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Plutonium & Fighting for Justice & Accountability for Residents & Workers at Hunters Point

by Labor Video Project
The continuing cancers and epidemic of disease in Hunters Point shipyard and Treasure Island has been happening for decades despite protests of the community and workers about the dangers. Now Dr. Ahimsa Sumchai has discovered that there is plutonium in the bodies of residents. This is a direct correlation between their cancers and the radioactive toxins that are only produced by nuclear fission. Politicians including Newsom, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, Willie Brown and many others have been involved in covering up this criminality resulting in sickness and death at these radioactive dump sites.
One of the most polluted and radioactive sites in the United States is the Hunters Point Shipyard. It is also a superfund site. Both bases were nuclear naval bases where radioactive ships from the Marshal Islands were brought to the Naval port after being contaminated by nuclear blasts. They also had the first military radioactive laboratories in the United States.

The residents and workers have faced cancers and many other serious illnesses for decades and physician Dr. Ahimsa Sumchai has been working for many years to document the role of the radioactive material in the shipyard.

She established the Hunters Point Community Biomonitoring Foundation which has been doing biopsies on the residents and communities and has discovered that some residents have plutonium in their urine. This plutonium could only come from the shipyard which had large amounts of radioactive material and was a government massive testing program on the effects of radioactive material on humans and animals.

UCSF also has a faculty on the superfund site and the workers who are members of CWA UPTE and AFSCME 3299 have become sickened from the contamination as well at a San Francisco Police Training facility where police have also had a cancer epidemic.

She also discusses the criminal corruption and cover-up by city, state and national politicians.
Agencies which should be protecting the community and workers she reports have been missing in action. She has also reports on her being threatened with the loss of her medical license for taking up this struggle but she says she will not be deterred in her work.

This interview was done on 12/22/23

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Production of Labor Video Project
§UCSF Animal Facility Where UPTE & AFSCME 3299 Were Contaminated
by Labor Video Project
An UCSF animal facility was where the CWA UPTE and AFSCME 3299 workers and animals were contaminated by radioactive material. The UCSF management has covered up the deadly contamination and also fought workers from getting workers compensation despite their serious health problems caused by the radioactive material. The unions have also refused to raise these issues with the management and UC Regents that their members are being poisoned on this site despite the massive health hazard that has been going on for many years at the facility. It is also next to the SF police training facility that was shutdown after many police exposed that they were getting cancer at their site.
The developer Lennar, the Navy, the EPA and OSHA allowed the criminal removal of radioactive contaminate earth without any protection for the workers and residents. Mayor London Breed, Pelosi, Newsom and VP president Kamala Harris were all aware of these dangers but refused to take action to protect the people.
Dr. Ahimsa Sumchai has been warning for decades that the radioactive earth is a deadly danger to the residents and workers yet Mayor London Breed, Governor Gavin Newsom, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and Vice President Kamala Harris have refused to investigate the deadly health hazard and protecting the residents and workers.
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