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EVENT CANCELED: Mass Convergence to Pink Slip Pelosi; We're Done With You Nancy

Sunday, March 03, 2024
3:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Event Type:
Critical Mass
Cynthia Papermaster
Location Details:
Pelosi's House, 2640 Broadway (nr. Divisadero), San Francisco


CODEPINK is visiting Nancy Pelosi's house daily during the Congressional Recess, 2/25-3/3. On Sunday, March 3, we are calling for a mass convergence at her house from 3pm-6pm. We are “pink slipping” Pelosi, giving her a layoff notice because her “services” are no longer required. Netanyahu announced he will finish his genocide in Gaza in the next two weeks. We must get Pelosi to stop funding weapons for genocide NOW.

Nancy Pelosi is a right-wing oligarch whose power comes from her fundraising ability for the Democrats. She is a heartless, bloodthirsty, ignorant, delusional, and vindictive woman whose reign as queen of San Francisco is at an end. Her attitude? “No ceasefire. Continue funding Israel's genocide in Gaza." She insists on giving Israel billions more of OUR MONEY for weapons to slaughter children. When we asked her on Oct. 29 to stop the genocide, she pointed at us and said "Go back to China where your headquarters are." On national television, on CNN, she said "ceasefire is Putin's message". Incredible! So nearly 80% of Democrats in San Francisco, Pope Francis, the SF Board of Supervisors, and the thousands marching in the streets and who favor a ceasefire, are working for Putin? Pelosi says "no ceasefire until Hamas is defeated. Israel has a right to defend itself.” We think Pelosi is an agent for the nation of Israel. She votes for them to receive more foreign aid from the U.S. than any other country. It doesn't disturb Pelosi that genocide is being carried out with our tax dollars, but it disturbs us, and we won't stand for it.

Pelosi is probably the most dangerous woman in the world. She is not at all progressive, unlike her constituents in San Francisco. Why do they keep voting for her? She doesn't care about working families and ordinary folks. She controls the Democrats with an iron fist, approving obscene military budgets and funneling our tax dollars to Lockheed Martin, Raytheon and other “merchants of death”, ensuring obscene profits from killing for the war economy when we'd prefer a peace economy. She opposes every progressive measure, attacks progressive colleagues, lives in luxury while San Franciscans go without healthcare, affordable housing, student debt relief, clean energy, cheap public transportation, elder and child care, and other nice things that we prefer to the endless war and misery around the world that she finances with our money.

She has walled herself off from constituents; her office at the Federal Building has been closed for 3 years, she doesn't hold town meetings, there is no way for constituents to have their voices heard, except by going to her house. She announced that she is asking the FBI to investigate the ceasefire advocates at her house, suggesting that we must be working for China or Russia if we want to save lives in Gaza. That is bizarre, delusional, reactionary and dangerous.

Pelosi's allegiance to the weapons and fossil fuel industries, her financial support for foreign states, and her repeated violations of the U.S. Constitution, including insider trading, underscore the urgency for her to leave office. We won't vote for anyone complicit in genocide, slaughter and starvation of children. Pelosi is in big trouble at the polls in March and November. San Francisco wants her gone.
Added to the calendar on Mon, Feb 26, 2024 1:13AM
§Pelosi: SHAME!
by Cynthia Papermaster
Pelosi: Stop funding genocide with our $!!
§CANCELLED: Mass Convergence to Pink Slip Pelosi
by Cynthia Papermaster
Pelosi's House, 2640 Broadway, San Francisco

CODEPINK must cancel the Sun., 3/3 "Pink Slip Pelosi Mass Convergence" at her house in SF. We are sorry for any inconvenience, and if you end up going anyway, please pink slip her. We don't want her to "represent" San Francisco in Congress any longer due to her refusal to lift a finger to end the Israeli genocide in Gaza. She supports the genocide with financial and political support, using OUR tax dollars, and making us all complicit in the slaughter and starvation. We don't want to be complicit in genocide.
Watch for stickers or small images to become available that can be wheat pasted all over San Francisco of Nancy Pelosi as the "Queen of Hearts", with a crown, bloody hands, a royal robe covered with logos of corrupt groups that donate large sums of money to Pelosi, such as AIPAC, BlackRock, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Chevron, PG&E. Included in the image will be the U.S. and Israeli flags, cash, hellfire missiles, children starving to death, and Aaron Bushnell, who gave his life to end his complicity in genocide. We are ALL complicit and must not be silent.
Netanyahu announced he will finish his genocide od Gaza in the next two weeks. We must get Pelosi to stop funding weapons for genocide. And if she refuses or is silent, vote her out!
§Queen of San Francisco "Off With Their Heads!"
by Cynthia Papermaster
Ask Pelosi to save lives in Gaza and she says "Go back to China where your headquarters are."
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