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Cal-OSHA, Amazon & The Corporate Capture Of California Agencies with Whistleblower David

by Labor Video Project
David Gass, a health and safety advocate and whistleblower at Amazon in the Central Valley talks about the fight to protect health and safety of the workers at Amazon and how Cal-OSHA under Governor Brown and Department of Industrial Relations Director Christine Baker conspired to cover-up serious health and safety problems at Bezo's Amazon warehouse.
Present governor Gavin Newsom also allowed the corrupt Christine Baker to join the California Fraud Assessment Commission representing employers. The Democratic Party controlled legislature refused to call for her removal and also refused to hold any hearings about the corruption at Cal-OSHA and Christine Baker's collusion with employers and the bosses in retaliation against health and safety whistleblowers. They also refuse to have any hearings about the failure of Cal-OSHA to have proper staffing with less than 200 inspectors for 18 million workers,.
Cal-OSHA, Amazon & The Corporate Capture Of California Agencies with Whistleblower David Gass
Cal-OSHA which is under the Calfornia Department of Industrial Relations is supposed to protect workers on the job but Amazon whistleblower David Gass reports that executives have actually conspired and colluded with bosses including Amazon to protect the corporations and also to allow retaliation against whistleblowers.
He also discusses the role of former Department of Industrial Relations Director Christine Baker who he reports stalled an investigation of Amazon. She later was exposed in a State Audit of padding the payroll of the agency with her daughter in a job paying over $100,000 who never showed up for work. She =resigned and then former governor Jerry Brown appointed her to the California Fraud Assessment Commission.
Present Governor Gavin Newsom despite her personal corruption and theft from the state allowed her to sit as a commissioner representing employers. The Democratic legislature was silent about her appointment and also have refused to have hearings on the failure to have less than 200 OOSH inspectors for California's 18 million workers.
The number of Inspectors actually declined during the Covid pandemic under the Newsom administration and the Democrats who control the legislature refused to have any hearings about the dangerous state of OSHA and the systemic corruption by top officials like Baker.
This interview was done on 2/6/23.

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Inside Cal/OSHA

Labor Video Project
§DIR Director & Past Governor Brown Did Damage Control For Bezos Amazon
by Labor Video Project
David Gass reports on the role of Governor Brown's DIR director Christine Baker who conspired to shutdown whistleblowers and colluded with the bosses in California. Brown appointed her to the Fraud Acessment Commission after a State Audit said she have been involved in putting her daughter into a no show job at more than $100,000 a year and after Brown left Governor Newsom allowed her to be seated ignoring her corruption and theft of state funds.
§Cal-OHSA Protest Against Stalling
by Labor Video Project
Cal-OSHA under the Democrats has been captured by the corporations like Amazon, PG&E and the Hospital Association. The Democratic Party wihch has a super majority in the legislature has covered up the corruption and the California AFL-CIO has refused to demand hearings about this systemic corruption and cover-up along with the staffing of less than 200 inspectors for more tha 18 million workers.
§Musk Helped By Governor Gavin Newsom At Tesla
by Labor Video Project
Despite flagrant violations of health and safety and workers comp fraud Governor Gavin Newsom and his agencies allowed Elon Musk a free hand to violate health and safety rules. He and Brown also refused to move against his illegal firing of 700 workers who were trying to form a union.
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