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Google Censors Second Article Re Biden's DOJ And FBI Report That Exposes Kamala Harris

by San Fernando Valley News Bureau (sfvnewsbureau [at]
After a news article was published to on Nov 5, 2023, regarding Irish Writer Thomas Kilroy's Son Lorcan and his claims , within 72 hours Google had removed it from search results for Lorcan Kilroy . Previously another related post re. Kamala Harris was censored. Someone is clearly watching Indybay and blocking articles.
Los Angeles California, Nov. 8, 2023- Lorcan T. Kilroy M.F.A., the dismissed Los Angeles High School Art teacher and the son of award winning Irish Playwright Thomas Kilroy, claims Joe Biden's Administration and DOJ is stonewalling an FBI report he filed in 2022 that implicates Kamala Harris,( in her individual capacity), and two members of the LAPD's police commission in the 2013 suppression of witness statements from an LAPD detectives report ,(FBI report posted at online address below).

Kilroy previously posted a partially redacted version of the report, his declaration , and exhibits B-I ,(of secret confidential LAUSD and LAPD internal documents, detectives' reports, and allegedly suppressed witness statements,all tendered to him in Federal Court discovery), on his Twitter page at With no prior legal experience, his previous Pro Se civil litigation that ignited the report spans two large bodies of pre-trial Federal case filings from 2013-2020 , in the United States District Court, the Ninth Circuit court of Appeals, and then even the United States Supreme Court in petitions No's 18-9663 and 20-354.

For the skeptical readers amongst us, how did multiple USDC and Ninth Circuit judges not throw these cases out if the wild allegations against Harris and the police lacked plausibility? How did a public school K-12 Art teacher with no legal background get LAUSD and LAPD confidential documents turned over in multiple Federal Court discovery motions and even an Ex-Parte subpoena to tight fisted LAPD lawyers? Kilroy claims he was deviously barred from proceeding to trial by Ninth Circuit judiciary biased against exposing Harris. He claims judges excluded as hearsay, various police and school district Documents directly provided by LAUSD and LAPD in response to discovery requests and initial disclosures. He says the barred documents were exempt from hearsay exclusion because they were kept in the ordinary course of business and hopes the Senate Judiciary Committee will investigate.

The sworn report to Special Agent Luis M. Quesada, Assistant Director in Charge of the FBI's criminal investigations, concerns Los Angeles Police Dept. Detectives’ Report # DR 12-09-11015, ,about a teacher’s violent battery on a student at Van Nuys High, (a campus recently featured in the News cycle because of a riot and stabbings). It specifically concerns an LAPD higher level internal 2013 review of detectives' report DR 12-09-11015 by LAPD command staff, and then,(still sitting), LAPD police commission members Steve Soboroff and Richard Tefank, ,and then Kamala Harris’ 2013 review of what happened in her previous capacity as Calif. Atty. General. Kilroy says Harris' reaction, after he served her in her individual capacity in San Francisco with information by registered process server, was to revoke his teaching license, using a letter to parents featured on NBC news as ginned up legal requirement of "moral turpitude". To make the revenge revocation stick, Kilroy claims Harris "swapped in" as administrative law judge overseeing the revocation, a former colleague of hers at the CAG office in San Francisco, John DeCure.

The 2022 FBI report, (also linked here below on Indybay but without exhibits), questions whether evidence from the 2013-2020 litigation discovery warrants FBI investigation of those reviews’ upholding of political suppression of independent corroborating direct witness statements from the municipal LAPD police report DR 12-09-11015.

Also included are claims there was a 2022 question of related criminal and harassment activity using a Los Angeles Federal Housing (S8), program,or program participant. Kilroy directly addressed now disgraced City Councilmember Nury Martinez, (a defendant in the 2013-2020 LAUSD litigation and former LAUSD board member), in regard to question of rigging of the Los Angeles Housing Authority's section 8 program . (This was before Martinez’ recent racist comments surfaced, leading to her resignation from the Los Angeles City Council.) Kilroy's condo. sits in what was Martinez' City Councilmember district at the time of the alleged harassment.

The FBI report goes on to reference exhibits , while telling Special Agent Quesada, (in regard to Soboroff, Tefank, and Harris' review of the LAPD detectives' report), a plethora of specifics, including allegations that:

"suppressed witness statements, (EXH B), discovered in ,(his), quashed 2013-2020 Pro Se USDC litigation now establish, (or at least warrant the bureau's investigation), that:

a) the April 20, 2012 incident involved an LAUSD teacher's classroom violations of 240PC (assault), 242PC(battery),422 PC (criminal threats), and273a PC,(endangering a child), not just one shove/battery.

b) Los Angeles School Police, (LASPD), officer N. Weber1321 knowingly made false statements in his initial crime report DR # 12-09-11015, (EXH. C), regarding his own genuine ability to contact witnesses;he thus also suppressed witness statements, (EXH B),from his report,(118.1 PC "wobbler"); and moreover,then,in"snowball' effect,Weber’s criminal acts were later"backed up”,or aided and abetted, by a string of increasingly higher echelon individuals, to keep it all "under the rug".

c)Those individuals who signed off on Weber’s crime report or were involved in oversight of it, or assisted Weber,include:Van Nuys High and LAUSD administrators and 2012-2013 Board of Education members, LAPD detectives Dawn Devine Pelt and Richard Yep, (who authored subsequent pages of crime report DR12-09-11015 EXH C), then LAPD Assist. Chiefs Kirk Albanese and Michel Moore,(Moore now current LAPD Chief),then LAPD Chief Charlie Beck,(seeEXH. E), LAPD Juvenile Division Captain Fabian Lizarraga, (EXH E), LAPD Police Commission President Steve Soboroff,LAPD Police Commission Executive Director Richard Tefank (see LAPD ‘fact sheet”EXH. E & Tefank’s email EXH F); then even CAG Kamala Harris herself, (see Proof of Service of notice of cover-up on Harris in indiv. capacity as EXH G).

Despite the crimes taking place in 2 active school classrooms full of students, teachers, and special education aides, and despite the harvesting of many many juvenile and adult witness statements, (EXH B), that were suppressed from the police reports but then forced to light by Federal litigation between 2013-2020 and even mailed to Police Commission President Soboroff, all these important law enforcement people appear to have all backed up, in “snowball” effect, 1st. responding school police officer N.Weber 1321 and Weber’s statement of “I was unable to contact any witnesses that saw the actual event happen”(see 2nd pg. of EXH C at bottom of pg.),statement which evolved into detective Dawn Devine Pelt’s confirmation a few days later,(see EXH C 3rd pg.), of“no witnesses”simply because the 15 year old victim had supposedly told the cops “no witnesses”. By the time Los Angeles City AttorneyAlex T. Perez 143317,(still with City Atty. in 2022), issued a disparately timed decision almost a year later on April 11, 2013, (EXH D), it had become written in stone: “no witnesses.”

The correspondence to Quesada goes on for nine pages and is quite a Twitter/X read.
Los Angeles Unified School District (#LAUSD) is the largest (in terms of number of students) public school system in the U.S. state of California. It is the 2nd largest public school district in the United States.

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