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The Rise and Rise of the Cult of the Ego

by Paul Reynolds
All types of people are convinced to buy something to ward off feelings of inner emptiness. A mix of clickbait hyper-capitalism will hoodwink an entire generation.
The Rise and Rise of the Cult of the Ego
by Paul Reynolds –
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This regressive contractive phenomena which has been at play since the Bronze Age, but
particularly during the Age of Plunder, lead to the ascension of western hyper-capitalism which has stolen our inheritance to future generations with a complete destruction of once cherished
traditional human values. The Cult of the Ego is defined as authoritative certitude falsely ascribing the infantile egos selfish addiction to all things that pertain to small me alone, as the dominant alpha life aspiration. The cult promises a shiny tinsel 30 pieces of silver but with undeclared heavy sacrifices, particularly of one souls destiny. It offers a poor surrogate return of investment of merely enabling a few pubescent instant gratification rewards, at the expense of long term psychological evolvement. Through a fabricated archetypal eco-system of a crammed neural density, the masses perceptive matrix is befuddled with a sophisticated illusion of the tedious old primate domination game, today through collecting all manner of material objects that can be used as casino chips in the relentless 'Keeping up with Jones' farce. This socio-cultural enforced neotonous retardation of the psyches evolutionary imperative has led to knowledge of the inner self becoming highly atrophied, has diminished soul resonance back too to Upper Palaeolithic paradigms and is fostering a barbaric species throwback by a thrashing of the hard won advances of all things decent.

As a species we have arrived here by foreseeable and avoidable historical sequences. Driven by archaic domination unconscious archetypes; blinding materialist aspirations; hijacked neo-
liberalism; depleted resource horizons and concomitant unmoderated competition for these
diminishing resources; increasingly polarized neotonous retarding winners and losers socio-cultural paradigms; skewed penetration by the digital infantile ego image into the Zeitgeist; mass culture addiction of body voyeurism; soundbite constrained micro-media delivered personal philosophies, ever more clever personal accountability deflection technologies including opiates of materialistic distractions; widespread psychological stress levels similar to palaeolithic survival pressures; introspective analytical atrophy through contraction of an already anemic personal history window; the most sophisticated global disinformation machine ever known and the intractable group-think delusion of societies unhinged pseudo perfection.

There have been no shortage of dystopian soothsayers from many different domains of the sciences and humanities that have predicted this global rise of incompetent and perilous public governance. Far from its benign and bumbling days of yesteryear it is now weaponized and is directly threatening the sustainability of the species and its supporting planetary eco-systems. This is in part a complete failure by societies traditional forward thinking luminaries from the arts and sciences to make any sustainable progress in bringing home the imperative for the masses to move beyond their cozy yet toxic cult of the ego addictions. How we got here is several volumes of history, but to understand the forces at play and how this runaway primal archaic domination addiction can be domesticated is utterly vital to ensure the survival of the species.

The surprise rise of Trumpism confirms we are now squarely within the crisis of planetary survival and that historically biased power hierarchy classes who have lost privileged resource access are now waging a brutal rearguard action1. Sadly for the Rust Belt, despite their quasi-genuine aggrievement at now being displaced from their position of economic and social privilege, they have panicked and writhed against the establishment inertia, but alas for us all, have not picked a saviour. They have merely fallen for the trickster snake oil salesman selling shame displacement and an unachievable return to resource allocation privileges falsely assumed since they began brutally plundering the rest of the world.

1 White Middle Class Imperialist Apologists who suddenly after some 300 years and having squandered the short term pillaged goodies of the Americas, Africa and Asia, now find themselves on the bottom of the economic food chain. This easy money, was bank rolled from the infamous and savagely inhumane Trade Triangle from the late 17th Century and enabled the financial, political and military ascension of hyper-capitalism. Sadly all the while blindly ignoring its toxic underbelly2, and since that time the level of affluence many westerners which now take for granted, like some God anointed axiom, has always relied on a permanent underclass of one color or another. When exploitationist fixated capitalism ran out of free natives after the end of slavery they merely created alternatives like domestic race or economic
slaves with little real difference in the social justice, opportunity or planetary assets allocation

