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Earth First!er Andy Caffrey INFORMATIONAL: Global Climate Destabilization. [Orig. Huffman]

by Craig Louis Stehr (craiglouisstehr [at]
Forward of email fr. Earth First!er Andy Caffrey chock full of information re: global climate destabilization. [The original message was sent to Congressman Jared Huffman of CA District 2.]
Warmest spiritual greetings, Please accept this email forward, which was sent to me from Earth First!er and pioneering videographer Andy Caffrey of Garberville, California. I am sharing this because it is chock full of crucial information in regard to global climate destabilization, from an impeccable independent radical environmental source who is devoid of any political affiliation. Please get this out far and wide! Thank you very much, Craig Louis Stehr April 6th, 2023 A.D.

Part 1:

Part 2:

NRC call:

Hi John,

You may recall I was talking about this in the 2012 race, as well as in 2014 and 2018. I gave a talk in Monterey during the 2018 campaign. In the new video which I prepared last summer for COP 27, that I would like your science person (and you and Jared, if he’s willing) to watch, I have used excerpts from my talk and combined it with videos made by the scientists whose research I’ve cited all along. So you can hear most of this from them, not my talk.

Tragically, you probably won’t find anyone else who has put these different scientific reports together. Jared seems to think that because he hasn’t heard this from any of the credentialed scientists he’s talked with that this must just be Andy’s thing. But as I’ve said in all of my talks on this topic, I don’t want anyone to believe this because I’m saying it. I’m showing you the science (by establishment scientists all) that disturbed me because if anyone looks at that science, they will see what I’ve seen.

Also tragically, apparently no one else is talking about this like I am because scientists don’t talk about things outside of their discipline. But having been trained at UCSD and the Scripps Institution of Oceanography by Roger Revelle (the man who first started talking about the “greenhouse effect" back in 1957, the man who trained Al Gore, the man who started the Mauna Loa lab that began measuring atmospheric CO2 back in 1958) I can read and grapple with peer-reviewed journals, and in many disciplines.

There are only two disciplines one needs to bring together to see what I’ve seen: ocean paleontology and polar glaciology. Here is a very brief outline of the issue that should be simple enough for Jared to present. None of this science is refuted. It’s just that no one else seems to have put this together.

I’m adding some links here that you don’t need to read. You only need to watch my 2-part video, and hopefully, listen to my call to the NRC. But I want you to see how establishment my sources are, so those additional links are included here if you want to check them out.

1) In 1995, reported in Scientific American, Conrad Neumann’s team was studying prehistoric coral at the Bahamas. They discovered that 120,000 years ago something caused sea-level to go up 20-feet and then plunge at least 50-feet all in one hundred years (net change of 8-inches per year for 100 years). They called it "The Madhouse Century.” (Sea-level went down after rising 20 feet because the last ice age started)

Here is a tribute to Neumann:

Here is my 1998 Earth Island Journal article in which I explain his research:

2) So I asked the question, which apparently no one else asked: Where could enough water to raise sea-levels 20-feet very quickly come from?

I spent months in the Berkeley public library reading every article on Antarctica published during the previous ten years in Science, Nature, and New Scientist (all peer-reviewed journals), as well as the IPCC reports. I learned from them that even though they all expected it to take something like 3,000 years for the West Antarctic Ice Sheet to melt (apparently it never occurred to them that it could collapse), that it had enough ice that when melted would raise sea levels 20 feet. Also, that WAIS has about 10% of the world’s ice. A ha! That means that 120,000 years ago something had to cause 10% of the world’s ice to melt very quickly!

3) If you look at the cryosphere, you find that there are three main chunks of massive ice on the Earth: the West Antarctic Ice Sheet (~10% of the world’s ice), the Greenland ice sheet (~10%) and the East Antarctic ice sheet (~80%).

East Antarctica’s ice is mostly above sea level on the continent enclosed in a bowl of mountains, but WAIS is sitting on the bottom of the ocean. It’s so heavy that it pushed the crust down a few thousand feet to create its own underwater bowl, which it sits in. Greenland has a lot of coastal mountains too.

