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On The 50th Anniversary of Chile Coup- Special Free Screening of 'Nae Pasaran’

Saturday, August 26, 2023
3:00 PM - 5:00 PM
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Saturday August 26, 2023 3PM PST/5PM CST/6PM EST

On The 50th Anniversary of Chile Coup- Special Free Screening of, 'Nae Pasaran’
Scottish Workers Take Solidarity Action To Support Chilean Workers & People Against Pinochet Dictatorship
Saturday August 26, 2023 3PM PST/5PM CST/6PM EST

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Saturday August 26, 2023 3PM PST/5PM CST/6PM EST
The feature-length film tells the story of four Scotsmen - Bob Fulton, John Keenan, Robert Somerville and Stuart Barrie - who along with their workmates
downed tools and refused to service and repair engines for the Chilean air force's British-made Hawker Hunter jet fighters. It explores just how significant
their actions were in depriving the Chilean military dictatorship of much of its air power, contrary to the latter's claims at the time, through witness statements
not only from several victims of the 1973 military coup but also from the unrepentant former Chilean Air Force chief Fernando Rojas Vender.[4]

There will be a panel with guest trade unionists from Chile & also a short video about the heroic experience and work of the Cordones Industriales (Workers Councils). The Workers
Councils fought against the US economic blockade and the Chilean ruling class-created scarcity and black market by instituting worker controlled factories and production lines.

Sponsored by:

Labor Education Project On AFL-CIO Internatonal Operatons LEPAIO
info [at]

CODEHS, Comité en Defensa de Derechos Humanos y Sindicales-Clotario Blest

(Committee in Defense of the Human and Trade Union Rights-Clotario Blest)

Review: 'Nae Pasaran' is One Of The Most Powerful Documentaries I Have Ever Seen

On September 10, 2023 there will be an national educational conference on the Chilean coup and on September 11 at 12 noon there will
be a rally at the AFL-CIO in Washington, DC

