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Stop Sanctions On Syria Immediately

by Almontasser Bella Kassier (alm.kassier [at]
Thousands of Syrians under rubble due to multiple incredible earthquakes. They could not be extracted due to American blockade on Syria. U.S government causes KILLING Syrian people under rubble and DESTROYING lives of survivals.
Here is Almontasser Bella Kassier. I am a Syrian guy lives in the USA.
Since 2 days my home-country Syria has been damaged by multiple earthquakes some were more than 7.5 on Richter scale.
This catastrophe damaged 4 big cities in Syria: Latakia, Aleppo, Idlib, and Hama in the western north of Syria. These earthquakes also damaged the south eastern of Turkey. More than 10 thousand victims are there so far.

Syria has been under sever economic blockades ruled by the U.S due to political issues since 4 years.
The economic situation there is really incredible. There is no import or export. So main life features are not there. I swear to you children have been suffering hunger and cold in their homes due to this blockade since 4 years.
Now their homes are destroyed by the earthquakes above their heads. There are thousands of destroyed buildings. We have incredible videos and pictures. One of the stuck children said to the one who is taking a video: “take me out of here and I will do whatever you want. I can be your SERVANT for the whole of my life!”. The one who is taking the video started crying. For sure he could not take her out because of a very big concrete piece was above her which needs machines to take it off. Ancient machines are there, but there is a lack of fuel and gas for these machines due to the blockade. Also those machines have limited ability due to the lack of maintenance due to the blockade. Hospitals also are full with injuries with lack of sutures and medical supplies due to the economic blockade. Medical equipment haven’t have maintenance since 4 years.
During night searching and extraction is stopped usually because no light is there. People are using their flashlight on their mobile phones. Even before the earthquake there was no electricity due to the blockade, but they were using solar power to engine electricity and charge their phones. Unfortunately it is winter now and it is usually cloudy there.
It is a miserable situation.. Whoever want pictures or videos they can find thousands of them just searching #StopSanctionOnSyrians #SSOS on social media. These videos and photos will talk better than what I say…
Urgently we need food, medications and medical supplies. we also need fuel and gas immediately to run extracting machines and engine electricity and heat in hospitals. We also will need building supplies (concrete and metals) for building houses instead of these thousands which are destroyed. We are not asking for money, neither for help. We are asking for #StopSanctionOnSyria.
If this blockade is stopped then we can save soles, treat injured and build our destroyed country by our own efforts. When this blockade is stopped then we can importing food, medications, fuel to extract people under rubble with machines, metals and concrete to rebuild thousands of destroyed houses. With Economic blockade we are not able to import these essential features. So, thousands will die, also millions will suffer homelessness!

If the US government keeps the blockade on Syria during this catastrophe, This will be RADICAL CRIME against Syrian civilians.
There is a known law rule says: preventing available help providing for those who will die if they are not be helped, this is a CRIMINAL OFFENSE.
It is not the time of political issues. There are thousands under rubble who need immediate help!
We are humans.. just like you!
Please speak loudly for Stop Sanctions On Syria.
Speak loudly to stop this crime against the humanity!
by Retired Union Worker
A salute to Brother Almontasser Bella Kasier and all Syrian, Kurds, Turkish and others impacted by this devastating catastrophe. Certainly, any country worth its name should be scrambling to assist and support the countries and people impacted by the earthquake. However, remember, with the U.S., the UK, Israel and other such imperialist scum you are dealing with heartless and vindictive parasites controlled by the $billionaires, hedge fund managers and banks whose job is to protect, expand and exploit all things that benefit the needs of imperialism (read: PROFITS and POLITICAL CONTROL.) As a dead and decaying system capitalism/imperialism needs to divide and conquer those who do not bow to their needs. We desperately need a revolutionary political party that will speak to our (the workers, poor and oppressed) needs and lead us in a struggle for political/economic power. W/O the majority of the population having political/economic power there will never be a compassionate world.
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