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Speak Out at SF Civil Service Commission on Layoffs at Tenderloin Neighborhood Development

by repost
Terminated workers at the Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation (TNDC) and community members protested the layoff at the "non-profit". The City of San Francisco does no oversight of these agencies which are contracted out do do public work with private non-profits with self appointed boards.
Speak Out At SF Civil Service Commission On Layoffs At Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation (TNDC)


Monique Flambures, a former employee of Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation (TNDC), attended the meeting with former co-workers and community members to voice their concerns about a huge injustice that has happened at the organization where she used to work (TNDC). On October18th, about twenty employees were laid off, 80% of which were people of color. Several of them were tenants, community services and community organizer workers where TNDC has several contracts with agencies such as DCYF, HSH and HSA. She is demanding that the Civil Service of Commission and the City of San Francisco conduct an audit and a thorough investigation in what they believe is a wrongful termination of several employees and the mis- management of funds.

Sergio Sosa, used to work at TNDC and at La Raza Community Resource Center, he attended another CSC meeting, about two months ago, demanding an investigation of the organization because they fired him after working there for 18 months at the beginning of the pandemic. The agency is not managing the community money properly; he expressed how the director harassed and bullied the employees, that is the reason why they decided to go on strike.

Maria Cristina Gutierrez, Executive Director of Companeros Del Barrio, expressed concern about the mishandling of these funds. They were forced to close the preschool program because the roof was leaking, and they refused to repair it. The other board members refused to do anything about it.

Ana B. Gutierrez, a counselor for twelve years, has been a peer counselor for more than thirty years. She indicated that organizers are one of the extreme key people in the democracy to work because most people – about 80% probably – don’t know how the system works. She asked to please not touch the organizers. There is a need for organizers to help the young people and the programs that serve so many people in so many ways.

Terry Fill, voiced concerns of the TNDC employees who were laid off and about the people in the community who will be affected by not receiving needed services from TNDC.

Natalie Fong, born and raised, San Francisco resident, also work within the Tenderloin community at a different place and has seen the impact of these gardens and its ability to provide free and fresh local foods to the community.

Nicholas Blake, volunteered at the Tenderloin Garden every Saturday and is requesting that someone investigate non-profits organization in the community.

Addie Precina, current resident, volunteered at Tenderloin Garden which are helpful for mental health, but the funds are not being used properly, people are being laid off. Arianna He, was one of the four people who were cut from the urban agriculture pro- gram under TNDC without previous notice. This is a reflection on TNDC's lack of commitment to the tenants who love and appreciate and receive nourishment from the food that’s harvest and the land that they're able to steward.

Kei Powers, thanked the Commission for listening. What has happened with TNDC has been allowed due to a systemic structure. This is a call to everyone to remove the obstacles that suppress life, and it is a call to anyone who cares and chooses to take ac- tion to remove the obstacles that suppress community organizing.

Ronald, spoke about better ways to do business with non-profit organizations within the community.

Julian Valdivia, loved the Tenderloin because he grew up there and loved it when he talked to his friends about the neighborhood. Lets others know that the Tenderloin is not bad as many think and how great the non-profits and the community are.

Lorenzo Listana, urged the Commission to conduct a public hearing/investigation on TNDC as an organization that receives funding from taxpayers of San Francisco. Michael Haas, moved to the Tenderloin last year, was happy to be moving a block away from the Tenderloin People's Garden. It caught his eye on day one and feels blessed because he joined a wonderful crew of volunteers.

Jiayong Chen, former employee of the Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation and formally worked with the Urban Agricultural team. She was one of the many employees that got laid off in October 2023. She spoke about the many services that were cut in the Tenderloin neighborhood.

Catalina Carrizo, lives in a Larking Street building and voiced that the community was shocked when they found out about the laid off community workers. Asking what was going to happen with the garden and for help to rehire all the gardeners.

Norma Carrera, has been working in the community for many years and is requesting an investigation within TNDC to find out why so many people were laid off.

Huong Tran, has lived in San Francisco for many years and worked with TNDC for eight years. Huong knew of three people who were laid off.

Alex Kawano, had the pleasure of volunteering at the Tenderloin People’s Garden. Deeply saddening and frustrating that shortly after volunteering at TNDC for the first time, he was informed of the actions taken by TNDC to lay off essential workers and in essence essential services to the community.
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