment.

Once tops are dry, sealed, and secure, rotate the ornaments in the tray to fit back in the way they were displayed. Wipe box and tray down with alcohol to eliminate prints… bleach if DNA is of concern. And put back in box for safe transport to the party.

with gloved hands, remove an ornament and lightly shake it a bit to mix the paint up. Deploy them towards target until satisfied and GTFO.

They keep for months usually under mid range temps and out of sunlight. If keeping for over a few days, periodically open the box and move each ornament around to make sure no leaks or sticking is occurring. In the heat of deployment, you’ll be VERY glad you did this. Shit can get messy if advance precautions aren’t taken.

Practice clean opsec. Boxes and trays must be disposed of in ways that cannot be identified back to you or your crew. “Leave no trace behind.” Definitely don’t just dump them in a municipal trash can a block from the target or in a dumpster with surveillance.

2 to 3 boxes fit great in a large canvas tote or a plastic grocery bag from a local store to the area. Cover boxes with a piece of dark fabric when transporting. A large bag with a zipper top is even better but harder to find.

You can also fill old screw top glass bottles with this filling and chuck them if ornaments are hard to find. Just throw the bottles at target hard! Ornaments will break on billboards if thrown hard enough. Bottles won't.

Also of note - a few deployments on a windshield of a moving car (with the crowd safe and away from the cars path) can effectively block vision and put it to a stop… perhaps.
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