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Speak Out At KPFA-Defend Pacifica Bylaws and Stop The Sale Of LA KPFK

Tuesday, March 21, 2023
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Event Type:
Rescue Pacifica
Location Details:
1929 Martin Luther King Blvd.

3/21/23 Speak Out At KPFA-Defend Pacifica Bylaws and Stop The Sale Of LA KPFK

Rally Speak Out At KPFA
Tuesday March 21,. 2023 12:00 Noon
1929 Martin Luther King Blvd/University
Berkeley, CA

Pacifica and the stations are in danger. The Pacifica National Board and lawyer Arthur Schwartz have voted illegally to keep themselves on the Pacifica National Board in violation of a 6 year term limit. They are illegally voting to sell the KPFK station property without proper oversight and to keep it a secret even from the KPFK Local station board. They have also attempted to remove those members who are following the bylaws.

KPFA supporters of “The Protectors” and “Save KPFA” have also testified for the former Executive Director John Vernile to help him win a $300,000 judgement which was taken out of the coffers of KPFA. One of those voluntarily testtifying for Vernile was the present business manager of KPFA.
Many of the KPFA officers have also supported lawsuits against the Pacifica Foundation and even
appealed to the FCC to take over control of the license of WBAI in New York.

These nuisance lawsuits are used by corporate raiders to destroy and take over companies and have cost Pacifica over $400,000.
Speak out against this wrecking operation.
Preserve the bylaws and STOP the wrecking operation.

We need to build a multi-media network that gets the voices of working people and the oppressed out live and make the stations and network a vital voice for the people of this country. With the danger of world war, racism, militarism, fascism and climate catastrophe we need an independent beacon for people.

Join our town hall meeting on March 25th.

An Injury To One Is An Injury To All

Rescue Pacifica
Pacifica Fightback

Sat. Mar 25, 3pm PT / 5pm CT / 6pm ET.
Register here:
After you register you will receive a link by email.

Keeping Pacifica Open to All of Us

If you want to run to become a Delegate at your station, or work on a campaign for delegates committed to reviving a mission-driven, democratic, transparent, and accountable Pacifica, get in touch with us now at: pacificafightback [at]

Dear Listeners and Staff of Pacifica:

An era of war, growing economic inequality, environmental devastation, and growing fascist threats heighten the need for media that is democratically governed, member-centered, and uncensored. Pacifica has never been more essential, yet never been in greater jeopardy.

The PNB Violates the Bylaws, Takes Away Members' Powers, and Muffles Dissent

On October 20, 2022, The Pacifica National Board (PNB) declared that it could not afford to pay for the network-wide Delegate/Local Station Board elections scheduled for 2022, then the PNB proceeded to illegally vote to extend the terms of delegates’ past the 6-year limit.

The Bylaws state that “IN NO EVENT shall a person remain a delegate more than 6 consecutive years without a 12-month reset.”

Between elections, the Bylaws mandate that the runners-up from the most recent election must be used to fill vacancies.

There is no cost to replace the 6-year termed-out delegates with runners-up and no cost for stations to hold the annual January elections for directors on the national board.

Why would the PNB majority tamper with the normal delegate replacement process?

If they are allowed to get away with postponing elections, extending their own terms, and blocking runners-up, which other members' rights will they "suspend" next?

Did you know that Pacifica's communication policy means you have a right to useful information--not just solicitations--from and exchanges with the board and management? See:

Did you know that members have a right to vote on sale or transfer of our broadcast licenses? (3) Selling WBAI’s frequency is on the table. Again.

Did you know that members have a right to vote on the disposition of substantially all assets? The PNB is in the process of selling the most valuable physical asset--the Los Angeles home of KPFK and the Pacifica Radio Archives. This could be a fatal blow to KPFK just as audience and fundraising are ticking upward.

At KPFK in Los Angeles, the Local Station Board (LSB) Delegates decided to follow the bylaws and replaced Delegates who reached their 6-year term-limit with runners-up from the 2021 election.

In retaliation for complying with the bylaws that the PNB needlessly chose to violate, the PNB has launched a fierce assault on KPFK by refusing to recognize the local election of officers, suspending the KPFK LSB Chair, the Secretary, and the Treasurer, as well as two more board members without due process, canceling notices of all KPFK LSB committee meetings on the foundation calendar, blocking the required posting of further meetings at, refusing to seat the new PNB Directors elected by KPFK Delegates, and declaring all KPFK LSB actions since the seating of the newly-constituted board on Dec 18, 2022 to be "null and void”.

Yes, the PNB is furiously punishing KPFK Delegates for insisting the Bylaws be obeyed!

I. Get Informed: Visit and bookmark: and

Tell the PNB to do the right thing and follow the Bylaws:
• REPLACE the 6-year termed-out delegates network-wide with runners-up and initiate NEW PNB Directors elections immediately
• STOP the sale of the KPFK & Pacifica Radio Archives building
• END talk of selling or swapping our frequencies and reducing our reach

Email PNB [at] and cc: pacificafightback [at]

II. Support KPFK with contributions:

III. Insist that your station's Delegates / LSB obey the bylaws.

KPFK: LSB [at]
KPFT: LSB [at]
WBAI: LSB [at]
WPFW: WPFW.lsb [at]
Added to the calendar on Mon, Mar 20, 2023 3:40PM
§Stop Illegal Violation of 6 Year Term Limit
by Rescue Pacifica
The KPFA supporters calling themselves "The Protectors" and "Save KPFA" are violating the 6 year bylaw term to keep in power so they can sell KPFK in Los Angeles and destroy democratic governance. These are the same people who lost the bylaw vote that would have eliminated the power of Local Station Boards and turn the foundation over to a self appointed group to run KPFA and Pacifica.
We are 100% volunteer and depend on your participation to sustain our efforts!


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