4) So I concluded that it was most likely that something caused the WAIS to collapse 120,000 years ago. I just couldn’t see how the other two ice sheets could provide so much water over a 20-year time span. I wrote the Earth Island Journal article and waited to be disproved by credentialed scientists…

But nothing was disproved. In fact, to my horror, the opposite happened.

5) In 2010, I read a book by Univ. of Washington paleontologist and sea-level expert Peter Ward called The Flooded Earth: Our Future In a World Without Ice Caps. In that book, Ward cites a report published in Nature which stated that one million years ago, mostly from WAIS collapse sea-level rapidly rose over 20 feet, just like it would 120,000 years ago. So here my hypothesis that the Madhouse Century sea-level increase came from WAIS was pretty much confirmed.

On Peter Ward:

6) As you can see in part one of my video, on May 12, 2014, NASA JPL & UC scientists, led by Eric Rignot of UC Irvine, announced that the total collapse of WAIS is now “unstoppable.”

I concluded that since the geological structure of the area under and around WAIS is no different now from what it was 120,000 and one-million years ago, that this means we are again going to see WAIS rapidly collapse over a 20-year period that has not yet begun. However, NASA didn’t say anything about how fast WAIS has collapsed in the past, and I don’t hear much talk about that even now. Which is why Jared hasn’t heard this from his scientists.

7) But a year later, the great James Hansen did say this. In my video, I include Hansen’s CNN interview about his new report from an even larger group of scientists, including Rignot, that we are going to see ten feet of sea-level rise by 2065, and then it is going to accelerate. In other words, that we are now locked in to ten-feet of sea-level rise in 50 years or less (now in 2023, that is 42 years from now). Because Jared has ignored this, we have lost eight years of action to prepare for that. Hansen says in the interview that that increase is based on what WAIS did in the past. (Again, to my horror, I was right in 1998)

8) In the 2016 presidential race I heard Jill Stein say that we are going to see nine feet of sea-level rise by 2050. I looked into that. That figure comes from NOAA. I don’t know of any report from NOAA about this, but that NOAA officials cited this figure in a meeting that year to thousands of insurance company risk analysts.

9) Then, a year later, in 2017, a report commissioned by the state of California concluded that we will see ten feet of sea level rise over 70 years, by 2087.

10) Those are all pretty close together, yet IPCC, which has a political censorship gauntlet for its executive summary, isn’t stating any of this and most “climate scientists," especially those who are not expert in polar ice glaciology, are still talking about 3-5 feet of sea-level increase by 2200, if we don’t act. And that’s why Jared isn’t hearing this, apparently, from the climate scientists he’s talking to.

All of this, as well as excerpts from a National Geographic program hosted by Peter Ward, Earth Under Water, is presented in part one of my video.


11) Now let’s look at the newer science about the Thwaites “Doomsday” glacier. While WAIS is the size of Mexico, and East Antarctica is the size of China, just this one glacier into the heart of WAIS is the size of Florida or Great Britain. Its collapse will raise sea level a couple of feet. Part two of my video is a shortened, though comprehensive, edit of a press conference held just over a year ago, in Dec. 2021 by Ted Scambos, a glaciologist at the Univ. of Colorado at Boulder, and his team of scientists who are working on Thwaites Glacier. They are the American team working there. Their conclusion in this press conference is that the ice shelf (floating ice) that holds back the Thwaites Glacier, will completely shatter like a car windshield in an accident, within five years (by Dec. 2026).

So the question is, once that ice shelf is gone, how fast will the Thwaites glacier (on underwater land) collapse? I don’t have an answer for you. Neither do they. Could that be when the 20-feet of rapid collapse of WAIS begins? Maybe. Or maybe ten years later. But put all of this together and, I think, any prudent politician with a conscience would start to prepare the nation for the nine-to-ten-plus feet of sea level rise coming between now and 2050-2087.


The last time I saw Jared in Garberville, I informed him that the SAFSTOR procedure for decommissioning nuclear power plants takes over 60 years. I argued that this meant that we have to start decommissioning all of the world’s coastal nuclear power plants now so that they aren’t destroyed by the coming ten feet of sea-level rise over the next 60 years. He lied to me and said that we could get them shut down in time. So I called the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to ask them about it. I recorded that call. They have no plans or procedures to speed-up the decommissioning procedures for coastal plants, and were very interested in what I had presented to them.

