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The division of the world

by Wolfgang Bittner
The USA is responsible for what is happening in Ukraine with this provoked war, which is currently being overshadowed in the media by the Middle East conflict, just as it has determined developments in Europe for more than a hundred years...It is becoming apparent that Germany is being systematically destabilized and ruined.
The division of the world

The classification of countries into moral categories such as good and evil serves to prepare an agitated public for war.

For some years now, we have increasingly seen the world divided into the supposedly good and the supposedly bad. This has been accompanied by an emotionalization of the population and a frightening militarization. The statement by Defense Minister Pistorius is telling: "We must become fit for war." Military spending for 2022 reached an incredible 2.2 trillion dollars worldwide, of which the USA accounted for around 40 percent. Its budget for the world's largest armed force amounted to a total of 877 billion dollars in 2022. In contrast, Russia spent 86.4 billion on its military, but increased its military budget by 70 percent for 2024.

by Wolfgang Bittner

[This article posted on 1/11/2024 is translated from the German on the Internet,]

Following the failure of regime changes in Venezuela, Iran, Syria and Belarus, Georgia and Moldova are currently in the US's sights. The method used in Ukraine is being applied: the dissatisfaction of citizens and their enthusiasm for the EU are to be exploited using "intervention activists" to cause unrest and ultimately bring about a change of government.

This succeeded in Ukraine in 2014, and since then the country has been in the hands of the USA, which uses its henchmen. It is clear that the USA is responsible for what is happening in Ukraine with this provoked war, which is currently being overshadowed in the media by the Middle East conflict, just as it has determined developments in Europe for more than a hundred years. Germany owes nothing to Ukraine and its nationalist and fascist-led government. Ukrainian refugees who have been granted special rights in Germany could easily be cared for in special refuges to be set up in western Ukraine. But the politicians in Berlin have surrendered the national borders, they do not represent German interests, but are obviously following the instructions from Washington at the expense of their own population.

It is becoming apparent that Germany is being systematically destabilized and ruined. The way I see it, there is a well-thought-out Anglo-American strategy behind this.

I have explained this in more detail in my four political books since 2014. It should be borne in mind that Germany still has no peace treaty and, according to the UN Charter, is an enemy state towards the opponents of the Second World War, meaning that it could be sanctioned or even occupied for "insubordination" without a UN mandate. Russia demonstrably wanted peace in Europe, primarily with Germany, but the USA prevented this for selfish reasons.

US President Joseph Biden now believes he has reached the goal of his decades-long efforts to subjugate Russia to Western desires and strategic interests. But Russia is a nuclear power and will never allow a defeat that would result in vassalage and the dismemberment of the country. Therefore, the war in Ukraine will end when the US realizes that Russia will not give up and will win. Until then, the country will be further weakened in this proxy war.

However, it cannot be ruled out that a provoked incident could lead to a major war. If this were to happen, Germany would disappear from the map for good.

This is because the US military bases are in the sights of Russian missiles. Nevertheless, people are demonstrating against all sorts of things, but only very occasionally against armament, war and the spread of hatred between nations. The indoctrination of the population has worked, because only a few people realize that the bomb is already hovering over them. The fact that the German government, as well as the French government, have not withdrawn from the intrigues, intrigues and regulations of the USA, but have instead compliantly supported the sanctions and war policy to the detriment of their populations, is, strictly speaking, treason. EU institutions are obviously also subject to the influence of the USA. Ursula von der Leyen, the most powerful woman in Europe, was not even on the electoral list. This is how the leading positions are filled with compliant personnel.

Germany - betrayed and sold out

It is now clear that the United States is working towards regime change in Moscow, through infiltration and also militarily. It should be borne in mind that Russia is the largest country in the world with enormous resources. For a long time now, attempts have been made to open up the country to the economic and geo-strategic goals of the West. Europe is currently being driven to ruin and eliminated as a competitor to the USA. The US economy, which was on the brink of collapse, is gradually recovering, while German industry is shrinking and many companies are emigrating or going bankrupt. And the German Chancellor is being briefed in Washington, the Minister for Economic Affairs wants to "lead by serving" after a meeting with Joseph Biden in Europe, the Foreign Minister wants to ruin Russia.