Despite many current reactionary minority groups vowing to keep up the political aggression
towards a positive discrimination against the incoming US administration and whilst that appears initially noble that aspiration may seem, it is doomed. For they are merely caught in historical merry-go-round of competition for limited resources which has caused immeasurable suffering of billions of people and retarded the evolution of the human species. It will offer more utilitarian value to discuss planetary co-habitation paradigms beyond the traditional primate domination by the trickster deceit and violence archetype. This failure to imagine anything outside the current roller coaster of materialist obsessions is the fault of the artists and the poets, who after the rise of the superficial Warhols pop art prostituting the most powerful mechanism of symbolic communication possessed by the species, we collectively fell into a metaphysical quagmire. Modern art posses no imaginal grander visions than placated homogenized interior decorating with modern optically appealing colors and shapes, but is void of emotional or intellectual evolutionary memes. This mechanism of redemption has been usurped and prostituted by corporate media for promoting cartoonish epistemological billabongs of instant gratification of tinsel delusional materialist opiates.

Starting at the beginning foundational cause with archaic primal domination instincts, it is possible to trace their driving influence in socio-political paradigms to Australopithecus circa 3.4 M ago and possibly even back to apes. Jane Goodall, the ring leader of the trimate Ape observing Anthropologists of the 70's analyzed many of the basic social behaviors of primates. Including male bullying towards physically smaller male and females, use of noise and movement to hoodwink other competing males for alpha position, the hierarchical access to tribal resources and privileged bearing of offspring. For example, one young male was able rise to alpha by kicking a large tin can, making a lot of noise and relegating other larger males temporarily through power display bluff. However after some time this new trick was encompassed by others and a sort of aggressive domination behavioral arms war3 ensued.
If we compare this to modernity one can see the primordial instincts are the same its just the
technology tools are more invasively unconsciously manipulative. To look at extremist web sites
and TV stations that trade in pathos hyper-emotion fabrications, they inflame infantile aggression and distort facts to fit the focus of hatred ridden agendas upon the alien other as a futile solution of offloading personal karma. Disinformation overload is the name of the manipulation game and can be seen in such statistics as Facebooks illegitimate unmoderated effect on world news certitude. Some 40% of the sites are completely fabricated and are merely petty hyper-capitalism clickbait profiteering kiddies or Russian propaganda machines. They dish up the snake oil salesman diet of hysterical unhinged hatred towards some arbitrarily ascribed alien other, with the promise that if only they were eliminated all problems would be fixed. There were reports of confederate militias during Trumps campaigns, who truly believed nuking Russia and China would bring about world peace for their personal tribe, one wonders how that could protect them once the inevitable retribution started.

2 In which we exceeded any tribal bloodshed scale as portrayed in Joseph Conrads Heart of Darkness. The extensive depravity of European Colonialism with millions subjected to unspeakable horrors. 3 Much of this same behavior was on display in Trumps political rallies with an outlet for loud aggressive ranting behavior that he often inflamed.
There seems to be a hardwired restriction in the brain that direct empathy with another is limited to a concurrent total of circa 150 people. Interestingly this is about the size of typical tribal, non urban collectives which enabled direct emotional communication without the need for an artificial persona that as it is based on deceit and offers no authenticity of relations. This trust of another is tribal constrained and the false hope for empathy with other races, especially when they are seen as the reason behind reduced economic privilege and anti-social behaviors towards the incumbents, is a low probability outcome as it is not natural to the hominid species. Thus it is only epigenetic tools that allow anyone to grow beyond the genetic constrained survivalistic tribal mind, or the archaic unconscious and its shadow projections. This requires quite a deal of personal effort to release ones 'life compass' enmeshed and clouded by primitive instincts and seems a life path only adopted by the classic Marxist class of the intelligentsia4.

Apart from rare times in history like Diderot's encyclopaedia which had a very clear education of
the masses agenda there has always been a gulf between accomplished intellectuals and the masses who prefer shrink wrapped soundbites and shadow projections to philosophical inquiry and personal evolutionary hard yards. Even then, with its penetration into the collective consciousness the main output apart from fueling the French Revolution, which ended poorly for the masses, was the rise of English industrialism, which will end poorly for the planet. With the entire wealth of knowledge available in the publication it seems only practical money making information was popular to the non-academic classes. The primal constraint then is the archaic psyche which Jung constantly warned as 'the greatest danger to humanity' with the ineluctable corporeal inertia constantly battling against the souls evolutionary imperative.

