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Stop The Drive Toward War, Statement of KPFA Local Station Candidate Dr. Nayvin Gordon

by Dr. Nayvin Gordon
Dr. Nayvin Gordon spoke out at KPFA on June 22, 2023
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Dr. Nayvon Gordon is a strong advocate for public health for all with single payer and also against the expansion of wars abroad including in Ukraine and in Asia.
He spoke recently at KPFA on these issues and also to oppose the pro-war propaganda by programmer such as Ian Masters who in on the air 9 hours a week including in drive time.

As an Oakland physician, I have listened to KPFA for some thirty years and now I am running for the Board of KPFA in order to return the radio station, founded by a pacifist, to its roots—educating and organizing the people against militarism and war. One of the greatest danger the world faces is the continued escalating war in Ukraine by the US and NATO combined with the US aggression towards China. Every day the US and NATO make new plans to expand the war with more weapons and troops, which if not stopped, will take us to a nuclear confrontation. It has been said that the first casualty of war is the truth. Pacifica/KPFA must take a stand as a voice of the people to confront the misinformation and propaganda of the mass media and intelligence services to help the American people see the true nature of this war, the causes of the war, the damage done to the world by this war and the need for the people to take action against the violent, confrontational imperialist policy of the US before a World War develops, A public radio station, created by pacifists has a duty to seek the truth. I will do my best to help the people see beyond the ideology, propaganda, lies, misinformation and gas-lighting.

Support The KPFA Rescue Pacifica Slate

Rescue Pacifica KPFA Local Station Board (LSB) candidates are working to bring our local station KPFA at 94.1 fm back to its anti-war and anti-imperialist roots, and for a democratic listener and staff governance model that delivers accountability, transparency and programming that is independent from mainstream US media conglomerate politics, news and culture. We will fight to keep Pacifica Network intact, with its five stations in major metropolitan areas and its 220 affiliates.
Some of Rescue Pacifica's candidates are Rich Stone, Steve Zeltzer, Virginia Browning, Elizabeth Milos, Stan Woods, Dr. Nayvin Gordon. In order to vote for them, please register or renew your membership to KPFA. Send your donation of at least $25 to before the deadline of June 30. See for more details of how to do this. And sign our mailing list at

Plattform Of Rescue Pacifica
Here is our platform:
We are a group of KPFA listeners and staff, who value KPFA in our lives, as well as the Pacifica Foundation and the services it provides to 5 radio stations in major metropolitan areas across the country, the historic archives, 250 local affiliate stations, and Pacifica’s role as the only nationwide community radio network in the US. We came together because others whose aims are counter to Pacifica’s mission statement and bylaws have been working to gain control of KPFA and the other stations.

Rescue Pacifica platform at [ignore last election's candidates on page 1!]
We support:

Reliable news from a variety of independent sources and the field, not the corporatized wire services
An anti-war stance as opposed to support for “humanitarian interventions”
Support Julian Assange and other such whistleblowers.
Air time for diverse grassroots community groups including during the morning drive time
Bargaining rights for both the paid and the unpaid staff since the unpaid workers produce 70% of the station’s program schedule.
Addition of new technology to broaden KPFA’s online reach. Expansion into video content.
Vigilant free speech and anti-censorship radio
Democratic governance and shared decision making among station workers and the community.
Keeping listeners informed about governance matters.
Restoring a democratic Program Council to Make programming decisions.
Retaining independence from any privatized ownership.
No commercial underwriting
Responsible budgeting and timely and transparent financial reporting to listeners.
14. Keeping the Pacifica Foundation intact

Our candidates so far: {at }
They don't all have their statements completed yet.
Elizabeth Milos
Rich Stone
Dr.Navin Gordon
Virginia Browning
Stan Woods
Steve Zeltzer

Staff: (only staff may vote for these)
Anthony Fest
Ann Garrison
We are 100% volunteer and depend on your participation to sustain our efforts!


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