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The Official White House Website Should Have A Photo Of The WHITE HOUSE, Not Ukraine!

by r u 18 vote
The official WHITE HOUSE website should have a photograph of the WHITE HOUSE, not Ukraine. February 23 and February 24, 2023
The official White House website should have a photograph of the White House, not Ukraine.

The President of the United States of America, Joseph Biden, represents the people of the United States of America, and we hold these truths to be self evident, that we are a free people, and not subjects of the President of Ukraine.

Even though the United States Congress has voted to send Bilions of our hard earned tax dollars to Ukraine because the people there did not provide for their own self defense, and we don't know why; this action by the United States Congress of paying our tax dollars to the President of Ukraine does not make us beholden to him, nor does it make us subjects of him.

Because we are not subjects of the President of Ukraine, Ukraine should not be on the front page of the White House official website.
President Joseph Biden helps children in Ukraine, but totally ignores cold, hungry, homeless children in the United States of America.

Again on the official White House website today, Feb. 25, 2023, we see President Joe Biden in Ukraine. This time he is photographed with children in Ukraine.
This is proof of his neglect of children who are citizens of the United States of America, and undocumented children living in America, who are cold and hungry and homeless.
All over the United States of America there are areas where there are homeless people, including children, some very cold and hungry, sleeping in cars or tents or make-shift shacks.
Some of the parents of these children are the working poor, making minimum wage.
They leave their children unattended in cars or tents or make shift shacks while they work.
The children are hurting and hungry. They are cold in the winter, very cold.
Some are very physically ill.
They may attend public schools in the mornings and early afternoons,
but then are put out, to go where? No where. They are homeless.
Where is President Joe Biden?
He's in Ukraine.
President Joe Biden took tax payer dollars out of the paychecks of Americans
and gave Billions of dollars of their money away to the Ukrainians who failed to
provide for their own defense.
That money was American money, and some of it or all of it should have gone first
to innocent, defenseless, hungry, cold American children, including children who may
be illegal immigrants through no fault of their own.
Isn't it time for President Joe Biden to come home and take care of the people who live in
the United States of America?
by break the promise?
Ukraine ended up with a lot of nuclear weapons and ICBMs when the Soviet Union fell apart. In fact, they had the third most of any country, only behind the US and Russia. The West convinced Ukraine to voluntarily give them up, promising to back them up if they were attacked.

Iraq and Libya gave up their nuclear weapons programs and look what happened to them.

If Ukraine had kept their nuclear weapons today, Russia would never have invaded. Nuclear states do not directly attack other nuclear states. They only attack non-nuclear states.
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