With the supplanting by stealth of core human values with materialist aspirations this sets up a
tragic chain of events. The ruling classes seem never to be satisfied with too much5 and constantly seek to manipulate the uneducated to garner even a higher undeserved percentage of planetary resources. In many cases to merely squander them on pubescent indulgences, thus relinquishing any moral leadership, let alone any notion of planetary stewardship. This has lead to the incremental disenfranchisement of the middle classes who have been cravenly indoctrinated with completely unachievable aspirations. There are 2 classic examples of this, with the Roman era, where despite the masses getting a raw deal from the Emperor, particularly the later years of the empires public governance decay, were happy to watch the Colosseum slaughter house to feel good about someone else worse off than them. Also the Jim Crow American segregation, where despite having more to gain economically from cooperating with post emancipation blacks, poor whites joined the KKK to murder them, under a false promise from the wealthy white class this would offer them advanced material opportunities.

Today's competition for resources is an unabashedly Machiavellian, ethics free zone, where all
decent restraint has been cast aside and making money has become the alpha imperative and the only expression of personal success. With the ability of the large scale propaganda machines to weave such elaborate fantasies of trust based on vacumous soundbites we see the ease with which the ego-shadow can be manipulated en-masse. With the logistically impossible to provision implicit promises of fundamentalist hyper-capitalism, inflated expectations have been so indoctrinated in the masses group-think, it is modern heresy to challenge their life view supremacy. However as we are well within the post plunder period of never ending frontiers to rape and pillage, this ever diminishing resources has now started a domestic class war in which upward collapse of capital has lead to the decimation of the once economically invincible white western middle class.

As in all things constrained by right hand path cultural gridlocked constructs, when external fields4 This includes intellectuals, mystics, subject masters, artists and all manner of competent soul knowers5 Great wealth has always been destructive – Lord Kenneth Clarke, Civilization
of plunder are lost through military loss or excessive exploitation the principle turns in on itself and thus we have seen many western government institutions abandon their social contract. These so called public service institutions have now become the greatest threat to personal sovereignty, under the ruse of national security protectionism, which is merely a means of disinformation deflection that they are profiteering from their own citizens. The rise of unashamedly exploitationist Neo-Liberalism with its promise of greed for all, whilst the ugliness of planetary resource pillage and inequity in social and material benefits has been a smokescreen during the collapsing upward all the working capital. This has rendered the once proud affluence of the middle class shredded into a Hades like world of debt, lack of substantive satisfaction, dissipation of life force from endless toil and demotion in the economic and social privilege food chain and worst of all, soul dislocation6.

Whilst the recent rise of national populism is very reminiscent of pre-holocaust Germany we see a hubris driven but futile rearguard action to protect the assumed timeless privileged access to
planetary resource allocation. For example 'Make America great again' was a disaffected class
message meant for the white middle classes exclusively and the ejection of 'johnny come lately'
upstart minorities. Though the aggressive nature to which positive discrimination of the long
oppressed classes continued unabated and ended up itself the very picture of the unjust
discrimination it once was itself subjected to, has not helped their cause. In fact the political correct shaming of ordinary folk with little mal intent in their coarse grained prejudices was a large part of the recent reaction to politically correct constipated, establishment governments seen across the western world. A number of western establishment governments are for the first time, in generations being seriously challenged by nationalistic populist larger than life personalities, who in their historical demagogue archetype rhetoric tell us they are the true voice of the people. This economic warfare between domestic class structures is thus the final outcome of the original late 17th Century Trade Triangle except now fresh fields of plunder have been so pillaged they have now constricted to vultures circling rotting carcases of domestic exploitation. It is only the false hopes produced by the shadow that refuses to see the delicate balance of Gaia's sustainability paradigm, which with now circa 6 billion species members and a vastly depleted asset base, can no longer sustain alpha male hubris pillage.

The delusionary power of the collective shadow renders an accurate view of planetary stewardship requirements non-existent and heretical, and endangers the lives all of those that seek to point out that the emperor has no clothes. Further, the inertia engendered in these rearguard actions typically means that the political systems normally get around to facing up to reality well after all rectification options are exhausted. Thus from theses excesses of hyper-capitalism a dystopian 4th dark ages is the least harmful outcome with far more apocalyptic outcomes possible. Competition for even basic resources like water and arable land will see Armageddonish scenes in the final play out of the original Bronze Age and Trade Triangle Imperialist paradigms. The ever diminishing returns will only aid and abet the concretization of the Cult of the Ego and concomitant barbarism, with excesses of all kinds dwarfing the eras of classical antiquity and the dark ages.