On May Day 2023, Chilean Workers Letter To US Workers & AFL-CIO On The 50th Anniversary Of The 9/11 Chilean Coup
CODEHS May 1, 2023 Statement
The Committee for the Defense of Human and Trade Union Rights, Clotario Blest wouldn like to greet the workers of the people of the United States and give an especially warm greeting to our brothers and sisters of the ILWU for this day May 1, 2023.
We will never forget the ILWU's solidarity with the Chilean people by refusing to load Pinochet's ships with US military armaments and with one voice worldwide they denounced and highlighted the true face of the US empire and its nefarious interventionist policy.
We would also like to extend a warm greeting to our brothers and sisters of LEPAIO, Labor Education Project on AFLCIO International Operations and LaborFest.
It is with that same purpose that we approach today, this very significant day to reextend those ties and reaffirm our internationalist commitment. Today, we pay tribute to all the workers of the world and especially to the workers of Chicago who rose up against the exploitative bosses demanding, not only for the workers of the North, but for all the workers of the world, eight hours of work, eight hours of rest and eight hours of recreation. 137 years have passed since these events and we can say that the world that workers are living in todayis a moment of great crisis and uncertainty.
Every day we see that the neoliberal policy that they implemented at the point of a gun against the Chilean people, they are also doing it against the working people of the United States. Like young Chileans, US workers of this generation cannot plan time to be with their families or to study because they are subject to unforeseen work shifts or misnamed "flexible" with very low salaries and a lack of job stability. We see that workers cannot count on health and safety safeguards in their own jobs, something that the COVID pandemic highlighted in Chile and in the United States as well.
Only strong, united and principled unions have the capacity to fight the onslaught of the ruling class and provide workers and the communities to which they belong with a more dignified life.
This year on September 11, marks the 50th anniversary of the coup d'état in Chile. This coup meant the destruction and mass murder of the Chilean trade union movement and the destruction of all the advances achieved up to that date.
We continue to experience the repercussions of these crimes to this day. And most of those responsible for those crimes remain at large.
According to ILO reports, 90% of those killed by the military in Chile were workers who had been active union members and
their families who had participated in the general strikes of the second half of the 60's. These mobilizations and strikes became the driving force in the creation of the Popular Unity that brought Salvador Allende to power.
Many of those killed during the coup were workers who created the Cordones Industriales who, through their strength and organizational capacity, had managed to fight against the economic boycott financed and organized by the World Bank under the direct influence of the United States.
Unfortunately, among the forces that helped overthrow the Popular Unity government was the leadership of the US labor confederation, the AFLCIO, which through its entity AIFLD, extended the interventionist policy of the US government to provoke and finance truckers' strikes against the Popular Unity government.
Labor laws in Chile suffered such a setback that, 50 years later, we are still fighting for our work schedule to return to 40 hours instead of 50 or 60 hours per week
Under the guise of 'democratic' governments, the Pinochet Constitution is still used, which prohibits the right to strike, collective bargaining, branches, etc. If leaders emerge who are not sold out to the bosses, they die from stray bullets or suspicious suicides.
With the Mapuche people it is even worse, their territories in the south, land and waters that were stolen during the dictatorship, remain in the hands of the richest families in Chile, along with multinational corporations and their extractivist policies. The Mapuche communities are being occupied militarily and police and the staging of their murders and criminalization is the normal trend.
During the Social Uprising which started on October 18, 2019 in Chile and lasted until the start of the pandemic in March of 2020, Chilean workers experienced massive and systematic violation of the human rights. Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International reported these systematic violations. During this period of protests of millions of women and men were raped in the police barracks and black sites, more than four hundred protestors eyes were targeted by police and destroyed , many with total loss of vision, many were killed and injured by police brutality. Hundreds of political prisoners were imprisoned for more than two years without due process. After the international community questioned how Chile could again have even more political prisoners now under a democratic government, then short trials have been used, where prisoners have had to plead guilty and agree to not participate in future protests in order to be released. This is a practice known internationally as LawFare, the use of the judicial system to criminalize protest and quash political expression and participation.
Currently, following the logic of its US inspired national security policy, laws have been passed (31) which will ensure the immunity of the police with regard to the violation of the aforementioned human rights.
We know that in the U.S., youth and
especially youth of color, activists, and workers are confronted with an unrestrained police force with something called "qualified ummunity," which absolves the police of any individual responsibility if they commit acts of violence and violate civil rights.
The CODEHS, together with the Central Clasista de Trabajadores and the Unión Clasista de Trabajadores, plus the ANEF (Association of Fiscal Employees of Chile, founded by Clotario Blest in 1943) seeks by all possible means the Unity of the Workers of the World, to put into practice, the principle, of the old and young philosophers, that of the Common Good, which allows us to save the planet from the ecological disaster and from the wars of the neo-capitalist economic powers.
Real Worker Democracy in Chile will only exist when workers and the people own the resources and means of production of Chile.
We ask the workers of the United States to demand from the union leaders of the AFL-CIO that they stop their practice of joining the US government in its interventionist policies and not to repeat the shameful practices of trying to falsely pit the interests of the working class of the US against the workers of other countries.
We support the LEPAIO Educational Conference of September 10th and the rally at the Headquarters of the AFL CIO in Washington DC on the 50 anniversary of the coup, on September 11, 2023.
We oppose the continued funding of $75 M of NED to the AFLCIO and any further government funding of the AFLCIO.
A lot has already been unearthed about the AFLCIO´s role. We call for opening of the books so American workers can see the real record and history of the intervention by the US, CIA and AFL-CIO. Such flagrant violations of international law demand that Reparations from not only the aficio but also us government and multinationals Neoliberal policies have harmed people all over the world including US workers. Let's bury neoliberalism in its terminal crisis!! For a pluralist democracy of workers and grassroots social movements!! Another ecological, feminist and Indigenous Peoples world is Possible!! For Peace and Friendship among Peoples!!
Endorsed by Labor Educcation Project On AFL-CIO International Operations & Jointly Issued With CODESH
info [at]
Added to the calendar on Fri, Aug 18, 2023 9:04AM
September 11, 2023 is the 50th anniversary of the US supported coup in Chile that killed imprisoned and killed tens of thousands of trade union workers and people. The AFL-CIO was actively involved in the coup through the AIFLD and it helped overthrow the government. It has never apologized for these crimes and is still taking tens of millions of dollars from the National Endowment for Democracy NED for the "Solidarity Center" with operations in 62 countries. There will be an educational conference and rally at the AFL-CIO in Washington DC on September 11 to demand justice and an end to US government funding of AFL-CIO international operations.
The ILWU in the Bay Area boycotted the Chilean military ship Esmeralda in solidarity with the workers and people of Chile.
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