I do suggest you also listen to that call:

Then, of course, since the nuclear waste of our nuclear power plants are stored on site, we have to decide soon where to relocate it, either permanently or temporarily to get it away from the rising seas. Jared should be starting hearings on that too.

If Jared had hearings that put all of this together, he could shut down all of the denialists in Congress. We’d never have another Republican president again. He could have been doing this ever since NASA’s 2014 announcement, but since he didn’t, we’ve lost nine years of preparation.

And then, of course, there is the sticky issue that Jared would have to call out the Democratic fossil-fuel tools too, something he is definitely not up for (Do you see now why I felt I had to run for Congress? I would have no problem at all calling them to task.)


Part two of my video is the Scambos et al. press conference followed by my conclusions about political solutions. If Jared has a moral core, and can do basic math, then he would have to conclude, as I do, that this collapse is happening now, in this century, because the climate denialists (of both parties) in Congress and the White House, betrayed their oath of office to defend the nation by facilitating the profits of the fossil-fuel industry over defending the nation from climate and ice sheet destabilization.

The latest news from Thwaites, just a few weeks ago in mid-February, is that the glacier itself will collapse like crushed ice, and once it lifts off of the land, years before it melts, it will raise sea-levels just like the level of a drink jumps up when you add an ice cube to it, because of displacement. An ice cube in your drink doesn’t raise the level of the drink as the ice melts. It jumps up immediately when you drop it into your drink. So now scientists are predicting that the Thwaites Glacier itself (not just its restraining ice shelf) will collapse in five to ten years:

"Researchers at the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting predicted the Thwaites glacier would probably collapse in five to 10 years.”

— from

I saw this coming and have been warning every member of Congress about it since 1998 when my Earth Island Journal article was published.

So I think all of them not taking this science and having their own hearings with these same scientists makes them all traitors. It’s their obligation (and Jared’s) to do what it takes to find out what is needed to maintain our national security. That’s why I think it is so important to initiate Climate Nuremberg trials (even though a ton of Democrats would have to be put on trial too!). Certainly the devastation of the coastal property of the 154 nations that have ocean coastlines now doomed to twenty feet of sea-level rise from WAIS is a vastly greater crime than anything Putin could do in Ukraine. That’s just moral logic, which Jared seems to have a problem with.

These Congressional and White House criminals will likely be dead when the massive foot-per-year sea-level jumps begin (unless it begins when the Thwaites ice shelf disintegrates in 4 years). Yet they most certainly caused it, and we have proof of what they caused. They should pay the price while they are still alive, not just be condemned by history after they are dead. Most certainly when the Thwaites ice shelf collapses we will have much more proof.


Besides WAIS collapse, in 2020, NASA and other scientists announced that the total collapse of the Greenland ice sheet has “passed the point of no return.” That’s another twenty feet of sea-level rise that was caused by the fossil fuel industry and its political co-conspirators.

So 40 feet of sea level rise over the next century or slightly more is now GUARANTEED! Again, that should be enough to punish the politicians and industrialists whose conspiracy to generate fossil-fueled profits brought it to this point, even before the coming sea-rise damage begins relocating coastal civilization.

I’m flummoxed why Jared is going along with Biden saying that if we act on climate, we can have a better society than ever before. Just by giving Americans ev tax credits. Oh boy!

Here are the links to parts one and two of my video:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Thank you for your consideration of this ominous matter. I would appreciate hearing back from your office after someone has checked this out.

Andy Caffrey

816 Locust St. Apt. C
Garberville, CA 95542
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Preview YouTube video FOR ALL AT COP 27: RAPID SEA-LEVEL BURST PLANETARY GAME CHANGE! National Security Threat Assessed P1

Preview YouTube video FOR ALL AT COP 27: RAPID SEA-LEVEL BURST PLANETARY GAME CHANGE! National Security Threat Assessed P2


Attachments area
Preview YouTube video FOR ALL AT COP 27: RAPID SEA-LEVEL BURST PLANETARY GAME CHANGE! National Security Threat Assessed P1

Preview YouTube video FOR ALL AT COP 27: RAPID SEA-LEVEL BURST PLANETARY GAME CHANGE! National Security Threat Assessed P2

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