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Against Zionism! UK Prof David Miller Wins Tribunal Ruling He Was Fired For Anti-Zionism

by LVP
UK Bristol professor David Miller won a victory at a government tribunal that he had been illegally fired for being an anti-Zionist.
UK Bristol University professor David Miller this week won a government tribunal ruling that he had been fired for his anti-Zionist viewpoint. This according to Miller is a major blow against the Zionists who have been targeting and retaliating against professors, journalists and others who have criticized the actions of Israel and accusing them of being anti-semitic.
He also discusses the role of Zionism in collaboration with US imperialism in the genocide in Gaza as well as the historic and present collaboration of Israel and Zionists with nazis and fascists around the world.
This interview was done on 2/8/24

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§US Supporting Zionist Genocide In Gaza
by LVP
The US both Democrats and Republicans are supporting the genocide in Gaza and pogroms in the West Bank.
by LittleDesertFlower
My Dad is Syrian & my Mom is Palestinian. My family still lives in both places, and all throughout the region. I visit regularly, and have followed the issues & events in the region (especially in Syria & Palestine) My whole life — so for 4 decades now.
My Mom's family lost everything & were exiled after the Arab-Israeli war. Obviously I'm anti-Zionist.

That said, Prof. Miller is no friend to Palestinians. He has shown absolutely zero concern for the thousands of Palestinians who suffered, starved, perished, lost their homes, &/or were displaced AGAIN, due to the 6yr seige that Assad's regime imposed on Yarmouk — the largest Palestinian refugee camp in Syria (called "little Palrstine"), which had been home to over 200k Palestinian refugees in Syria.

During the first year & a half of the Syrian revolution Palestinians joined Syrians in protest, and then when the regime's violent response to the protests & opposition to Assad, and it became necessary, some Palestinians also formed militias to defend their communities against the military's attacks. And then Hamas openly came out in support of the opposition too. (They had ppl go to Yarmouk to help train ppl in the initial months of the armed rebellion.)

The regime's response to Palestinians in Yarmouk was jst as cruel, ruthless, & brutal as it had been & was everywhere else. The arrested & tortured thousands of Palestinians even if they were only suspected of being involved with the opposition. There are still almost 400 missing, who are either continuing to languish in Assad's dungeons, or they've been killed. There families have no way to know. (In April 2022 a previously unseen vid was released that showed Assad's troops & loyalist militiamen executing dozens of men in a pit dug in an alley in the Tadamon neighborhood by Yarmouk. The incident took place in April 2013. After it was released Syrians & Palestinians who still have loved ones who are missing ("disappeared") watched the horrifying spectacle to see if any of the victims were their missing friends & family. Within days some of the victims were ID'd as being Palestinians frm Yarmouk. None had any affiliation w/ the opposition or had been involved in protests. No one knows why they were picked up. What is clear is that the regime's forces perpetrated a heinous crime.

On Dec. 2012 the regime sent its forces to beseige Yarmouk. Over the next 6yrs they (along with Hezbollah, IRGC, & Russia) shelled, sniped, starved, & bombed Yarmouk (which's only about 1-2 square miles big, and was as densely populated as Gaza)— while thousands of Palestinian civilians were literally trapped inside w/o medicine or medical aid, food, electricity, etc.
The regime claimed they had no choice, they were fighting "terrorists" in Yarmouk. Same exact story they gave for every neighborhood, district, village, & city they beseiged & reduced to rubble — while civilians were still trapped inside.
Eventually terrorists, frm ISIS, DID enter Yarmouk. (Considering how difficult it was for ppl who lived there to get in or out, and how the regime refused to allow in any humanitarian aid frm the UN for months to years at a time, it's quite incredible that ISIS was able to sneak by Assad's military seige.)

