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E. Palestine EPA Cover-up & SF Hunters Point/Treasure Island Connection with Greg Schwartz

by Labor Video Project
WorkWeek interviews investigative journalist Greg Schwartz about the connection between the East Palestine EPA hiring of Tetra Tech and the connection between Tetra Tech's record of fraud and retaliation of whistleblowers at the supposed clean-up at Hunters Point and Treasure Island. He also exposes that Black Rock and Vanguard Group are the top two shareholders of the Norfolk Southern Railway and Tetra Tech.
One of the contractors testing air quality at the air in East Palestine railroad catastrophe is contractor Tetra Tech Inc. This company is being sued by the US Department of Justice along with Tetra Tech health and safety whistleblowers in San Francisco for retaliation after exposing massive fraud. After the Federal government spent $1 billion they found that Tetra Tech had manipulated and falsified the testing on the radioactive dump site. Now the EPA has allowed this company to be involved in testing at East Palestine. Investigative journalist Greg Schwartz talks about the cover-up by the EPA and Region 5 in Ohio and how this is connected to the actions of Tetra Tech the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Labor Video Project
The Biden administration helped force railroad workers to work under a contract without sickdays and allowed Norfolk Southern and other railroads to continue precision scheduling which has severely cut staffing at the railroads.
§Hunters Point Tetra Tech Office
by Labor Video Project
Over $1 billion of US government funds were spent on cleaning up the Hunters Point ship yard and Treasure Island which are contaminated radioactive dump sites. There was massive fraud by Tetra Tech and two managers went to Federal prison. They also retaliated against workers who exposed the fraud. Now the Department of Justice is joining the suit against Tetra Tech and yet the EPA has hired them and Test America at East Palestine to do air testing. According to Test America whistleblower Michael Madry Test American falsified their test results at Hunters Point shipyard. He as well was terminated by Test America for being a health and safety whistleblower
Tetra Tech whistleblower Chris Carpenter was contaminated by the dangerous site and blew the whistle of the danger of this for the Hunters Point/Bay View community. He was fired and later died from health issues related to the toxics on the job.
§EPA Administrator Michael Regan & Ohio Governor Devine Pushing Water
by Labor Video Project
The EPA administrator Michael Regan joined Ohio governor Devine in pushing the safety of the water at East Palestine. The EPA has a long record of covering up serious health and safety dangers at Superfund sites throughout the US and representing the interests of polluters and developers.
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