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New Revelations Must Stop Concord NWS Negotiations

by Pine
The negotiations between the city of Concord and the developers that comprise Concord First Partners should be stopped. New revelations brought forth by reporter Dan Borenstein reveal legal entanglements regarding Albert Seeno the 3rd. The fiscal and organizational stability of Seeno's Discovery Builders is in question.
Discovery Builders has a 45% interest stake in a partnership of developers who have teamed up to negotiate with the City of Concord. The developers, operating under the umbrella of Concord First Partners, want the contract to redevelop the former Concord Naval Weapons Station. The city of Concord and Concord First Partners are in a period of exclusive negotiation. A final decision regarding the term sheet is to be made this Saturday, in a city council meeting. (Saturday,Jan 7. 9AM at council chambers.)

Over the past year, residents have raised concerns about Albert Seeno III's documented legal history, and general reputation: ranging from violations of environmental law to racketeering. Meanwhile, Concord city council persons Edi Birsan and Dominic Aliano have continued their attempts to gaslight the residents of Concord, into thinking that Discovery Builders is an ideal partner for Concord. Former-council person Tim McGallian lost his seat. There was voter backlash against his leadership in pushing for a contract with Albert Seeno III. If Birsan and Aliano continue their support for Seeno, residents could potentially petition to recall the two council persons.

Reporter Dan Borenstein has uncovered more information about Albert Seeno III legal and financial problems. These revelations also call into question the very stability of Discovery Builders. The company could collapse in the very near future, even possibly this year. There is dispute over who owns Discovery Builders. It is not clear if Albert Seeno Jr or Albert Seeno III actually owns the company. The two are in court to settle this fundamental issue. If Albert Seeno III doesn't own the company, he neither has authority to negotiate with the city of Concord, nor authority to enter into the Concord First Partnership.

The financials of the company are uncertain. Albert Seeno III is accused of stealing millions of dollars from his father. Seeno III is allegedly over $100million is debt. Concord residents have insisted to city council that the financial standing of Discovery Builders needed to be transparently presented. The city waived the financial disclosure requirement when they decided to enter into exclusive negotiations. It is now clear that Discovery Builders could likely be on the brink of financial collapse.

Other accusations brought forward include Albert Seeno III's problems with anger management, erratically abusive behavior towards employees, and misogynistic attitudes. In a 3 against 2 vote, the majority of Concord city council allowed the negotiations with Seeno III and Concord First Partners to proceed farther than it ever should have. During this exclusive negotiation period, 2 requests for extensions have been granted. During this time period, Seeno III and his partners tried to remove affordable housing from the term sheet, and demanded immediate property rights to the land. Despite mounting evidence that Concord should not sign a deal with Seeno III, council persons Birsan and Aliano have indicated they fully support the developer.

Save Mount Diablo has continued to raise awareness about the environmental issues respective to developing the former weapons station. They are concerned about Albert Seeno III's history of breaking environmental law in prior development projects. Respective to the Conocrd area, in past years Seeno employees illegally filled in protected frog ponds, and illegally sprayed chemicals on a housing site prior to a legally required biological survey of the property. Further back in their history, Seeno employees were caught cutting down protected old growth oak trees in Concord. Albert Seeno III sued East Bay Regional Parks, in an attempt to stop the creation of a regional park in the Concord hills. Save Mount Diablo has a petition to stop the contract with Seeno and Concord First Partners. Part of their petition also concerns developer Phil Tagami.

Moving forward with an unstable developer would put the entire development project at risk. The ownership of the company is in question, as is the fiscal standing of the company. It's not even clear if Discovery Builders will still exist as an entity in the future. The environmental concerns should not be overlooked by council. With the exclusive negotiation period ending this Saturday, no contract with Concord First Partners should be made.
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