Even in its most resonant forms socio-political paradigms are a retardation of the ultimate
possibilities of the psyche, but today the dumbing down dragnet7 of the masses with the soma gas of materialist opiates is complete. One by one whilst people were busy milking the gravy train of the easy credit material acquisition, their rights have been incrementally stripped away. Now even personal sovereignty is eroded to a point where the natural reactionary soul revulsion compensating neurosis have been normalized through pathology and pharmacology. With so much infantile addiction to externalized objectified experiential manifestations, the rich inner world that Jung inspired Neo-Jungians to seek out has become consigned to the dustbin of history for the masses.

This has been achieved by usurping public symbology and asymmetrically embedding product
6 Evidenced in the rate of clinical depression amongst middle class Americans7 Colloquially termed the Nanny State which the go-to manual is the Dummies Guide to being a zombie citizen motifs in the unconscious as urges to buy stuff we don't need, instead of the more potent usage of seeking fulfillment through growth of the psyches life world by structuring the undifferentiated unconscious.

Neotonous cultural indoctrination which once fairly balanced the between the individual and the
collective now is so invasively manipulative ordinary folk will never even figure the con and will
thus happily sail towards the waterfall in their lemming rafts. This is why the recent rise of national populism electing Neo-Fascists demagogues is possible, desperate times trigger further dispensing of moral relational standards and the downward spiral of exploitation of nature and fellow species members is the ultimate race towards the bottom. The Marxist described class wars have historically ensured an inequitable distribution of planetary resources but now as they diminish, the struggle for survival has turned brother against brother at every street corner. It is not so much that some sort of communist equality of the worker model, which is also an impossible illusion is advisable, but it is the extreme disparity of capital distribution that is the basis for the mostly justified outrage. As the upward collapse of capital continues, where now 1% of the world owns 40% of the wealth has clandestinely succeeded, worse they seem to only use that money to find ways of taking the last dollar out of ordinary folks pockets. This false promise of opportunity to all, then removal of the socio-economic structures to enable is a betrayal of the social contract and is at the basis of much crime and unpopularity of establishment public governance systems.

For a man is no more unpredictably volatile than when he has naught to loose.
Another co-extant contributor to the chaotic anomic state of the west is the pubescent fixation of
narcissistic self(ie) promotion into the digital Zeitgeist. Studies indicate that about 60% of dialogue between people is little more than pathos laden rumor memes and typically of little value and if anything has a negative social capital value. Let alone the poison and hatred of the now ever present trolls, who derive sick thrills from inciting hatred and feed their barbaric minds from the moral outrage of others. The concomitant neotonous attribute of infantile fascination of the body can be evidenced in the caricaturic nature of the selfie craze. Here is a Disneyland fairy tale illusion of epic proportions where tiny minds try to win domination adoration from others through posting fantasy body constellations. As these ardent extroverts have only corporeal expressions and dormant psychological growth trajectories, the body is used in ever more bizarre and unhinged constellations from banal mediocrity to full frontal pornography.
The more common use of internet social media exchanges however is an extension of the
domination paradigm, whereby the dull witted use shame and invalid hatred of the alien other in the classic 'put down' dialogue. We saw this used with marvelous effect during the recent elections where volatile pathos affect was the preferred policy platform over facts and reason.

This old chestnut con, opaque to the intelligentsia, was swallowed en-masse by a once resource privileged middle class fighting a futile imperialism apologist rearguard action. They care not for equality but for a return to economic ascendency and at who's expense is comprehensively dismissed amongst all the pathos chaos. Their collective class shadow actively excludes the delicate and unsustainable nature of contemporary global socio-economic paradigms and biological eco-systems and is agnostic of our much smaller world now. They ignorantly advocate a return to frontier pillaging of the Trade Triangle days but miss the point that they have all gone and now all resources come from somebodies back yard. Thus the free fresh fields to plunder and a permanent slave class have gone and the economic model they crave to return to cannot exist without this exploitationist enablers.

So now we are witnessing them turning on themselves like a pack of rabid hyenas.
This digital replacement of physical reality is aiding and abetting the neotonous retardation by
facilitating avoidance mechanisms to the harder truths and practice of the toil of species inter-
relation. Digital imperatives are all about finding those that support and not challenge my infantile world circumference. Facebook algorithms are mathematically design to feed you more of what you want to hear and this is how the masses can be so easily manipulated. By promoting a cognitive density of all things I want to hear no room is left for any contentious ideas that are non-homogenized within my perceptive horizons. This is a classic form of group-think that uses shame and exclusion as its tools and the concomitant tiny world view preservation only leads to a billabong of stank lifeless smugness for all its adherents.
This sad situation is further exacerbated by the dumbing down of introspective analytical
capabilities to an extraordinary 'dark ages' state of atrophy. The collective shadow guards this
denial mechanism with such ferocity that it is group-think heresy to even mention the elephant in
the room. What Clint Eastwood calls the 'kiss ass' generation have been detuned to 'oohs and ahhs' against alternative perceptions in some sort of kindergarten 'uhmah I'm telling on you' narrow, constipated cultural norm. The outrageous paradox is that the internet is a historically peerless tool and the richest most accessible information source ever invented by the species and yet most of its use is infantile, poor social capital in nature.