The attitude of Berlin's politicians can hardly be surpassed in terms of incompetence and devotion. In addition, there is a fundamental problem: leading German politicians and journalists lack knowledge and awareness of history and have no geopolitical overview.

In this respect, politics and reporting remain untrustworthy, all the more so as they are under the decisive influence of the USA and NATO.

The strategy of the USA has been open for a long time. In 2015, the director of the influential Washington think tank Stratfor, George Friedman, said in a speech that the main concern for the United States for a century has been that German capital and German technology would be combined with Russian raw material resources and Russian labor. This was competition, both economically and militarily, that the USA would not tolerate. This is why a "cordon sanitaire", a security belt, has been built around Russia. So much for the long-term strategy of the United States, which in 1904 was given blanket authorization by its President Theodore Roosevelt to exercise "international police power" and to uncompromisingly enforce economic and strategic interests.

The fact that this "authorization" is still valid has obviously been proven by the blowing up of the Baltic Sea pipelines. After extensive research, the American investigative journalist Seymour Hersh has come to the conclusion that the USA carried out these explosions, i.e. this attack on German infrastructure. The German government, which in all probability knows about this, is keeping quiet about it - another sign of its lack of sovereignty. And Hersh, like all those who say something that is not acceptable, is sharply attacked and defamed.

Dis-social personality disorders among the ruling elite

The fact that leading politicians and journalists are taking part in the campaigns of lies and smears is evidence of the depravity of the political and media scene. It would appear that in many areas we are dealing with ideologically confused fanatics, lunatics and criminals whose supreme authority from Washington has the Western world in its grip. It is not only war and misery in the world, but also the solutions to the problems. But they are not taken note of, let alone implemented. It seems as if humanity is being driven into the abyss by psychopaths. And the vast majority of the population is keeping quiet.

It is to be feared that quite a few of the leading personalities in politics, business and journalism suffer from a "dissocial personality disorder", also known as "antisocial personality disorder" (APS), a mental illness. It is characterized in particular by a lack of empathy and callousness towards others and a widespread lack of social responsibility and conscience. The term is described in the ICD medical diagnostic classification system as follows:

"A personality disorder characterized by a disregard for social obligations and callous un-involvement in feelings for others. There is a considerable discrepancy between the behavior and the prevailing social norms. (...) There is a low tolerance for frustration and a low threshold for aggressive, even violent behavior, a tendency to blame others or offer superficial rationalizations for behavior ...".

In addition, large parts of US society, right up to Congress, are fanatical about religion and fundamentalism. The elective affinity between Puritanism and capitalism is deeply rooted here to the present day, an "economic doctrine of predestination" according to the motto: "Whom God loves, he makes rich.

In addition, many of the hardliners obviously believe that everything that benefits the USA ultimately benefits the whole world, which gives rise to their claim to global supremacy.

President Barack Obama has also rigorously pursued this policy worldwide, disregarding the rules of international law. In his speech at the US West Point Military Academy on May 28, 2014, he said, among other things:

"From Europe to Asia, we are the linchpin of all alliances, unsurpassed in the history of nations. (...) Thus, the United States is and will remain "the one indispensable nation".

Friedman has thus only expressed what has always determined the policy of the US government.

The USA wants to assert its claim to global dominance with all its might, even if it means a major war. This hubris emanates from the neoconservatives in Washington with their financial and economic elites as well as the arms industry and their figurehead Joseph Biden, who has been partly responsible for almost all conflicts and wars in recent decades. He may look senile, but he is still in a position to commit Germany to unconditional support for Ukraine, to participate in a war of attrition from which the USA benefits economically.