Eventually ISIS was defeated there, and they withdrew somehow. And in 2018 the regime finally lifted the seige. But not before they & Hezbollah & the IRGC had killed more Palestinians than were killed in the 1st & 2nd Intifadas COMBINED. Prior to 10/7 it was Assad & his allies, not Israel, who had the top spot for killing the most Palestinians.

So why am I saying all this, & what does it have to do w/ Miller..??

Well, Miller recently did an interview in which he asserted that if someone doesn't support Iran & Assad & Hezbollah then they don't support Palestinians. He apparently fancies himself the expert knower of what's right for ppl in that region, and he decides what is legitimate support for ppl there too.
Needless to say it was insulting, ignorant, chauvinistic, and deeply offensive to many ppl who are frm there &/or who clearly know & understand the dynamics & relationships better than Miller does.
When the interviewer pointed out how Assad & Iran & Hezbollah are responsible for killing almost a half a MILLION Syrians (& they also killed thousands of Palestinians, but that wasn't specified), and he noted that there are still many ppl who refuse to support those three entities because of what they did — Miller's response was, "They need to get over it." And then he went on to explain how important they are to fighting Zionists — which he believes needs to be every Arab's number one priority, above all else.

After I saw that I checked out his Twitter account, and read the twts he'd posted that mention Syria. And all I gotta say is the man is straight garbage! I can't begin to describe how upsetting it was to read his specious claims & false assertions about the war in Syria. The way he denigrated & dehumanizing the opposition, and repeated the same gross dishonest narratives & talking points that Assad's regime & Iran have been repeating for over a decade made it crystal clear what his biases are, and where he gets his info frm.

That alone is totally discrediting. And his belittling of Syrian (& Palestinian) feelings of anger & distrust towards Syria & Iran was grotesque. Who the f-k does he think he is?! It's not his place to tell them that they need to adopt his views & put his number one enemy at the top of their list of priorities. They're still being bombed by Assad & his allies in Idlib & Daraa, FFS! It's been going on for over a decade, & has not stopped.

Over half a MILLION Syrians have been slaughtered. 6 MILLION are still IDPs. Even more are living as refugees outside of Syria.
As much as I love Palestine, & hate Zionist Israel, the fact is that even as horrendous & tragic & unfathomable hellish & horrific as Israel's bombardment of Gaza has been these past months, and as terrible & unjust & cruel as the settlers & IDF in the West Bank are — it still pales in comparison to the crimes & atrocities & death & devestation that Assad & his allies have wrought & inflicted on Syrians (& Palestinians in Syria).

And Miller is also jst wrong.
It is absolutely possible to support Palestinians, AND oppose Assad & Iran.
Fact is that neither have ever been true legit friends or allies to Palestinians. They've both only used the Palestinian cause to benefit themselves, gain clout, maintain a faux appearance of anti-imperialism, and establish regional proxies (via support of militias like Hamas & PIJ w/ funding & arms) that they could deploy as they wished.

If Miller genuinely cared about Palestinians, then he'd care about what happened to the Palestinians who lived in Yarmouk. But he doesn't. All he seems to care about is attacking & eradicating Zionism & the state of Israel. Palestinians are jst the vehicle which allows him to do so in a socially acceptable way — which, right now, will earn him a lot of fans & followers too.

I trust that the board who reviewed his case was fair & accurate. But jst because Miller wasn't explicitly antisemitic in the course he taught in his classroom, does not mean he's not an antisemite. And personally, I believe that he is. Its implicitly conveyed in the ideas he expresses, the narratives he repeats, what he does & does not express concern over, & the inconsistent way he employs his principles & his arguments.

It's a shame that he publicly purports to support Palestinians, because having a shady scummy disingenuous pompous ass like him as an advocate will only hurt the movement far more than it could ever help it. And after all the falsehoods & lies he's repeated & helped propogate regarding Syria, he doesn't have an ounce of credibility left.

Palestinians deserve far FAR better advocates & supporters than Miller, and all those like him. (The alt-media grift-o-sphere.)
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