We can see much of this conflict between baby boomers like Eastwood, that whilst more coarse
grained where not infantile incarcerated like the new generation of petty moralists with all their
grab bag of how dare you redneck hobby horses. The recent election was all about the battleground between this warring inter-generational classes and the reactionary rearguard action whilst economically unsustainable still reflects the narrow minded biases have merely replace another set of biases. Whilst the old biases are no longer supportable they were in fact more attuned to the harsh reality of life and the human condition in its broader context than the idealistic hubris millennials. As young people are cognitively agnostic of historical realities like endemic class warfare has always been present8 and through the anemic lens of micro-media atrophied personal horizons, falsely believe their pubescent hubris ridden idealistic moralizing is somehow superior.

This is then used a justification of acting out this false domination model and a host of unsavory polarized mass group constellations arise. If you look at elections for example, is it not a strange
phenomena that the left and the right are almost equal across the world? While people get their life world defined by demonizing material from social media the transcendent function creative
options will be blocked from view.

Corporate media in its greed obsession of Zeitgeist world domination has rendered an entire
generation symbol illiterate. Prostituting archetypal symbology meant as an analytical tool for
structuring undifferentiated unconsciousness has locked in the neotonous agendas of soma gas
zombie like citizens, by utterly confusing them and is actually stealing their mechanism of personal redemption. With the grand hope for spiritual fulfillment usurped by cramming mind noise of the most outrageous unhinged petty hyper-domination rhetoric being taking over, this space is now pretending to be a valid species relational super-structure.

Shopping channels offer the best example with 24 hours of non-stop hoodwinking people to buy all manner of junk to impress their friends that is completely agnostic of the main game to achieving personal success in life. The retail therapy of shop till you drop is a flaccid means of avoiding the temporary thrill leading to a depressive sense of lack of fulfillment loop. Thus all types of people are convinced to buy something to ward off the feelings of inner emptiness and thereby end up on the mouse wheel of debt and material object dopamine reward cycle. Despite the innumerable disappointments, the pig trough merry-go-round remains the only palatable source of fulfillment for those indoctrinated with material object separation anxiety.

Fundamentalist materialism has conned them to trade their cosmic destiny for 30 pieces of silver and the promise of a prime position in the ephemeral cult of the ego domination game.
8 14,356 wars recorded since the Bronze Age, James Hillman, A Terrible Love of War
Of course all this material acquisition comes literally at a price and the purchase of irrelevant junk then brings incarceration of the individual to day after day slogging toil at some servile job they hate and year after year their life force is sucked away. Typically this concretizes the compensatory shadow projections and turns their families and friends from caring relational postures into repositories of bitter resentment. All the while vainly trying to convince themselves the next purchase will assure them ascendency to top dog in the ego domination game. The media driven distractions are endless with penetration into the most bizarre and unhinged of infantile voyeurisms with so many channels and so little content. All the while the soul atrophies away in a confused tormented space with zombie pill pharmacology being the only response to existential angst, that continues a vain attempt by biological reductionists to appear to have answers by pathologizing the voices of growing despair into a mental illness.

Another straw on the camels back is the distortion of this endless toil to afford junk in the urban
space directly blocks the natural restorative functions of Gaia. Many non ruling class members now experience the same level of survivalistic stress that surrounded palaeolithic times with the
uncertainty in food acquisition and climatic volatility. The hormonal systems are caught in a steroid loop of forcing the psyche into excessive toil with little or no periods of stress downtime.
Uncertainties are ever more pushed down the throat of ordinary folk already drowning in a sea of despair through corporate medias voluminous obsession with broadcasting mediocrity and
indoctrinating unrealistic materialist aspirations. The shame of the Jones's next door having more drives bio-chemistry to be a constant state of hyper-focus on scheming away to get more stuff. This unrelenting stress eventually leads to such psychological phenomena as extreme neurosis and breakdown in natural coping mechanisms which are overwhelmed, turn toxic and then medically pathologized. Western medicine in its extraordinary addiction to Neo-Krapealian pharmacology that only numbs out the symptoms of the ontological angst and thereby completes the closed loop incarceration by denial. Thus everyone's psychological stamina is further eroded and eventually the light at the end of the tunnel is extinguished and a zombie lifestyle is locked in.