In 2014, Biden said in a speech that the USA intended to ruin Russia and that President Obama had, so to speak, forced the leading European politicians to go along with it. On this side of the Atlantic, Germany is being used as a spearhead against Russia, while on the other side of the Pacific, Japan and South Korea are acting as a vanguard against China. This has been planned for some time: The USA wants to fight its wars with foreign soldiers on foreign territory. Vassals like Germany are taking a highly problematic path.

What will happen if the USA takes the confrontation with China to the extreme? Will German soldiers then be deployed in a war with China on the basis of a NATO alliance case? And what are the consequences if the geopolitical tectonics change as a result of the USA's aggressive policy? If the German government continues to engage with Washington so unthinkingly and the USA crashes - which cannot be completely ruled out - then Germany will go down with it. The Berlin political caste does not seem to realize this either.

The Charter of the United Nations seems to be nothing more than a historical memory.

There is as little left of the great commitments of the United Nations Charter for world peace as there is of the agreements of the North Atlantic Treaty, which is why the call for Germany to leave NATO is extremely justified. There is also a growing number of voices calling for a policy for Germany that is independent of the USA, now that it has become clear that the USA is pursuing a long-term strategy that does not serve German or European interests - on the contrary.

What is being imposed on the Europeans as "partners" of the United States can be seen in an interview in 2007, in which the four-star General Wesley Clark, for a time Supreme Commander of NATO, said in retrospect that the Bush administration had already planned the war against seven countries at the time. In addition to Afghanistan, these were Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and finally Iran. So there was already a plan for regime change and wars in the Middle East and Africa immediately after the attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. In addition, influence was exerted on South American and Eastern European countries.

This is still the strategy of the USA today, which is thus in permanent conflict with Russia and China. Instead of dissolving NATO in 1991 after the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact in favor of a pan-European security alliance including Russia, the transatlantic military alliance has increasingly developed into an instrument of aggression.

The current conflicts and wars have not arisen by chance, they have been planned by unscrupulous psychopaths - there is no other way to describe them - in politics, business and the military.

In addition to acts of war, economic sanctions have become a weapon for enforcing global domination.

International law out of force

The vast majority of the population accepts all of this without contradiction. The indoctrination that has been going on for several years now has had an effect. It seems as if many people are almost paralyzed by the corona terror exerted by the government. And after the stoked fear of a corona infection came the fear of war. It is well known that creating fear can be a means of regulating the population, which in exceptional situations subjects itself to a drastic curtailment of civil rights - as has been shown.

Apart from the acute nuclear threat, the consequences of the conflict provoked by the USA are serious. Russia has long since begun to decouple itself from the West, to pursue new paths with new partners and to defend itself against the USA's policy of aggression. Russia is not alone in this. More than half of humanity no longer wants to put up with the impositions and oppression of the USA. The BRICS organization and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization are becoming increasingly popular. The transition from a monopolistic to a multilateral world order began a long time ago.

Among other things, the dominance of the dollar as the world's reserve currency has been called into question, although this will lead to further, highly dangerous disputes. The USA will not allow itself to be driven into bankruptcy without resistance. It has the largest military power in the world, and this must be taken into account in all future efforts to create a more peaceful world. Two nuclear powers are currently locked in a proxy war that could escalate at any minute. To avoid this, we must do everything in our power. And that is what we are doing.

This is the text of a lecture given by Wolfgang Bittner at the congress of the New Society for Psychology on November 24, 2023 in Berlin.

Wolfgang Bittner, born in 1941, grew up in East Frisia and lives as a freelance writer in Göttingen. After leaving school, he studied law, sociology and philosophy in Göttingen and Munich. Until 1974, he worked in various professions and occupations, including as a welfare officer, civil servant and lawyer. Extensive travels took him to the Middle East, Mexico, Canada and New Zealand. He writes for adults, young people and children, has been translated into numerous languages and has received several literary awards. He has worked for newspapers, magazines, radio and television and was a member of the WDR broadcasting council from 1996 to 1998. He has taught at home and abroad.

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