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Report Back from Anti-TERF Action in Oakland: Eco-Fascists and Transphobes GTFO

by ata
report back on action against dgr/wolf in so-called oakland, ca.
We got wind that anti-trans micro celebrities lierre keith and kara dansky and their eco-fascist deep green resistance front group, women’s declaration international, were going to be staging a pro-carceral “protest” in oakland, at the court hearing of Dana Rivers, a trans woman convicted of murder. According to their call-out they don’t like the idea that Dana will potentially be, under california law, imprisoned with other women.

To be as clear as possible, we are abolitionists. We do not believe anyone should be locked in cages and we refuse to buy into the liberal illusion that being locked in a cage of one’s own gender is somehow an advancement of equality. Fuck prisons. Fuck a politic of gender that enforces the idea that a binary exists. Fuck the police and fuck the state.

It is heartbreaking for us to learn of the murders by one of our trans sisters, a white woman, against a queer, Black family. We want to make it clear that we, as well as being abolitionists, are anti-racists and firmly committed to the destruction of white supremacy, a societal force that is enacted daily and enforced through the state by, among other things, the mass incarceration of Black, Indigenous and other people of color. We send our infinite love and heartbreak to the loved ones who are grieving for those who were murdered.

The transphobes attempting to exploit this terrible situation do not share any of these attitudes and are explicitly attempting to assist the state in furthering its goal of white supremacy, trans carceralism and cis-domination. These are opportunistic vultures who circle and sniff about for tragedies, the fascist ambulance chasers of faux-feminism.

In the last few years we have seen an increase in anti-trans rhetoric, by street level fascist groups like the proud boys and neo-nazis, as well as government officials and media, whether liberal or conservative. This has resulted in laws that target trans youth (and adults) as well as individual acts of violence, which recently has been most publicly exemplified by the mass murders at Q Bar in colorado springs.

Let us be as clear as possible: There is a direct, observable line connecting hate speech to real world violence. This is literally how fascists like keith and dansky use their platform; to incite and encourage violence against trans women. For many liberals this is a difficult concept to understand and unfortunately for marginalized people a terrifying reality. We see matt walsh on a nationwide hate tour of college campuses and one week after visiting our nearby city of berkeley, largely uncontested, the murder spree at Q Bar takes place. We know we aren’t exaggerating and we aren’t going to wait for permission to defend ourselves. keith et al.’s presence in the Town is a direct provocation, an invitation to further violence against us and our communities.

We refuse to be cowed into silence by the fear these pieces of shit wish to instill in us. We called our comrades, we organized ourselves and we decided to defend our community. Like the old ARA saying, “We go where they go.”

A pathetic turnout of 10-13 terfs showed up and unfurled banners on the steps of the alameda courthouse where Dana Rivers was set to have a hearing. After blathering on with boring and nonsensical speeches to a crowd of 0, they decided to move down to the nearest intersection. While our crews reassessed and conferred they then made the stupidest decision they could.

They stepped on our turf.

These foolish, hateful, pathetic losers moved their group once again and set up camp in front of the altar memorializing all the lives lost to police violence, which comrades installed after the George Floyd uprisings of 2020. The same altar that, one week previous, we held a vigil for the victims of the Q Bar murders and those who have resisted, died, and been imprisoned fighting for their freedom in Iran.

Oh fuck no.

The decision had been made for us and we ran up on the ones who would dare desecrate a sacred space in the name of our extermination. Happy to say that for the second time at least, lierre keith received a pie to the face*. kara dansky was dripping with egg and we made off with both of their ugly banners.

Consider our actions a warning to anyone attempting to destroy our existence.

We have always been here. We will always be here. We are everywhere.

Our very existence is a condemnation of a world that wishes us dead. We know how to fight. Fuck you.

-some trannies, anarchists and their friends

p.s. All those breezies were bricks. We can only assume they’re so obsessed with us because they want to fuck hot people for once instead each other’s dusty assess in the ugly girl ghetto.

*back in 2010 at the Bay Area Anarchist Bookfair keith was cayenne pied by some militant vegans who were upset by her stupid ass book attempting to critique people’s diets. While we don’t all ascribe to their reasoning, we fully support the action and consider ours in its lineage. When terfs come to the Bay, they’re gonna get got.
by ata
by ata
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