As Jung saw it the only salvation from this downward spiral power dive is the direct engagement
with latent unconscious archetypes as they contain both the energy and the transcendent information necessary to rise beyond the swamp. However these techniques are arcane, demonized, difficult and historically seemingly constrained to the intelligentsia and thus the mass uptake of Jung's individuation journey is highly unlikely. Particularly with the modern trend of vain attempts at offloading the shadows karma to institutions like the government and chemists, the capacity to hold oneself introspectively accountable and endure the cognitive dissonance for your own lot is basically no longer within reach.

The paradox once again that despite the historically peerless information sources of the internet
current generations are completely ignorant of the rich history of the species and how over 40,000 generations of trial and error (mostly error) certain fundamental attributes are inescapable. For example dying empires always increase social and resource inequity and take hard line persecutorial postures with 'heretics' who insist the emperor has no clothes, as we see today in modern society.

Wherever this ignorance of historical wisdom has been rife, the particular civilization has suffered a terminal decline, only time-frames and triggers vary throughout history. This is also why ruling elites in crisis spend so much effort distorting and destroying information sources of self empowerment, witnessed by such cons as the vatican's roman index9. These were heretical books that the most honorable of holy men deemed were bad for you to read. In a strange quirk they all seemed to be ones pointing out the corruption of ruling oligarchies, but not wishing to indulge in conspiracy theories this can dismissed as coincidence.

The more one can place one's current dilemma within a historical archetypal constellation the sooner (Galileo’s sun centric solar system astrophysics on the banned list until 1991),
the transcendent function kicks in and the psyches natural healing gets on with it. By being
gridlocked in a anemic view of history the number of options is reduced to whatever modernity
supplies, which we can see today is nothing more than to pathologize the grandeur of the psyche and dish out the zombie pharmacology. Despite mythologies consignment to the dustbin of fairy tales, it holds the vast experiential wealth to which a serious introspector can leverage and utilize the inherent wisdom to construct neo-cortex scaffolding and for homing ones personal compass omega point.

The recent surprise election win also evidences of the vast power of the global disinformation
machine and how deliberately fabricated shame outrage memes can manipulate and skew the
collective consciousness. As cited earlier 40% of BookFace sites are false, it is not conspiratorial to assume a mix of petty clickbait hyper-capitalism kiddies and Russian propaganda operatives hoodwinking an entire generation. The manipulation of information is not unique but the immediacy and the pervasiveness of the current technologies has enabled a new phenomena of global hyper-pathos affect storms. Traditional media’s obsession with establishment alignment has lead to this bizarre reactionary posture from being suspicious of well researched but biased journalism to a complete unquestioning ingestion of farcical fabricated sources in social media.

Based on the feed me more of the same stuff algorithm is was able to hoodwink millions of people and directly effect the outcome of the balance of world power and the sustainability of Gaia herself.

Seems as though leaks and conspiracy innuendo will now become normalized as credible
information sources, particularly in light of recent political appointments. Thus we can expect the
excesses of hyper-capitalism to be cleverly smoke-screened and rendered benign whilst the planetary eco-systems already on the verge of collapse fall off the cart. As Trump mouthpieces bragged, pathos emotions are far more effective at mobilizing the masses than facts and reason. Finally the traditional problem of concretized group-think remains one of the gravest threats to everyone's long term survival. Countless are the tragedies that in hindsight we completely avoidable but due to infantile addiction to the fear of speaking out against the madness are unstoppable. The current global climate debate is a classic group-think reinforced by global disinformation machines.

While the intuitive kiddies have their face kicked in for daring to challenge the obvious
flaws in contemporary socio-cultural paradigms, the evolution of the species is in grave peril.
Current nationalistic populism, now morphing into Neo-Fascism is that peril manifested and the
intelligent citizens of the world must find a way to reduce the more virulent excesses of this
imperialist rear guard action.

One thing is for sure America is about to go south in a spectacular crash and burn. In closing a
quote from one of the famous trimates, Dian Fossey, whose final journal entry before she was
murdered read: "When you realize the value of all life, you dwell less on what is past and
concentrate on the preservation of the future."
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