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The nuclear hypocrisy of the Gang of Seven(G7) at Hiroshima today

by D. Li
At the G7 Summit held this weekend in Hiroshima--where the US government dropped the first of only 2 nuclear bombs ever unleashed in human history, the G7 leaders had the audacity of professing their verbal commitment to a nuclear weapons-free world. At this very same summit, however, these 8 talking heads will once again affirm their increased deadly shipment of lethal arms--including Depleted Uranium tank shells--to further fan the murderous Ukraine war!
This is the maddening and convoluted world we live under in 2023, where the NeoLiberal/Imperial "world order" imposes a virtual contradictory and disconnected narrative. War is Peace, "rules-based" world order means only rules made by the G7, and "economic coercion" cannot include decades-long economic blockade by Washington, on nations who don't kowtow to Uncle Sam's allies.

Despite the overwhelming majority of UN members requesting peace talks to settle the Ukraine war, the rulers of the Gang of Seven insist on continual war, in the wild fantasy of crippling Russia via this proxy war, sacrificing Ukranian lives and infrastructure. Yet, in front of the Western "corporate-bin-laden" mass media, the G7 talking heads shamelessly proclaimed their--supposed--dedication to a world without nuclear weapons. What hypocrisy and outright disinformation!
by Roger41
Russia started the War in Ukraine. It is not a proxy war. No one else wants the war, but Russia and its dictator Putin think Ukraine is Russia and needs to be eliminated as a separate country. The contrast between the pre-war Ukraine and Russia and Belarus next door was not good for the morale of the Russians or Belarussians who had less free societies. Once Russia finishes with Ukraine, Moldova is next. I was brought to this apparent disinformer's post by my Google Alert on Depleted Uranium. I am probably the best informed person in the Bay Area about the lies about depleted uranium and the liars who tell them including some from the Bay Area who I will not name here, but who were taken in as humanitarians by the campaign of lies began by Saddam Hussein's propagandists after Iraq lost the 1991 Gulf War. The same basic lies are still going strong on the internet today and are being actively put out by Serbia, Russia and China. If Mr Li wants an end to the war in Ukraine, he should put the pressure on Mr Putin who is really the only person who can stop it, but he does not really want an end to the war, just end our support of the free people of Ukraine in resisting aggression.
There can only be one possible message for a meeting in Hiroshima, which was destroyed by none other than the Americans; One world under NATO with liberty and justice, for none! The message is for Putin, that he will be destroyed with American nukes. Japan, an occupied country , should be ashamed for having allowed this farce to take place in this sacred soil!
The "Roger 41" post contains so many absurd claims it's mind-boggling! For starters, which aggressive regime has over 800 military bases surrounding Russia and China? Which Imperialist country has bombed and or invaded over 60 countries since WW II? Which Military-Industrial complex has a war budget that totals more than the next 9 other nations combined? And which president lied about Saddam's non-existent nuclear WMDs so his Army would invade Baghdad and killed nearly a million innocent Iraqi civilians in a complete violation of UN Charter? Not to mention that the USA-engineered Maidan coup of 2014 & the subsequent 8 years of NATO arming Nazis in Ukraine to attack civilians in the Donbas, absolutely PROVOKED the current war in Ukraine! If Roger 41 had any common sense, he wouldn't make so many of his uninformed comments on this site. I hope he does more research before posting any future comments. Peace and Aloha!
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